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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 34)

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Ah mina i couldn't read your updates for 3 days and when i opened to read i saw almost 10 fresh updates...thanks so much...

you are building the story in a very intelligent manner with all the suspense required and unfolding the mystery beautifully...please make vicky and ferri fall in love...

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Superb update
loved it
cont soon

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wow awsome yaar...again fight between maneet

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Thank you guys for all the lovely comments. Here are the next three chapters. Plz hit like button and comment. I will NOT be updating before wednesday since I will be busy, but this does not meant I do not want comments. Thanks!!!!!!!
Chapter 36:

The wedding


The wedding was in full swing. After their little talk Geet simply avoided Maan and Maan couldn't take this. He kept himself busy with his work and phone and only came back for important functions, where Meera counted on his presence. Pinky had a great time, too. She mostly saw Adi in office and both always were busy. They never actually had time to talk about anything else. Adi asked about her time in college and blushingly confessed that he did notice Pinky during that time. Pinky, too, said she liked him from college, but he never even gave her one look.

"You were always busy with DD and your other friends."

"No, it was just that I couldn't bring myself to talk to you, after all it takes a lot of courage to go to a bunch of giggling and teasing girls to simply talk." Pinky chuckled. She knew very well what he meant. Every time a boy would walk up to her friends they would giggle and tease him till he turned all red out of embarrassment and ran off. Both were relieved to hear that the other felt something special for the other and it came that they got closer during the last day of their stay.


Evening came and Mota bhai and Leela bhabi had a fight'again. Usually they fought on matters concerning Leela's father and his shoe size but this time it was something else:

"Kya hai yeh Leela?" He asked her.

"Kya? Yeh Sari hai."

"Yeh to mujhe bhi dikh raha hain, lekin yeh yaha kyun hain?"

"Kyun hain? Yeh humara kamra hain aur humari almari hain to mere kapde bhi to yahin hoge na."

"Mera matlab woh nahin hain. Tum pehle se hi itne kapde laa chuki ho aur ab yeh ek aur? Kitna faltu ka kharch."

"Yeh faltu nahin hain. Shaadi ka ghar hain to kya mein saare purane kapde pehnungi? Aur waise bhi yeh Baby ben aur maine Mall se kharidi hain?"

"Kya? BAA" Mota bhai shouted. Ketki and Godavari exchanged looks. Here the two go again. Not one day had gone by where there wasn't a fight between Arwind (Mota bhai) and Leela or where Gattu hadn't driven someone crazy by his childish logic.

To add to their misery Meenaxi just started to cry. Everyone gathered around her and Meera who looked worried.

"Meera beta, kya hua isse?"

"Pata nahin, hum baatein karrahe the aur yeh acchanak roh padi." She saw Yash in the crowed and he made his way to her.

"I really don't know why she is crying Yash" Meera explained.

"Meenaxi, kya hua?" Baa asked trying to calm her down.

"Meera'" she sobbed.

"Kya hua Meera ko?"

"Is ne bataya ke is parivaar nahin'"

"Haan, to?" Everyone asked.

"Kitni dukhi kahani hain." They all breathed out relieved. Bet on Meenaxi to start crying on trivial matters. Baa gave up on her daughter-in-law and Yash grabbed the opportunity by the collar or in this case by the dupatta and pulled Meera away. He took her into the kitchen which was empty.

"Yash, what are you doing, there are so many people in the house." He pulled her by her waist and just held her close.

"I wanted to tell you something. I managed to get a holiday bungalow in Spain. One of my friends honeymooned here and recommended it to me."

"Spain? But we don't know any Spanish, how will we manage?"

"What do you mean how will we manage?"

"Yash, how will we be able to talk to people, you know when we move around the place?"

"I have booked the place for two long weeks to spend with my dearest wife and have no intentions what so ever to waste time on talking to strangers."

"So what are you going to do for two weeks, stay in bed all the time?" she asked sarcastically. He went close to her ears and whispered:

"Yup. You, me and loneliness. I have full intention not to leave your side for a single minute and you can very well imagine what I have in mind." Meera turned beet root red. The door burst open and Gudia and Geet stood in the door way. They put their hands on their hips and gave the hugging couple a fake glare.

