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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 23)

mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 9:07am | IP Logged
wow loved it yaar...awsome one !!!do continue soon

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mirnalini Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
StarStarStarStarOh!! You're the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!StarStarStarStar
So many updates, inthe the words of Beeji...JYONDA REH PUTTAR , JYONDA REH!!!!ClapClap

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
omg loved this ff...
i am surprised how did i miss it...
its so much much mystery...
loved all maaneet moments...
lots of suspense but i am trying to think...
arjun here helping annie...
one character not sure that kapoor lady is she sam's mom...
well i know i am asking 2 much...
love to go with the flow...
i hv sent u buddy req can u pl add me to ur pm list...
pl cont soon

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Hello everyone, here I come with two more chapters. First of all, I thank everyone for their lovely comments. The first one is a little more on Meera and Yash but plz read with interest. I find it boring to keep writing about the same characters in every chapter so here is a little variety.          
                                               Plz hit like button and comment. Thank you

Chapter 25:

Gujarati Love Story

(Part 2)


Week's had passed and Yash and Meera had become friends. Work required them to meet multiple times and at all occasions their topic of conversation was not only work. Meera knew almost everything about Yash. She liked it that he was honest and direct to her. She had talked about herself, too and Yash just loved her more and more. He wondered if it would have mattered to him if she was, say a murderess, for that matter because no matter what she said or did he couldn't stop loving her. 'Yaar Yash, pagalo ka ilaaj karte karte tu bhi lagta hain paagal hogaya hain' he told himself.

So Yash wanted to take this relationship to the next level or rather skip a step. He also wanted to make this kind of special for Meera. She had told him about her family who lived somewhere around the world and the only connection she had with them was the annual note saying she should contact them if she needed anything. Now all he needed was help and that he could get only at one place.


Pinky saw Yash sneak into KC or rather he was trying to sneak but it was all way to obvious. He reached reception, looked left and right and slipped Pinky a note. She wanted to ask him what this was all about but he ran off.


Miss Manchanda, I would like to talk to you and your BG friend at lunch time at the caf opposite KC. Please do come, it is about Meera. – Yash


Pinky giggled because no one had ever referred to her as Miss Manchanda before, not even in school or college. She called Geet at BG and found that Geet was in DD's office. She didn't want to call as DD would pick up the phone and he would not like all this. She wondered what to do. Lying was out of question as DD would certainly murder her if he found out. Then an idea came into her mind.

She knocked nervously on DD's door and entered when he gave her permission.

"Bolo kya hain Pinky?"

"Sir, woh mujhe …" and at that point she spilled some water from the glass she was holding on Geet.

"So sorry Geet, aa mere saath mein help kardeti hu." Pinky pulled Geet out of the office before she could even register what had happened.

"Pinky, chill it's just some water it will dry."

Pinky stood in a corner from where she hoped DD wouldn't see or hear them.

"Listen Geet, spilling water on you was just a pretext of getting you out of the office. Yash has asked us to come down to the caf opposite KC for lunch; he wants to talk about Meera." She gave Geet an all saying look.

"Lekin main Maan sir se kya bolungi? Woh to humesha mere saath hi lunch karte hain. Aur waise bhi, agar unhe pata chala ke hum Yash aur Meera ki love story ko aaghe barane mein lage hain to hum sab so ko fire kardenge." Pinky nodded gloomily and looked at Geet. Geet though for a minute and said:

"Idea Pinky. Aisa karne mein mujhe toda burra to lagega, lekin agar Maan sir office mein hi nahin rahenge to lunch kaise karenge?" Pinky wondered what she was up to when Geet had walked off in direction of the archive. There was an old phone which no one used anymore. It was rather for emergencies should one get stuck here. She picked it up, put her hanky on the speaker and called Maan's office number:

"Maan Khurana" she heard his say and her heart started beating quicker.

"Hello Mr Khurana main Mr DeMello ki secretary Rose bolrahi hu. Maine yeh pooch ne ke liye phone kiya hain ke sir ne aap ko lunch pe bulaya hain Italian Village mein. Kya aap aa payenge?" Geet waited nervously.

"Ok, mein abhi pochta hu." He hung up. Geet let her breath out in relief and Pinky gave her a DD-is-going-to-kill-us-if-he-finds-out look.

"Kuch nahin hoga. Italian Village yaha se adhe ghante ke duri pe hain matlab ek ghanta hain hamare paas. Pehle mein chalti hu warna Maan sir mujhe bhi lejaenge. Tu bhi jaldi aana."

Both left the archive and Geet left for the caf. Pinky headed back to the reception and waited. DD came out of his office and was coming towards her.

