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Casa 2 Inv on 87 (Wedding Precap on 148) (Page 16)

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Originally posted by lghosh

Yipppe! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!
Yaar jitni baar bhi paroon kam lagta hai! U should see me reading ur update, all smiles, eyes twinkling, unblinking eyes, holding my face in my hands as if its gonna topple over anytime in pleasure!! Big smile
And tomorrow some1 else will be sneezing along with Khanak & the office people will have a gala time pulling their leg & Khanak all red in embarrassment & Shaan cool & nonchalant smiling away as if its a commonplace thing. Big smile
I was happy to see the varied range of topics they talked about starting from work, then family, then in between movies & books, then back to themselves & more work again!! Big smile And he offered his room to her & funny thing is she didn't ask 'phir aap kahan soyenge?' & his answer would be to die for! Just imagining this I skipped some heartbeats. LOL
And inadvertently she mentioned about having kids. So so sweet! And he didn't tease her or anything but just went into a husky voice. Seriously that gave me goosebumps, just his husky voice & his moving closer to her. And she knew what he wanted! That was so personal coming from her! And a 1st one at that!
And another thing she is quiet but enjoys the sensuous side of Shaan. That is what I like, a woman of today who doesn't shy away from his approach or chides him but neither does she voluntarily approaches him like this. A cool level headed girl who knows when & how to say NO if the situation gets out of hand like in the wedding. But otherwise she feels delighted in his touch.
And if this is not love then what is! He found her beautiful with red clogged nose & watery eyes & a sore throat! And he is someone who doesn't say anything just for the sake, when he says something he means it, he is very genuine that way. So he means everything he said & doesn't wonder why is he so attracted to her! But I am happy he doesn't realise he is head over heels about her, that revelation is for the climax. Big smile 
And he keeps watching & observing her from afar, her every little gestures, nuances, characteristics...what she wears, how she wears it, what she does out of habit, what makes her happy, what makes her sad, what makes her perky, what makes her reminisce about past & wonder about the future, what makes her give in to him, how she loves his features, what she loves...everything about her fascinates him, intrigues him & he is besotted, smitten & totally captivated by her.
Khanak sees him all right but is not so retrospective like him, she sees in an overall manner & then forgets sometimes as well. But this guy has a photographic memory. And she revels in his touch, proximity, persuasion & gets thrilled but yet the very next moment sees the vast difference between them in their family, social status, nature, lifestyle!! Such is life gal, a juxtaposition of the opposites! And this difference between them is what attracted him in the 1st place. Big smile
Loved dadi's concern & love for her. Really Khanak is lucky to have some1 like her in her 'sasural'.
And in some parts I see u in Khanak, I am sure u r a good cook, love Calvin, serious about work, private & in some aspects I see u in Shaan U r more witty, spontaneous, otherwise social, confident, focused like him! And u must be having a fantastic memory, right? No wonder they turned out to be so out of the world. Big smile
Fabulous update!! Thanks & a really good night!
Thank you!
Memory kuch khaas nahi
Hubby is blessed with a super computer's
I "borrow" disk spaceWink

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Originally posted by Shanaksansar

I am completely smitten by this Shaan. He is nowhere close to perfect but still very desirable...

No wonder Khanak was not able to deny or come out strongly against his advances or the pre-posterous wedding proposal.

Like Lana I sit up late too just to get your updates and then next day morning at work I re-read and like to mull on it. Though must say am not that good in drawing up the deep analysis that she does.

You may not believe this but it has my better half wondering why I have that stupid grin or seem to be so content lately. 

But yes you have definitely added spark into our lives...so keep it coming.

Thank you so much!
You are the 4th person that has just sprung up to compliment my writing
So glowingly
I am deeply touched, and honored to be the receipient
I am glad its putting a smile on your face
I am glad your hubby is wondering what you did?LOL
I am completely smitten by this jodi.
I thought when I found a job last month, it would all wear off progressively
But it has not!
I am going to go on and on
Hopefully not!LOL
Thanks so much!
It makes it worth every minute of staying up at nite to write if you all
 sneak off at work to read it, or
get into work late becoz you were waiting for the update, and
check the site multiple times just for my updates.
To those that have said theyve quit watching the show but log on to read updates:
"Aaj main oopar aasman neeche, aaj main aage zamana hai peechhe"Wink
Thank you all for the immense appreciation