"What are you two doing here? You know Yash you are not supposed to romance with Meera today but prepare for the wedding." Gudia pulled Yash by his ear. She, as all his other bhabis, loved Yash just as much as their other Devars. Hemlatta had never approved of his adoption but they, being closer to Baa, had accepted him as their own long ago. Yash winked at Meera and rubbed his ear before being shoved out. Gudia and Geet took Meera to her room and dressed her up.


The time had come and Meera was escorted down by Pinky and Geet. Geet searched for Maan and saw him standing a little bit apart. His eyes were stuck to Geet, who had made special efforts to look nice. She was angry at him but loved him nevertheless. 'At least he is here for the wedding Babaji' she thought. The kanya-daan (giving away the bride) was to be performed. Meera had no father or brother present and requested Adi to do it. He was all in tears. He gladly knotted both dupattas together and the wedding went on. Pinky and Adi threw more flowers on each other than on the couple and Maan just kept looking at Geet. She tried not to look towards Maan but at some point couldn't control and turned. He had changed from his usual trouser and coat to a blue sherwani in which he looked even more handsome than usual. It happened just as Geet feared. She couldn't take her eyes of him. She desperately wanted to hug him and talk to him. The two days had been torture and she didn't know how to endure it anymore. Maan saw her looking at him and a little ray of hope shun in his heart. Geet had been avoiding him for two days and now she looked at him. He went closer to her, he wanted to hear her talk and hold her in his arms. This distance between them was bringing back the same coldness that was with him before he met Geet. Though his phone rang at this very moment and Maan cursed him bad fortune. The caller ID revealed an important number. He quickly left into the backyard and took the call.

The news was half good, half bad.

"Sir, we have done our best but there are difficulties which we cannot deal with as we are locals. It is advisable if you come personally and have a talk to the people."

Maan left instantly, leaving a message with Adi telling him not to wait but to depart without him.

The wedding came to and end and Meera bid farewell to her three friends. Ketki had told them to leave directly after the wedding so Hemlatta wouldn't make a fuss. At this point Popat came up to her:

"Beta, yeh Yash mera nalayak beta hain, koi kaam ka nahin. Lekin tu meri beti hai isi liye agar Yash tumhe kabhi bhi pareshaan kare to mujhe zaroor batana, mein iska kharcha paani band kardunga."

"Kya papa, waise bhi aap mujhe har mahine 100 Rs dete hain. Is mein kya hoga?"

"Theek hain, ab teri shaadi hogai hain to aaj se 101 Rs dunga" Everyone laughed at the sweet exchange between father and son and soon they were gone. Geet, Pinky and Adi decided to leave the next day and Geet asked Adi about Maan.

"Adi sir, Maan sir kaha hain?"

"He said he has some important work to do and we are to leave without him. I am sure we will meet him back at Delhi." Geet's face fell. She went back to her room and packed her bag. She wondered what to do once she was back in Delhi. She didn't want to live in the mansion anymore. Dadi would certainly ask questions and she was not willing to lie.


Once they reached Delhi, Maan's driver dropped Pinky and Adi at their respective places. He was heading to Khurana mansion when Geet told him to drive to her apartment instead.

"Geet madam, sir is going to scold me if I do this. He strictly told me to drive you back to the mansion."

"I know. But I will not go there. Please drive me to my apartment. I will explain to Maan sir." The driver agreed and Geet was home again. Meera was not there hence the place was empty now. She dropped her luggage in her room and lay down on her bed. She considered calling Dadi but she would again ask her for not coming. She drifted off and slept in her clothes and shoes still on.

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Chapter 37:

Back Home


Maan came home. He was successful in his mission but there were still a few things he had to clear up. He ran upstairs to Dadi and saw her sitting and reading some magazines.

"Good morning Dadi." Dadi smiled brightly.

"Maan, you came home." She was more excited than usual.

"What happened Dadi, you seem excited." Dadi nodded and took the phone next to her bed.

"Come to my room" she just said and minutes later there was a knock. Maan turned and saw his youngest brother standing there.

"How are you Maan bhai?" Maan rushed to his brother.

