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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 25)

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Originally posted by preethia

loved the update...
omg getting interesting...
but how can adi think like that abt geet...
and maan its not fair he can fall in love but not his employees...
its gonna b interesting in the next part i guess...
everyone in the surprse for meera...i hope its gonna b a fun ride...

you raised an interesting point abt Maan falling in love but he is not allowing office romance... you will get your answer in chapter 30.

and abt Adi, well he panicked. Maan had told him to keep an eye on both and he did notice their strange behaviour. PLUS, when he tried to contact them or talk to them, they ran away which is kind of adding to Adi's doubts.

abt Meera, just wait for the next chapters. I tried to make it a little fun but it is possible that it did go that well. I was in a rush to finish off the story hence had to hurry with Yash-Meera track.

Thanks 4 the comment...

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ufff i LOVE tht MY geet...hayyyeee main mar javan...;) lots of misundrstndg...i hope he does nt fire meera...Unhappy

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I am gratefull to all your comments.
Guys u r in for 3 update since I didn't post anything earlier as I usually do.
Arjun's mystery is solved in this part... thanks for patient waiting:

Chapter 27:

Only for You


Annie had landed and was stepping out of the airport. She had her backpack on and the address in her hands. She remembered how she never had travelled in public transport as a child but always had a car and driver at her service. If no one was there, then her brothers would drive her. Now she located a taxi and got in. After giving the driver his instructions she leaned back. Old memories flooded her mind as she drove past familiar places. The smell of food cooking on road side dhabas invaded her nose and made her mouth water.


"Bhai, mujhe paani puri khaani hai" small Annie demanded from her brother.

"Ok, I'll tell Nakul to make you some."

"No, I want some from this stall here." Maan made bid eyes.

"Have you gone made? Can't you see how unhygienic and dirty this place is? There is no way I am letting my little princess eat something from here."

"But bhai, all my friends had some at some point in their life and they never had a problem. And they also told me that it tastes like no other place." Maan shook his head.

"If mom or dad find out they will not spare me for making you eat something like this." But both knew that their mother would not object as she loved road side food just as everyone else and their dad wouldn't mind if he didn't knew and he wouldn't come to know if Maan didn't tell. Annie made her trademark pleading face and Maan as always gave in.


Arjun had been glad that Geet's plaster was removed and he could leave. He felt sorry for misusing Geet and all the trust and liberty she had given him but he didn't mean harm to anyone. He had followed her around a little and figured out that there was something going on between her and Maan.

But he had heard a lot about Maan from news and office gossip and was not keen on being caught spying. He also had hacked into Maan's computer. He didn't want to but he was doing it for his love. There was not much and he wasn't sure what he was trying to find hence just copied the entire data. To be able to do this he had to wait for Maan being out of office and it was his luck that he was in the archive the time and overheard Geet and Pinky make the prank call to Maan sending him away and he had quickly made a search.

Now he headed to his home and wondered when he will see his lady love again when someone tapped him on his shoulder. He turned around to look into her beaming face.

"ANVESHA!" He pulled her close and started kissing her madly.

"Arjun, stop it. We are on the middle of the road." Two old ladies walked past, giggling at the scene. Arjun reluctantly let go and pulled Annie to his home. They entered his apartment and Arjun locked behind him. Annie settled on the sofa and looked around. It was nice and simple. She hadn't expected Arjun to live in a place like this.

"Arjun, do you really live here?" she asked him.

"What do you mean? Don't you like this place? I got everything decorated according to your taste."

"No, no, it is charming. What I mean is that you are ARJUN SINGH RATHORE. I still remember how you refused to take a ride back home in my brother's Audi because it was not the latest model. If I look at this place… how shall I put it…?"

"This would not be my standard of living, right?" Arjun helped her, lying down in her lap. Annie nodded. Arjun was silent and Annie caressed his hair while looking at him carefully. It had been some time she had seen him but not much had changed. He looked older and more mature, not to forget more handsome. Still there were his black eyes which were just the same as when she had met them the first time. He was rude, arrogant and the leader of his biking gang, popular with girls and disliked by teachers, brothers and local police. But she fell for him. Arjun never stuck to one girl longer than a week and he had no intentions to do otherwise with Annie. Yet, after the one week when he usually bid the girl goodbye for good he couldn't do the same here. Anvesha knew him and his reputation yet she had agreed to be his girlfriend, why? She was intelligent, beautiful and could have anyone, then why him? Mind you, all girls wanted to be with him but they usually liked him for his name, not for what he was.


"Anvesha, tell me. You know I dump every girl after a week, then why did you become my girlfriend in the first place?" Both were sitting on his bike on Friday evening.

"I don't know myself to be true!" Arjun looked at her in disbelief.

