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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 30)

preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
finally maan's past is out...
i am sure that sam has to do something with the death of maan's father...
so sam has to be sona kapoor's daughter and sona is somewhere related to maan's father...
they cud b the reason for maan's mom to leave the house...
i think slowly things will fall into places...
finally no more secrets bw maaneet...but y is geet still calling him sir...

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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Awesome update

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:54pm | IP Logged
glad to see that maan told geet everything about sameera!...
loved maneet scenes!
continue soon!

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged
wow maan and cooking !!

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meravigiliso IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 3:39am | IP Logged
excellent update .loved it to the core .ahhh,atlast maan had confronted about samira.

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
I hope Maan's story was interesting and not to complicated. Here are two more parts, a little more about Maan's mother. Again, plz hit like button and comments.

Chapter 32:

Mother's Love


Wedding preparations were going on and neither Maan nor Geet found a minute to talk to each other. One evening Maan simply lifted Geet from the kitchen she was working in and brought her to her room.

"What are you doing? Koi sharam hain ya nahin?" Geet was shocked deeply at this.

"Nahin hain. And in case you think someone was watching than forget it. You might not have noticed but everyone is gone to bed. And Meera and Pinky are in the room downstairs."

"Irada kya hain aap ka?" Geet asked suspiciously. Maan smirked as he put her on the bed.

"Kuch khaas nahin." Geet moved back and Maan kept advancing.

"Hai Babaji, inhe kya hogaya hai? Meri madad karo."

"Geet, apne Babaji ke liye time hai aur mere liye ek minute bhi nahin."

He held Geet by her ankle and lay down on the bed putting his head on her lap.

"Geet, apne haaton se yu yu karo na mujhe bohut accha lagta hain." He made some gesture and Geet laughed. She started caressing his hair and ran her fingers through it. Maan closed his eyes.

"Ek baat bataye, aap ne us din bola tha ke aap ki maa nahin hain. Kya hua unko?"

"Who chali gayi ek din."

"Kyun? Kya wo aap se pyaar nahin kartiti?"

"Bohut pyaar kartiti isiliye to samaj mein nahin aata hain keh unhe hua kya tha."

Maan removed his mother's old photo from his wallet and showed Geet.

"She is so beautiful. Pata hain, her nose is just like mine." Geet giggled.

Maan narrated:


"I used to have a loving family. There were Dadi and Dada, mom and dad, Dev, Vicky and Annie. I grew up to my grandparents love, my dad's friendship and mom's care. And amongst us three brothers there was our little princess, Annie. I still remember the day mom had come home and showed us the little addition to our family.


"Maa, yeh kaun hain?"Maan, Dev and Vicky had surrounded their mother and were curiously looking at the baby in her hand.

"Yeh hain Anvesha, tum teeno ki choti behen"

All three boys shaped their mouth to an O.

Sonia bent down so that her three little sons could have a better look. Maan gently touched Annie's cheek and said:

"Maa, yeh kitni soft hain. Aur iski ungliya bhi kitni choti choti hain, dekho."

Sonia smiled at her son's words.

"Jab tum teen baby the na to tumhare bhi itne hi choti choti ungliya thi.

"To yeh bhi humarein tarha badi hogi?" Dev asked.

Sonia nodded, caressing Dev's face.

"Helo" Vicky said to Annie who started to giggle cutely.

The boys made "OHH" and looked at this cute thing that from now on was going to stay with them forever. She was so adorable that all had made it their aim to keep her happy and fulfil all her wishes. She was from that moment their princess and they were her servants.


When I was fifteen suddenly everything changed. Mom and dad had fights. We four would try and listen but we never understood. Then one day Dada had taken ill. He was brought to the hospital and later died of a major heart attack. He was my favourite. Role model, best friend and adviser he was to me. I was down cast and broken. Mom and dad had stopped fighting but only because of the recent death in the family. I didn't go to school, skipped meals and couldn't even bring myself to sleep properly. I headed to the only place that I knew would help me: the outhouse. I rushed upstairs and saw my mom in the room, sitting on her rocking chair.


"Maa, aap yaha?"

