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Casa 2 Inv on 87 (Wedding Precap on 148) (Page 20)

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
hayee...turchur turchur...pls jaldi update karo yaar...

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EmbarrassedLOLDay DreamingSomeone's out to kill.. !!!!!!!!!!!!My...My... aren't we all Limey /Lemony today ! Thumbs UpApproveThe Khanka...as Ritu showed us...is coming in the picture now slowly.. 

I completely understand the dilemma of this girl.. Ever since Sooraj's death she has been living in a dark tunnel..till one fine day comes a man comes into her life creating havoc and gives her hope.. but she fears , she is scared - she is burdened and is under guilty  somewhere down the line for moving on.. for wanting more,,,& for a very reason  knowingly or unknowingly restraining herself from it.. & I dont want her to either...(Thank you aditiee.. ) Its not easy to just move on,,,,but what she does not know is that what she has and feels is more than she acknowledges right now.. "that there is a light at the end of the tunnel"

 Let alone her effort to make her inlaws happy... Kanak does not even make an effort to respond to Shaan for days... as any newly engaged girl would ..., A fantastic contrast portrayed btw her and Ritu,, In-fact she does not even get affected by Ritu's behaviors,,, I must say she is very resilient and level headed at the same time.(This is how it should be). but yet  she thinks about him, she wants to be him,, she wants to hear his voice...the momnet she is with him her entire being falls apart in his pull.. & yet she does not act upon it...purely  purely bcos she somewhere down the line feels guilty  about moving on, about letting go off Sooraj...No that i am saying she does not... but she just does not take that extra effort that she needs to.. & Thankfully she has Ritu.. ( i love this girl) .A best friend in very true sense who nudges & guides her ...crying is the  past now..time to be happy and live once again... Ritu has been a massive pillar to her..in all sense .. I know there is going to be another outburst from her right before the marriage as soon as she reached Ahmedabad...(I secretly hope Shaan will be with her when she has that outpour cos only he can pull her out from it)

as much as Shaan is neither does he push her or cramp her.. amuses, ponders but let her be the way she isDay Dreaming makes the most of it when he feels right and challenges her when he thinks its abs necessary,, (Sigh* He does not make men like these anymore) 

Shaan immediately knew that she was secretly wanting to meet him so he defies her on the pretext  & here we are after 3 days of the conversation she finally makes an effort to do something that is going to throw him off his mind. She is gonna surprise him & is dressed to kill !Tongue

 I love Paula. This is women is amazing.. she literally understands where khanak comes from and loves Shaan and she knows deep down how  both deserves the best of life.. She make it her abs business to help Khanak keep the surprise.. She considered it as a top secret government project and swore complete alliegance to it & even made Khanak go empty handed !D'oh LOLLOLLOL ! Go Paul Hug

So this time it was Khanak turn to watch his everyact of movement.. Ah ha ! Embarrassed Can I run my hand in his hair pretty please Tongue

Yes... Shantanu The file is really special buddy ! Wink

i cannot wait to hear what she has to reply to his statement.. ! 

Aditeee u have left me grinning like an idiot today ! Kudos girl.. ClapI want the next installment like NOW NOW *throws tantrums*Day Dreaming

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Sigh!! Day Dreaming Will write in details later in leisure!! Fantastic, lovely! I can almost see him working away with full concentration but his 6th sense telling him she is there & then checking her reflection in his monitor or his window pane or somewhere & then slowly turning & saying those words checking her out!! Low back cut blouse, talk about my mind doing overtime! LOL
Aditee this guy is killing me!! Seriously!
He is so caring & loving I just thought about him y'day night in a scenario where after marriage how in-sync they will be in every respect. Imagine in a barbecue party where he has invited all his friends he will do the barbecuing & grilling obviously but Khanak how inspite of being a vegetarian will marinade all the chicken & meat & set it aside. She will do all that for him!
He on the other hand won't even tell her but will buy corn, potatoes, bell peppers, portobello mushrooms & will make a seasoning with olive oil & Italian seasoning & will grill the veggies first & then go on with the meat. They won't have to tell the other they r doing this but there will be an unspoken understanding all throughout! Khanak will sit for lunch & will see her plate ready! She will neither be surprised or overtly thankful about it but because of that understanding it won't surprise her about his endeavours. They r this compatible!!! Ideal couple! Sigh!! Day Dreaming
Tere yeh do Chaand sitare hamesha mere nazar ke samne ghumte rahete hai!! Big smile

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Souma.N IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by togepe30

This is CRIMINAL !!!
You CANNOT stop here yarrr !!
OMG...U will update next part tomorrow???
*Does bhook hartaal* LOL !!