"How can you not know? There must be something that made you be my girlfriend. Was it my name, money, my image…?"

"No, not for your name, because I am a Khurana and hence have more prestige. Not for your money as I have more. Not because of your image as I would love to see you change. All I know is that I like this guy called Arjun who is handsome and nice at heart. One week with you showed me that you can be nice."

"Really? I have been with you just as with everyone else Anvesha, why do you think you were treated special?"

"Well, because you defended me when Mr Paul told me off for forgetting my assignment. You gave your seat to me in canteen. You just now didn't just dump me but for the first time hesitated. Did you ever do this with anyone before?" He smiled and shook his head. He had wondered himself why he was like this with Anvesha when she was just another time pass. Annie looked at him and said getting up:

"Well Arjun, it was nice being your girlfriend. I guess it is time to bid farewell. It is sad really since I still like you." Annie walked off and Arjun sat there wondering about what Annie had just told him. Monday morning came and so was a huge line of girls by Arjun's bike. But he was nowhere to be seen. Word had spread around that Arjun was not going for girl hunt anymore which came as a huge shock to all.

"Anvesha?" Annie looked up from the book she was reading.

"Arjun tum? Isn't it time for your weekly girlfriend search?" He took the seat opposite, facing her.

"Will you be my friend?" Arjun held his hand and Annie could see an unexpected nervousness in his eyes. She smiled.

"Is this ARJUN SINGH RATHORE asking me?"

"No, it is a guy called Arjun who you think is handsome and nice at heart."

They became friends.


"I don't know when but I fell in love with you Anvesha. Every time I saw you I wanted to look my best. When I was around you I wanted to behave properly. I wanted to be the way you wanted to see me. Then you left and I realised what you meant for me. I realised that money, name and a bad boy image is not what I want. I crave to be with you and the way you want us to be. It came as a shock to my family when I told them about further studies and job." He looked up at Anvesha's face.

"I even became a waiter for you at your brother's place."

"Yeah, tell me. What did you find out?" Arjun told her all about his time in KC. He also told her about Geet.

"What is this girl like? Rich, spoiled, arrogant…?" Annie asked worriedly.

Arjun laughed out loud. He tried to imagine Geet as such and the image that presented him was hilarious.

"Chill sweet heart. She is a sweet girl. Her cooking is marvellous I tell you. And Maan really likes her. You should see the sparkle in his eyes whenever she is with him. I guess love can change people. It changed me, only for you."


Annie kissed his forehead. She was thankful to have Arjun. All her time way from India her only link had been Arjun. Even though her mother had told her to give up her friends, Arjun she couldn't have let go of. And it was her who had asked to keep an eye on her Maan bhai to see how he was doing. Now she wanted to meet Geet and seen whether she was worth being Maan Singh Khurana's girlfriend.




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Chapter 28:

Gujarati Love Story

(Part 3)


Dev, Naintara and Nisha were on their way. Mr Joshi had informed them about the deal with Sona Kapoor and the little party she had arranged. Other than usual it was Dev who was nervous. So long had their waited to find out where she was and how to reach her. Sona was a person who could disappear with the snapping of her fingers and would not be found if she didn't want to. But they had found her. It took them a lot of work to locate her and get close to her. She had set up tight security around her and her family, hiding them from every evil, isolating them from the rest of the world.

The party was in a grand hall, reporters and other media people were strictly not allowed. Dev held his wife's and daughter's hand in his and led them in.

"Hello Mr Khurana, so nice you could make it" Mr Joshi welcomed him.

"Hello Mr Joshi. Let me introduce my wife Naintara to you." They chatted for a while and then Dev saw her. She had changed big time. She had got her long hair cut to give her a more professional look. Her clothes had changed from a sari to business suits. And her face looked old and tiered. He went near her and put his arm on her shoulder. She turned around to face him and dropped the glass she was holding.


Maan had been picked up by Adi who had all the information.

"Maan you will not like this. The guy who was with her and Pinky is Yash Patel, our client." Maan balled his fist.

"He is currently in Ahmadabad and Geet and Pinky are on their way there, too." Maan was silent. He just couldn't understand what was going on. Everything was so obvious but how could Geet do this to him? He his angry mind started to compare Geet with Samira but his heart scolded him for doing that. The journey was long and Maan felt bad for not meeting Dadi once before leaving again. He had just called her to say he had some meeting and will be back in a few days.


Geet and Pinky had a hasty departure and it had been necessary since Adi had seen the wedding dress and he even had called. Geet was at her apartment when the phone had rung but she didn't pick up. She just grabbed all her luggage and took off. Only her Babaji knows how both girls managed to reach Ahmadabad with so many luggages and were glad when Yash picked them up. They were to stay at Yash's place because Meera wouldn't know and because Ketki had insisted.

