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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 9)

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Ok, here I come with two more as I said. Plz do press like button even if you do not wish to comment. ALTHOUGH I really like reading all your comments, it encourages me to continue posting.

Chapter 13:

Food Festival


Geet woke up very early next morning. She had been called to Dadi at her house.

"Good morning Dadi. Kaisi hain aap?"

"Morning beta. Hum theekh hain. Saari tayariya hogai?"

"Ji Dadima."

"Accha, so what have you planned to wear tonight?"

Geet didn't know. She had seen many high society functions at the restaurant and the kind of clothes they wore. She didn't have any such.

Dadi smiled and said:

"Ok koi baat nahin, how about we go shopping? Meri friend ki ek boutique hain yaha mall mein. Aap ko jo pasand aaye le lijie."

"Lekin main kaise…"

"Aap mujhe Dadi kehti haina, to iss hi haq se main aab ko ke rahin hu."

Geet hugged Dadi. The amount of love Dadi shed on her reminded her of her mother.


Maan on the other hand had slept long. He had dreamt yet again about Geet and some sweet moments with her. Just when he was going to kiss her, Nakul knocked on the door waking him up. Angrily Maan went for his workout.


Geet wanted to use the washroom before going out and asked Dadi. Dadi who had seen Maan come down had told her to use the bathroom in his room. When Geet finished, she inspected the room closer. The dressing table had some perfume and she smelled it. 'Yeh to jana pehchana lagta hain. Kaha smell kiya hua hain?' Then she saw something else that caught her attention. It was a BG menu card and napkin. She wondered how they came here. After all BG was only for KC staff. Maybe it was from Dadima, but this doesn't seem her room.

She heard foot steps and turned around. Maan sir was standing in front of her sweating heavily only wearing black exercising trousers. She didn't know what to do and wondered how he is here, that too in this get up. 'Mind you, he does look damn hot' Geet thought, shocked at what her mind had just said. He kept coming closer to her and didn't remove his eyes from hers. Once he was very near her face, he closed his eyes and wanted to lock his lips with hers when she ran away. 'Hey Babaji, yeh sach tha ya sapna? Geet stop thinking about him. Bad enough that see him in your dreams now you even start hallucinating in broad daylight.' She and Dadi left.


Maan opened his eyes when he didn't feel the anticipated lips. He looked around and found himself alone. 'Was she even here or was I dreaming again? He had seen Geet after a whole week and was so eager to have her in his arms' (Liar Maan, you wanted to kiss her not hold her in you arms, his heart said) He shook his head. 'All because of this dream. Now I am even seeing her when she isn't there. Kya Maan, tu to Majnu bangaya.'


At KC, Sasha did last preparations for her launch party tomorrow. MK wasn't in and no one knew where he was. It wasn't like him to neglect his work. She had to find out. Just then she got a call.

"Hello Sasha here"




Sasha thought for a minute and said:



The evening came and the crystal hall was filling in. Geet had long ago changed into the dress she had bought with Dadi. It was an emerald green lehenga with heavy work on the choli but simple lehnga and dupatta. She had straightened her hair and wore an emerald necklace and matching earrings which Dadi had insisted on buying. She never cared much about her appearance but today she felt like dressing up. After all she was going to see Maan sir again. The mere thought brought a slight blush on her cheeks.

Maan walked in and looked around. He had opted to wear a black suit, black shirt with a green tie. Every girl and to his horror even some of the older ladies were drooling over him. He located Dadi who was talking to her friend Sushma. When she saw Maan she wanted to introduce her granddaughter to him but he grabbed Dadi and excused himself.

"Dadi, Geet kaha hain?" Dadi pulled his cheek.

"Itni bechaini? Waha dekhye wo ai" and pointed towards the stairs.

Maan's heart skipped a beat. He knew Geet was beautiful but today she looked mind blowing. He wondered whether it was the dress that made her look so charming or the other way round. She walked towards him.

"Good evening Maan sir." Geet smiled at him with the usual confidence but he did notice the slight blush.

"Good evening GEET." He purposely stressed her name.

"Sir, toh aap ko mera naam patta tha? Phir us din mujhpe chillaje kyun? Aap toh I-don't-know-who-Geet-is ki ratt lagae bethe the. Lekin accha hain. Arre haan jiske pehle aap phooche, main hi BG chalati hu. Waise kya…"

"GEEETTT" Maan yelled and shut her up.

