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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 42)

Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preethia

loved the update...
i guessed it right that they r sisters...
but can geet and maan marry if they r cousins...
so still the reason behind sonia leaving is left...
i mean still the truth abt maan's dad is left...
thankfully the ladies were able to understand sonia's plight...
hopefully the men too will understand her...
probably the truth abt their father might make them understand her...
waiting for the next update...

Congratulations for guessing it right. Well, I don't think that there is a problem of them marrying if they are cousins. They couldn't if they were brother and sister... Because I know children of brother and sister marrying... plz tell me if i am wrong.
Yes, actual reason for sonia's and rajeev's past are yet to be reveiled... keep tuned to find out.
Regarding sonia's plight... we women have to stick together don't we?
about men understanding her... I gave a one liner precap on that...

Thank you for commenting on my posts. I have noticed that you always make the effort and I really appreciate this... You also guessed it right that Sona is sonia... A big hug for you. Hug


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cyum321 IF-Dazzler

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awesome part

finally few mysterious are opened.

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it loads
cant wait 4 da next part 
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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sb1412 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
atlast...some of d mystery have been unfolded..awesome update...thnkx 4 pm...

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
wow rano & sonia sis
interesting revelation
wonder what vicky show

cont soonnn
thanks 4 pm

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Cytherea IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
heyy..i just read the entire FF!! OMG you are a gifted writer!! it was a fun read and i can't wait to find out what happens next!! please update soon and thanks for the PMs

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Mina420 Goldie

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Helo helo, here are the next three chapters. These are the last ones, only the epilogue is still to come. So, enjoy reading and please leave comments for me. It will encourage me to post my next FF

Chapter 42:



It was Ferri on the phone. She had purposely not been present during the little family talk as she had other business to attend to. Vicky had narrated, with Dev's and Annie's help, every detail of the conversation.

"This is interesting. Now listen carefully. Samira is back in Delhi and she is going to make a public announcement soon. She knows all about Geet and she will probably try to bring some differences between both so keep a close eye on them. Also it was one of KC office staff that helped her. Sasha is her name. All three of you are Khurana's hence have a say at KC. Try to get that woman under control before she does too much damage. Did you by any change talk to your mother about my theory?"

"No, there was just too much going on" Vicky said quickly as Dev was going to convey his annoyance.

"Fine, no need now to ask her. This will be very unpleasant but I think I should come there and have a little talk to Maan and your mother."

"NO" Vicky yelled.

"Maan bhai is going to kill me if he finds out."

"What will I find out?" Maan was standing there, raising his eyebrow. He had been looking for Annie to ask her some things and found her in Vicky's room. Vicky started to sweat badly and even Annie and Dev were scared. This is not how he was supposed to find out.

"What will I find out, Vicky?" He asked again. Vicky gulped and cancelled the call. Maan took his phone and looked for the last number that had called. The caller had no ID.

"Feroza…" Vicky improvised.

"She wanted to meet you." He was digging his grave just deeper. Maan didn't believe him.

"Your girlfriend wants to talk to me?"

"Actually, she... she isn't my… girlfriend." Maan came closer.

Annie tried to help.

"Bhai, I am really hungry. Can you get me something?"

"Ask Geet." Maan said to her.

"Nisha was asking for you" Dev tried.

"Tell her I'll come later."

"It is not nice to simply hang up on me, Vicky." Ferri gave him a dangerous glare.

"Oh boy, now I am dead for sure. Fire in my neck and storm in front, what do I do?" he mumbled.

"Bhai, this is…" Vicky started.

"Detective Ferri." Ferri helped. Maan turned. He looked at Ferri up and down.

"What is a detective doing in MY house?"

"I am poking my nose in you family business because Vicky hired me." She gave a straight answer.  Maan turned to Vicky.

"You set someone to snoop around in our family matters, Vikrant?" Maan's voice was low and dangerous.

"How about you hear her out before you kill me" Vicky managed.

