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Casa 2 Inv on 87 (Wedding Precap on 148) (Page 118)

purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by lghosh

Dekh Purvi patli gali se nikal gayi mujhe chhod ke!! Oye Purvi barabar update deti rahena. LOL
Haila steamy...how steamy?? Pressure cooker se bhi zyada?? LOL

Sabar Kar ! Aditeee ko txt kiya.. she has not replied !!!! 

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Adi will come after her retro party & will get a shock of seeing 20 + pages in her thread! We can finish 150 pages aaram se! LOL

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-YasharanArshi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
DAMN ... One day i don't login to IF and i miss so much!

Adits... you are superfast and hot!
*sprints to read sangeet*

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roadsidejunkey Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2011 at 9:59pm | IP Logged
I got it...knw it..kuch tou gadbad hain...besides yeh bumps ka idea Aman ka hain!lol..lana di and Purvi di chalo sabh shuru ho jao!

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purvimeh IF-Rockerz

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We've really lost it..!!!!!!!! ROFL Saazzz Kidhar gayi !!!! 

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-Ray- IF-Dazzler

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heyyy !!!

read sangeet part 1 to Part 6 !!
wat fun man!!!! Aditee, U r on a roll Lady !!
The thread is on a roll...I loved the madness,Loved evry grl here, U guys r awsome !!  Feels like I m really attending a wedding !!
@saaz...soryyy, I missed all the planning partConfused,  was busy re,  but nt the main event Big smile
once again, thanks for the ff  Smile

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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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so akhshay was actually in love with another woman... some famous painter...a divorcee...-- their marriage is one of a business arrangement --- came with a prenup and everything...painter moved to Amsterdam..before Akki could do anything..

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Part 65

Sangeet 7

Solanki Residence


12:20 AM

May 28th 2011

She turns around in shock, puts her feet down (they were up on the coffee table)

Shaan: Hey! (he is not smiling today just a nod of the head)

Khanak: well... You know what they say... fame is supposed to be shortlived. Last nite was your nite (dacing with semi nu'chicks at Sin) tonite was ur cousin's.(aloof though her heart is blasting away sirens to her brain to leave the scene immediately)

She stiffens as he approaches the couch

Shaan: Ha! (that wit its almost always bang on he thinks)

Just as he sits down, she gets up and sprints to the door. He is too quick for her, leans back on it and folds his arms across his chest.

Shaan: Kyon Khanak, jaldi mein ho kya?

Khanak: My feet hurt, Ive been dancing all evening

Shaan: I saw that! (softly)

She is in for a bigger shock "You saw me dance... dance with Prad... (corrects the name) "Pradyun"??

Shaan: Ofcourse! (biting)

Khanak: did you like it? (cocky)

Shaan: your dance moves or the pairing with Pradyun? (tight)

Khanak: You can answer in that order (unsteady)

Shaan: I loved the dance. The pairing was awful (blunt)

Her face crawls with heat

Khanak: My feet hurt, I want to go home! (childish)

He swiftly picks her up in one swoop and walks to the couch

Khanak: No!, this is not my house (pleads) (terrified)

Flailing her legs and arms

He doesn't say a word, lays her on the couch and leans on her without touching her, sits on the edge blocking her exit holding on to the edge of the back rest and the edge of the seat with the other.

Shaan: You danced with Pradyun? (angry)

Khanak: actually my fiance' was busy and couldn't make it, so I decided to dance with who so ever was around.

Shaan: did you know he is smitten by you?

Khanak: I don't (lies) (avoids his eyes)

Shaan: is that why you danced with him?

Khanak: I wanted to have a good time!

Shaan: I can show you a good time Khanak (between his teeth)

Khanak: I don't care for "that" kind!

Shaan: whats that supposed to mean?

Khanak: look, I am really tired, I want to go home. If you are busy and have to leave I will understand.

Shaan: khanak.

Khanak: Mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni (shuts her eyes and setlles back on the couch, arms folded across her chest)

Shaan: (tracing her arm from shoulder to wrist with one finger) Khanak

Khanak: Mujhe log dhoond rahe honge

Shaan: I told Ritu and Saaz we had unfinished business (laughs under his breath)

Khanak: I don't, you may (opens her eyes and spits fire)

Shaan: You look unbelievably hot!

She opens her eyes, sits up and pulls her dupatta down  on her front and lays back and shuts it again

Shaan: did you wear it to make me go insane?

Khanak: nope! I wore it to make me happy!


He smiles.

Shaan: So you won't look at me anymore?

Khanak: if I can afford to.

She is playing with the diamond pendant on her neck.

He grabs it and doesn't let go.

Khanak: Please''.

Shaan: your turn Khanak (speak up)

Khanak: I don't need any'..

Shaan: I will go first then''' what the hell were you doing dancing with Prad?