"Vicky so nice to see you home" Maan hugged him and looked at him. For many years now Vicky would message him and let him know he is alright but never came home. He understood his discomfort but missed him all the same. Maan remembered his conversation with Dadi and looked behind Vicky.

"I heard from Dadi that you brought home a friend the other day." Vicky started sweating.

"Yeah, my girlfriend."

"What is her name?"


"What does she do?"

"Maan, stop questioning your brother like an inspector. She has gone to her relatives who live in Mumbai and will come back in a few days." Maan luckily listened to Dadi and took Vicky with him. The strolled around the place and Vicky wondered how to ask his questions. He started with the easy ones:

"So bhai, I heard you have a girlfriend, too." Maan nodded smilingly. Vicky took in the sight as it had become rare for him to see.

"Geet is her name. She has a bistro in KC. I tell you taste her food ones and you will never eat anything else." Vicky smiled.

"To be honest I never thought you would open up after Samira. What had happened?" Maan's face fell. He never had told anyone much about Samira.

"She was a mistake. She wanted me for my money, nothing else." He fell silent. The next question was tricky.

"You met her in London, right. Does she have any other family member who knows about you?" Maan stopped in his step and gave his brother a suspicious look.

"Why are you asking?"

"Just out of curiosity." Vicky answered too quickly.

"She was half orphan. Her father had died when she was little and her mother…" Maan tried to remember.

"She was nice. I met her once briefly during a function." Vicky tried to remember more questions. Ferri had made a list and had conveniently added a few answers to questions that might be asked by Maan.

"Have you ever heard of her after that day?" Maan shook his head.

"It is better this way. I don't know what I will do if she comes back." They had reached the guestroom and Maan wanted to introduce Geet to Vicky. This was a good opportunity to stop their fight. He knocked and opened the door when he got no answer. The room was empty, that is, even those few things that Geet had were gone. Maan checked the dressing table and cupboard, both were empty.

Maan rushed past Vicky, ignoring him and asked the driver about Geet. He told him how Geet had insisted on going back to her apartment and that the rest of her luggage was to be sent back too. Maan fumed at both the driver and Geet. He took his car and drove off. 


Sonia talked to her mother. It was a long mother and daughter talk after which both fell silent. Sonia told Nani about Dev. She had been extremely happy. Then Nani had told Sonia about Annie and she wasn't happy at all.

"How can you just let her go alone" Sonia had asked her mother.

"She is a big girl, Sonia and she certainly has more sense than you. She is doing all this for your sake and what are you doing?"

"Maa, why don't you understand?" But there was no ways to explain, forget about understanding. Sonia never did tell her mother all the truth. Yes, the most important part she did tell but there was another reason she didn't want to go back.

She was at a loss as to what to do next. Annie was in Delhi, Dev and his family were heading there, too and now even her mother wanted to go. She couldn't stop her and maybe she would have to face her problems now. She had been putting them off for years but was aware that they would never just disappear.


Geet had a bowl of cereals in her hand and was watching SpongeBob. She had changed into something more comfortable and had left her luggage the way it was. After all she had enough time to unpack it. That is what she thought. There were loud bangs on her door. Geet got up and wondered who it might be. The bangs got more violent and louder. She grabbed a frying pan and opened the door, hiding behind it. The door flew open and Maan entered. Unfortunately for him Geet thought he was a thief or similar and started beating him up.

"Saale, kutte, kamine, ullu ki dhum, ghade ke bhai tumhari himmat kaise hui mere ghar ane ki?" Maan was so shocked at her words and the unexpected hits with the frying pan that he stumbled forward and fell. He rolled over and Geet who had raised the pan to give him some more stopped her hand in midair. She let it drop which hit Maan on his stomach and Maan groaned.

"Maan sir, aap?"

"Tumhare ghar mein mehmaan ka aise swagat karte hain kya?" he asked her in pain. Geet was not really strong but when it came to hitting someone with a frying pan she knew how to hurt someone. Geet helped him up, led him to her room and made him sit on the bed.

"Sir, sit here I'll get some ice." Maan groaned. Geet returned and held the bag with ice on his shoulder and back.

"Geet, you didn't answer me."

