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Casa 2 Inv on 87 (Wedding Precap on 148) (Page 3)

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Congrats for the new thread !!!!\

Loved Loved  Loved the update !!!
ur shanak is super adorable !!
thanks again !!!

iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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awesum...and congrats 4 the 2nd thread...
Aussiegal Senior Member

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Clap Hi Aditi, Thanks for a wonderful update on Mother's Day! Hope you enjoyed your meal. As for Shanak hai!! sooo sweeet!! Thumbs Up. Slowly but surely, their relatinship is growing! Your narrative is so realistic and your imagination amazing. Wah!! Too good !! Big smileBig smileBig smile
Oh and congrats on your new tread!  Thumbs Up.Thumbs Up.Thumbs Up.

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dr.dsr Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
CONGRATULATIONS on the new thread, Aditi!!
I know I have like a LOT of catching up to do...but will do it, nonetheless!!
But one thing's for SURE!!
Writing is your calling, Aditi...having to start a second thread is merely symbolic of the same!
Do publish your work someday...
It will be like the GREATEST tribute that can ever be to the wonderful journey called ShaNak!!Embarrassed

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
Have to comment on last 3 updates now! A Happy Mother's Day to u too!!
Sach mein kahan shuru karoon kahan khatam karoon?! The updates r so delicious! Seriously better than Khanak's dishes. Big smile Such common place stuff, like cooking, eating quietly, serving, regular 1 liners in between & then to continue with the silence & then those eye locks conveying more than it meant to do...how can such sequences be romantic but here it is! Every little nuance, gestures, the long pauses, those glances, the unsaid, the silence after saying a word, then a topic very casually changed...all skips my heartbeat when I read them. I seriously simply devour them with the minutest eye & mind & try to absorb it all in.
They r so comfortable with each other, very true as if its an everyday affair his coming to see her, her cooking for him, then their eating together, then chatting softly...doesn't look like these 2 r a little less than strangers who just recently got engaged. They r still knowing each other. But seeing them it looks like they r like this for their entire lives. In compatibility they will score 100 on 100. Big smile
The kiss was magical, almost surreal, it was sweet! The way it took its turn was so simple & yet so wonderful that it captivated my heart. The engagement night kiss was romantic & to some extent passionate but this one was calm, serene & gentle as if it was meant to happen. How she opened up slowly in a trance looking at him talking about his enchanting features one by one. Very different from what Khanak usually does but knowing her true self from yesteryears I can see she has kept this side of herself locked from the public eye. Only in intimate moments like this she opens up slowly & then again shuts herself up. These revelations surprises Shaan, fascinates him, tickles him almost to delve deep, to know more, to unlock that door & keep it open forever! This is what intrigues him so much about her.
Ek request hai Aditee, don't get mad, but ur fast typing sometimes get the 'his', 'her', him', 'he', 'she' mixed up & I go back & forth trying to picturise the scene & coming up with a confusion & then trying to sort out the image correctly. This is such a masterpiece that I don't want any blemishes here. Thought of letting u know. Again don't mind, if I didn't point it out then I won't be a true faithful reader. Otherwise I am a fan of ur writing now, u know that!
And the conversation about Sooraj was so beautifully incorporated in the picture that I was spellbound. I so wanted to write to u earlier that when they will go to Ahmedabad will Khanak get an opportunity to take Shaan to the places or house where both Sooraj & she lived, their favorite spots of hang out! Somehow when u r starting a new relationship its essential to bury the past peacefully & build the current one on a new threshold. And its important for Shaan to know about it because it gives a picture of the 'unknown mysterious' Khanak which she keeps it locked up somewhere. That is the true Khanak & then Shaan will be privy to her nature & character more. She sparkles while talking about Sooraj thus giving away about her likes & dislikes. I simply loved it. Wonderfully done. Important segment & yet so subtle & mildly put. Clap
And the end she is jealous of Mahi & his meeting her & almost puts a deadline on his seeing her! Big smile We r getting to see a 'territorial' Khanak now! Big smile And then how she gets disappointed in knowing he will leave & how the loneliness which she preferred always now looks very unappealing & boring, almost flinching away from it. That itself says how much she is enjoying his company now & wants more of him. Both r getting close so slowly & beautifully.
I am happy u didn't make them jump in bed or totally go uncontrollable & later repent in shame & guilt. This is the way to built it up. I at least love it this way! And absolutely at the end of the story the destination would be their ILU's! As I said earlier its their journey towards the destination that holds the charm & beauty for me! Rest will leave it upto u how u paint this whole piece of art.
Kudos to u re! Sach mein what a fabulous writer u r!! Clap
Congrats on this new thread & my best wishes for many such new threads to come. The more threads the merrier it is. Great going!

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update, and congrats for second thread glad you continued this story!
Shanaksansar Groupbie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Hi Aditee...looks like I was away for a long time...missed reading the updates...now am finally caught up...and to think initially you wanted to just have 14, 15 parts...so good that you are continuing...of course your fan following will not let you end it..

You are such a natural...infact this has now become by Golden RBO...loved the casual convo between Shaan and Khanak on a Sunday afternoon...nothing is rushed and so like it that way...its keeps your readers rooted and wanting for more.

Happy Mothers Day to you too...mine was unusual and fun!!!  