*joins her in the bhook hartaal*

Come on..ajj tho two updates banta hai...Pleej!!!

aditee IF-Rockerz

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Ajmera Corp HQ

7:20 PM, Friday May 13th.

He doesn't get up from his chair swivels it, slouching further on it, stretches his legs first then draws one up and places the ankle on a knee. Rotates his Timberland suede heel on the carpet.

Khanak: Its been 10 days since I saw (stretches it) my file! (smiles). I am possessive about my things. (smiles sweetly)

Shaan: For once you remember the date!

Khanak: looks like it.

Shaan: its in my trunk.

Khanak: Oh! Do you want to go get it? (cool unfazed)

Shaan: You might have to wait! (no "come on in""why don't you sit down")

Khanak: Or you can send it through inter-office mail?(readies to leave)

He knows if he pushes further, she will leave. Making her say why she is here would not get him anywhere. Grabbing the opportunity to spend the evening together would be the wisest thing a guy in his place would do.

Arches his brow in response as if asking her "So you will just leave now?"

Khanak:Ive had a long day! I have to go home now (lies)

Shaan: If you wait a minute, I can go grab it from the trunk. (hides a smile as he turns around towards the monitor). You can come in and sit if you like.

Khanak: Thanks! (He can hear her bangles vibrate softly as she walks, there is a L shaped corner, with two chairs for meeting guests, she seats herself in one, and looks at his wall. There are a few more pictures.

Khanak: You don't get a corner office? Arent you a Director?

Shaan: "Rahat is not big on hierarchical protocol Khanak (staring at his screen) His cube is also not by the window. Infact if you look around, there are conference rooms lining up the walls by the window. He treats his people well, pays them great. Excellent perks but none of that babugiri here." (sounds happy)

Khanak: That's nice!

Shaan: Did you come to see me? (not looking sideways at her)

Khanak: I thought being Friday nite, you might have checked out.

Shaan: So you were hoping not to see me? (amused)

Bites her lower lip, not sure how to respond. Chooses her fave activity staying quiet.

The airconditioner's blower resets itself and there is a full blast of cool breeze, her saree around her feet billows, along with her pallu, she elegantly pulls it all back together. He can't help but notice how she does that.

Shaan: You love wearing sarees? (instinctively)

Khanak: Aapko kaise maloom?

Smiles for her!

Khanak: I wont wear it if you don't like it (somber) (looking down @ her ring)

Turns toward her " You should wear what ever you like Khanak. I always do what I like. You should too" (simple, understated)

Khanak: Oh!

Shaan: Have you ever counted the number of "Oh!s" and "Umms" you say ina day.

Blushing shakes her head.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Khanak: I talk at work.

Shaan: Of course! (gently mocking)

She can hear the sign off music from Windows, her heart races, wondering if he will go with her or just come back and log back on.

She wont ask. He wont divulge. They tread the delicate rope in between. When they walk up to each other, they will turn around and walk away, only to do it all over again.

He is up, she gets up as if the chair shocked her. He smiles. Bends down to grab his leather laptop case, pushing his phone on the carpet.

Khanak: Oops!, (bends down to get it)

Hands it to him with her left hand, her pallu twirled around her wrist. It fans open and wraps his arm.

Khanak: Oops!

Shaan: You should add that to the word list (soft)

For a brief minute they are a foot apart, enjoying the sight of the other.

Two co workers walk by, chatting, turn around, notice her in his cube

Guy1 :Hey Gujral, headin out?

