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Casa 2 Inv on 87 (Wedding Precap on 148) (Page 11)

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Hi Aditi, thx for the additonal update. Enjoyed it immensely... Approve

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Hi Aditee,

I have been a silent reader forever now, first on this forum and then your FF. I just had to create an account to say this. Love it, super love it!! What a story, great characters, and what writing. just amazing, I am big reader, and read almost everything, I had stopped reading romance for a long time, as most of it was just cliched and boring, have to say that your story has me wanting to read romance all over again. Just beautiful. Keep up the good work. Keep writing.

I look forward to all the updates, I am checking your updates more that Rbo updates :). The exchange between Shank is smart, witty, cool, and sexy. It is very modern and yet traditional. Great work indeed. You have us all hooked. ClapClapClapStarStarStar

Love DJ

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by SachDJ

Hi Aditee,

I have been a silent reader forever now, first on this forum and then your FF. I just had to create an account to say this. Love it, super love it!! What a story, great characters, and what writing. just amazing, I am big reader, and read almost everything, I had stopped reading romance for a long time, as most of it was just cliched and boring, have to say that your story has me wanting to read romance all over again. Just beautiful. Keep up the good work. Keep writing.

I look forward to all the updates, I am checking your updates more that Rbo updates :). The exchange between Shank is smart, witty, cool, and sexy. It is very modern and yet traditional. Great work indeed. You have us all hooked. ClapClapClapStarStarStar

Love DJ
I made you get an account?
How wonderful!
I will add it to my list of accomplishments!
thanks you sooo much for those wonderful words
I am honored!
I am happy you love this pair
I happen to love them also
They have taken a larger than life form
"The exchange between Shanak is smart, witty, cool, and sexy. It is very modern and yet traditional".
Some compliments I shall never forget!
This will be added to that list!
Thank you so much!

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Its a slow journey, hope you like it!
Its a typical arranged marriage situation.
You find out more about your partner as you go along
Not all in one evening
Nor over forced "dates".
Some things she will know before she marries him
Most she will find find out after.
Thats the joy of an arranged marriage
Discovering the guy!
Discovering the woman!
You will not hear a "I Love you" neither will you read about them making out in every part!
They will not talk about "feelings and emotions".
 They will also not talk about literature, poetry or world inflation.
They will not make out in public, or behave suggestively
Maybe they should
But not in mine...
I am trying to capture the life of a young urban couple. Nothing fancy.
He is full of short comings.
He is amazing at work but not in talking endlessly about feelings.
He is not the richest guy on the planet. 
He does not own Marine Drive or half of Mumbai.
He is practical, he knows what he is capable of and what he is not 
He is not the proverbial romance fiction hero with a fierce temper and unlimited s-- drive.
He will not "shake her like a leaf" to get answers.
He will not freeze her with one look
He will not always think about how good looking he is.
He is young, popular and ambitious.
She has been really good at work and relationships thus far, but finds herself floundering.
She is deeply emotional and very poised
She invests a lot only when she cares about something
Otherwise she just floats through life with no concern
Very few people are able to know the real her
She likes to keep it that way
One of my readers PMed me saying "She is very quiet but very intelligent in her comebacks"
Thats exactly how she is. She is not talking all the time, she speaks very rarely but when she does its spot on!
She has slowly started opening up to him with all this back and forth. 
They say things they often dont mean.
They dont say things they want to.
They are irrational, illogical and impulsive
More coming up tonite...