"Take a break. Chalo jaha se" He took her by her hand and led her away. Some men were looking at her and he didn't like it. They went to the middle of the hall and he let go of Geet's hand.

"You are looking beautiful Geet." She blushed again. Maan smiled, the blush increased her beauty.

"By the way, what is going on here?" He looked around. This didn't look like any normal kitty party function. It was more of a fun fair but without children.

"Sir, Dadi, I mean Savitry ma'am wanted something different this year. Instead of the usual buffets I thought it might be interesting to know about food or test your knowledge. I think it is quite boring only eating all the time. Like here" both went to a stall there was a guy sitting on a chair blind folded. He was given a dish to taste and he had to guess the correct name. There were choices between Indian and Italian. The man did well till his fourth dish where he guessed wrong and had to bite into a chilli. Geet cheered.

"Come on sir try it." She said pushing him towards to chair.

"No ways am I going to do such a thing." He said backing off. Now everyone was looking at him.

"Come Maan, don't be a spoil sport. Or are you afraid of the chilli?" Dadi said in a low voice.

"Maan Singh Khurana isn't afraid of anything" he said. His ego was hurt now.


Geet ask for Indian or Italian and Maan chose Italian. One after the other dishes where brought. He tasted them and named them correctly. Then there was the last dish. Maan smiled inwardly. He had recognised this dish by its smell itself. It was the same vegetable lasagne that Geet had served Mr Chopra the other day. It had looked so delicious and smelled so wonderful that he had wanted to take a bite but couldn't.

"BG's Vegetable Lasagne" he said. Geet was delighted. 

"Sir, how did you know that I made this?"

"Geet, I recognised it by its smell itself. You served it to Mr Chopra that day."

Geet couldn't believe her ears. Her boss had actually remembered.

"Did you cook all the food over here?" Maan asked. All dishes that he had tasted were mind blowing.

"Only the Italian ones. For Indian food we had to get caterers because I couldn't make so much in so little time. Did you like it?" She had asked again in her innocent voice and Maan fell for her all over.

"Yes. I have never taste something like it. Look, I am sorry Geet." Geet looked at him questioningly.

"That day you asked me the same question and I… it wasn't meant for your food, I was thinking about something else and it slipped my tongue."

"Sir, you are actually nice, do you know that?" Geet replied.

Maan stood there flabbergasted. Even Dadi, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, chuckled.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I always thought you are a wild beast and always yell and shout at people. Now that you say that it makes me realise that you have a gentle side, too."

Dadi laughed out loud as she couldn't hold her laughter anymore.

"Dadi" Maan yelled. He looked from her to Geet and gave her a glare.

"Dadi? Sir you should not say that, she might not like you calling her that." Geet said, oblivious of his glare.

Dadi laughed more. Maan rolled his eyes. This girl really was something.

"Geet, this is MY Dadima. Savitry Devi Khurana, grandmother of Maan Singh Khurana." Geet held her mouth.

"Lekin sir, woh kaise? Yeh toh itni acchi hain aur aap kitne bade dusht daanav."

Dadi was holding on to Maan now. Maan had enough. He couldn't believe he actually liked Geet. 'Ajeeb ladki hain. Main yaha pyaar se baat kar raha hu aur yeh hain ke mujhe sunae jarahin hain.' Dadi calmed down and interrupted before Maan could answer her.

"Geet, why don't you accompany Maan to the bar and give him one of the cocktails?"

Dadi left and Maan showed fake anger by folding his arms over his chest and looking away. 'Arre Geet, yeh kya kardiya? Maan sir ek toh sorry bolrahe the aur upar she tune unko dusht daanav kaha. Ab kuch kar!' She raced off leaving Maan all by himself only to return a minute later with two cocktail glasses.

"Sir, yeh pijie gussa thanda hojaega." She held a glass in front of him but he continued his act.

"Sorry sir, please manjae na." She said that so sweetly adding a puppy face that Maan gave in. After all he couldn't be angry on Geet for long. He took the glass and sipped the drink. He had never tasked anything like it. It tasted of melon and was slightly prickly. The strawberry pieces gave the drink a soul.