Sonia opened her eyes and indicated her son to come closer.

Maan sat on her lap and put his head on her shoulder.

"Maa, Dada kyun chale gaye hume chor kar?"

His mother was silent but held him close to her heart. Tears were running down her face and Maan felt them on his head.

"Maan, tumhare Dadaji hume kyun chorke chalegaye iska jawaab mein tumhe nahin de sakti. Aisi baatein hain jisko bol ke mein apno ka nuksaan karungi."

Maan wondered what his mother was talking about.

"Mere ek sawaal ka jawaab do beta, kya mein ek acchi maa hu?"

Maan looked at his mother wondering why she was asking him such a question.

"Is world ki best mom ho aap" Maan answered smiling brightly.

"Mera Raja beta. Wada karon ke humesha khud ka aur apne bhaiyon ka khayaal rakho ge"

"Unka bhi aur Annie ka bhi Maa. Woh to is ghar ki princess hain, haina."

Maan stayed a little longer in this position. His mother's embrace and the rocking movement were healing his wounds as they had done many times before.


When I woke up I was on the bed. Neither the chair nor mom was there anymore. I rushed to the main house to find Dev and Vicky sitting with Dadi and crying. When I asked, Dadi had said that mom had left home with Annie. At first I didn't want to believe it. I went to the study to search for my dad. I begged him to get mom back but he just ignored me. There was a point where I started to yell and he slapped me. He made it clear that my mother didn't love us or cared otherwise she wouldn't have moved out; days past by and then months without them. Dad tried his best to close the empty space that had been there since mom had moved out but he failed bitterly. I couldn't help but think that something might have happened because of which she left us but what?"


Geet thought about this.

"My mom sent me away because staying with her would have caused me harm. Maybe she went away because staying with you would have caused you harm?"

"Geet, how can you so easily find answers to questions that have been in my mind for years?" He held her hands and kissed them.

"I don't know, maybe because our hearts are connected? Waise, didn't you try to find her later on, I mean, you miss her so you could have looked for her."

"Bohut dhoondne ki koshish ki lekin kuch pata nahin chala. It was as if she had vanished. I tried to trace her but Sonia Khurana left India and after that no one knows what happened with her. It was as if she ceased to exit. Same went with Annie. Even now when I try and look for her, she is untraceable. Pata nahin kis baat kis saza de rahin hain."

"Aise nahin boliye. Agar aap ko yakin hain ke woh aap se pyaar karti hain to app ke bhale ke liye hi chali gae hogi."

"Hmm." Maan kept kissing her hands and fingers and got up.

"You know what? I just remember that I have to get my prize from you?"

"Prize, what for?"

"In the food festival I guessed all dishes correctly so I want my prize."

"But that is sooo long ago now. The validity on the prize has expired." Geet said slyly as she understood what Maan was hinting at.

"Really? Let me see." He got closer but Geet moved back.

"No sir, don't"

"Why not?" Geet had no answer to that. Maan bend over her and kissed her passionately on her lips.

"No, defiantly not expired."

"Enough, you only get one prize."

"Geet, this was just testing the validity. The actual prize is jet to me awarded." With this he kissed her all over again.   


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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
And here a little fun part. In this chapter there are characters from the TV serial Baa Bahu aur Baby, in case anyone knows them. Just google them, you will find out. I kind of know that it is not as funny as intended but I had to rush it. Plus there are a few common dialogs from the serial, which might not catch your attention as you don't know them. Sorry in advance.

Chapter 33:

The Great Gujarati Tamasha


There were now three more days left for the wedding. Geet, Pinky, Meera, Adi and Maan noticed the slight tension amongst the relatives.

"Yash, why is everyone so tensed?" Yash smiled faintly.

"Because my mausi is coming for the wedding today. I tried to keep her away, you know, by accidently crossing off her name from the invitation list and by blocking her number on our phone. But she found out somehow." All five looked at each other.
"Why, what is the problem with your mausi?"

"Well, she is very conservative. She was one of the people who had protested when I was adopted and since then she always bickers about matters concerning me. And now she is coming for my wedding so everyone is tensed that she doesn't say or do anything…." He looked for a word to suit the situation. "..inappropriate."

