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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May (Page 14)

alfiya7 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged
finally he confessed...ab sasha ki toh...yipppeee

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Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 6:35am | IP Logged
So nice to see Maan opening up to Geet...

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namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged so happy that great MSK finally told those three magical words to Geet...

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
To everyone, Thank you so very much for hitting the like button and leaving comments. I fell really nice knowing the FF is being liked.Embarrassed

Yes, Maan finally confessed and Geet accepted. I did not want to drag this part too long since their love story is not the main part but rather Maan's family, as the title suggests.
So from now on, I will pick up on speed and introduce more charaters but Maaneet will be present as I don't think there is much point in leaving out out main characters.

If I get enough likes and comments from now on on every part, I will post sooner (multiple updates a day) since I do not want to post too much and then people lag behing in reading... removes the fun and excitement... ok as a thanks for the likes and comments here are two more parts:

Chapter 17:

New Assistant


They would have stayed in this position the entire day but Romeo's voice made them come out again. Maan wanted a good bye kiss but Geet felt shy and ran off before he could catch her. The Bistro was filled with staff so Maan didn't follow her. But he did wink at her before leaving for his cabin which made her blush.

Tasha, who had been sent by Sasha to spy on MK after they had seen him run after Geet, was shocked. MK had entered Geet's private room and both stayed there for quite some time. And when MK was leaving she saw him wink at her. She had to tell Sasha. Just then did she bump into someone and fell down.

"Eh, can't you see where you are going?" she yelled at the person not looking up but massaging her elbow.

"Sorry Miss but what to do? Aap ke haseen chere se nazar hat hi nahin rahi thi." Romeo held his hand and Tasha looked up.

"Chup" she got up and walked off.


The man sat in the office and presented his report. The launch party hadn't given him much insight into the current situation and the woman in the opposite seat cursed.

While the woman re read the report, the man looked at her and tried to figure out for what sort of person he was working for. Not that he ever asked about his employer as long as they paid him well and on time but this lady was intriguing. She looked beautiful with her honey coloured eyes. Her hair was long, straight and black which she preferred to keep open reached her thigh. He had seldom seen such long natural hair which added to her beauty. With little to no make up she kept herself natural. Her simplicity was what drew men towards her yet the look she gave men when they advanced her said it all. If looks could kill, no one was safe. Other than her looks and a slightly angry face at times, she had brains and no doubt about that.

She was one of the best in her field. It was seldom that her plan failed or she did mistakes. 'Beauty and brains, what a dangerous combination.'


After his confession Maan found it difficult to concentrate on his work. He wanted to tell Adi about it but found it inappropriate to do so now. But he had to tell Dadi or else he would burst out of happiness.

"Hello Dadi?"

"Arre wah Maan bete aaj aap ne hume phone kiya, barra accha laga" Dadi said laughingly.

"Dadi, aap meri taang mat khicho, I have good news. Woh …I confessed to Geet aur usne bhi haan keh di" he said blushing. He was so thankful that his Dadi couldn't see him; other wise there would be a non stop teasing session awaiting him at home.

"Yeh toh bohut acchi news hain, to kab larahe hain aap meri hone wali grand bahu ko ghar?"

"Dadi abhi nahi. First let her be comfortable around me, phir sochenge."

"Kya Maan, pehle itne utawle horahe the aur ab kya hua?"

"Nahin Dadi, I don't want to push her. Mera bas chale to abhi leke au par she might feel uncomfortable about it. Anyways, before I ask her about marriage I want to tell her about everything. She has a right to know."

"But Maan, do you think she is going to be fine with it?"

"I don't know Dadi, but I have to be honest with her. I once lied and hid the truth from my loved once even if not with a bad intention. You know what consequences that had. I lost everything that meant something to me. I will tell Geet everything when I can muster up some courage. If she will accept me then fine, if not maybe that will be my punishment." They hung up and Dadi had a tear in her eyes. She knew Maan better than anyone had ever known, even better than his mother. She had supported him when no one did. He wasn't bad from heart, he just did a mistake.


Geet worked with Romeo and tried to keep her mind away from Maan. It was working well since there seemed to be not ending calls and bookings for the conference halls. Since BG had opened and clients had visited it, the word had spread like fire and now many clients wanted lunch meetings at her place. She was happy that her work was appreciated but it was difficult to fulfil all clients' wishes. On top of that Geet had to look at the file. Now that she knew what Maan sir felt for her she didn't want to disappoint him tried her best to work through the file.