"Sorry sir, I thought you were a burglar."

"A THIEF? Why would I come in broad daylight?"

"How should I know? Anything can happen in a big city like Delhi. And after all you did bang the door very violently. What if something happened?"

"Nothing would have happened to me Geet."

"I was talking of the door." Maan had enough. He pinned Geet onto the bed, towering over her and blocking her way with his arms.

"So the door is more important for you than I am?" He asked her. Geet shook her head.

"Why didn't you come back to the mansion? I had instructed the driver to drop you there."

"I wanted to come back here."


"Because I wanted to." Maan sighed, this was leading nowhere.

"Geet, why can't you tell me the truth for once?"

"I did tell you everything there is to tell. You are the one who does not believe me."

"You never did tell me anything. You left out half of it and let my imagination take over. If you were clear than I had no reason to be concerned in the first place."

Maan looked Geet into her eyes and she looked back. They knew it was all about Rahul.

"Geet, I love you even if something happened. All I want you to do is trust me."

"I trust you but do you trust me?" Maan nodded. Geet told him everything.

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Chapter 38:

Child's Sorrow



Ferri was sitting in KC. After leaving Vicky to deal with his brother she had made some inquiries regarding Samira Khanna. There was more to the girl than previously expected. Samira had been in Mumbai for a year and half now. She moved permanently with her mother after making it big as a model in London. Her mother it appeared always kept a low profile. She would never attend parties or show her face in public. Kavya Khanna was just a name but there was no face to it. But Ferri did find a face; after all she was one of the best detectives her agency employed.

"Miss Mehta, I am afraid I can to find any information on your father in our files."

Sasha was giving Ferri a fake smile and showed her a file. Ferri was not interested in the file, had a look nevertheless. She had wanted to meet Sasha. Samira had met Maan during University in London and Sasha had been one of her friends. Sasha was interested in Maan which was an open secret and now with Samira and Sasha both meeting in Mumbai there must be something going on.

"Thank you so much. I am afraid I will have to look elsewhere for him". She got up and left. She made sure that no one saw her and slipped into the archive.


Dev, Naintara and Nisha were in Delhi. They went for sightseeing, ate ice cream and both ladies emptied Dev's pocket in the mall. He had happily handed over his walked to his wife who took full advantage. Dev walked along on the first floor towards an old shop. The gift shop was one of very few things that hadn't been replaced.

He walked in and looked around for a nice gift. He went to the counter and saw the bracelet.

"Can you please show me this one here?" He asked.

"Sorry sir, but this is already bought. It just has to be collected." Dev's face fell. He liked it very much.

"Can you still show it?" The salesman removed it from under the glass counter and handed it to Dev. 'This would have been the perfect gift for Maan bhai and now it is already sold. Let me see who the lucky devil is." He looked closer and read:

To Maan bhai, the world's best brother – Love Annie & Vicky.

He almost dropped it. This couldn't be. But then… All four siblings used to be regular customers in this shop when they were children. It might just be possible that it was his Maan bhai and his brother Vicky and sister Annie. He inquired about the owner. The salesman reluctantly gave him a contact number.


Dev left the shop and eagerly dialled the number.



"Yes that's me. Who are you?"

"Dev." Pause.

"Dev bhai?" The phone was handed to another person on the other end who screamed:

"OMG DEV BHAI? WHERE ARE YOU?" Dev held the phone away from his ear.

"Calm down…Annie?" Annie nodded on the other side.

"Where are you two? I want to meet you guys." Annie gave him Arjun's address. Dev went back to the shop and came out some time later with a box and a grin on his face.  He picked up Naintara and Nisha and twenty minutes lather the door bell rang and they were looking at the two other Khurana siblings.    


Maan had repacked Geet's bags and told the driver to drive them back to the main mansion. Maan made Geet sit next to him and put his arm protectively around her. Geet's revelation had made it clear to Maan that it was more the emotional factor that had hurt Geet rather than the physical one. With Rahul and his friends he would deal in due time as no one treats his Geet like this. But actually narrating everything had made Geet silent. She remembered and went through everything and the hurt that she had felt came with it. Maan tried to reassure her that he was fine with it and loved her more than ever but she just smiled and looked out of the window.