Yash looked at Meera. He was more concerned about her. He knew his mausi and her taunts were old and had less affect on his parents or him. But Meera will be new to the Great Gujarati Tamasha.

Just as expected the big bus drove into the drive way just after three o'clock. Ketki had very politely requested Meera, Geet, Pinky Adi and Maan to stay in their rooms upstairs while Yash was to be with them. All six were looking out of the window trying to see the newcomers. Yash introduced everyone:

"First one to get out is Gattu bhai. He is sweet and really funny. But mind you, he is older than me but mentally still a twelve year old child. Next is Mota bhai, he is the oldest and loves to keep diary. He is followed by Leela bhabi who is mota bhai's better half. She comes from a wealthy background and mota bahi always scolds her father for wearing 9 number shoes. The next couple are Hemal and Gudia. You guys will love her she is a true Punjaban at heart and brings lots of chaos into our Gujarati family. The girl with the sticks is Radhika or better known as Baby. She has polio and since she is the only female child, she is pampered pretty badly. Ah, and the guy flirting with her is her fianc Birju. Looks like some are missing, but the less, the better. Oh no!" Yash looked closer and saw three people coming out.

"I shouldn't have praised the day before the end. Here come Meenaxi bhabi, Subood bhai and Hemlatta mausi or better know in these parts as Choti Baa."

They saw Ketki greeting her sister a warmly welcome and telling everyone to come in. She quickly glanced to the upper window and hoped that this wedding will go without any problems.

Thakkar family settled in and Choti Baa gave her sister a stern look.

"Ghar mein bete ki shaadi hain aur apni hi behen ko bulana zaroori nahin samja" Hemlatta accused Ketki.

"Aisa nahin hain. Sub kuch itna jaldi hua..." But Hemlatta held up her hand and Ketki stopped.

"Tumhara beta kaha hain?"

"Mein binati karti hu moti ben. Yash ki shaadi hain to is baar bechare ko kuch mat bolna. Upar se Meera bhi yahin hain, kya soochi gi."

Yash was called and he asked his friends to pray for him. He ran down and greeted Choti Baa.

Gattu and Baby were showing him thumbs up and encouraging him. He felt a little better.

"Yash, kahan mila tha Meera ko? Kya karti hain woh? Parivaar kaisa hain uska? Ghar ke kuch kaam aate bhi hain ya..."

'Lo chalu hogaye inquiry commission ki pooch taach.' he thought.

"Choti Baa, Meera KC, mera matlab hain Khurana Constructions mein kaam karti hain. Wo waha ki ek senior architect hain. Main ushe waha hi milatha. Family mein aur koi nahin hain kuch doston ke ilawa. Ghar ke kaam to pata nahin lekin shaadi ke baad maa sikha degi."

"Acchi jodi hain, na tumhara koi, na uska koi." Yash hoped Meera didn't hear that but Meera and the others had found a good spot to eavesdrop on the current conversation.

"Please Choti Baa. Meera bohut acchi hain. Aap ko bohut pasand aaegi."

"Bulau zara hone wali dulhan ko." Yash ran up and looked for Meera.

"Sorry Meera, kya haina wo hai hi aisi, please don't mind." Meera just nodded and followed him. She went to Choti Baa and touched her feet.

"Kya naam hain tumhara?"

"Ji, Meera Suberwal."

"Kaha rahti ho?"

"Delhi mein."


"Nahin, meri ek dost cum behen ke saath. Wo bhi aai hui hain yaha."

"Jitna pocha hain utna hi jawaab do. Ghar ke kaam aate hain?"

"Thode bohut kar leti hu. Khaana sirf north Indian hi aata hain, lekin mein seekh lungi."

"Hey Bhagwaan" Hemlatta said dramatically throwing up her hands in the air and making big eyes at Meera who got scared and stood next to Yash. The other Thakkars giggled at this, the Tamasha was on.

"Tumhe Gujarati khaana banana nahi aata? Kuch nahin sikhaya maa baap ne…"

".. bas bhej diya" another lady ended. She had just come into the house and made a face.