"Pinky, Geet kaha hain?" He asked looking into his phone and texting.

"Pata nahin sir, cabin mein se nikalne ke baad nahin dekha usse."

"Hmm, wo dikhe to bolna ke client ne lunch pe bulaja hain, mein wahi jaraha hu. Woh mere aane se pehle kuch kha le."

With this he left and Pinky thanked her stars that DD did not look up because her heavy sweating would have exposed her lie.


Maan called his driver and left for Italian village. Geet on the other side had just reached the caf and met with Yash. They waited for Pinky who joined them shortly.

They ordered lunch and Yash came to the point. He told them what his plan was and how he would need them. Both their jaws dropped. Then they looked at each other and back at Yash. They knew he was in love with Meera but this was a bit too crazy even for him.

"I don't know if this is a good idea Yash. We don't only have to lie to Meera but will also have to lie to DD and that can get us into a hell lot of trouble. Plus I have no clue on how Meera would react. I mean if she agrees, then there is no problem but what if she doesn't like all this…" she broke off.

"Haan Yash, pehle Meera se ek baar pooch lena accha hain." Geet agreed. Yash shook his head.

"Nahin Geet, mujhe Meera ko surprise dena hain. I want to make all of it really special for her. Plus I'll make sure to handle everything in case she says no." Geet and Pinky thought about it during lunch. It will be tricky and yes they would have to be really secretive but it will also be loads of fun. Plus they were doing it for Meera's sake and even if they were fired, Geet could open up her own bistro and Pinky would happily join her. They decided to help Yash and finished lunch after which they made their plan. It was going to be risky but also fun. At times Geet would laugh out at all the crazy ideas they were coming up with.


Maan was furious. He was half way to reaching Italian Village when Mr DeMello's secretary Mona called, informing him about a date for a lunch meeting. Maan was perplexed at first an inquired about his secretary Rose who had asked him to come now. When he heard that there was no secretary called Rose working in their office and that Mr DeMello was out of town, Maan said he'll get back to them. The driver turned around and they headed back to KC. Maan now knew someone had played a prank on him to keep him out of the office and he will sure to find and fire if not kill the person. Just when they had almost reached KC Maan looked right and saw a familiar figure sitting in a caf. Geet was excitedly talking and laughing with a guy. Because of his position he couldn't see him correctly. 'Why is Geet in this caf with some guy?' he thought. When the driver had reached KC Maan got out and headed to the caf when he saw Geet returning with the biggest smile on her face he had ever seen.

"Kya baat hain Geet, tum itni khush?" he wanted go know.

"Haan baat hi aisi hain, pata hain…" She stopped when she realised who was standing in front of her and what she was about to say.

"Kya pata hain?" Maan inquired further. He thought something was odd.

'Kya bolu, kya bolu, kya bolu, hey babaji meri mada karo' she thought.

"Pata hain ke Pinky ke bhai ko bachha hua hai?" She invented hoping he would buy this. Maan eyed her suspiciously and Geet got nervous.

"Sach bolrahin ho Geet? Aur who ladka kaun tha jiske saath tum caf mein thi?" Geet's mouth went dry but somehow said:

"Wohin to tha Pinky ka bhai." Pinky came from behind Geet. She had to go to the washroom hence joined later. She dropped her purse when she saw DD standing there. According to their plan he wasn't due to return for at least another half an hour.

Maan bend down, picked up Pinky's purse handed it to her and said:

"Congratulations Pinky." Pinky was scared and didn't register what DD had just said to her. Geet nudged her and Pinky simple said thank you. 'These women are so weird' Maan thought. "Lunch time is over, now get back to work. I have to make an important announcement to everyone." Maan left and Pinky and Geet took a deep breath.

"Yeh DD itne jalgi kaise aagaye?" Pinky asked.

"Kya pata. Accha hua maine bahana banadiya warna kya hota?"

"Lekin mujhe congrats kyun bola?" And Geet told Pinky about her last minute thought. They laughed but had to admit that this was very close. They headed back to their respective places and after everyone had returned Maan had made the announcement. He wasn't happy at all about the prank and made it clear that the person responsible would be found and severely punished. The office staff was scared. Who was so daring to play a prank on MSK? Pinky went white and Geet surprisingly had to suppress a laugh.

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Chapter 26:

Case of Mistaken Identity


Time past and Geet had her plaster removed. The doctor had advised Maan not to let her strain her wrist too much initially. Geet was overjoyed since no plaster meant full time working and cooking for her. She had also made a list of ideas for Maan to look at. He was impressed. His Mishti proved to be a real gem. Even the clients liked her ideas very much and congratulated Maan on having her on his side. Since this was an international project, Maan left no stone unturned to make this a success. He had to visit Italy for two days to look at the sight and make all arrangements. He told Geet about it and she was jumping in joy.