Dadi was overjoyed to have Geet back and made her tell everything that had happened at the wedding. Geet cheered up a little told Dadi all about it. Maan searched for Vicky but he wasn't home. He left after receiving a call.


Maan entered the room. The person was sitting there, head bend low. He didn't know how to start a conversation or explain him being here. He felt it hard even though he had practiced on his way here. A woman came in and handed Maan a sheet of paper. She indicated him to read it and sign it. Then the woman gave the person a pitying look and left.

Maan had made certain arrangements. A couple of days were needed although he didn't wish to wait too long. There were many thinks he wanted to say and do but now was not the time.


Sonia had tried her best. Many years she had neglected her responsibilities and she realised how much damage had been done. She had to set things right and there was only one way to do that.

After landing in Delhi, she and her mother went straight to her maternal home. She opened the door and wondered why everything was still the way they had left it.

Just then it dawned on Nani that she had forgotten to tell Annie to pay the home a visit.

"Maa, Annie to yahin rehrahi thi to yeh ghar aisa kyun hain?" Nani smacked her head.

"Lagta hain wo apni saheli ke ghar rehne gayi hain." Sonia left it at that. The long flight had made her tiered and she went to bed.

Nani called Annie:

"Annie beta, hum kaha ho?"

"Nani, mein apne ek dost ke ghar oeh hu kyun?"

"Arre, mein tumhe batana bhool gayi ke tumhari maa aur main aaj Delhi pauchne wale the."

"KYA? Mom ne kuch bola kya?"

"Pooch rahin thi tumhare bare mein. Maine boldiya ke tum apni saheli ke ghar pe ho."

Annie was relieved. If her mother would find out that she had been staying at Arjun's place for all these days she would surely run havoc. She had booked a room in a hotel but Arjun had made it clear that he will stay with her. It was her choice if hotel or home.

"Nani, raat bohut ho chuki hain. Main aap se kal milti hu. Mere paas mom aur aap ke liye es surprise bhi hain." They hung up. Annie dialled Dev's number and told her that their mother was now in Delhi and that she was going to meet her. Dev agreed to come there. She also called Vicky and asked him to come, too.


Next day was a big day for every Khurana. Maan went back to KC and found that during his absence usual chaos had settled in. He told Sasha and Tasha off for neglecting their work and fired three other people. He felt good. Dadi had made a little shopping tour at a few places. Now since Maan and Geet were back and Vicky was to stay for a couple of days, too, she wanted at least an engagement ceremony to take place. Dev, Naintara and Nisha had already reached Sonia and just as the last time she was overjoyed. Then Annie came and her ear was pulled by her mother. She let go when Nani came for her rescue. Then the door bell rang and there stood Vicky. He wore his best shirt and jeans and had made an effort of combing his hair.

"Viku." His mother inspected her youngest son from all angles tears running down her face. Vicky had missed being called like that. Out of everyone he knew he had only ever let his mother call him that. He was so glad that he lifted his mother and spun her around.

"Viku, stop it. I'll fall."

"No maa, you won't. I once let you go but not anymore." He stopped and they all settled down. Vicky told his mother about how days were without her. He told her about how they had stopped talking about her and how everyone tried to manage without her. He explained as good as possible about the Samira incidence and then Rajeev's death. Sonia had heard this account from Dev before but the difference was that both her sons had unknowingly conveyed their respective sorrow's to her which had been there because of her absence. 

"Maa, aap kyun chali gayi?" Annie and Dev had asked her this and to both she had told what she had said to Vicky:

"Mein tumhe kuch nahin batana chahti hu. Bas, mere teen bacche mere paas hain mere liye yahin kaafi hain."

"Teen hain, lekin ek ko aap bhool kaise gayi?" Dev asked.

"Bhooli nahin hu Dev. Mujhe Maan aur Maa se bhi milna hain. Lekin usse pehle mujhe kisi aur se bhi milna hain. Yeh mere liye bohut zaroori hain."

"Maan bhai se bhi zaroori?" Annie wondered. Sonia nodded.  


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wow..amaazing update.
so eveyone is bck.
cant wait for the nxt update

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