"Yes good idea. Because what I have to say is going to prove very important to you all." Maan was unsure but he could behead Vicky later, too. They sat in the study of the mansion. Maan had never touched the desk and chair his father used to use. He had set his working area separate.

Ferri explained Maan all points. There were some issues at which Maan's temper rose at Ferri but she continued calmly. When Ferri had finished he was quiet.

"I know from Vicky you are very keen on proofs but you will get that in a few days from her. It is not pleasant, I agree but you have to decide on what you want to do next." Annie, Dev and Vicky looked at Maan. Dev still didn't believe Ferri and he knew Maan wouldn't either.

"If what you are saying is true and I am not accepting in any ways that it is, then why did he never leave us a note?"

"Your father might have left a note before his suicide. Who looked for it?"

"The police"

"And you?" Maan looked at her.

"The police just looked at some obvious places such as the outhouse or his room. But you know him much better. There might be places in this mansion where he spent a lot of time or to which he was emotionally bound. How about you and your sibling search for it? Which used to be his favourite place?"

"This study. In fact, that is his table. I never touched it after that." Maan pointed at it.

"Then go and have a look" Ferri ordered. Maan was never ordered but he was curious and hence let her.

Annie and Dev helped him. Papers and files lay around. And old ink pot was open and its contents dried out. They found photographs of their childhood but no note. Annie and Vicky went to the shelf where Rajeev had his alcohol collection. They moved some bottles and removed some random books here and there.

One book dropped down, it had been places rather carelessly on top of others.

"Bhai" Annie yelled. It was a letter. Maan rushed to her and took it from her hands.

Dev saw the book. It was a collection of bed time stories which both their parent used to read to them when they were young. Maan reread to pages several times. His heart shattered. He cursed himself. He handed the papers to Dev who didn't feel much different. Annie and Vicky had a read, too.

"May I?" Ferri asked, holding out her hand. She had a read and in her mind congratulated herself for being right again.

"Well, one proof found to prove my theory right. It is high time you do something now. Do you know about Sasha?" Maan nodded.

"Is there anyone at KC you can blindly trust?"

"Aditya Sharma. He is a close friend and very loyal"

Ferri tried to convince Maan to follow her plan. For that though he had to talk to his mother. Maan knew he had to make up to her. He had done one mistake in the past, now he was doing it again. They briefly discussed on what will happen next and Ferri left.


Maan knocked on his mother's door.

"Maa, can I come in?" Sonia was surprised but glad.

"Come" He didn't know how to start. He simply gave his mother the note form his father and left her to read.

"This is why you left, isn't it?" Sonia sobbed badly. It was out now. Maan embraced his mother.

"I am such a jerk maa. I should have thought about something like this. Please forgive me." Sonia felt nice in her son's arms.

"I was never angry on you. It hurts doesn't it?" Maan nodded. He didn't hold back his tears either.

"It was too much for me, I didn't want you all to go through this. It would have made everything too complicated beta." Maan felt bad for having misunderstood his mother and guilty for not having looked for the note. Ferri was right, he should have looked.

Maybe then all these years he would have had his mother on his side. They forgave each other.


Maan also told Sonia about what else Ferri had told him. She was distressed but Maan reassure her that he would take care of matters. He lost his family once and as long as they are together no storm can separate them.


Geet was in the kitchen. She had searched for Maan but couldn't find him. Rano joined her and they remembered old times. They set to make dinner and Geet told Rano all about her time at the restaurant. Rano was proud that her Geetu had been so successful. They made dinner and some time later the entire house was around the dining table.

Maan purposely sat between Rano and Geet so he could have them both next to him and to annoy Geet.

"Mujhe meri mamma ke paas betna hain" She complaint innocently.

"Mujhe bhi. Aur kyun ki yeh mera ghar hain, meri hi chalegi" Maan replied slyly. Geet pouted and everyone laughed.