"Hemlatta, kya bechari ko dararahi hain? Yeh jab Gujarati hi nahin to phir Gujarati kyun pakai gi. Ab Gudia ko hi dekh lo."

Hemlatta sulked and said that it wasn't the same. The newcomer moved towards Meera smiling brightly.

"Yash, tumhari pasand to bohut acchi hain. Main Godavri Thakkar, Yash ki sabse badi mausi. Mujhe har koi Baa bulata hain, aaj se tum bhi bulana." Meera's initial fear was gone and she hugged Baa who had lovingly spread her arms.

"Aur tu Yash nalayak" Baa pulled Yash's ear.

"Ladki pasand karli, shaadi ki baat bhi hogai aur apni Baa se kuch nahin bola?" Meera laughed at Yash's plight.

"Baa, Yash ne mujhe bhi nahin bola." Baa and her family looked at her.

"Yash, Geet aur Pinky ne humari shaadi ki tayyari kardi aur mujhe mere sagai wale din hi pata chala ke shaadi meri aur Yash ki hain." Baa and the others laughed. Hemlatta went off and finally the situation lightened.

"Meera beta, meri choti behen ki baat ka bura mat maan na. Woh bachpan se hi aisi hain." Meera nodded happily. Pinky, Geet, Adi and Maan came down to meet everyone. They had a great time apart from Maan who felt like being the odd one out.

He rather wanted to spend some time with Geet but she was chatting with some females.

"Feeling like the odd one out are you?" Birju asked him. Both stood a little away and looked at the lot. Maan nodded.

"Hi I'm Birju, Baby's fianc. I know what you must be feeling like, I had the same problem." Maan felt better knowing he was not alone.

"I wonder how people live in such a big joint family." Maan had voiced out his thought.

"It is great fun. People love and share and care. There are always the odd people who are a little different in their thoughts like Choti Baa but joint families are amazing. I know very well. I live alone with my mom and now after having met Baby I crave to be with her family." Maan understood. He kind of had the same feeling for Geet's mom. Birju was called away and Maan made his way out of the backyard. He remembered some important work and sat to do it.

Inside, Meera, Leela, Baby and Geet were chatting. Leela and Baby liked Meera very much. She was intelligent, had good sense for dressing, easy to talk to, very modern but yet down to earth. Geet asked Leela about how she felt having married into this family.

"To be honest, it was a great change. I am the only daughter of my father and used to luxury. Then when I married into a middle class family I had to adjust."

"Did you feel bad?" Meera had asked. Leela shook her head.

"Maybe at the start but after staying with them for so long I realise what a family I have. Luxury is not important. In Baa I have a mother, friend, mentor and school teacher all in one." Baby giggled.

"We give family, togetherness, love and sharing more importance than money and luxury."

"Only you, I love luxury" Baby said proudly.

"Yes, that is why poor Birju Kumar is going bankrupt buying you expensive gifts." All laughed.   

Pinky had seen Meenaxi take out the untouched lunch packets. Her mouth started to water.

"Didi, is mein khaana hai?" Meenaxi nodded excitedly.

"Khao gi?" Pinky nodded.

They packed out some food and sat in the kitchen. While eating Meenaxi told Pinky:

"Main Calcutta se sau kilometre door ek gau ki hu. Waha sirf mera parivaar Gujarati hain, baki ke saare Bengoli hain."

"Waha ki kaunsi khaane ki dish famous hain?" Both munched on and chatted about food.

Ketki was glad that her oldest sister had handled the situation. Hemlatta was a headache but fortunately Godavari was the oldest and having a daughter with polio and a Punjabi daughter-in-law was more broad minded.

Dinner time came and everyone sat to eat. Geet had tried on some Gujarati dishes and was showered with praises. She looked out for Maan but couldn't see him. Adi noticed Geet's searching eyes and whispered to her:

"Geet, Maan is very uncomfortable in this kind of situations. I don't think he will come for dinner." Geet made a sad face. The elders called it a day and Geet waited in the kitchen till everyone was gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I will update the characters in page 30, just have a look if you don't know Baa bahu and Baby...




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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
amazing update.
love it

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