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Hahahaha I am happy that I know u that much by now to realise the characteristics so prominently here!! I knew Khanak & Shaan both have some traits of urs!! And I got them right as well. Hurray! Big smile So Shaan has a quality of ur hubby as well?? Wow so he is super Intel Pentium & u just borrow some of that space?? LOL I am not at all tech savvy so may have got some term wrong here.
And I knew if u r GC fan u will love 'One Fine Day'! I simply watch that movie whenever its on TV, it satisfies me to no end specially the last scene, how nothing happened & yet it was so romantic, just like its here in ur story many times!! I let out a satiated sigh whenever I watch that just like the way I do reading ur updates. I can so see the GC traits in Shaan now, specially this movie tops the list.
If reading TOI & HT leaves u updated like this then 'Jai ho' to both those newspapers. No wonder I get awestruck reading how does she know about this places or is she simply making it up? I am like ur Khanak in a way, I am too forgetful! It seems like instead of borrowing some disk space I have donated mine! LOL Seriously at times I feel like i am heading towards Alzheimer. So bad with names & places!
Today u made me happy, not that other days u don't but today specially! It looks like I am comprehending ur characters like the way u portrayed them to be, or I am hoping I did! And tujhe bhi samajh payi more than before!! Big smile 
Am waiting for tonight as usual.
@ Sarita - we r all in the same boat! Aditee is creating magic & we r all entranced by it! I don't do anything but her powerful story & her Shaan makes my finger type away to glory! Sometimes it forgets to stop as well, like now! Big smile Nice to see u here & hope to read from u as well.

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Originally posted by togepe30

All I can do after reading this is...dedicate this song for SHANAK !

"Aapki Ankhon Mein Kuch..
Mehke hue se...Raaz haiii...
Aapse bhi Khoobsurat...
Aapke Andaaz hain"
Can there be a more sensuous song in this world?
words fail me yaar
Thank you sooo much!
What a wonderful ode!
Thanks di Vandu

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
Aditi since songs are being dedicated here...what about Ronan Keatings "When you say nothing at all"
It's amazing
How you can speak
Right to my heart
Without saying a word,
You can light up the dark
Try as I may
I could never explain
What I hear when
You don't say a thing

The smile on your face
Lets me know
That you need me
There's a truth
In your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says
You'll catch me
Whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say
Nothing at all

All day long
I can hear people
Talking out loud
But when you hold me near
You drown out the crowd
(The crowd)
Try as they may
They could never define
What's been said
Between your
Heart and mine

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 Hey Aditi,

 Very cute update ClapStar

Loved every bit of it...Smile







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Hi Aditi, no update??? Unhappy
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Tuesday May 10th

Shivneri Nagar, Chembur

8 :25 AM

Their paths hadnt crossed since Wed nite. After the soup and bread she was completely knocked out on the couch, on the  non-drowsy cold meds he had given her! He had actually shown her the foil, when she had hesitated popping it into her mouth, the unmistakeable arch of that one brow, like he was saying "Really? Khanak? You think I would drug you?"

A solid three hour nap later when she woke, the lights were dimmed, and there was no sign of Shaan anywhere, she had freshened up, stepped out of the room.

Looked like Dadi was asleep as well, she had wondered what to do, and had waited in the rec room, when Shaan had appeared, ipad in hand, curious what she was doing. "Sleep walking?" he had asked, she had said " Oh! I was just trying to hail a cab to get home"

He had insisted she stay the night, but she was adamant about returning, Ritu was not home when she returned past 11:30 but it was good to be home.

He had walked her up to her apartment, when his phone had rang, he waved a quick good bye and took off, as it was Dhruv from Denver trying to reach him for a week.

He had tried calling her, may be to check on how she was doing, the middle of Thursday some time but she was so swamped she hadn't seen the call until later at nite.

Neither called the other the remainder of the week. She thought about him, and only him. Many things reminded her of him, when she applied moisturizer on her face on Wed nite, her skin felt like it was on fire. "He was right! I shudnt have done that on his jaw".

She had brought both the books home, Calvin and Cooper's. Since she was very fussy about her books, she had asked him if it was OK if she returned those in a couple of weeks. He had laughed out loud and said "they are BOOKS, Khanak! You can return them to the rec room when ever you like".

No clichd, "Whats mine is yours, you are part of my family now, why do talk about returning them? I want you to have them".

He was not big on clichs or platitudes, she noted.

Weekend came and went, it was filled with one word. Kritik. They  all went out to a movie, Ritu bought them brunch at the Lotus Caf, in Marriott, Kritik was a wonderful guy, he even dialed his parents number in Chandigarh and had Khanak speak with them.