"To theek hain. Geet tum mere paas betogi aaj se." Sonia mad Geet sit by her side before Maan could protest. They ate and everyone praised Geet and Rano. Maan could clearly see the similarity between mother and daughter. He was thankful to Geet's babaji for having both on his side.

"Mummyji pata hain mujhe kya lagta hain?" Sonia asked Dadi.

"Hume Maan aur Geet ki sagai karwdeni chaiye." Dadi agreed.

"Tum kya kehti ho Rano?"

"Main kya kahungi? Mujhe to bohut khushi hogi."

"Tum kya kehte ho Maan?" Dadi asked.

"Sagai kyun? Direct shaadi karwado, mujhse ab aur intesaar nahin hota. Kyun Geet?" Geet turned all red from embarrassment and buried her face in Sonia's arm.

"Chup, besharam. Aisa kehte hai kya?"

"Bhai, shaadi ke liye abhi itne jadi karrahe ho, badme bohut pajtauge" Dev whispered rather loudly and Naintara hit him with her elbow. Everyone laughed. But it was decided that the engagement was to be taken place in a few days. As Maan requested they were to get engaged in Hotel Blue Island's ball room, just like Dev and Naintara. It was to be grand with all media present.

Preparations went on and Geet called Adi, Pinky and Meera to give them the good news. Meera and Yash had returned from their honeymoon and Yash was still in the mood. The girls and Annie went for clothes shopping. In the mall all got more closely acquainted.

Maan asked Adi and Yash for help. He told them about his dilemma and both swore to secrecy. Maan trusted Yash. His stay at his place had given him an idea of what sort of person he was and there was no reason to mistrust him.

Sonia, Rano, Dadi and Nani made quick arrangements. They were all in high spirits. Dadi showed Sonia the family jewellery which had to be past on to her first bahu. Dadi had given Naintara her share on Sonia's behalf as she was not present and Sonia felt a little bad.     

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Chapter 43:

Samira's return


The day came and the ball room was filled with guests. Maan was waiting for Geet's arrival in a deep maroon sherwani. His family was gathered around him and clients and business associates were conveying their congratulations. As Geet entered there was a shower of flash lights as everyone wanted to have a photograph of the future Mrs MSK. Geet felt conscious although she had been told about all this. Pinky and Meera encouraged her to move on till she was in front of Maan. Maan tried his best to control but the sight of his lady love draped in a navy blue sari left him speechless. Rano pinched him and he came out of his dream. They had the ring ceremony on the stage and even more photos were shot. Tomorrows newspapers would be filled with the news that Maan Singh Khurana was officially engaged to Geet Handa.

At this point Sonia called Naintara to her.

"Naintara, I was not there at your wedding to give you your share of the family jewellery. Mummiji has given it to you but I still feel bad for not having done it myself. Here take this." Sonia handed Naintara a set and Naintara's eyes almost fell out. It was undoubtedly expensive but it also was incredibly beautiful. She thanked Sonia with teary eyes.  

It was time for the first dance of the evening when there was a commotion on the main door of the hall.

"LET ME IN. I AM SAMIRA KHANNA, HOW DARE YOU REFUSE ME." Samira shouted from outside but the doors didn't open to her. The hall went quiet and reporters were quickly taking out microphone and notebooks. Maan made a signal to Yash and Adi. Some minutes later they heard Samira yell again:


"Well seems someone cannot see me being taken away" Maan commented, the others laughed and reporters scribbled down his exact words.

"OF COUSRE I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING OF." Maan let the door open and Samira burst in.

"So nice to see you here Miss Khanna, but don't you think it is bad manners to gate crash someone else's private party?"

"Maan, do you think I will just let you go after everything that had happened between us? I will not spare you and make sure no one sticks with you. You were alone without me and will always be." She poked her finger into Maan's chest. Maan was calm.

"Well, I don't think so Samira. You were a mistake I committed many years ago. In fact I would dare say that anyone who has you in his life is doing a mistake. About me being alone, let me introduce you to Geet." He held Geet by her waist.