PS.  You should take up writing...seriously...love the magic you spin with your words!

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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May 2nd

Modi & Dastur

  4: 15 PM

The remainder of the weekend flew by for Khanak. Ritu apparently had a "love at first sight" at her Mamiji's place. The guy lived in Mumbai was an investment banker, not very tall she said, almost as tall herself (Ritu), not as fair as "Shaan" she had said. Very smart, intelligent and outspoken, just like her. His name  Kritik Bhalla. She was overjoyed, blushing and floating when she returned home. He had two sisters, parents lived in Bandra. He was finishing up MBA in Singapore so wedding wont be for another year.

Khanak was thrilled to see Ritu so happy, a part of her could not believe she would marry some one picked by her parents. But Ritu was sure she was going to be Ritu Bhalla soon. Some things about Ritu were totally adorable and this was no exception.

She had organized the cupboards, sorted, gone through stuff, collected 4 bags worth for giving away, much of it Ritu's clothes, which she had not seen her wear in over a year.

Ritu lay on the divan, eyes shut, dreaming, smiling''' waiting for Kritik's phone call. He was in Mumbai for a month, and they had planned to meet as many times as they could.

Shaan had called her at 7 ish on Sat evening, but she had not answered. She wanted to sulk. She didn't want to acknowledge it to herself but she was loving the attention. He had called a couple times on Sunday again. He never left voice mail messages for her. It was like how she hadn't yet added him to her phone book.

They both loved the challenge and the temptation the other offered but advanced in their own distinct style and pace. It was their little unspoken, warring of wills, among many others.

He pursued her with a possessiveness and authority like no other, but never crossed his limits. Never followed her incessantly, never spoke to her or touched her or flirted at every opportunity. She did not fear his advances or attention, but was completely and totally aware of him as a man.  He did not call her a dozen times every day, did not send cheesy cards every hour, or send instant messages at work, or send cryptic notes over email. No double innuendos, sexual analogies. It was always, classy and stylish. Things she hated about him initially, and things she dismissed derogatorily as " arrogant  and snotty" were practically driving her insane today.

Engaged girls at work gushed about, how their fiancs  waited outside their office, and called them every hour and gave them a card each day, and sent (cheap) graphics on the computer where their names would be etched inside hearts.

They had nicknames for each other like Sugar, and Jaan and jaanu" and how they would answer the phone call with a kiss.

Khanak thought of her calls, all he would say is " Hey!"

They gushed less and argued more.

They talked about work more and themselves less.

They were curious to discover about each other more than make out.

They were more physically  aware of each other and were drawn to each other than couples that verbally gushed ever lasting love.

There was no mention of love anywhere any time!

Just zealously seeking each other out!

She was loving his attempts to mollify her more than the pursuit. It was thrilling to know someone was eager to placate or appease her.

But he had chosen work over her. She wouldn't talk to him.

She spent hours Sunday on MS-Money, spoke to her parents multiple times to understand where the wedding would be held. Sunil had told her Aada that less than 50 people would travel to Ahmedabad from the groom's party. Khanak was sure the wedding hall 5 or so miles away from her parents house would be appropriate.

Her Aada had asked her a question which had left her speechless "Sooraj ke Mummy Papa ko aur uske bhai ko bulaye kya?"

She had frozen in shock upon hearing that.

For now, she had bought some time.

She didn't know how to address that!

Her Aada wanted her to be home  by May 22nd, she had argued it would be impossible to be there until May 25th or so.

In order to provide her with an opportunity to speak with her fianc he had asked her to call Shaan to figure out what he would wear for the wedding and where he would like to shop for those.

Dadi had made multiple phone calls to her Aada also to talk about some Punjabi rituals. She had expressed a desire that Khanak wear the pink and ivory chooda, and the wedding combine Punjabi customs along with Gujarati ones. Madhavi had spoken only a couple of times on Dadi or Sunil's insistence.

Dadi was pleased that Khanak would wear a mangal sootra and had complimented her Aada that "despite being modern and educated she valued the customs".

Khanak had never explicitly agreed to wear one in this case. She wanted to wear one with Sooraj. He didn't care if she wore one everyday or did not wear any at all. She wondered if she should ask Shaan. If he would even worry about things like that?

Khanak had reddened a color darker than a tomato visualizing herself in those bangles and mangal sootra.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Her heart threatened to quit posed with so many repeated onslaught to her senses.

She was part of the "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" victims unit at work, already.

Everyone from Ram's admin to the lady at the front desk and the single and married junior architects were having field day teasing her about falling for a client's employee. They wondered how she "pulled off" an arranged marriage after "seeing" the guy for 4 months.

Khanak, being cagey and reticent like she usually was, didn't bother correcting or revealing more than what was already known.

Ram had approved as much time off as she wanted. She had for now asked for three weeks only! He even openly asked her about financing the wedding and recommended his resources.

She is in Ram's cube looking at some designs discussing yet another change when her phone rings.

Runs to her cube, and just answers

Khanak: (breathless) Hello!

Shaan: Hey!

She sees her direct report (at Ajemra today) ping her on instant messenger.

She types an acknowledgement...

Khanak (into the phone, preoccupied) Who is this?

Shaan: Ouch!(husky)






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