Evening came and Romeo had left early because he had a dinner date which he didn't want to miss. Luckily there was not much rush and Geet managed quite well.

The clock struck six and Geet had just finished reading the file when someone tapped on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a young man in his mid 20's standing there. He wore jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket. He had stubbles and black hair. He stood there holding a piece of paper in his one hand and giving Geet a small but friendly smile.

"Hi I am Arjun. I am here for the job." He showed Geet the letter which invited him for the interview.

"Oh, accha to Adi sir ne bheja hain. Sit." Geet pointed towards the chair opposite. She had told Maan that she wanted to interview the candidates but now when she thought about it, she couldn't think of any questions. The only that came to her mind was:

"So Arjun, why do you want this job?" He kept his small smile and said:

"I need a job. Anything, anywhere, no matter how much salary you offer me. I can cook, clean and am good at maths so doing accounts is no problems."

'Well that says all Geet. Dikhne me bhi seedha dikta hain. Chal, isse job dede. Waise bhi it is only temporary.'

"Ok Arjun welcome to Bistro Geet. I am Geet and yaha Romeo bhi kaam karta hain lekin woh aaj jaldi chala gaya. You can join from tomorrow. Mujhe yaha assistant chahije kyun hi meri wrist tooth gayi hain so the job is only temporary, ok? Main tab tak tumhara appointment letter type karwa dungi. So you can join tomorrow from 7.30am." Arjun smile more happily now and he thanked her.


Geet also packed up and closed down as it was time for her to leave. She took the stairs and went to Maan sir's cabin. She was disappointed to find it locked. 'Yeh toh mujse binna mile chale gaye' she thought. Maan on the other hand finished at 7 which was very unusual for him because he wanted to meet Geet and drop her home. He locked his cabin and took the elevator up just to find that BG was closed down. 'Yeh toh bina mujse mile chali gayi.'


Both went home without seeing each other. Geet told Meera all about what happened after the meeting. Meera was happy for both Geet and her boss. Even though he had said to consider him as their friend it felt difficult for her. She knew him not only as her boss but personally. She had often been at his place when she was little but he had never noticed her. He used to spend most of his time with his friends or mother or Dadi. His trademark arrogance and pride had been his companion even then. People never befriended him it was always him who chose the worthy people to be called his friends. It was sad in a way that now Maan Singh Khurana was very much alone not because he didn't have friends, more because most didn't appreciate him for what he was. Pinky chocked on her burger when she had heard it. Just like Meera she had been happy for both Geet and DD. She had not known Maan sir very much but she knew what type of person Samira was. And when both were together she knew what might happen when Maan sir found out about her. But she couldn't do anything just like many others couldn't. It was like seeing a lion walk into a trap. If you warn him, he might attack you, if you don't you had to see him suffer. But now he had Geet. She was sweet, innocent, open, a great cook and most importantly immune to his anger.



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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2011 at 8:53am | IP Logged

Chapter 18:



Next day Arjun reached sharp 7.30am. Geet had also just arrived and they greeted. Arjun helped Geet with most of the stuff. He seemed eager to work and Geet liked that. She explained to him about the calls, the menu, and the lunch timings at KC and showed him the kitchen, too. Arjun listened carefully and tried to do everything as Geet told him to. Geet also told him that sometimes staff came and collected their orders and sometimes they had to be delivered. Romeo joined them and both started working. Arjun was more the quiet type and concentrated on work whereas Romeo tended to flirt here and there.

Geet heard the siren which indicated Maan sir's arrival. Her heart started beating faster and she didn't know what to do. She wanted to see him more than ever but was shy at the same time, too. She decided to wear a simple white anarkali and had straightened her hair. She wanted to look good as she would start to work down stairs with Maan sir from today. The phone rang and Arjun picked up. "Geet, MK sir has ordered breakfast but wants you to make it and bring it down." Geet quickly made breakfast and coffee, taking care not to forget anything. She balanced the tray on one hand and Arjun helped her with the lift button.

She knocked and entered the cabin. She did not look up as she knew she would drop the tray out of sheer excitement.

"Good morning sir" she said holding her file, still looking down. She felt shy.