"She is my love and future wife. This means she will be future Mrs Maan Singh Khurana, oldest daughter-in-law of my family. She will be owner of everything I possess, name, fame, money, prestige and not to forget, ME." Samira fumed. She knew he was reminding her of the document he wanted her to sign before marriage.

"NO. This all belongs to ME. I am the rightful owner of Khurana's money and property. I will …." But Maan held his hand up.

"Samira, give up. Just accept I do not want you in my life, here let me prove it to you." He pulled Geet closer and kissed her full on the lips, right in front of Samira. He let go and many cheered.

"Now, I would like to enjoy the rest of my engagement party if you please." Maan made a signal and security dragged a screaming Samira out of the hall.

The party continued and Maan held Geet for a dance.

"How can you just kiss me in front of so many people" she complained to him once the music started and they were on the stage.

"Here let me show you." He kissed her again. Geet pushed him away slightly.

"Maan sir, everyone is watching, don't you have any shame?"

"No I don't. Anyways, I am sure many people kiss their fiancs so what is the harm?"

"Mamma, maa, Dadi aur Nani kya sochenge?"

"Yahin ke Maan Geet se bohut pyaar karta hain aur usse humesha khush rakhe ga."

Geet shied.

"Samira aae to aap ko bura nahin laga?" Geet asked after some time.

"I knew she was coming here. I had prepared well. She ruined my life once before but not again."


The next day it was all over the news.

Maan Sing Khurana was officially engaged to Geet Handa.

The reporters had done a great job with the Samira incident and her gate crashing had proven to have a negative affect on her image. She was called many different things by people especially Maan's female fans. Word had spread that a very big modelling agency with who she was to work shortly had cancelled the deal.

Everyone at Khurana Mansion read the papers with great pleasure.

But Samira hadn't waited all these years to give up so easily.

She called in a press conference the very same day to explain her outburst the previous day. Adi had informed Maan about it.

The media were in uproar as now both Samira and Maan would give their statements in front of the entire world, live and at the same time and same place.

Maan wanted his entire family to be present, especially Sonia, Rano, Nani and Geet.

Yash had called Meera and Pinky at KC to tell the about his little task from Maan, both set to do it immediately. 


The conference was held in the conference hall in KC. Maan had publicly invited Samira and she walked into his trap.

Samira was first to tell her story about Maan and her and how he used her and left.

Maan told his part of the story. He told how Samira used him for money and how her intentions had caused his father to commit suicide. At this point Samira smirked and asked a woman to come up the stage. Sonia gripped Maan's hand tightly and closed her eyes.

"Let me introduce to you my mother, Kavya Khanna." The press was mumbling. This was the first time they saw her live.

"I am Kavya Khanna, by any chance I would have been Mrs Rajeev Khurana." Sonia's grip tightened but she opened her eyes to see the woman who had been the root of all her misery. Maan soothingly tapped his mother's hand.

"Calm down maa. Main hoon na."

"What do you mean?" A reporter from News24 asked.

"Rajeev used to be in love with me. We had an affair for many years. I can even prove it." She removed photographs.

"He wanted to divorce his wife and marry me, but he committed suicide because of her" Kavya pointed her finger at Sonia.

"What do you have to say about this Mrs Khurana?" Sonia got up and looked at Maan who encouraged her to talk.

"She is right. Rajeev did have an affair with her. He also wanted to divorce me and marry her. He was very much in love wit her." Her heart bled.

"But just as Kavya said, Rajeev loved her, Rajeev wanted to marry her. It was all just one sided. She just used him for his money."

"LIAR" Samira jumped up, but her mother told her to sit down again.

"If you say that I used Rajeev, then prove it." Ferri came to them and handed Maan the papers.

"These papers prove that Kavya had not only an affair with my husband but also with someone else at that time. For his sake I will not reveal his name but these are letters from and to him from Kavya. I also have" Sonia removed the bottom paper.

"I have here my husband's note which he had left before committing suicide."