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lghosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2011 at 7:33pm | IP Logged
Aditee in the last update what stood out for me was Shaan's deep rooted concern which he never shows or mouths but it is there. He doesn't go overboard with it nor does he puts a 'do's & don't' taboo on Khanak to showcase his concern but still he cares for her immensely! I feel he himself is also not aware of how much he cares for her.
He doesn't say anything in the meeting, they r more than at par being professional. If & when time comes both of them won't hesitate to point out drawbacks in public as far as work is concerned. Yet how he watches her every small movement & when they eye lock then nothing else matters & yet both r silent without voicing anything or jumping at the other's rescue at every opportunity.
As I said their conversation revolves around work & 1 or 2 sentences in between thrown about themselves with all the vibes & intended intentions & innuendos & then they again coolly revert back to work.
He sees she is suffering from cold & yet doesn't hover over her. Uses his sarcasm & authority to take her back with him. When he speaks with an authority like this Khanak doesn't argue much. Other times she does to gain ground but in this short time she has learned when to back off.
He knows Ritu is out with Kritik & Khanak in this condition will be home alone so the best possible solution he brings her over to his place knowing at least she won't have to cook for herself or go to bed hungry. That is ROMANCE for me. If a guy can think so much ahead for his partner, gf, wife whoever then he is a gem of a find without a doubt. I loved it.
And as usual their sparring continues in midst of all this that even dadi notices & wonders whether have fought again. More the duel the deeper the feelings & emotions I guess. Big smile
And the last statement in blue & pink r so contrasting & subjective that it made me smile! I was thinking maybe Shaan under his breath only for Khanak's ears will tauntingly say 'maybe I ought to have demonstrated to u what endless fun is all about'. Big smile Or may be 'careful Khanak u might take ur word back when we r in Chesapeake Bay & I will show u the true meaning of endless fun'!! Big smile And Khanak all 'laal peela' listening to this. He knows how to shut her up!! 
Seriously I can't believe my life without these 2 & ur story.
Aditee can I ask u a favor? Can u update 1 hr early in the night than u usually do? If u can't its fine but was wondering. I stay up for ur update & then take 1/2 hr to read innumerable times & then write my thesis & by the time I hit the sack its 11:30pm or more. My system is getting a battering to be up at 5:30am next morning & start my daily travails!! Agar nahi hota hai toh rahene de!
Sach mein tu kaise manage karti hai re? Working, then household chores, cooking & then creating a masterpiece like this one!! Hats off to u! Thanks again for this beautiful story.

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aditee IF-Rockerz

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Mangal Kunj Malabar Hill

May 3rd, Tuesday 5:45 PM

She downs another two cups of chai. The samosas and gulabjamun Hari Lal had brought were piping hot.

Dadi urges her to go relax upstairs in the rec room. She wonders if she should head home.

Khanak: Dadi mujhe kal office jaana hai, main ghar jaaoon?

Shaan is not around.

Dadi: Nahi, khaana khao, phir Shaan chhod dega tumhe

Khanak: Agar unko kahin bahar jaana hua to?

Dadi: Tum uski mangetar ho tumhe chhodkar kahan jaayega? Beta tum dono mein ladai hui kya? (worried)

Khanak (embarrassed) Nahi Dadi! Bilkul nahi!

Dadi: Tum dono ko main dekhti rehti hoon, tum itni chup rehti ho. Us se baat bhi karti ho ya nahi?

Khanak thinks "Nahi ladti zyaada hoon"

Khanak: Ofcourse Dadi!

Dadi: Does he call you every day?

Khanak: Not everyday''. But many days (embarrassed)

Dadi: This is the time you guys should be hanging out and having fun, but you two seem so busy with work.

Khanak: We both are in a high octane project. (her face is red, eyes start to water again, she feels like itching it)

Dadi: Looks like you are coming down with some cold there.

Khanak: Yep! (nose clogged)

Dadi rubs her shoulder fondly.

Dadi: Last Saturday he took off at 11 and did not return home until mid nite. Wonder why he is so busy

Khanak blushes at that reference.

Khanak: You shouldn't worry Dadi. (sneezes a couple times)

Dadi: I wont but only if you promise to come tell me if he is ever behaves like a imp.

Khanak  smiles and nods her head shyly.

Dadi: Let me take you upstairs, wonder where he took off?

Khanak: Dadi main chali jaaoongi, but I cant stay long.

Dadi: We'll talk abt that later! Now go watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, chat with Shaan.

Khanak: Jee.

Khanak: dadi (turns around after walking a few steps)

Dadi on her way to the kitchen "Haan beta"

Khanak: Ghar par koi nahi hai?

Dadi: Nahi, Madhavi aur Khushboo uski sister ke saath kisi boutique ke opening mein gaye hain. Akshay Sao Paolo mein hai aur Sunil office.

Khanak smiles

Khanak: Mere liye khaane ki chinta nahi kariye aap

Dadi: Ofcourse I will. I have to fatten you up. You look like a reed. Shaan could pick you up with one arm!