Maan watched her carefully. Geet hat entered his cabin with a tray in one hand and clutching the file to her body with the other. She lay down the tray and stood there looking down. Instead of the usual jeans and t-shirt she had worn a white anarkali today and just as with the lehenga he couldn't stop staring. She looked like an angel descended from heaven, HIS angel.

"Good morning sir" Geet said again when she didn't get an answer. She couldn't see Maan staring at her because her own eyes were glued to the ground.

"Good morning Geet. Sit." Geet took a seat still not wanting to look up. Maan enjoyed this. He knew Geet was shy. Something on her was missing though.

"Geet, tum is white dress main bohut sundar lagrahi ho." There it was the blush.

"Breakfast sir." She pushed the tray towards him still not looking up. Maan got up walked behind her and hugged her from behind while resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Kya karrahe ho sir?" Geet asked. His touch made her shiver and his breath made her feel a tickling sensation on her shoulder.

"Dekh raha hu Geet."

"Kya dekh rahe ho sir?"

"Floor ko."

"Kyun" she asked wondering innocently.

"Nahin, tum itne interest ke saath dekh rahin thi to mujhe laga main bhi dekhu ke yaha aise kya khas hain ke meri Mishti mujhe dekhne ke bajae floor ko dekh rahin hain." Geet turned all red and Maan laughed releasing her. He sat next to her and asked:

"Breakfast kiya?" She shook her head in negative.


"Woh, jab seh mera haath plaster hua haina, kaam bohut slow horaha hain. To subha tayari karne mein itna time lagta hain ke breakfast karne keliye time nahin rehta. Aur BG to subha busy reha hain to.."

"Tumhe jabse plaster laga hain, tum breakfast skip karrahin ho?" Maan asked strictly. She nodded.

"Aur lunch aur dinner ka kya?"

"Lunch to sab ke khaane ke baat khaaleti hu aur dinner agar mein nahin takhi hu to."

Maan was angry now, both on himself and on Geet. He should have taken care of Geet after all he knew she couldn't do so much work with only one hand and Geet could have asked Meera at least to make her something. He silently took the plate and started to feed Geet. She ate without complaint and fed him, too.

"Kya hua sir, itne chup kyun hain?" Geet asked when they were done.

"Geet, tumhe apni bilkul bhi fikar nahin. It is not good to skip so many meals, tumhe kuch hogaya toh?" She could hear the concern in his voice.

"Kuch nahin hoga sir." But Maan wouldn't listen. He thought for a minute and told Geet to wait. He called Meera told her to go home now and get Geet's essentials packed for some days and then called his driver and send him to Meera's place where he was to pick up Geet's luggage and send it to the outhouse.

"Geet, jab tak tumhara plaster nahin khul jata tum mere ghar ke outhouse mein rahogi. Subha driver tumhe KC chodne ayga aur shaam ko tumhe wapas bhi leke jaega. Main Nakul se bol kar tumhara breakfast bhijwa diya karunga aud lunch aur dinner tum mere saath karogi." Geet found that Maan sir was over caring. She took all this very lightly as she has even in the past made a habit of skipping meals.

"Sir, main manage karlungi, aap kyun chinta karrahe hain. Kuch nahin hoga mujhe..."

"Nahin Geet, main kuch nahin sunna chahta hun. Maine keh diya so keh diya. Khaana nahin khaane ke wajha se weakness hojaegi. Tum gir gayi ya tumhe laggae to kaun aega tumhe bachane?"

"Sir agar marr bhi gae to kisse farak parta hain" She had meant it as a joke but Maan didn't find her statement funny. He was hurt by what Geet had said. He grabbed her by her shoulder and brought her close to him.

"Kya kaha? Kisse farak parta hain? Iska matlab ke main tumhara kuch bhi nahin? Dobaara kabhi marne ki baat mat karna Geet." He released her and left.


Geet smacked her head. 'Geet tu bhi na, yeh sab kya bol diya? Maan sir ko chinta horahin thi kyunki woh tujse pyaar karte hain. Ab woh nahin karenge to kya padosi karega? Ab inhe kaise manau?' She tried to locate him but couldn't Adi sir told her that he had gone out and might be back later. He gave her Arjun's appointment letter and asked how he was doing. He also asked her how come she got someone so quickly. She looked at Adi sir in wonderment and said that Arjun had a letter from KC for an interview. Adi wrinkled his brow; he didn't remember calling anyone yet. He still had to short list the candidates. They wondered. Geet said she will ask Arjun as she had to go up and check on everything anyways. She was going to go up when she felt someone's gaze on her. She looked around but everyone was busy with their work.