Khanak: He is cute.

Shaan: Huh! (not at all amused) we are getting married tomorrow

Khanak: We are getting married The day after (smug)

Shaan: Heres the time (puts his Swiss army in front of her eyes). Its the 28th

Khanak: Oh!

Shaan: bahut naraaz ho?

Khanak: Nahi to! (opens her eyes to find him looking at her)

Shaan: What are you wearing?

Khanak: well its not for you!

Shaan: Didn't seem like it to me either(bitter)

Khanak: the women yesterday wore those clothes or not for you (slam!)

Shaan: oh! That's what this is all about?

He suddenly gets up and so does she

Khanak: I am going home

Shaan: I go to my bachelor party and you decide to flirt with my cousin in front of family? (gruff)

Khanak is suddenly appalled, she realizes he is being quite unreasonable and nasty. Immediately a worry sets in her mind. Its like a sharp shooting pain across her heart. Worries if this is going to be a trend. Marrying the man two days from now and sitting in a stranger's house fighting like it's nobody's business

She is quiet, she gets off the couch, turns off the kitchen light and the living room light and walks to the door, forgets the keys so goes back to the kitchen to grab it from the counter.

Shaan: So we are back to being in deep freeze now?

She picks up her keys and attempts to walk out of the kitchen. He blocks her way

Khanak: I have to go!

Shaan: I don't like seeing him and you together Khanak.

Khanak: Oh! ("good to know")

Shaan  walks up to her as she paces backwards until she hits the wall

Shaan: I couldn't get a sooner flight. This was the last one for today ( Iam here aren't I? Why the hell did you have to dance with him" tone)

Khanak: Hmm' (hands behind her back pressing herself against the wall) Well you missed our bachelorette party (soft, firm, confident)

Shaan: You are mad I went to my bachelor party?

Khanak: Nope! (cool)

Shaan places both hands on either side of her face on the back wall.

There is no light in the kitchen, the moon is shining bright outside. Watches their taut exchange thru the kitchen window.

Her stomach churns in fear and some in anticipation

Shaan: You look gorgeous today!

Khanak: Ritu got this dress for me.

He traces the pendant of the maang teeka she's wearing.

Shaan: what  is this? (whispers fascinated, seeing the gold glitter in dark)

Khanak: Its called a maang teeka! (nervous, leans on the wall)

Shaan: I had no idea you could dance like that. You were having a really good time weren't you?

Khanak: Its "my" sangeet

He smiles

Shaan: Are you going to tell me how much you missed me?

Khanak: I would if I did!

Laughter escapes his lips

Her diamond sparkles in the dark kitchen. He places a finger on it and decides to let his thumb go down a centimeter carefully gauging her response

Khanak: dadi gave me these! (husky) (grabbing the pendant effectively pushing his hand away)

Shaan: Great! (he couldn't care less about what Dadi gifted her)

Khanak: I have to go! Shantanu.

Shaan: I don't have to Khanak

She turns her face away, he finds it though, the room is small and there aren't too many faces by the wall so it's easy to find hers.

They kiss!

A long deep passionate kiss, his faint stubble pokes her a little but she revels in it

He tears himself away, finds her hands on his shirt, fingering his buttons feverishly

His fingers on the wall tremble.

Shaan: I am hoping you know what you are starting here (hoarse warning)

Khanak: I always know! (gently opens one)

Runs her fingers thru the hair on the nape of his neck and kisses him for the first time ever in a stranger's kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His hands are fists now, on the wall, tight and tense.

He tears himself away for the second time hearing her moan of protest

Khanak: You taste like coffee (into his shirt)

Shaan: You taste like heaven (pushing her away gently)

Khanak: You need a shave!

Shaan: Your skin feels like silk

Khanak: I am not marrying you if you wear jeans day after tomorrow.

Shaan: We are getting married, no matter what'''.(resolute)

(for a quick moment the laughing smiling visual of her and Prad cross his mind's eye, makes him irritated and insecure, how she held his hands freely and how she leaned on his shoulder, the way he twirled her and how she giggled like a teenager)

She hears a hiss of warm breath on her neck

Khanak: Did you enjoy your party last nite?

Shaan: I did'. (the keys make a sound in her hand as she clenches them)

Khanak: You should do it more often then! (distant)

Shaan: I didn't like seeing you dance like that with Prad.

She leans back on the wall

Khanak: I don't like the fact that you enjoyed your party so much!!

Shaan: Prad is not your type! (his hand travels down on the wall and his thumb goes on a trip, slides down on her bare arm'''. shoulder to fingers like snow boarding a slope. She squirms but lets him do it.

Khanak: He's my age! (husky) and he is flirty

Shaan: You are quiet and possessive. So it won't work! (as if there was a possibility)

Shaan: Go out with me! (unsteady)

Khanak: I am getting married tomorrow sorry I can't!