Since both were from girl's side and like sisters to Meera they were treated very specially. Geet and especially Pinky was fed with Gujarati specialities which they ate with great pleasure. Geet had asked Ketki to teach her some dishes and she obliged with much enthusiasm. At a point Ketki had to leave as her relative had come and Geet remembered her mother again. Before she burst into tear she ran into hers and Pinky's room and had cried into the pillow. The last time she had remembered her mamma she had been in the embrace of Maan sir and she missed him so badly. She was hurt to have gone without telling him but she would call him as soon as Meera and Yash were married. She wondered why Maan sir never allowed romance in office if he did it himself. 'Arre Geet, Maan sir toh dushth daanav haina, unke dimaag me kya chalta rehta hain kya pata.' With this she dozed off thinking about her Maan sir.


Meera had been in Ahmadabad for a few days now. She had a week from office to finish her work but the way things had gone she was finished much earlier. The problem which Yash had talked about wasn't a problem as such and had easily been cleared out over the phone. She had the suspicion that Yash was up to something. He would call her everyday and ask her random questions like what her favourite colour was or which music she preferred. Then when the work was done she actually wanted to head back to KC but Yash asked her to come to his home. He had brought her the bag Pinky had given him for Meera and asked her to dress up. Meera had inquired and Yash had just said that there was function t his place and her presence was very important. So Yash and Meera had made their way. When they reached, Meera was shocked. The entire family was outside the house from elders to children and in the middle was Ketki with a pooja ki thali welcoming both. She wanted to ask what was going on and but no one gave her a chance to talk. Yash had quickly retreated and had left Meera with his family. For someone who had lived almost all of their life alone, so much attention was quite unbearable. Meera was asked to sit and eat, everyone wanted to chat with her or play. The women congratulated her and said she was very pretty indeed. At a point where Ketki had come up to her, lovingly held her head and gave her forehead a kiss Meera burst into tears. It was such a small gesture but ever since she had been small she had craved for it.

"Arre beta, aise rote nahin. Tu meri beti haina" Ketki said and hugged Meera which instantly made her feel better. Geet, Pinky and Yash who had been watching from behind the pillars gave each other thumbs up.

Meera still wasn't sure as to what was going on but she didn't ask and just let herself get carried away in the happiness of this big family.


Maan and Adi had reached Ahmadabad and straight headed for Yash's place. Adi wondered if telling Maan everything had been a good idea after all. He had panicked but now that he was cooled down Maan's behaviour was frightening him. Maan was hurt and angry and his silence indicated an upcoming storm.

When they reached the place Maan did not want to enter immediately. He told Adi his plan and both waited at the backyard from where they could see and hear everything.

It was night time and the place was full. Everyone was dressed in nice rich colours and having a good time. They saw Meera and looked at each other. So she had been involved, too. They had given Meera Yash's project and send her here so she must have arranged everything for Geet and Pinky. Then they saw Yash wearing a white sherwani and blushing at the women's comments. Maan thought he would burst any moment when he saw her. Geet had entered the hall with a tray in her hands and serving drinks. She was wearing a red lehenga with silver work on it. Her dupatta was transparent and put over one shoulder and pinned together around her waist. She looked like a bride and the blush on her face, oh how Maan had missed it. Wait, why was she blushing….Maan came back to reality and took in the whole situation. He couldn't take it anymore. But Adi gestured him to wait as there was an announcement. Ketki stood on the second step so she could see everyone.

"Motao, chokrio ane bachao. Aaje mara mate ghani khushi no diwash che kemke aaje mara ghare mari thawa wali wawu avi che." Everyone clapped. Meera, Geet, Pinky, Maan and Adi didn't have a clue as to what she was saying but still listened further.

"Aaje khali sagai che pan lagan ek atwarya ma thashe." Again everyone cheered and Geet, Pinky and Meera took Yash to the door near where Maan and Adi was standing and asked:

"Yash, tumhari mom ne abhi kya bola?" Pinky asked.

"My mom is happy because today is the engagement and the wedding is to be held in one week." Geet and Pinky congratulated but Meera still confused asked:

"Who's wedding?"

"Mine of course!" Pause.

"With whom?"

"You of course." Pause.

"WHAT?" Everybody fell silent as not only Meera but Maan and Adi had screamed, too. All looked out and saw both men, who had forgotten they were hiding and now stood there, being the centre of attention.

"D..D..D..DD?" Pinky screamed.

"MK?" Meera asked confused.

"Maan sir?" Geet held her mouth with her hand.

'Damn it, why is everyone looking at me, Adi is standing here, too.' Maan thought.