Shaan: Well'.. we'll see.

Guy2: Happy Friday man!(grins)  (points with his eyes to Khanak, who is now looking at some books lining up a cube wall, books on Critical thinking, strategy and game plan etc)

Guy 1: Looks like a happy start to me! (winks)

Shaan is busy saving data onto a USB drive, he just laughs in ack.

Her arms are folded across her chest, hands rubbing her bare fore arms.

Khanak: I am freezing! Kitna thanda hai.

Shaan: There are fewer people to suck up the cold air (matter of fact)

He tucks his phone into his pocket, opens his drawer, picks up his sun glasses,srts it back, picks up  his car keys, leaves the laptop case on the chair.

Shaan (walking up to her, leafing thru a book) :Shall we?

Looks up at him pleasantly, preoccupied in some thought, he is again struck by the face and those eyes.

Shaan: Your file?

Khanak: Ya!

They walk out together.

Paula is on the phone, she gives her a smug smile. Hers is bland like saying "I don't know if he will go with me"

The male admirer is happy to be waiting at the sight of her.

Shaan: Hang on a sec, let me go grab something. BRB

Khanak: Hmm

 The guy actually walks up to her, and uses a line

Khanak has no idea who she is, he wants to know if she worked at Hafeez two years ago. She shakes her head in negative. He insists he has seen her some place. Asks her if he went to some famous architecture school in Pune.

Khanak has no idea. He wants to know if she works here. She again shakes her head.

He is amused asks her "You don't talk?"

Shaan responds with a "very rarely" from behind.

She turns around, and he is almost on her, he asks her with his eyes, who the guy is.

She says "I don't know! He knows me, he says (confused)

Paula has hung up " Sir, Varun will se you now"(snaps at the guy)

The guy reluctantly leaves her side.

Paula: Jaan you want to leave your things with me? I can lock it up?

 Shaan is not angry nor amused at the guy's antics, just answers his phone when it rings, nods to her to get her things Monday?

Khanak, shaken out of her daze "Nahi Paula, mujhe Monday ko apne office jaana hai. Aaj main kaam par late ho gayi so seedhe aa gayi" (lies again)

Takes her things. Checks for text and voice mails. There are none.

Paula: I don't see you any more. Ab shaadi ke baad tum kab aayegi?

Khanak is mortified, "I have no idea, but I will see you once every week. How about that? (cuts a deal)

Paula: yep, until the baby arrives, then I will come see you! (hugs her and hangs on to the hug)EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Khanak: There is no baby! You are funny! (leans on her chubby shoulder)

Paula: there will be, trust me! (whispers in her ear)Heart

Shaan:Hey, I thought I was your baby (hanging up his phone)

Paula: Not any more, dude! Its Khanak!

Khanak is happy he did not hear their previous exchange.

Paula: Get out of here you two. Its almost midnite, checks the long array of gold trimmed clocks behind her of various time zones and points to one that is close to 11:49 PM. (winks)

Khanak laughs while Shaan waves and walks out of the office nodding at the guard.

The elevator is empty and inviting.

They step in, she leans on the wall of mirrors, since her much of her back and waist are exposed the center brass rod, is freezing cold. She recoils.

He is not saying a word, just watching her.

A couple more get on on the 17th. These two stand three feet away, no touching no hand holding, no suggestive grins.

He walks over to the 50 or so spots labeled "Visitor" and remotely unlocks the doors.

Khanak: Trunk mein hai!

He holds the passenger door open and waits

She walks up to him/the door.

Khanak: you should go back to work if you are busy. I can take a cab (aloof)

Shaan: (bending down to her ear, she can feel his lips on the edge) Thanks for the reminder.You show up dressed like that on a Friday evening Khanak. Work is just not an option right now"

Warm color suffuses all over her body.

Shaan: Lets get out of here!

Takes her things and dumps it in the back seat.

Shaan: Did you have a good day?

Khanak: Really busy! But good.

Shaan: Are you here from work?

Khanak: Yep!

Shaan: Have you eaten anything?