He laughs

(His thumb is playing on her bangles on her left hand. One snaps and falls to the floor.)

His phone rings, he looks at it and takes it, stepping aside and she moves out of his virtual hold.

She waits by the front door he shows up talking''.. takes the keys from her and locks up, opens the gate for her and they walk out

Khanak worries again, wonders what is it that draws them to each other so strongly yet, what is it that makes them so insecure about the other. She will later stay up in bed at nite wondering.


Part 66

Mistry residence

12:30 AM

Most friends have left. Its just family now. They are all upstairs spread between the two bedrooms on first floor The two couples from Ajmera are taking a walk outside laughing and chatting, getting some fresh air enjoying the quiet road.

Prad is missing. Ritu is upstairs chatting with the cousins shes told. The DJ is playing some loud instrumental music.

Dadi notices both enter the house . Her face is flushed and his is content. Her future DIL's maang teeka is inverted. Dadi hides a smile. They are still not talking but the animosity is on hold, it looks like.

Bai is pleased to see them together, she nudges bua and Dadi, they both nod and smile. Aada is busy talking to people outside.

Bai: Beta khaana khaoge?

Dadi: Zaroor khaayega!

Shaan: Not much, mera matlab'. Zyaada nahi.

Bai is happy he even responded

Bai looking at Dadi "Hindi aati hai?"

Shaan: (smiling) haan

Bai: Hamari Khanak ko Punjabi seekh leni chahiye

Khanak is sitting with Boo and madz.

Madz is asking her about where she went to school etc.

Khanak answers softly, Nandini, Madz's sister is very impressed with khanak's dancing skills. Madz cannot brag about her new DIL's social status so chooses a safe topic, Khanak's professional accomplishments.

Bai: Khanak, beta tumhaare liye bhi khaana?

Khanak: bai mera pair dukh raha hai, main so oongi

DadI: You poor thing!

Khanak: Ma main oopar jaaon?

Madz: Maybe you should rest.

Boo looks tired and unhappy

Khanak: Don't you feel well?

Boo: ya, just headaches, I think I may have migraine.

Madz:Ambika Chachi is getting here in an hour, ask her to check out out. As if she didn't trust the docs in Ahmedabad

Nothing affects Khanak so this one doesn't either.

Dadi and shaan are sitting with her Aada and another acquaintance.

Aada: tum bahut busy rehte ho?

Shaan: Haan ek saal aur, no 18 months

Aada: logon ke liye ghar bana rahe ho na?

Shaan: Jee!

Bai has brought caterer help and is asking the guy to set a stool in front and serves him personally

Khanak is as usual quiet listening to Nandini maasi and Boo rant about some jewelry they bought in Mumbai yesterday.

Khanak: Umm'. I am sleepy aunty'

Nandini: "Aunty"? Shes your mother in law beta say"Mom"

Khanak's throat goes dry she tries to come up with it smiles "Hmmm"

Madz: Yep I will be your Mom (smug for some reason)

Khanak: Don't you also have a daughter?

Nandini smiles "Yes Raayna" she has her exams, she is flying in tomorrow. The wedding was so quick we couldn't get it moved"

Khanak blushes but doesn't respond.

Boo: Mom Shaan ka driver to khada hai na bahar?

Madz: I think so.

Boo: Can I go?

Madz whispers it will be rude to leave alone like that.

Dadi has brought, boxes and boxes of sweets and half a dozen baskets of fruits, wrapped in colored, gauzy transparent paper.

Dadi: Sabke kapde kal laaoongi, gaadi mein jagah nahi thi

Bai: iski koi zaroorat nahi

Dadi: Arrey kyon nahi? Khanak ke liye mehandi bhi laaye hain. Kal laayenge mehandi ke gifts

Khanak's stomach muscles clench, she feels the day draw closer and faster.

Shuts her eyes briefly wonders if its all a dream. The smell of expensive perfume and fruits and rich food waft to her nostrils. She knows its not a dream.

Opens eyes, her fianc is looking directly at her.

Khanak thinks "OMG! What have I gotten myself into?" "There is no running away now"

Shaan eats very little she notices. He asks for water, her Aada sends a teenager to get some bottled water.

Her feet are sore, she is hungry but doesn't want to eat with him, she knows the work friends will razz them. Some men make their way inside and start talking with her Aada. Some women randomly step down from the rooms upstairs.

She gets up to leave, he is returning after washing hands. They look at each other at the foot of the stairs. He says something to her bending down. She responds softly looking up at him with big brown eyes.

Dadi is watching the two.

He straightens her maang teeka. She touches it smiling a "thank you" and a lil embarrassed when she thinks who all might have noticed it.

"What a lovely couple!" Dadi thinks, as Khanak looks at him one last time before going up the stairs. He looks at her before answering his phone and walking away.

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