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Casa 2 Inv on 87 (Wedding Precap on 148) (Page 49)

lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 7:59pm | IP Logged
Ok back to the update now.
She so desperately wants to see him soon. She makes a point about his being there for the sangeet. She also makes a deal with him about his calling her every time she calls him. I am gushing here. She is so hooked, booked & cooked by him. She wants him to pursue like he does. Big smile 
His pulling that string, that lucky string...no touching just the string! Sigh!! Day Dreaming This Kaki I like, no hassles, goes to sleep when she knows she would be a odd one out there between them. Big smile 
I already love his wish list!! OMG...thud there! Big smile I love this idea of her taking him around where she grew up, school, college, where she met Sooraj, their home after marriage...then he will be a part of her past too. Those jitters will slowly fade away. It will be easy for him to read the closed book called 'Khanak'. Smile
Khanak melted?? I sure did reading his wish. And from the morning its becoming difficult for me to come back to my original form, need to freeze myself. LOL
Adi I wanted Khanak to invite Shaan for the marriage. Kind of in her somber way & yet it would have been funny, she inviting him 'I am getting married on May 29th, I would be happy if u can come over' & his answer again would be to die for. 'Oh u r, to whom? A south Bombay brat? Why? Because u love the way he looks at u, pursues u, his raspy unshaven jaw makes u go weak, how u melt every time he kisses u, how u love his voice over the phone, how he looks gorgeous specially in a black tee, how he unnerves u every time u see him & he sees u...' & she would have been a mass of jelly finding it difficult to breathe. Day Dreaming
That self destruct button comment was spunky, actually sassy! Big smile Obviously everyone loved it. He just laughed!!? I thought he would come a little closer tilting his head almost whispering to her ear in his husky tone & say 'self destruct or self construct button Khanak? U r going to build ur life along with mine' & I would be hyperventilating just like I am now imagining it. LOL
See I knew Khanak is a strong girl, I knew she wouldn't let Madhavi overpower her or overrule her wishes. She is quiet but firm. Slowly Madhavi & Khushboo will realise this. And this trait Khanak got from her mother, right?
And another thing I know Shaan won't interfere too much in this relationship between his mom & Khanak. But yes he won't allow any misbehaviour from either side as well. He won't get into the nitty-gritty of day to day life.
I loved the way how Shaan trod carefully on thin ice when he casually asked her about lending money. He already knows about her self respect so didn't push it at all. How will be the equation after marriage, that will be interesting to see.
And the point about Sooraj's family! I think Khanak kept that at the back of her mind so long, suddenly when Shaan brought it up it came to the forefront & she realised it can't be kept away much longer since she is going now to Ahmedabad herself & she is bound to decide soon. This one I feel for her. It will be tough. Specially she doesn't know how will his family react to it all! I sincerely hope Shaan will somehow ease that apprehension in her.
Khanak's interaction with Pradeep was sweet. Shaan's attitude was not insulting but very natural. Their family never make the drivers feel like family I am sure & he is also not different in any way.
The station scene was another jolt to him to get a peek at the ways of other side of the coin. He never realised how commoners travel in train & obviously that was unnerving for him. Another interesting point he didn't go overboard about the cousins, again very practical Shaan. He is genuine that way, he can't show affection or shower attention when he doesn't feel it. I like this trait in him. It shows what he feels for Khanak is all from the heart, even if its only strong, unwavering, goose-bump worthy, raw, carnal attraction!! But underneath all this there is that overwhelming care & concern for her as well. Again I drool & gush on this guy!! Big smile
They pause & stare at each other! Sigh!! Day Dreaming
Khanak u betcha, u will see him at the wedding sitting next to u! Even wild horses won't be able to keep him away. Big smile And afterwards...is there any way I can pull myself up together?? Day Dreaming It seems I have lost myself in the abysses of space & time!! Sigh!! I am sure all of us will wait for that 'afterwards' very eagerly & keenly!! Big smile
Thank u Adi, u r a genius!! U don't know what a life support ur FF is to me.
And Shaan's POV finally! Can't wait any longer. Big smile

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 May 2008
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
Purvi my day was ok! The usual majdoori! How was urs? Was writing my thesis so didn't see ur post until now.
And Taz & u both start Gujju classes here as well, I can understand it but can't speak. Lage haath woh bhi sikh lungi. Big smile

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purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Here I am.. Finally my net decided to give me some peace and do the update... 

Am glad U kept Khanak pretty normal after a her motionless stand in front of Sooraj Pictures.. No Rona dhona there i suppose.. But she was pretty normal and eager ! She is miffed abt him passing the statement of not being at the Sangeet.. & that baffled Shaan...of what she is upset about.. She want to see him asap and lets him know why she is upset & make a bargain as well... Atta girl.. I see the the adpation of good and bad from each other coming in them slowly... " Yep" ... "Good to Know" are so Shaans style of talking all long that we have seen.. Khanak has adapted it as well now.Big smile

Tugging the string ! No touching... Man this guys just leaves me floored... How he is keen to know everything about Khanak.. Her school & life in general.. I like the idea... It wld be nice peak of her & what she was like ...Super.. Reminds me of  what Dadi told Sunil... She has been thru a lot... I trust Shaan to replace that with himself and his love" I can see that happening inform of her showing him around ...& That way he will able to better handle & understand her past memories as well be a part of it now... Slowly he will erase from her...& Am sure it would be Shaan and Khanak who would both go over to Sooraj;s house and invite them for the marriage... He will make it easy for her..& family... I can understand that girl so well... ! 

