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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 21)

ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2011 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it

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alfiya7 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 1:10am | IP Logged
yash n meera's part ws rele awesome...lolll especially the song...lolll maan n geet's moment ws also awesome...

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Mina420 Goldie

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Thank u all for liking the previous two updates.Embarrassed As said, these two are more about other Khuranas. Hope u like them and yes, plz hit like button and comment:

Chapter 23:

Khurana Siblings


Dev came home late today. He had a challenging time to convince the clients about his proposal. He could have dealt with someone else but it was vital to his plan that he got this deal. He knew he was spending too much time on work and was neglecting Naintara and Nisha. He thanked god everyday for giving him such an understanding and supportive wife. All he wished now was that his little daughter, his pride and biggest treasure would get normal again.

He kept his bag and coat on a chair and headed straight for his little princess' room where he knew he would find his two loves.

Naintara was sitting next to her daughter on her bed and caressing her cheeks when she heard Dev enter. He came close and kissed his daughter's forehead before leaving with his wife.

"How was the visit?" Dev asked. Naintara was used to him enquiring about Nisha first and loved him even more for being there for her.

"The same as usual Dev. The therapist said the same thing. All these years no therapy, no medicine, nothing helped her." At this stage she burst into tears. Dev had tears in his eye, too but wiped them away quickly before giving his wife a warm hug. He knew what she went through. She would talk very little and play on her own most of the time. Every attempt to make her happy or get her to make some friends had been futile.

They often tried to ask Nisha why she was sad or why she didn't smile but she would just clutch onto her teddy and look at them. She had been like this from her birth. Naintara's pregnancy was not an easy time for her and Dev had tried a lot to keep his wife out of his family problems, but neither could he make her leave nor could he keep her away. Doctors had said there must have been a time during pregnancy which had negatively affected the child. The tension that Naintara had gone through had showed its effect on her daughter. Both parents felt guilty but consoled each other.

Dev let Naintara sleep, while he was awake and remembering his childhood. He remembered a time in his life when his Maan bhai had been the very same after their Dada's death. And there had been one person who got him out of the sadness. He just had to try it… for his princess daughter.


Annie had packed her bag and hid in under her bed. It was night time and she knew her mother would be sleeping. She removed a small diary from behind her other books on the shelf and opened it up. It was completely blank, not even one drop of ink had touched the pages.


"Bhai, bhai" Annie screamed. She was younger and wearing a cute dress. Maan and Vicky sprinted down the stairs after hearing their little baby sister scream her lungs out.

"Annie, kya hua, sab theek haina, chot lagi hain kya? Ya kisi ne kuch boldiya? Naam batao mein abhi khabara leta hu" Maan had said holding her narrow shoulders and shaking her. Vicky shook his head at his older brother's behaviour. Even though he was younger than Maan he knew their sister a tad bit better. Whereas Maan always took Annie's scream for a reason to be concerned, he had learned to differentiate between her screams. If she screamed 'bhai' once meant she was angry or annoyed. If she screamed 'bhai' twice it usually meant that she had just met with someone who had something she hadn't and she wanted her brothers to get her that something this very moment. And just as he predicted Annie had said:

"Bhai, Sonali ke paas dekho yeh new spongebob squarepants wali rare edition ki dairy hain, mujhe bhi laake do." Maan, jet again, couldn't believe that his sister had scared him to death for a silly diary.

"Annie, ek diary ke liye itna hungama?" He knew this was a stupid question. HE was a major reason why his only sister was so spoilt. After three sons, Annie was like a breath of fresh air, an angel send from heaven just for them. All three brothers loved to see her giggle in her cot when she was a baby, wearing cute little pink dresses and looking at them with her big eyes. They had fallen in love with her the first time their mother had showed them the latest addition to their family and all three brothers, particularly Maan, had sworn to always keep her happy no matter what.

In situations like these, though, he cursed himself for having sworn such a thing.

"Bhai, yeh bas ek diary nahin hain, this is spongebob squarepants RARE edition we are talking of" Annie had said dramatically.