"Geet, it is so nice to see you happy for my success" Maan said with a tinge of pride.

He didn't know that according to Geet's and Pinky's plan it was vital for him to be out of office again for a couple of days. But after Maan's warning they didn't want to fool him again and hence were at a loss as to what to do next.

"Sir, aap kitne dinno ke liye jarahe ho?"

"Do din, kyun? Meri yaad aegi?"

"Nahin nahin, aap do hi din kyun rukh rahe hain? Italy jarahe hain to ek hafte reh ke aiye aur ghoom lijie." Maan was dumb folded by her answer. He had expected her to miss him and maybe insist on coming along and now she was literally keeping him away.

"Akele waha kya karunga, main ek kaam karta hu, tumhe bhi leke jata hu. Aise kaam bhi hojaega aur hum ghoom bhi lenge."

"NAHIN" Geet screamed panic stricken and Maan dropped his phone out of shock.

"Mera matlab hain ke main bilkul bhi nahin ja sakti hu sir kyun ki kya haina…." She tried to improvise and find a good reason and only one presented her.

"Haan, jab se plaster khula haina Arjun chala gaya to ab mujhe aur bhi kaam hain to main kahin nahin jaa sakti hu." Maan looked at Geet. Since the day he had seen her in the caf with Pinky's brother, she and Pinky were behaving really oddly. They would whisper things to each other or make gestures. Not even Adi had a clue who had noticed their strange behaviour. When asked Pinky and Geet simple make and excuse but now Maan was convinced that there was something fishy was going on. Geet's reaction to him taking her along was shocking. He knew she wouldn't tell so he had to find out another way.


Maan packed his bag and wondered how he will be able to stay away from Geet for two days. He called Adi and talked to him about their strange behaviour. He admitted to have noticed but knew nothing as to why.

"Adi, while I'm gone, I want you to keep an eye on both especially Geet." Adi felt uncomfortable with Maan's order. Maan understood Adi's silence and said:

"It is not that I don't trust either of them I just want to be on the safe side so to know they are alright. I don't know about Pinky but Geet is very innocent and has the habit of landing in trouble. I will just be able to put my mind at rest to know someone is looking after them." Adi agreed and he cut the call.

On the other side, Pinky and Geet were packing, too. Geet had shifted to the main mansion on Dadi's request and the outhouse had been looked again. They had both put their respective phones on loudspeaker so they could talk and pack at the same time. They packed everything only to notice that they actually didn't have anything to wear at the function.

"Pinky ek kaam karte hain. Maan sir kal nahin haina toh Adi sir se bolke adhe din ki chutti leke hum shopping karne chalte hain. Waise bhi hume ziyada waqt nahin lagega."


Next morning Maan had a meeting which he had to attend prior to going abroad. Geet and Pinky had taken permission from Adi to take a half day leave. He asked them a reason as he remembered Maan's words.

"Kuch nahin Adi sir, we're just going shopping. Mall mein sale lagi hain, so we don't want to miss out on the opportunity." They left in the car which Maan had kept for Geet to use.

They found everything much quicker than expected. They bought a couple of lehnga's and one parrot green lehenga for Meera. They shopped for accessorise and shoes and were packed with stuff. Geet had asked for everything to be kept at the outhouse just then Meera called:

"Hi Geet, kaisi hai. Tu shopping chali gayi aur mujhe bataya bhi nahin." Meera pouted.

"Yeh le, agar tujhe batati to humara plan chopat nahin hojata" Geet mumbled.

"Kya kahan Geet?"

"Kuch nahin, woh tu dikhi nahi na isi liye…"

"Accha sun. Mein ek hafte ke liye Ahemdabad ja rahin hu. Yash ke project mein tori si problems aayi hain issi liye. Tu apna khayal rakhna aur Pinky ko phone karna agar tujhe akela mehsoos ho." Geet had put the phone on speaker and she and Pinky high-fived. So this means Yash had successfully managed to do his first task. Both shorthanded decided to dump all their luggage and shopping bags at Meera's place since she wouldn't be there now.


Previously they had planned to confide in Adi and tell him about everything as he was their friend. But problem was he was Maan sir's most trusted employee. They didn't want to put Adi in a fix where he had to choose between helping his friends and being loyal to his boss. Before KC closed for the day, they still had to do one last thing. Pinky was to meet Geet at KC after doing her little task. Geet had two leave applications in her hand and prayed to her Babaji to help her. Adi looked at the pieces of paper in front of him and then at Geet. Now even he was convinced that both women were cooking up something. The reason for leave was family wedding. Neither Geet not Pinky had any family member's who were in the right age for marriage.