Khanak :Oh! Gosh! Dadi! (smiles and shakes her head, only to be disruoted by a sneeze)

She makes her way up.

Walks into the rec room, no one around, walks up to the huge windows overlooking the bay. There are three, each twice as big as the door to the room, the center one has a window seat, with a padded cushion like thing on it, and pillows at both ends. The setting sun is turning a mix of orange and red, reflecting into the room, the white leather on the sofa is turning a lovely caramel.

She runs her hand over a sofa, peers at the pictures on the wall, leans on the wall by the window and looks out. Bends down and stares at her ring. Here she was standing on top of the world. Engaged to a man she had no clue even existed 4 months ago. A man who was occupying every waking moment of her thoughts, if she was not working.

His house,the things, the furniture the glow from the sun was all unqiue. There was not a speck of dust anywhere. It was cool and quiet. The curtains were silky but not too shiny.  "This is where my evenings will be spent in a month from now." "There is no room for my sketching stuff" "I shud leave it all in Chembur, if the marriage lasts beyond 6 months, I can always go get it"

She pulled on the slim gold chain on her neck, the pendant was a tiny flower, she pressed it between her left index finger and thumb, indenting the fingers.

Looked down at her fingers.

The room was getting dark, looks around for the lights. Turns them on, there must be 50 atleast in various combinations and levels.

Turns on the ones above the couch, goes off and sits down, looks at the coffee table, finds a HUGE Calvin and Hobbes glossy book.

Picks it up with a smile, leans back, sets her feet up on the coffee table and starts to read.

He had appeared at the door when she smiled at Calvin. He just continued to observe. "I could make a living out of this thing" he concludes.

She reached for tissues every now and then but her sneezing had stopped a little.

"Her feet were tiny, her nail color matched her clothes"

She pulls the throw laying on the corner of the back rest, a burgundy hand woven thing''. Weighed a ton''.. snuggles.

She laughed out loud at a couple pages. Her gold hoops sparkled and swayed.

She flipped the pages carefully with her left hand, paused once to look at her ring.

His heart rate jumps.

Walks in "Hey!"

She pulls her feet down from the table.

Shaan: The teacher saw that, but you are not being summoned to the principal's office. (wryly) You might get a detention, but no suspension (softly)

Khanak smiles gently "Thanks" "I will take the suspension"

Shaan: Do you need more lights? (points with his hand)

He has changed, showered and changed it seems like to her, into blue jeans and a navy Lacoste tee.

He smells like some soap, the scent is very faint to her clogged nostrils.

Khanak: nahi. Thanks!.

Shaan: are we still fighting? (where did I pause the movie? Kind of question)

Khanak: I am so mad at you.

Shaan: For the score?

Khanak: Aapne kuch aur bhi kiya kya?

Shaan: Nahi, abhi tak to nahi (slowly)

Khanak: Oh! Spare me those tacky lines (huff)

Sneezes into her tissue.

Shaan: I don't want to talk about work (irritable) You are sick. Ive had a looong day.

Khanak: Mine was equally bad. (sulks)

Shaan: khanak!

Khanak: I am happy you have to do those 4 hour reviews with all of them' kitne architects hain? 12 (gleeful, almost clapping her hands)

Shaan (smiling spontaneously) 17 I hink''.You love to see me miserable don't you?

Khanak: Oh! I revel in it

Looking at the book on her lap.

Shaan: And you love Calvin and Hobbes? (seats himself beside her, she pulls the edges of the throw to make room)

He sits and weaves his fingers thru the knotted ends.

Khanak: How did you know?

Shaan: you were laughing out loud!

She covers her eyes with her hand.

Shaan: No, don't be embarrassed. I love the guy also.

Khanak: really? (perked up) Ive decided I am going to name my first born Calvin (spontaneous)

He looks at her, eyes sparkly, there is a certain glow, a positive energy, enthusiasm in her voice.

Shaan: what if we have a girl first? (softly)

She suddenly realizes she cant do the baby thing alone. "Oh! Umm... Umm, I guess I will have to have a boy after that" (brave yet blushing)

She is looking at the page and not reading, he knows.