"But Annie, you don't even use a diary. What is the point of buying one then?" But Maan knew there was no winning with Annie. If nothing than the sad look on her face would melt him and that's just what it did.

"Ok ok, give me some time, I'll make sure it is on your desk by tomorrow morning." Maan had thrown up his hands in defeat. Vicky smiled inwardly at this scene, it was always the same.


Annie came back from her thought and when she heard a low voice ask:

"India wapas jarahi ho beti?" Nani was standing behind her, supporting her weak body on her walking stick. Annie was petrified and dropped everything.

"Nani main bas yuhi…" But it was pointless. Her Nani saw through her so easily.

"Mere paas behto." Both sat down on the bed.

"Apne bhai se milne jaarahi ho?"

"Nahin Nani, abhi nahin. Mujhe pehle pata lagana hain ke maa achanak itne saal pehle mujhe aur aap ko lekar yaha kyun aagae. Wo itne dukhi hain aur aap bhi. Mujse aap dono ke udaas chere dekhe nahin jaate." Nani was in tears. She thanked Babaji for giving her such a caring and more over head strong grand daughter.

"Beti, mujhe pata hain ke tumhe hum dono ki chinta lagi hain, lekin tumhari maa ko pata chala to?"

"Nani, aap sambhal lena. Waise, kya aap ko bhi nahin pata ke maa achanak kyun chali aai?" Annie had asked this question more than a million times since her childhood but Nani just kept quiet. Nani knew half the story and what she knew she wished she didn't. As a mother it was hard to bear, a daughter might take more damage. But there was one little ray of hope in the darkness that had spread in Nani's heart, the hope that at least her other daughter did not suffer the misery Sonia was going through.

Nani kissed Annie good night and left. Annie sighed. Her phone vibrated and she picked up the call. The news was so terrific that she felt like dancing and jumping on the bed. She even gave the caller kisses without realising it.

 "Ab dekho Anvesha Khurana kya karti hain. Bachpan se leke aaj tak mere bhaiyo ne aur maa ne meri khushi ke liye kya kuch nahin kiya. Ab meri baari hain unki khushiya lautane ki." She texted her travel agent and asked for a single ticket to India.


Vicky was pale after hearing the 'plan'. He wanted to know what had happened but truth came with a big prize. He was about to do everything that was kind of a tabu with his brother. The lady had handed him a paper with instructions as to what to do next. She was calm and reading a magazine. Vicky wondered if there ever was anything she would get excited about. But it was his neck that would be cut if his brother would find out about all this, not hers.

"Look, you do know that Maan bhai is not the normal sort of person, right. He is the kind that will behead you if you just said the wrong thing at the wrong time. And LIING is so out of the question." She closed the magazine and turned to give Vicky her trade mark look. Vicky started sweating. It was too difficult to figure out whom he feared most, his Maan bhai or the woman next to him who was on the verge of causing his heart to fail by merely looking at him.

"I do know about your brother Mr Khurana, but if you wish to further employ my service you should learn to trust me. I have faced many difficult situations and I prefer to handle them the 'Ferri way'."

"And that would be."

"With the head straight through the wall." Vicky looked away. The photographs were in his hand which had been given to him by his female companion. One showed some sort of party where the person was gulping down cocktail. He looked older and more mature than Vicky remembered him. The cocktail worried him though. Even if they had come from a rich family their mother had always insisted in them not even toughing alcohol. She was in many ways a more tradition bound person not at all like their father who was modern in all aspects. She was strict and once unleashed, her anger knew no bounds. One trade which she had very obviously passed onto her first child. Even though she was feared at times, she shed most love on all her children. And they in return had made it their aim to follow all her requests, mostly for her happiness and sometimes because they did not want to end up with an aching backside.

Well something must have happened that Maan bhai, the most obedient of all four children, had forgotten their mother's teachings.

"So Mr Khurana, can I count on you to trust me in this mission? Remember, by trusting me you will undoubtedly get what you what." She held out her hand and Vicky grabbed it. She had a firm grip. Firm grip = strong character Maan bhai had once told him.