Then, there was a silence again.


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Chapter 29:

Black Widow



"Dev?" Sona managed to ask. Dev had led the shocked woman out of the hall and into a smaller side room. Dev nodded. Sona felt his face and broke down. She had for so long suppressed her urge to cry and kept all her sorrow's deep, deep inside her. Now, one touch had made everything come back out again. Dev held her tightly and slowly rubbed her back. He indicated Naintara to come closer.

"Look who I brought with me." Sona looked up and saw Naintara and little Nisha. Dev knew he had succeeded.


Annie hung up. Nani was a gem she concluded. It wasn't easy for Annie to leave home but Nani had made arrangements so that she wouldn't be missed.

Arjun came out of the kitchen and handed Annie a plate.

"Yeh kya hai?"

"Khaake dekho. I learned it from Geet." It wasn't the first time Arjun had made her something. It came as quite a surprise as in olden days Arjun had his own personal cook around him but times change and so do people.

"Yummy Arjun. I really want to meet Geet. Who knows she might be my future bhabi." Both chuckled. Arjun called BG but found out from Romeo that he was alone and neither Maan nor Geet were there. Annie was disappointed. But there were far more important things to do and maybe Maan bhai's absence would prove to be of use.


Vicky had called home and found out that Maan was not there. He was to return in a couple of days and Ferri jumped on the opportunity.

"Vicky, we are going to your home asap. If your brother is not there it might be much easier for us to question your Dadi and others."

They had reached Khurana Mansion and Vicky took a minute before entering. Ferri had to his surprise changed from her usual formal trousers and coat to a simple sari. She clutched onto Vicky's arm and gave him an It-is-all-just-drama-so-don't-read-anything-into-it look when the door opened.


"Main Vicky hu, Dadi hain?" The servant looked at the couple. He was only working here since a few months and didn't know any other members of the family apart from Maan and Dadi. Ferri pinched Vicky who suppressed an 'ouch' and said:

"Look, I am Vikrant Singh Khurana so let me in or it will be your last day in this house" Vicky said in the Maan Singh Khurana way of talking. The servant cleared the door and let them in. Even if he didn't know the guests, this tone was unmistakably that of a true Khurana.

"Dadi?" Dadi got up and quickly came towards the couple.

"Vicky, mera baccha." She held his head and kissed him on forehead and both cheeks. Vicky turned all pink because Ferri was watching him.

"Kaha the aap? Kabhi apni budhi Dadi ki yaad bhi aai?" Dadi was in tears now. Vicky saw it coming. It was one of the reasons why he didn't want to come home.

"Dadi, of course I thought about you. See I came home na." They hugged and Dadi noticed Ferri.

"Aur yeh kaun hain beta, girlfriend?" Vicky blushed, he wondered why. Ferri was less girlfriend and more of a black widow*. Dadi went to Ferri who was all shy and looked down like a new bride. Vicky's eyes widened, this was a rare view.

"Kya naam hain aap ka beti?"

"Ji, Feroza."

"Bara pyaara naam hain aap ka. Aaye behtiye humare paas."

Dadi chatted a while with Vicky and Ferri. After that she told them to go and freshen up for dinner. Vicky led Ferri to the guest room. When Dadi was out of sight he asked:

"Why did you give a wrong name to her?"

"How do you know my real name isn't Feroza?" Vicky was stunned.

"Then what is Ferri?"

"My professional name. But when I am in mission I have to change it appropriately." She closed the door on Vicky's face, who left for his own room thinking about his female companion. He opened the door to his room and stood in the doorway. Everything had been left the way he had kept it. The bed, his clothes and even his half packed bag was there. He changed and came down to see Ferri again be all nice in front of Dadi.

"Vicky did you call Maan and tell him you are coming?" Vicky threw Ferri a quick glance and said:

"Nahin Dadi. I called home and Nakul told me he is out of town. But I wanted to see you so bad so I came."

"Yes. He has some urgent work to do. By the ways do you know the big news?" Both raised their eyebrows.

"Maan has a girlfriend." Vicky dropped his spoon. He never expected Maan to have one certainly not after Samira.

"Who is she?" And during dinner Dadi told them all about what she knew of Geet.

PRECAP: Maan's Story


Here a note on Black Widow: The common name widow spiders is sometimes applied to members of the genus due to the habit of the female of eating the male after mating, although sometimes the males of some species are not eaten after mating, and can go on to fertilize other females. The black widow spiders are perhaps the best-known members of the genus.


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update is awesome as alwaysss
loved it
cont sooon
thnx for d PM Smile

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Wow.. so many updates.. I really liked it.. all of them.. the story is getting me hooked.. 

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luved d updates
but not fair u left us on cliff hanging

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