Khanak: Nahi, lunch khaaya, with a friend

Shaan: did you know the guy at the lobby was hitting on you?

Khanak turns toward him in shock

"I thought he knew me. Since I don't remember anything!"

Shaan: You need to step out of the reverie once in a while (sees a muscle clench in his jaw)

Khanak: I think you are just imagining it

Shaan: when we (guys)are interested in some one, that's the exact lines we use (barks, almost)

Khanak: Looks like you've used it quite a bit!

He ignores that jab

Shaan: You are wandering about in strange neighborhoods at night looking for "forms", you are completely clueless about the attention men are paying you. (pissed and baffled)

Khanak: I am not an idiot!

Shaan: Ofcourse not!


Shaan: We can do the US Visa interview on June 2nd! (boom)

Khanak: Oh!

Her heart races noisly, she can hear the blood pumping, swoosh swoosh in her ear.

Shaan: when do you have to go back to work?

Khanak: Exactly a month from today. June 13th.

Shaan: Monday is it?

Khanak: haan.

Shaan:If you get the visa on 2th, can we leave on the 3rd?

Khanak: Umm''. (nods gently)

Shaan: Is that a happy nod or a "Whatever" nod!(grins)

Khanak:I ve flown only a couple times. I am terrified. (trembling voice)

Shaan: I won't be flying the plane so you have nothing to worry about (smirks)

Khanak: But''.You will be with me! (barely audible)

Shaan: Yep!(firm)

Shaan: Dad has a condo in Beacon Hill, we don't have to go into a hotel.

Khanak: (looks at him and smiles) Oh! Beacon Hill?

Shaan: Haan, do you have family? (curious)

Khanak: No! Just a friend from college, not even a friend, the same batch I shud say, she had an internship in Boston for her Masters, she had posted an update at our FB site about restoring a home in that area.

Shaan: Really? That's awesome!

Khanak: Isnt that where John Kerry owns a house too?

Shaan is shocked looks at her, distracted from the road.

Shaan: Do you follow US politics? (indulgently)

Khanak: I don't have to follow it. It stalks me where ever I go!

He laughs out loud. That wit! Abiding wit!

She is embarrassed by the obvious compliment his laughter indicates Looks out the window.

They've left the city a few miles behind. Its dark and quiet towards their approach

Khanak: Kahan ja rahe hain?

Shaan: Marve Beach!

Khanak: Oh!

Khanak: Is your brother in town?

Shaan: yep! (smiles) (taps the steering)

Shaan: Radio?

She shakes her head.

He finds a spot. Its past 9 PM. Things are quietening down in this edge of the world.

It's a beautiful nite, breezy, cool, the sea is loud and noisy, she can hear the froth from the car.

He takes off his shoes and socks.

He helps her out with a "If you want you can leave your shoes in the car"

She steps out, the breeze is strong enough to carry her.

She turns around towards the car, tucks her pallu into her waist and grabs her hair with both hands, affording a view of her waist. He is waiting, hands tucked in his pocket watching her struggle with the winds.

She takes her center clip off and  looks for a place to set it, he extends his hand, she smiles and places it on it and scoops her hair  and reaches for it, is unable to restrain all her hair, locks escape on the sides freely.

He walks up to her, pinning her on the car door, not touching her at all

She looks up at him in startled

Shaan: You do realize the pact you talked me into after the wedding is practically impossible to do?(husky)EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

She suddenly realizes what he is talking about.







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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
wow aditee,
u updated..will be back..
*off to read*
u r just killing us..i dont like it when it ends like this..feeling hyper..wish to read the next part immediately..u r a wonderful writer..
wat did she realise?wat was the pact?
the blue lines have its own after effect..me wandering in shanak land now..savouring them..
continue soon aditee..

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hawttt n next part will totally take me sumwhere im dying to go...heaven...lol
 super aditee just super:)

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Hey Ads...ur writing tkes me to a distant Dreamland.Embarrassed...distant it is!!lol...ahem ahem... Besides keep writing as mre than the wedding m eagerly waiting for Boston and the adventure henceforth!

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