"Wow Geet, this taste great. Is main kaunsi drink hain?"

"Drink, matlab alcohol? Chi chi chi babaji, mere kisi bhi khane main ja drink mein alcohol nahin dalta." She made a face like children made when they had to drink milk. Maan grinned at her attic.

"Ok, ok. But this is really great. Tumhara kaunsa hain?" He looked at Geet's glass which had a creamy liquid in it.

"Mango banana with vanilla cream." She sipped it. Maan took the glass from her and drank it out.

"Sir, woh mera jutha tha..."

"Koi baat nahin, jutha peene se pyaar bartha hain." He winked at her and made his way to the bar.

'Hey babaji, kya kaha inho ne? Pyaar? Yeh toh dusht daanav the na to ab kya hua? Kya yeh mujse pyaar… nahin Geet, aisa mat soch. Pehle bhi Rahul ne aisi hi batein karke tujhe fasaja tha. Mana ke tu unhe chahti hain lekin iska matlab yeh to nahin ke woh bhi… Upar se yeh to Maan Singh Khurana hain na, shayad har kisi ladki ke saat aisa hi karre? Geet tu door hi reh warna phir dhoka khaigi.'


Maan had watched her self talk with amusement. He couldn't hear what she had said but she looked really cute. He then saw her walking off towards Dadi.

"Sir, what would you like to drink?" the bar tender asked.

Maan asked for Geet's cocktails and tasted all of them. He was so amazed by Geet's creations. Never did he think that non-alcoholic cocktails could taste so good. He wished Geet would make them everyday for him. He then made his way to different food stalls trying to locate Italian dishes. It wasn't only him who had tasted the Italian food. It had spread like fire that Geet was an excellent cook and the Italian dishes were all finished before Maan could taste them. He was disappointed. Just then did he hear two old ladies talk:

"Wah Suman, is ladki ke haat main kya jaadu hain. Italian itna accha hain aur maine suna hain ke yeh Indian aur Chinese bhi bohut accha banati hain. Yeh hamare Harshad ke liye kaise rahegi?"  Maan was shocked. They were undoubtedly talking about Geet and he didn't like the idea of Geet being with someone else. He looked around for her and saw her on the dance floor…. with some random guy. His blood started to boil. They were only swaying to the slow music but the guy's hands were going all over Geet's back. She was dead uncomfortable but couldn't move away.

Maan told the DJ to change the music and went to Geet.

"I'll take over now" His voice made it clear that this was not a request but an order. The guy left them alone and Maan held Geet for the next song.

A waltz started to play and Maan led Geet.

"Kyun naach rahin this us ladke ke saath?" Maan asked Geet angrily in a low voice, not taking his eyes off that guy.

"Woh achanak aagaya aur Dadi ke friends ne bhi encourage kiya ke main naachu, to..." She broke off as Maan's hold on her tightened.

"To tum aise hi kissi ke bhi saath nacho gi?"

"Please sir" she said fighting his grip, hoping he would loosen up.

"Mujhe kya patta tha ke wo aisa hoga" Geet replied.

"Issi liye har kisi pe bharosa nahin karna chahiye tumhe. Anyone can come to you, smile, be nice and next you know..." Maan kept tightening his grip. It was painful for Geet. She let out a small cry and Maan heard it. When he turned to face Geet, she was all in tears. At that moment the song ended and Maan let go. Geet ran off towards the exit.

Maan cursed himself and followed her. She was running down the street. He could hear her sobbing. Maan took his car and followed her. He stopped a little in front of her and got out.

"Geet, listen to me. Kya hua, why are you crying?"


"Dekho Geet… I know it is not nice to hear such a thing. You really ought to be careful whom you trust."


"Come I'll drop you home" He pulled her by her elbow towards his car. But Geet got out of his grip.

"Main chali chaungi, Sir."

"Geet" Maan was loosing his patience.

"Look, it is dark and the way is dangerous. So come with me." He again wanted to grab her but she stepped back.

"I know sir, but you were the one who told me not to trust someone so easily. So how can I trust YOU?" Maan closed his eyes in frustration. He had meant those words indirectly relating them to Rahul but wasn't he behaving just like that, too? Being nice and a gentleman and so on. True, he really loved Geet and didn't mean any harm but how was Geet to know.