"Yes I will trust you. First do call me Vicky. Second it would really be good if I would know your name, oh lady with the killing look. I feel uncomfortable referring to you as such even if it is a correct description" Vicky said, now with more enthusiasm. She smiled and it was for the first time that Vicky (or anyone else for that matter) saw her smile genuinely.

"I'm sure it is going to be a please working with you, Vicky. Call me Ferri."


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Mina420 Goldie

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Chapter 24:



Pinky had seen Meera and Yash come down and bid farewell, not before exchanging numbers. Pinky wanted to know what had happened upstairs as this was so unexpected after the incident with the tape earlier on.

"Oye Meera, kya baat hain?" Pinky asked excitedly.

"Kuch nahin. Yash mera client hain aur humne lunch kiya aur baatein bhi."

"Baatein? Kuch kaam bhi kiya ja bhool gayi?" Pinky had joked but the embarrassed expression on Meera's face told her that she had hit the nail on the head.

"Tera matlab ke tune koi kaam nahi kiya kya? Yaar tum dono kab se upar the?"

"Actually, Yash ne baatein shuru ki aur hum log kab topic se hatt gaye pata nahin chala."

"Aisi kya batein karrahe the ke tu, Meera Suberwal, kaam karna bhool gayi?"

Meera just turned further red and didn't know how to get out of this situation. Just then Adi came and asked Meera to finish off some blueprints as they were needed urgently. Meera thanked Adi inwardly and ran off before Pinky could stop her.

"Kya Adi sir, Meera mujhe batane hi wali thi ke uske aur Yash ke beech kya hain ke aap tapak pade."

"Pinky aisa kuch nahin hain, Yash is Meera's client. Now do your work, we are expecting come important clients shortly."

Pinky watched the retreating figure of Adi and did something for the first time. She put her burger down and looked up and said:

"Hey Geet ke Babaji, aap mere hi saath aisa kyun karte ho? Dekhiye na, Geet ko DD milgae wo bhi kitna jagda karne ke baat, Meera ko Yash milgaya wo bhi ek hi mulakaat mein. Aur ek main, jo college se Adi ke peeche hu lekin wo hain ke mujhe bhau hi nahin deta. Ab mera kya hoga?" She lifted her burger again and continued working.


Sona Kapoor looked at the photo on her desk. She strictly kept business and personal life apart but the smiling face always provided her with strength in difficult times. She had often wondered whether her actions had been correct or not. Her decision had certainly caused a lot of people a lot of pain. Everything she had lived for, worked for, all the sacrifices she had made were in vain. In moments of weakness she would silently cry so that her daughter wouldn't hear her. She was lucky to have her with her. Her daughter had been there for her when no one else supported her decision. She very well knew that she had hurt her by keeping her away from the rest but she just couldn't forget about what had happened.

'I had just too much faith. Faith in my love which I hoped like a lunatic would hold everything together, faith in my values which would make all bonds between us stronger, faith in my myself to prove to be a good in every relation and be able to tackle every problem. My world came crashing down on me when I doubted my faith and realised that yes indeed I had been living in an imaginary world where I hoped everything is going to be like I wish for as long as I had enough faith in myself.'

And then I had to give up the biggest, my most valuable relationship. All I have left now are letters and this photograph.

There was a knock and Sonia came out of her thoughts.

"Yes, come is" she said in her usual strict tone.

"Ma'am, Mr Sinha has just confirmed to me that we got the deal in question. It is only to decide where and when the deal has to be signed. Mr Joshi had suggested signing the deal here as he has other business to attend here, too." Sonia's secretary waited.

"Ok, even better for me now. Arrange a meeting with the clients and yes arrange a small party, too. These really have been difficult weeks for us I think we deserve a little enjoyment." The secretary left, not before giving her boss a big smile.  


Sasha was in Mumbai. MK had given her Meera's project and she was furious. Not for one but for many reason. First she couldn't forget Geet's image on MK's lap with her swollen lips, then how she got embarrassed by those downmarket clients and MK and now she was handed Meera's project which she had to complete. MK had purposely done that as she had to stay in Mumbai for a whole lot of time and couldn't do anything about Geet. She had instructed Tasha to keep a close eye on her every movement but the report she gave Sasha were not alt all conclusive.