"But no note was ever found" someone from the crowed remarked quickly.

"True, it was found much later, but I can guarantee it is genuine. The paper and ink and the handwriting indicate that this really is the letter written by Mr Rajeev Khurana before his death." The expert voiced out, who had been waiting for his queue. Maan thanked him and he retreated. Kavya was at a loss, she never thought Sonia would have proof against her. She played another way.

"You say I used Rajeev for money, what about my daughter? She loved Maan and what did he do? He threw her out of his life." Maan made Sonia sit again and now was his turn.

"I used to love Samira, this was an open secret amongst my friends go and ask any person from my old university, they will tell you. My, we even have one here. Sasha, tell them" Sasha had been ordered by Meera to go to the press conference as she was needed by Maan. She had feared to do that because she knew she would get into trouble.

"Yes, MK really was in love with her" she muttered in a low voice.

"There you have it and Sasha is Samira's friend, not mine so I guess you will believe her.

Second. I never used her. I showered her with expensive presents and took her to the most exclusive restaurants in London, you will find many witnesses. But Samira is just like her mother. Hear it from her own ex-boyfriend."

The crowed parted and Samira's mouth fell open.

"I am Micheal Boots. I was Samira's boyfriend. She told me about her plan of getting Maan's money. I helped her because I thought she really loved me but she dumped me shortly after for someone else. She can't be trusted."

"Is this true Miss Khanna?"

"NO, of course not. Maan bribed this person to lie." Maan took his father's note and read from it.


…I deeply regret having given up on your mother Maan. She had been on my side even when I pushed her away for Kavya. She wanted to forgive me, she wanted to give our relationship another chance but I preferred her to leave. Only later did I realise that Kavya had been using me. I loved her and she turned out to be just another gold digger.

I broke my relations with her but she threatened to go to the press or even worse, tell you. I made arrangements for her and her daughter Samira to move to London and had even set up an account with a monthly allowance.

Then one day you brought home Samira and she told me she was using you to take revenge for her mother. I couldn't take it anymore. At this point I wish Sonia was on my side.

Maan I know I am a coward doing this, but I cannot face this problem I have created. You mother loved the outhouse. She always used to come here to find solutions to her problems. Now I can only see this one way.

I hope you can forgive you dad…  


Maan put the paper back down.

"These are my dad's last words. He knew what you were up to. And if you really loved me Samira, what did you mean yesterday when you said:

This all belongs to ME. I am the rightful owner of Khurana's money and property.

How come you are the rightful owner of Khurana's money and property?"

Samira was shut.

"They all belong to my mother" she tried convincing the crowed.

"How? Didn't your mother just tried to prove that she was not interested in my father's money. She did get an allowance from my dad nevertheless." There was no further need for Maan to say something since everyone was persuaded of Samira's and Kavya's foul play. Both mother and daughter made their way out. Samira came across Geet.

"You b****. I will not leave Maan. You ruined everything." Geet stopped, turned and walked up to Samira. Her answer was short, precise and very clear: a tight slap.

"Put a finger on my man and you won't have one anymore." Maan was proud of Geet; this is just how he liked her. On his way out Maan passed Sasha.

"Sasha, you are fired. Collect your termination letter from Adi tomorrow."

"But why MK, what have I done?" Maan played the conversation on his phone.

"I am so sorry MK, I..."

"Sorry not accepted. You can leave."


Back home they all sat together. Dadi read Rajeev's note and was in tears. Sonia answered all questions, especially those of Annie. For years she had not let her daughter know but now it was all out. Dev had been shattered by the truth. He couldn't believe that his father could have been like this. Vicky thanked Ferri for her work and assistance. She was the one to collect proves and witnesses.

After some time Arjun came.

"Tumhare ghar mein sagai and I am not invited?" He showed Annie the paper. Annie didn't know how to handle the situation.

"Arjun, tum yaha kya karrahe ho?" Geet asked. Even Maan looked up.

"You used to work in BG, what are you doing here?"