"Geet, I… I want to talk to you. I …" he desperately wanted her to know what he felt for her but found it the wrong thing to say. She will not believe him no matter what.

"Ok, how about I send the driver?"

"No, I'll manage." Maan lost it and pulled Geet by her wrist gripping it tightly. He shoved her into the car and started to drive. Silent tears started to run down her cheeks. She was in pain because of Maan's tight grips on her wrist. She remembered her mother and a fresh wave of tears rolled down her cheeks. Maan looked at her from the corner of his eyes and found the tears unbearable. He stopped the car and turned to her.

"Geet, kya baat hain? Why are you crying so much?"

"Dard ho raha hain" she said slowly.

"Forget the pain. You should trust people, just get to know them better before you do, ok?"

'Hai Babaji, yeh kya keh rahe hain?' Maan wiped her tears away and dropped her home. He watched her go into the building before returning home.


Meera was already asleep. Geet got some balm and rubbed it onto her wrist which had started to turn from red to blue. She remembered how her mother once had broken both her wrists. She was gone to Delhi for some days. After returning Geet saw the marks. She had cried, too. Geet was quite small and thought it might be the pain. Her mother had hugged her and calmed down. Geet asked if she wants to put something on her wound but her mother smiled and said a hug is sometimes a much better cure for pain.

'Ek taraf Maan sir aisi baatein karte hain jinse lagta hain ke wo mujhe pasand karte hain. Phir wo mujhe daant te hain aur dard dete hain. Mujhe unse door hi rehna chahiya. Aaj haat marora hain, kal patta nahin kya karde.'


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Chapter 14:



Saturday morning Geet woke up because of the pain. She rubbed some balm on it and bandaged it. Working with an injured wrist seemed very difficult and she hardly managed to even make a proper cup of coffee. Just then she saw a young guy walking into BG. He wore a black trousers and a white shirt which was half open. One of his hands was bandaged by a black and white handkerchief. He had short, spiky hair and wore an earring on one ear. He spotted Geet and came towards her. After yesterdays incident she was not keen to meet this fast approaching person. She was holding the stick under the counter which she had brought from home and was going to raise it when he spoke:

"Geetu?" This voice was familiar. Only back home they had called her Geetu. But who was he?

"Geetu, main Romeo." That name didn't sound a bell but the way he lisped…


"Yaar, Romesh nahin, ab main Romeo hu." Both hugged a friendly hug. 

"Tum yaha kaise aaye? Pata hain main HP chorne ke baad tumhare ghar aayi thi. Waha pata chala to tum shift hogaye."

"Haan wo sorry. Kya hain na, mummy papa Delhi aagaye or unhone wo ghar rent pe dediya. Lekin tu Delhi main kaise Geetu?

Geet told him all about what had happened after he had left. Romeo was happy that his friend had moved out. He was amazed that Geet had learned cooking professionally. He always used to sneak into Geet's kitchen so her mother could give him something to eat. Not that he did not get enough at home, but Geet's mother had magic in her hands and as he saw yesterday Geet had that, too.

"Romeo, how did you find me?"

"I was at the food festival yesterday. I hear some women talk about you and then the called you Geet. At first I thought you may be some other Geet but when I tasked the food I was convinced it was you. So I asked around and found you."

"And what are you doing? I mean you must be finished with college, na."

"Haan, I wanted to enjoy life a little bit but my parents said I should start working." He pouted. "They don't mind where I work and how much I earn, as long as I work."

Geet thought about how to help him out. Then she said: "Suno Romeo ek idea hain jisse tumhari bhi aur meri bhi problem solve ho sakti hain. I need someone to help me out because my left wrist is injured. In turn I will pay you a salary of say, half of the day's income." Romeo was happy. He could spend time with his friend and work with her at the same time. He negotiated with the salary as he thought it was too high and Geet had nothing else whereas he had parents to take care of him in any case.

The first calls started to arrive and people ordered coffee and breakfast. Romeo was a good help. He delivered orders into the entire building and took care of the dishes while Geet cooked.


Maan had entered his cabin and took out the menu card from his pocket. He waned to see Geet and breakfast was a good excuse. He looked at what all Geet had to offer. It was quite a lot considering the fact that she worked there alone. He looked for continental breakfast and found something he liked. He called Tasha and ordered his breakfast. Ten minutes last there was a knock on his door.