On top of that Samira had rung her again and didn't know how to deal with her. She knew most facts of MK and Samira's relationship and also knew why they broke up (or so she believes). This is why she doesn't understand why Samira had given her this particular task.


Back at KC Maan had hard times keeping away from Geet. Although she loved to be with her dhusht daanav they had to do their work. It was a hard job explaining this to Maan.

"Sir, aap kaam nahin karenge to KC ka diwala nikal jaega, saare employees jobless hojaenge aur phir aap Dadi ko kya jawaab doge? Yahi ke romance kaam se ziyada saruri tha?" Geet dramatically explained to Maan since all her previous attempts had failed. Maan was just more interested in having her on his lap and sitting on the rocking chair to which he had unknowingly formed a strong bond and kissing her and cuddling up with her.

"Geet, aisa kuch nahin hoga. Adi, Meera aur baki ke saare log kaam sambhal lenge. Issi liye to unhe job pe rakha hai."

"Unhe job pe rakha hain taki aap mere saath romance kar sako?" Geet asked innocently and Maan's love for Geet doubled that very moment. He didn't answer but tired to kiss her again, but she was Geet and she got what she wanted. She tickled Maan, who was caught by surprise and let loose. Geet jumped up and ran to the door.

"Sir, aap jaake kaam kijie, main kuch khaane ko bhej thi hu."

"Geet, tum hi leke aana." Geet shook her head with determination and said:

"Sorry sir but I cannot oblige you. You see, you appear to have this habit of starting to romance with Miss Geet whenever she is near you so from now, till dinner no romance. Aaj ka kota pura hogaya." With this she left leaving behind a down cast Maan.


Arjun had been asked by Geet to send the order down to the MD's office. He would have preferred Romeo to do that but it seemed that boy was busy lately flirting with Tasha. He took a deep breath and knocked.

"Come in" he heard the voice.

"Sir, your order." Arjun wanted to leave quickly but Maan stopped him.

"What is you name?" Arjun turned and managed to give Maan a friendly smile.

"Arjun Rathore, sir." Maan looked at him, just as Romeo and Geet sometimes, he wore a BG apron. He was young, good looking and more over seemed to come from a very respectable family. His choice of clothes told Maan that he was wealthy but then why would he be working in a Bistro, that too, as an assistant?

"Ok, you can go." Arjun left and Maan thought: 'Yeh Geet bhi na. Naya assistant rakha hain aur mujhe kuch kaha bhi nahi. Lekin yeh to mera employee haina to iska matlab hain ke appointment letter bhi maine hi sign kiya hoga. But I don't remember doing that.' He made a mental note to ask Adi and continued his work after drinking the delicious chicken soup.


Arjun let out a breath of relief while going towards BG. Maan didn't know him and it was good this way. He had his work to do and then he would be out of here. If it wouldn't have been for her he would never work here.

'Pyaar mein insaan ko kabhi kabhi kya kya nahin karna parta hain.' He shook his head.


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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Pyaar main arjun is doing dis 4r annie or he is in love wid Maan singh khurana!!!lol. . .

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Mina420 Goldie

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Originally posted by aditiwalia56

Pyaar main arjun is doing dis 4r annie or he is in love wid Maan singh khurana!!!lol. . .

He He He.LOL find out later. I have dedicated one entire chapter to Arjun. Chapter 27 as far as I can remember...
Arjun in love with funnyROFL
just imagining... agar yeh sacch nikla to Geet Arjun aur Maan ka kya haal karegi. I think we will have to book two rooms in Sanjeevani for them in advance...ROFL

Edited by Mina420 - 15 May 2011 at 4:13am

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sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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so now vicky and annie are coming back...interesting!...
wonder what could have happened which lead to the separation!...
continue sooN!

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wajiha-1 IF-Rockerz

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do continue soon
plzzz add me in pm list

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