In BG Romeo was doing his work. Geet asked about Arjun. Romeo told her that he had taken a 5 minute break to make a call. Usually KC staff was not allowed to take breaks apart for lunch but since Romeo and Arjun worked for her she didn't mind. She returned to her work place and Maan sir was still not there. 'Hai Babaji, itna gussa. Ab mein kaise baat karun?'


She asked Adi sir for Maan sir's number and called him from his office.

"Hello, Maan sir?" Geet asked when the phone was picked up.




"Sorry sir, mera kehne ka matlab yeh nahin tha. Main toh mazaak karrahin thin."


"Sir maaf kardijie na. Gussa thook dijie na."


"Aap office kab wapas aarahe hain? Aap hi ne kaha tha ke hum lunch saath karenge."


"Theekh hai, jab tak aap wapas nahin aate aur mujhe maaf nahin karte, main bhi nahin kaungi"

She put the phone down and started working on her file. The phone rang several times but Geet didn't pick it up. 'Agar Maan sir ziddi hain to main bhi ziddi hu. Dekh the hai woh wapas kaise nahin aate.'

Geet kept working. It wasn't difficult since she had worked in a restaurant she knew what the essentials were and what was more of a luxury. The restaurant should be suitable for formal and also informal gatherings. Geet added facilities for small children, handicapped people and elderly. Meera had knocked on her door to tell her that all her stuff was packed and send off. She asked Geet where she was going.

Meera wasn't sure about it. But Dadi was there so Geet would be alright. Geet didn't say anything about their fight otherwise Meera would get tensed.


Sasha had to think. Geet and MK were to work on this project together. Tasha had told her what she had seen between MK and Geet and this just added fuel to the fire. MK was very particular about his work and Geet hadn't a clue (so she thought). That meant for her that she is bound to make mistakes and MK didn't even let his best employee's do them. She just had to wait for the next meeting. Meanwhile she also made preparations. She will show her ideas to the client when Geet fails. Sasha also had to do something about Samira but that had to wait.


Lunch time came and Maan entered his office to find Geet working. She had papers and notes all over the table and was looking at something with interest.

'Babaji, yeh wala idea toh bohut accha hai. Lekin iske liye hume ek room aur lagwana hoga. Pata nahin Maan sir permission denge ke nahin.'

"Geet." Geet turned around smiling happily.

"Aap aagae." She gave him a hug. Maan hugged her back. He couldn't really be angry on her and when she had said she won't have lunch without him he had wrapped up his work and returned as soon as possible. But he did want to punish her a little.

"Geet main wapas aagaya kyun ki maine kaha tha ke hum lunch saath karange aur Maan Singh Khurana kabhi apni kahi hui baat se nahin mukarta" he said in a strict way.

"Toh aap abhi bhi gussa hai?" Geet asked sadly releasing him.

"Hmm." Maan showed fake anger.

"Toh ab main kya karun?" she asked naively.

"You deserve punishment Geet aisi baat kehne ke liye." Geet nodded her head in agreement.

"Jo aap kaho mujhe manzoor hain."

"Pakka?" Maan asked.

"Punishment sunne ke baad mukar to nahin jaogi?" Geet shook her head.

Maan smiled, brought his face close to her and said:

"Geet, mujhe kiss karo." Geet made big eyes. First she thought of refusing but she knew he was angry on her once already and she had promised him, too. She turned her head and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Woh wala nahin, Geet, yeh wala" Maan said pointing towards his lips.

"Aap ne kiss kaha tha to yeh bhi kiss hi hai. Ab chalo lunch karte hain." She started to put the papers away and Maan looked at her lovingly. There really was no way of winning with her.



As mentioned in the note above chapter 17, the more likes and comments I receive, the likelier it is to get multiple updates a day...

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SO Arjun has been planted by someone it seems.. interesting. intrigued about Maans past too... thanks for updating and the pm. 

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arre yaar ye arjun koun hai

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wow awsome yaar...who is that arjun ??

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