"Come in Geet" he said with a smile. But instead Romeo came in. He had put on an apron which read Bistro Geet and carried tray with the mug and plate.

"Good morning sir, here is your breakfast. Anything else?"

"Who are you?" Maan asked perplexed.

"Oh I'm Romeo, Geet's new assistant. I am currently helping her out."

He left and Maan got up at once.

"What problem does Geet have? Just yesterday I told her not to simply trust people and there she comes today with a new assistant, that too some flirt type looking guy." He called the reception and asked Pinky to send Geet to his cabin immediately. Five minutes later Geet came in. She had both hands behind her back. Maan grabbed her by her shoulder and shoved her onto the couch.

"Tumhe meri baat samaj mein nahin aati kya? Kal hi tumhe bola tha ke aise kisis pe wishwaas nahin karna chahije aur tum?"

Geet didn't understand a word.

"Sir, who are you talking about?"

"Romeo." Geet laughed. Maan grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer. Geet screamed. He had unknowingly grabbed her bandaged wrist and he let go instantly. He saw the bandage and asked:

"Geet, kya hua tumhari kalahai ko?" Geet didn't say anything but just got up.

"Geet, maine tumse kuch poocha hain."

"Sir, woh aap hi ne kal meri kalahi…." Maan remembered the dance when Geet had cried out and the time in the car when she had said it pained. She had meant her wrist all along.

"Pehle kyun kuch nahin kaha?" He opened the bandage ignoring Geet's protest and was shocked at the sight. The entire wrist was blue violet brown. He called Adi and said to cancel his appointments till lunch.

"Chalo Geet. I'll take you to the hospital. This needs to be properly looked after."

Geet followed him, the pain killers she had taken were not working well and she couldn't work like this either. The doctor plastered her arm till the elbow. A simple bandage would not help here anymore. He also gave her a prescription for some painkillers which Maan bought before returning.


"Geet, you can't work like this, take the day off."

"No, sir. Romeo just started today and he doesn't even know the c of cooking. Waise, I promised him salary from the profit we will make today." She said quickly.

Maan didn't say anything and Geet continued:

"Sir, I know Romesh since my childhood, we have been very good friends since. The house Meera and I stayed in when we were in Mumbai belongs to his parents only. I just needed help so I asked him to stay."

Maan sighed, so it was this simple. They were friends and that too from childhood. He remembered to have read about Romesh in Geet's scrapbook, too.

He gave Geet a quick glace and said:

"Ok, if you want him to help you then fine, but he will be a KC employee and take salary from ME. More over I will get someone else to work with you as well since one of your arms is plastered and it needs rest. Samji?"

Geet nodded. "Lekin sir I want to interview the person, after all he will work with me."


"I mean jo bhi ho."



They reached KC, Maan ordered Adi to find Geet a help and went back to work.

Geet was happy to get a help. She couldn't do most of the work and Romeo was still very much dependent on Geet's guidance. After Geet reached home Meera wasn't there as she, too, had to attend the launch party. She wondered how she will cook when there was a knock on the door. Maan sir's driver stood in front of her and handed her a food parcel. Geet thanked him and opened the bag.

It had a note to it:


Geet, this is food for you as I know Meera will be at the launch party and you won't be able to cook properly. Eat it all up. Maan sir.


The sir had been crossed out.

'Babaji, yeh Maan sir mujhe na bilkul samaj mein nahin aate. Pehle meri kalahi tordi, phir hospital leke gaye, Romeo ko KC ka employee banadiya aur phir meri help ke liye kissi ko dhoond rahe hai, aur ab yeh khaana bhi. Parr, sorry nahin bola.'

Geet opened the parcels and found home made food. It looked tasty. Without wasting a minute she started eating. Even though she cooked very well she appreciated food as it came to her plate. Her mother had always told

her never to expect from someone what you might be able to offer them.

She wanted to thank Maan sir but tomorrow was Sunday and she didn't have Dadi's number either. So she had to wait till Monday.


Mean while at the launch party, Meera, Pinky and Adi were enjoying themselves. Tasha had been running away from one of Mr Chopra's associates who kept asking her for a dance and Sasha had a disaster when one of her heels broke while dancing. Maan on the other hand thought of Geet. Guilt was eating him up since he saw her wrist. Instead of shouting wild accusations at him for mistreating her, she had kept quiet and only spoke up when he had insisted. He didn't understand her. What was she made of?