"Geet, yeh kiski shaadi pe jarahe ho?" He asked her.

"Pinky ki cousin sister hain, Sweety." Adi remembered Sweety. He had met her once and yes she was the right age for marriage. He wondered who would be so stupid to marry such a crazy girl like Sweety but shrugged. There is said to be someone for everyone in this world.

'Lekin agar Pinky ki family mein shaadi hain to mujhe kyun nahin bola?' Adi was hurt at this. He loved Pinky and always thought she might feel the same for him, too. 'It seems I was wrong. I'm only a friend who isn't important enough to be called to a family wedding.' He signed both applications and Geet left. Adi saw that Geet had forgotten her purse and ran after her.

He stopped when he heard Pinky's voice.

"Oye Geet, yeh tuje hi pehen na hai to tere hi size ka banwaungi." Geet nodded and put the bag with her dress on the reception desk but it fell down. Adi didn't see that. He came around the corner and bumped into Pinky who dropped the other bag. Adi lifted it and saw the wedding dress. Now he put the words he heard and the picture he saw together and this is what presented him: Geet has to wear the dress which happens to be a wedding dress, this equals to Geet getting married. Ok….. WHAT???

Geet had grabbed both bags and the purse and took off with Pinky before Adi came back to his senses. She didn't want him to ask questions to which she couldn't present him with answers. When he did come back he sprinted after them but the car was already unreachable. He panicked and wondered what to do. He called Maan but the phone was off. Maan wanted to take the evening flight so he could rest before the meeting.

He wondered if Dadi knew and called her:

"Hello Dadi" Adi sounded panicky.

"Kya hua Adi?" Adi asked if she knew where Geet and Pinky were going to since they had taken two weeks vacation. Geet had told Dadi everything from Yash's surprise to their plan. And even Dadi knew that Maan would leave someone to keep an eye on Geet whilst he was gone.

"Haan woh dono Ahemdabad jaarahe hain, Pinky ke cousin sister Sweety ke shaadi mein. Main bhi jaati lekin itni travelling meri sehat ke liye accha nahin." She did feel bad for lying to him but she knew why Geet and Pinky were so secretive. She had never understood why Maan had been so against employees falling in love. She had seen many being fired but Maan would never explain. And Adi was Maan's friend and would not be able to keep such a thing secret from him. Adi on the other side thought that Geet had even lied to Dadi. He thanked her and called Maan's number again. He wasn't sure what to do now. Neither Pinky nor Geet were picking up their phone and Meera couldn't even know since she isn't here right now.

For the next day Adi kept phoning, texting and leaving messages for Maan just in hope he would get at least one.


Maan on the other hand was working all day long. He was welcomed by Mr DeMello and his wife who was also very active in their business. The worker's were very efficient and everything went smoothly. Other than expected the work was done within a short time and Maan had time to go sight seeing a little. He wished Geet would be at his side and his mood fell. He fished out his phone and switched it on. His eyes fell onto something in the showcase of the shop he was standing next to.

"This is made for Geet" he said loudly and before he could go is and buy it, his phone vibrated and he noticed all the calls and messages. And almost all were from one number: Adi's. After hearing the news his heart almost stopped beating. He rushed to the hotel, got all his stuff and raced to the airport. 'This can't be true, Geet can't do this to me' is all he could think about.

In the plane he could do nothing but be patient. He thought about who the guy might be who wanted to marry HIS Geet. He thought back and remembered the caf incident. He hadn't been convinced by Geet's reply but was not all concerned since he was angry because of the prank call. This also explained why she and Pinky were so secretive after that. 'And now I understand why Geet had insisted on me staying longer in Italy so that I wouldn't come to know till the wedding was over and why she was so shocked at the thought of me taking her with me.' In one of his messages Adi had told him about his conversation with Dadi and Maan didn't want to involve her now. Her health hadn't been the best for some time now. True after she met Geet she had shown much improvement but this news would leave her shattered. He made a call to the detective firm he had worked with on many occasions and ordered them to find who this guy was at the caf and where he is now. 'I'll find you and who ever you are you will wish never having laid an eye on MY Geet' Maan muttered.

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sorry for late
all parts awesome
but a lot of suspense
cant wait how yu unfold
love it pls cont soonnn
thanks pm

Thank You Glittering Graphic

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Wow Geet n Pinky dug der own grave
luved d update

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awsome update.

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