There was not anything he did not know of Khanak. Ritu had shared it all. Kritik was eager to meet Shaan and hoped the four of them could meet some place soon.

He was leaving the day after Khanak's wedding, so Ritu was really excited to have him attend.

Her Aada was planning to visit over the weekend, to meet the Gujrals to talk about the wedding plans. Her Mom may or may not visit depending on how her Dadi was doing after the recent illness. Mitali and Mehul wanted to come by and stay a weekend with her before she went away, they had no idea she would be married so soon. They had hoped to visit all the offbeat places with her sometime. It was part of the "promise" Khanak had made to her three cousins when she had just moved to Mumbai over a year ago. He aunts in Akola and Ranchi  rarely visited Ahmedabad so their chances of sending their kids to Mumbai was out of question.

Khanak, was working out a plan to have Mitali and Mehul and hopefully Sonal over the weekend of May 20th. Her Bai, found the idea unappealing as she wanted Khanak to get to Ahmedabad that weekend.

Khanak was trying to sort thing out at work, at home in Mumbai, with her parents, trying to keep her cousins happy, while making vacation plans. The wedding plans were not happening. Ritu had asked her multiple times if they should go shop. She had no idea what she was supposed to take to Malabar Hill. Dadi had mentioned about the Punjabi trousseau ritual and had told her there would be 51 outfits. She wanted to know the combination of sarees and suits.

Khanak was appalled. FIFTY  ONE? It would take her years to get through those she thought. She bought clothes like crazy anyway. Dadi had reassured her that most of it would be "grand" and "festive". Khanak had squirmed! She definitely did not want to look like the Punjabi brides she saw while shopped in Chembur or Bandra.

Dadi had told her, she was supposed to wear only "new" clothes the first month or 45 days. She had no idea how she was going to pull it off.

Ritu: Kitna sochti hai? 8:25 ho gaya, bahar niklegi to main ghar lock karoon?

Khanak:Haan, sorry!

Ritu: Kis duniya mein hai?

Khanak: Isi mein! (wryly) abhi tak to, isi mein, (repeats)

Ritu: Shaan ka phone nahi aaya kya? Aaj?

Khanak: Funny! Why are you so chirpy? Has Kirtik called you a half dozen times already?

Ritu: Nahi, only 4!

Khanak: WHAT? Tu subah 7 baje uthi hai, usme  chaar baar?

Ritu: ummm'. Haan... who... kya kehte hain, it got disconnected rey. (grins)EmbarrassedBig smile

Khanak: Usko pehle paas ho jaane de! Abhi ek saal baaki hai

Ritu (sad) terrible no? Mujhe ek saal wait karna padega

Khanak: Abhi tu nikal! (pushes her out)

They walk out of the building giggling, and poking fund at each other.

Ritu: How can you guys not talk to each other everyday? (baffled)

Ritu: Never mind, don't bother answering that, you don't TALK so for you its easy, wonder how HE copes (laughs)

Khanak: Itna senti mat ho, he is prolly just fine, hanging out with friends, working and playing tennis (thinking aloud)

Take an auto to the station and then go separate ways.

Monday evening she received a gift in mail, unwrapped it to find a Forest Essentials gift hamper, with various lotions  to "soothe sore skin"and moisturizers. She turned beetroot read at the implication.

The note said "To: Khanak, From: Shantanu. Not a word more!

Ritu  was busy chatting with her Mom to notice the delivery.

Her Aada had asked her to check with him about the kind of clothes he would like, he had asked her to go buy it for him also. Less than three weeks left and Khanak was going through life as if no event was around the corner.

She wanted to hear his voice, "does he not want to hear mine?" she thought stepping into her office. She wore a lavender chikan salwar suit with  lots of embroidery upfront so it did not have a dupatta. She found bangles in exact lavender last week so had bought two dozen, all glass.

Modi & Dastur
May 10th 9- 2 pm
The morning was hectic between fixing errors mentioned on the score card and trying to review and approve changes her direct reports were recommending. She stopped  for lunch @ 2. They hadn't packed any today as neither wanted to cook last nite.

She stepped out of her cube, and walked down the stairwell on the side, did not want to take the elevator down for 5 floors. Looked at her phone, went back to her desk to get his number from her purse, then realized she could use the "Received calls" feature. Went back towards the staircase and dialed his number.

He did not pick up until the 5th ring

Shaan: Hey!

That's all it took, to make her florid!