She can hear her heart drum in her ear.

A frantic plea "Have his kids" "Have his kids" it sounds like... to her.

Shaan: Good plan Khanak!(husky)

She noisily flips to the front of the book. (rubbing her nose with a tissue)

It has a hand written note and a signature. "To Shaan, Seasons Greetings and Merry Chrsitams 2006, From Julia"

Khanak: who is Julia? (aloof, cold)

Shaan: A friend from school'''. I mean college, grad school.

Khanak: She loved Calvin also? (she had to know the answer to that!)

Stares at the signature

Shaan: No! Khanak (softly)

Shaan: This was my Christmas present because, "I" love Calvin!

She feels relief wash over her.

They both are quiet for a while. Wondering what the other is thinking about. Wondering how delicate or volatile their relationship is. Wondering how unimaginably possessive they were slowly becoming.

Khanak: I saw "Dispatches from the Edge" (Anderson Cooper's book). Have you read it?
Shaan: Yep! Akshay bought it one time during layover in NY.
Khanak: may i borrow it? (polite)
Shaan: You may!Wink
Khanak: I think he is absoultely the best! (dreamy)
Shaan: Who? Me?
Khanak: Anderson Cooper! I wouldnt mind being stranded on a deserted island if Anthony Bourdain talked about food, Anderson gave me updates on the world, and George Clooney entertained me (eyes closed, wistful, smiling)
Shaan: I think you have a thing for men with grey hair (sarcastic)
Khanak: I would call it "Grey matter!" (cool)
Shaan: Unforunately Khanak the only person you will ever be stranded with would be me, and I'll figure out a way to keep you  assuagedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Khanak: Your brother travels a lot? (ignoring the joke)

Shaan: Bhayya?

Khanak: Yes

Shaan: He would move there is Bhabhi will let him. (amused)

Khanak: Dad?

Shaan: Not much''..

Khanak: They both went to the same college?

Shaan: Yep! Stanford'..

Khanak: You are the "retard" then (teases, exactly how Akshay and Dad teased him)

Shaan: Retard that hasn't thought of your homework during detention yet. (warning, smiling)

Khanak: I would organize those movies in that mile long cupboard! (points)

Shaan: That means you'll have to stay the nite (silky, almost like getting his foot into the elevator while it was closing)

Khanak is startled "Nahi! (shakes her head looking down) Bilkul nahi"

Shaan: you could have my room (offer)

Khanak only shakes her head, eyes shut, face flaming

Shaan:Bhabhi is supposed to be cataloging them with an employee (swiftly changes the topic)

Khanak looks up at him "Employee?"

Shaan: Ya Dad's

Khanak: How many people work for him?

Shaan: 100 or may be 150? Don't know!

She clasps her hand over her mouth "Itne saare?"

Khanak: What does he do?

Shaan: A commodities trader.

Khanak: what kind?

Shaan: any thing, bra straps to semi conductor scrap!

Khanak smiles at the range.

Khanak: You don't help

Shaan: Nope! I don't care for it Khanak. (frim)

Khanak: Who watches all these movies? Aapke ghar par to kabhi koi nahi rehta (worries)

Shaan smiles indulgently "Dad loves cop movies, Akshay bhayya Western, I love sci fi, we are all over the place (grins)

Khanak: Huh! To aap log saath baithkar kabhi nahi dekhte movies?

Shaan: Nope! I am never home, usually out with friends. (a look of shock crosses over her face, she quickly erases it and schools her expression to indifference)

She looks down at her hands, rotates her ring from back to front. Thoughtful, wonders if she will even fit in. "Does a lonely life await me?" "Will he even be home on time?" "His friends are his life" "Wonder if Dadi is home every nite or not" "She will have to be my best friend for 6 months"

Khanak:What kind of movies does your Mom watch (casual, not letting him sense her turmoil)

Shaan: Is your ring, pulling your fabric? (softly)

She looks up at him startled "Nahi!, I think my dupatta has some fine sewing on the trim, that was getting caught" "Its fine!" (wipes her nose, and itches her face, with both hands, reddening them further)

Shaan: Where did you get those earrings?