"I send him there to keep an eye on you bhai. I wanted to know how you are doing." Annie bit her tongue as Maan's eyes widen.

"You send him to SPY?"

"No, just to let me know you are ok and so…"

"Maan sir, jane do na. He is a nice guy and very much in love with Annie." Geet said.

They looked at her. She nodded.

"Only some one blinded by love could have walked into dragon's den to spy on him." Everyone laughed. Maan wanted the best for his princess sister and was yet a little suspicious of Arjun, but he would give him time to prove himself.


Evening came and they all retired. Maan sneaked into Geet's room and looked the door. Rano had shifted to Sonia to her room upstairs.

"Hey Babaji, aap yaha, is waqt?" Maan pulled Geet closer.

"So what, we are engaged and I do have certain rights you know." He lifted Geet and carried her to the balcony.

"Geet, I love you." He said sitting down and holding her in his arms.


"What hmm."

"Hmm means hmm"

"Geet, I am saying I love you and you are hmming me?" Geet nodded.

"Ok to mujhe bhi bolo ab."

"I love you Maan sir."

"Sir? Geet will you call me sir even after marriage?"

"Of course."

"WHAT? How will that sound: sunye maan sir, uthye office ke liye deri horahi hain." Maan mimicked Geet's voice.

"Accha to hain. Waise bhi, aap ko sir nahin bulaya to aap hi daato ge."

"Main kyun?"

"Kyun ki aap dusht daanav hain, isi liye." Geet reasoned. Maan thought.

"Lekin main chahta hu ke tum muje MAAN bulao."

"Nahin bulaungi."

"Soch lo, I am your boss, mera kehna nahin kiya to punishment miligi."

"Theek hai, kya hain punishment." Geet was confident. Maan grinned.

"Every time you call me sir, I want one baby from you." Geet put her hand on her mouth.

"Aisa kaise hota hai sir."


"This is not done. Now I won't say a thing." She put her finger on her mouth. Maan knew how to get his Mishti to talk. He pulled her closer and ran his fingers over her stomach, then to the sides and a little bit higher. Geet was holding her laughter as Maan further tickled her.

"Stop it, please Maan sir"


"Stop, mujhe gudgudi horahi hain." She laughed and tried to free herself from him.

"You just have to say the word. Come on it isn't that difficult."

"Please, stop."

"I am waiting."


"Geet, I am already at three babies. I don't mind more." Maan laughed.

"Please Maan rukhjaye na." Maan stopped.

"Say it again, you just said it."

"Maine kuch nahin bola."  Geet said cunningly.

"Ok then lets continue." Maan started to tickle her again.

"Sir, no sir…please Maan sir."

"Six babies Geet."

"STOP MAAN" This was clear enough.

"Ek naam kehne keliye itna waqt lagadiya." Geet tried to calm down. All the laughing was tiring. She put her head on his shoulder.

"Geet, six babies." Maan whispered into her ears.

"No, no six babies." Geet said.

"But you got punishment."

"But I said Maan so punishment cancelled."

"Where did you learn all this from?"

"My dusht daanav boss."

Maan laughed and hugged his Mishti. This is why he loved her so much.




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Maneet OS- The Vampire's Angel Epilogue Page 20

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Author: Desigirl144   Replies: 170   Views: 43392

Desigirl144 170 43392 20 July 2013 at 3:05am by sweetgirls1
OS - Maaneet Together At Last-Part 3 Maaneet Milan

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Author: drdee142   Replies: 144   Views: 42825

drdee142 144 42825 18 January 2013 at 11:05pm by amandadsouza95

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Author: madhubala123   Replies: 171   Views: 29129

madhubala123 171 29129 25 April 2012 at 1:30am by -Mishu-
Unforgivable (ArSh): Epilogue - Pg. 35

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Author: s4mosa   Replies: 300   Views: 43233

s4mosa 300 43233 14 January 2012 at 9:04am by Sam_KaShian

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