Khanak: Hi!

Shaan: Khanak

Khanak: Umm'' Are you busy?

Shaan: Not really. (None of the :"Never for you! I was thinking about you, I was checking my phone every 10 minutes")

Khanak: Did you have a good weekend?

Shaan: It was great, how was yours?

Khanak: Good! Great actually. Kritik was around, we all went for a movie, and he took to brunch on Sunday!

Shaan: That's nice!

Khanak: I sent you two corrections from the score card this morning.

Shaan: Saw that in my in-box, I am headed out to the site in a few minutes so will talk to Nachiket and respond in the evening?

Khanak: that's fine

Shaan: Atul (her direct report) takes off for two over two hours around lunch, you might want to talk to him. The core team coordinator sent a note this morning to me.

Khanak: Oh! Really? I am sorry. I will. Oh!

Shaan: did you think of me the last few days? (softly)

Khanak: Umm...I think I did (softer).Embarrassed

Shaan: when I saw my neighbor's cat this morning I was reminded of how you purred when u used my jaw as your scratching post! (laughs under his breath)

Khanak: Oh! Gosh! (embarrassed)

Shaan: I wont shave if you promise to meet me.

Khanak: (ignoring the invite) Thanks for the gift!

Shaan: you are welcome! Hope you like it.

Khanak: Thanx. Have you had lunch?

Shaan: yep! With Aman, across the street at the sandwich place.

Khanak: I am going right now (even before he asks)

Shaan smiles "Good!"

Khanak: thanks for dinner the other nite. It was really nice.

Shaan: We are going to be married in three weeks. Are you kidding me?

Khanak: I was so sick. I had no idea I took a nap like that. I am sorry

Shaan: Are we beginning to fight again? (hissing)

Khanak: One of your data sheets did not down load this morning (nervous)

Shaan:Ive heard that from 6 people, my admin is sending it again as a  csv file try it.

Khanak: Oh! Maybe that's what it is.

Shaan:Did you like the movie?

Khanak: It was OK... I felt I shud have stayed home, it was quite odd.

Shaan: Because they went as a  couple?

She nods her head in affirmative.

Shaan: When you are on the phone you are supposed to talk Khanak (indulgent, husky), not nod...Embarrassed

Khanak: How did you know I nodded?

Shaan: Your bangles!Embarrassed


Shaan: We should go out to a movie.

Khanak: I wont watch sci-fiLOL

Shaan: I cant watch mushLOL

Khanak: Lets watch first half of a mush and second half of the sci fi coz once the world is saved they would kiss.Big smile

Shaan:The kiss could happen anyway (silky)

Khanak: aada wanted to know what you would like for the wedding.

Shaan: You!

Khanak: Shantanu!

Shaan: I think that's the first time you've said my name when I cant kiss you after?EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Pause. Two hearts race from different locations, meet somewhere midway.

Khanak: I got an email from your Mom, she said something about a "Sabyasachi Sale". I don't want  an expensive wedding dress.

Shaan: Just go with her. You haven't met her after the engagement.

Khanak: I won't let her pay for it. Its my wedding!

Shaan: THAT, it isEmbarrassed

Khanak: Umm...  I am reading the Dispatches book on the local, it's a great read. Thanks

Shaan: thank Bhayya! They want us to go out for dinner next week.

He is amazed at her nature. She has not shown any keenness in meeting or talking with any body other than him. For her, the world revolved around him. She did not care about doing lunches with his Bhabhi, or chatting up to his Mom. Or even talking to them on the phone. She lived in her own world and peeked into his from time to time. She was possessive about him, opened up to him when she fought, was fiercly passionate when she kissed, but beyond that his world or its people did not exist for her.

His Dadi was the only person who she opened up to a little.

Khanak: Ritu wants us all to go out for dinner also.

Shaan: I am not meeting Kritik until you meet my friends Khanak

Khanak:Umm... I will think about it. Maybe next week? Aada aa rahe hain weekend mein to meet with your Dad.

Shaan: oh! Really?

Khanak:I think I left one of my file folders in the trunk the other nite. Its called "Supplemental Designs". It's a hard copy of all designs that were reviewed but nota pproved.

Shaan: I can send it through inter office mail.

Khanak: Umm... or you could... I mean you could hand it to me when we meet? (hopeful).  I am across the street now. Aapko bhi jaana hoga na? I shud hang up (chattering to undermine her first statement)

Shaan: I want you to come see me Khanak. I am not going to! I want to see how soon you do it.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed









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