Khanak: yeh? (confused)

Shaan: Yes the ones you are wearing NOW? (amused)

Khanak: Oh! Ritu laayi Delhi se. Its not gold or anything (shy)

Shaan: You look gorgeous! (husky)

Khanak: Its really kind of you to say that to a girl who is sneezing her brains out.

She looks at the television across the room, coz she knows he is closer now

Khanak: Shantanu! (pleads) I have a cold.

He gently takes the book and sets it back on the table, pushes her on the arm rest at her side leaning over her, not touching her at all.

Shaan: What were you thinking about a few minutes ago? (somber)

Khanak: Kuch bhi nahi!

Shaan: Khanak?

Khanak leans forward and rubs her face on his jaw. Deriving unbelievable satisfaction from the rasp. Her itchy tired face, gets its massage.

Khanak: Good you did not shave!

Shaan: (throaty) You are going to hurt yourself! (revels in her touch)

Khanak: I was so mad at you yesterday! (eyes closed forehead on his chin)

Shaan: and today... (slowly lifting her face up to his view)

Khanak:Working on the same project.

Shaan: Being in the same profession...

Khanak: That's all that's similar in us (looks at him deeply)

Shaan: You forgot Calvin & Hobbes!

Kisses her just when she starts to protest about having a cold.








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Yipppe! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!
Yaar jitni baar bhi paroon kam lagta hai! U should see me reading ur update, all smiles, eyes twinkling, unblinking eyes, holding my face in my hands as if its gonna topple over anytime in pleasure!! Big smile
And tomorrow some1 else will be sneezing along with Khanak & the office people will have a gala time pulling their leg & Khanak all red in embarrassment & Shaan cool & nonchalant smiling away as if its a commonplace thing. Big smile
I was happy to see the varied range of topics they talked about starting from work, then family, then in between movies & books, then back to themselves & more work again!! Big smile And he offered his room to her & funny thing is she didn't ask 'phir aap kahan soyenge?' & his answer would be to die for! Just imagining this I skipped some heartbeats. LOL
And inadvertently she mentioned about having kids. So so sweet! And he didn't tease her or anything but just went into a husky voice. Seriously that gave me goosebumps, just his husky voice & his moving closer to her. And she knew what he wanted! That was so personal coming from her! And a 1st one at that!
And another thing she is quiet but enjoys the sensuous side of Shaan. That is what I like, a woman of today who doesn't shy away from his approach or chides him but neither does she voluntarily approaches him like this. A cool level headed girl who knows when & how to say NO if the situation gets out of hand like in the wedding. But otherwise she feels delighted in his touch.
And if this is not love then what is! He found her beautiful with red clogged nose & watery eyes & a sore throat! And he is someone who doesn't say anything just for the sake, when he says something he means it, he is very genuine that way. So he means everything he said & doesn't wonder why is he so attracted to her! But I am happy he doesn't realise he is head over heels about her, that revelation is for the climax. Big smile 
And he keeps watching & observing her from afar, her every little gestures, nuances, characteristics...what she wears, how she wears it, what she does out of habit, what makes her happy, what makes her sad, what makes her perky, what makes her reminisce about past & wonder about the future, what makes her give in to him, how she loves his features, what she loves...everything about her fascinates him, intrigues him & he is besotted, smitten & totally captivated by her.
Khanak sees him all right but is not so retrospective like him, she sees in an overall manner & then forgets sometimes as well. But this guy has a photographic memory. And she revels in his touch, proximity, persuasion & gets thrilled but yet the very next moment sees the vast difference between them in their family, social status, nature, lifestyle!! Such is life gal, a juxtaposition of the opposites! And this difference between them is what attracted him in the 1st place. Big smile
Loved dadi's concern & love for her. Really Khanak is lucky to have some1 like her in her 'sasural'.
And in some parts I see u in Khanak, I am sure u r a good cook, love Calvin, serious about work, private & in some aspects I see u in Shaan. U r more witty, spontaneous, otherwise social, confident, focused like him! And u must be having a fantastic memory, right? No wonder they turned out to be so out of the world. Big smile
Fabulous update!! Thanks & a really good night!

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Brilliant is the word for this !!!

Edited by -Ray- - 10 May 2011 at 11:28pm

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