Thumbs Up  I already love his list...Cane we please have more details on his wish list please...! Thud ! & Seriously...U made Khanka say that... : Self destructive Buttons" I wanna know haan;s Mind now !.. 

I Love this Kaki.. very unlike Gujju Kaki of the house.. She kept herself at bay  ... did not hover over Shaan.. nor made Khanak do the same... & so the Kids... ! Likewise... Shaan too did not go overboard... a certain distance maintained...on both ends.. It wld be very unlike Shaan to do it.. but when it comes to her she is been taken care off...!

I wish you had changed that last Statement & made it like an invitation... It would have been a treat to read it... But nevertheless.. I too am waiting for the "Afterwards Now" 

fab Aditee...As i said.. I loved how u have researched the minute details of Bbay life and put up in your FF.. .Shaan finally got to see what life is like on the other side... from her POV...a def eye opener for him.. Cannot wait to see him travel with by train pretty soon enuff... LOL That would be treat to read...! (Make him travel by a Auto rickshaw in AHD.. it a must he will go ballistic... ) & Finally Shaan Insight... Yay ! Cannot wait to read it... 

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purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aditee

What a phenomenal response!
Oh my gosh!
Thank you sooo much girls!
BTW, I usually write and  update between 6-8 AM PST (5:30-7:30 PM IST) or between 4:30-10:30 PM PST (4 AM-10 AM IST)
Thanks sooo much
I dont have any other owrds to describe it
I am happy you guys think Khanak is witty sassy and cool.
For this Shaan no other Khanak will do
BTW this Shaan is a visual representation of all all cute s--- guys Ive ever worked with topped off by my all time fave hottie George Clooney and the most recent suavest man ever on TV  Kavi Shastri
The above combination is like no other
Unparalleled in intelligence and "cool" factor!
More parts coming up shortly
I cant wait for the wedding, myself
Post wedding is mighty sizzling.
No, its not a graphically written SRLOL
Its all in the words!
My over active imagination has gone to that part
I still have sangeet and wedding to write
whats the color of her wedding lehanga?
Make ur pick.!
Love you all

Aditee.. For a person Like ur Shaan he needs someone Like this Khanak of yours... Otherwize it just Fades away..! U Have really put in a lot of thot in skecthing  her & she has shaped up so well... so well...(Btw I hope u have plans to make him wear a Traditonal Clothes on his marriage... Am sure he wld do it For Khanak.. i will see what u have in store for us).. 

Oh Jese... u too kavi Shashtriii Fan... The guy is so "adorably cute...ans s---Tongue

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purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lghosh

Purvi my day was ok! The usual majdoori! How was urs? Was writing my thesis so didn't see ur post until now.
And Taz & u both start Gujju classes here as well, I can understand it but can't speak. Lage haath woh bhi sikh lungi. Big smile

Pretty  Routine.. though i was so sleepy and  lazy today... due to  Nasty weather... with Rains and thunderstorms..But yet beautiful with Green color around you...& to top it  Aditee Update...left me rofling the whole day... I am still taking in the fact she actually made her say those things...LOL.


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christmas Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
its exciting to read all these replies on trying to pick her wedding outfit. though i do agree. traditional guju route would be for her to wear the panetar. however. since she is marrying a punjabi guy. and keeping in mind the khanak that you've created. i could also very much see her picking out somethign with her mother in law. sure. but for the wedding actually wearing something old? something borrowed? something of perhaps his dadi wore? or maybe her mom? perhaps taking it and getting her own think made? 

yes a little carried away:\ 

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-Ray- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 October 2010
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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aditee

Originally posted by -Ray-

I always find ur update flawless, this one is no diffent !!
Thanks !!
I am super shocked!
Do you mean from an editing standpoint or the quality of content?
I dont even do spell checks yaar
It has a lot of Hindi right, it would take for ever I feel, so I just paste it as is.
Many times sentences are unfinished also
But you guys are the best
You know "Its the thought that counts"Big smileEmbarrassed
Thanks so much for that splendid compliment
It goes into my kitty also

arey didnt mean  spelling buddhu , wo to comp  bhi  check  kar sakta hai Tongue

its the content that makes this ff stand out in the crowd !!

Edited by -Ray- - 18 May 2011 at 10:11pm
Shanaksansar Groupbie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
RED and GOLD gharchola is what I vote for. Since Khanak wanted to have the wedding in her home town it would be the best to have Shaan see her side of the tradition. Shaadi ke baad tho waise hi it will be mostly influenced by your in-laws. Even though girls are hesitant in the beginning most of them begin to adapt. Guess its just natural.

Wow this Shaan can be so very suave and romantic. Finally we get to see them warming up like a normal couple. Lets see how they keep their side of the bargains...MY DIL GOES hmmm...hmmm...hmmm.

Apni Khanak bhi kuch kam nahi...full of surprises too...she is now actually seeking his attention, thareef karein jo koi bhi normal ladki chahegi. Makes known what she would like him to say, do and he too would also like for her to reciprocate. 

hai...Aditee when is your next update...WAITING!!!!

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