There was one person amongst them that was an uninvited guest. Dressed according to the theme and with a drink in his hand he looked liked an ordinary guest. But he was only interested in a few people whom he observed for some time before leaving unnoticed. 


Somewhere in Canada a car broke down. Dev cursed his bad luck and looked at his wife Naintara who gave him an I-told-you-so look. Both had to attend a business meeting but Naintara had insisted to postpone it since their car was behaving weirdly for the last couple of days. Now they were stuck in the middle of nowhere.

"Do something Dev. You were the one insisting we should go today itself instead of waiting for a couple of days."

"Naintara don't start again. I told you we are running out of time. According to our plan this deal needs to be signed before the date other wise all our planning will go down the drain."

Naintara sighed. She knew Dev was right. They had worked so hard for this and even if they were stuck now, they should be happy that everything was going according to their wishes.

"Call home and ask them to send another car."

"Can't, no body is home, remember! Your mother took Nisha to your maika." Both sighed. But after all they had gone through a broken car seemed like a very little problem only.


Back at the launch party, Maan was ordering a cocktail. He sipped it and found the taste horrible. He enquired as to what drink it was and couldn't believe that it was his favourite. 'It seems like Geet's cocktails have changed my taste buds. Nothing tastes anymore.' He gulped it down nevertheless and looked at the dance floor. He remembered his dance with Geet and again felt bad. Sasha had just broken a heel while dancing with someone. He chuckled. He used to have so much fun in parties. Dancing with friends and joking with people. So much had changed after Samira. He didn't feel like letting anyone close to him but now there was Geet.

He had always been proud of him being MAAN SINGH KHURANA. He attracted girls like a magnet but the one that he wanted seemed to go further away the closer he got to her. He had to think. They had to find a common ground; some reason he could have her around. Then it struck him. He smiled and the more he thought about it the wider his smile grew. He felt like being on cloud nine. He made his way towards Meera and pulled her onto the dance floor. Meera was shocked but didn't protest.

"Listen Meera, I need to know something." He talked to Meera who didn't understand why MK was asking her all this. He could find out Monday morning by himself. Then he said something to her that made her smile. She got it. MK was a genius. Mission Geet was on.


Here I introduced more characters:

Dev and Naintara (imagine abhinav shukla and the naintara from the show)

Nisha, their daughter


-> I will tell more about them later on. Just enjoy them as they are in the story.


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part 1
wow ...geet is jus awesome Clap
MSK Vs Geet 
and geet won hands down
she is indeed sherani LOL

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridhz21


Yippee!!!!!!!!!! me first ...Dancing

ok now to d update
Amazing update
loved it
maan friendly with meera n pinky tht what will sasha do
d way meera react as sis ws too gud
let see hw maan gain geet trust
thx for 2 update n waiting for next 2 parts
cont soon

Thank you for liking the update. Yes, Maan had to befriend both to get closer to Geet. Sasha has a small role. Not a nice one you can guess.
next two chaps are up. Have fun reading  Wink

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
wow awsome yaar...just loved it 

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Hey have an amazing way of writingClap
Loved the warning before reading slam book LOL
Finally...MSK came to know who is Geet Wink
MSK compared to school true...he is one actuallyLOL
Rolled out with laughter when you described Maneet belonged to Tubelight worldROFL
Maneet separation for 1 week...jaan levaDead
Loved Daadi-Maan convo...really niceEmbarrassed
Waiting for next updateEmbarrassed

I wanted to portrait Maan as a person who is changed due to circumstances. He used to be open, fun loving, ect. To his Dadi he still has that strong bond that makes him express himself the way he feels but he is different on the outside.

I think one week seperation was necessary for Maan to realise his love (through reading her scrapbook which he couldn't have done if Geet was in BG).

Later on I will of course give reasons why but I am not disclosing too much now.

Thanks for liking the parts, do comment on the next ones, too.

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ninavi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
part 2
 ohh maaan Vs geet round second
 uff bt maan dont knw nything abt geet
pinki and food poison huh yeh to hona hi thaa
looking frwd to dadis plan wid d help of adi Smile
loved it 

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