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FF: Maaneet - Khurana Mystery Epilogue pg49 31.May

Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged

Hi, I am Mina and this is my first FF on Maaneet!!! Actually my first at all Tongue. I am sure most of you DON'T know me as I am a very silent reader...LOL he he he.
Ok, the story is completly written but not edited yet. I have only managed to edit the first few chapters which are ready to be posted.
Please leave comments and tell me how you like it!

While writing this story, I might have taken a few ideas from the original GHSP. I have not copied anyone elses idea and if there is any resemblence plz let me know as I did not do it delibratly. There are so many FFs on IF that I cannot keep checking. So plz let ME know first if you think I copied the idea. If anyone feels I have stolen their idea, SORRY in advance. I did not do it on purpose!

Character Sketch:

Maan Singh Khurana: MD of Khurana Constructions (KC) and almost the same as in the TV serial

Geet Handa: young, bubbly and an amazing cook. Quite innocent and sweet but she can get angry at times.

Savitry Devi Khurana: Grandmother (Dadima) of Maan, plays cupid for Maan and Geet

Aditya (Adi): head accountant, Maan's right hand and Dadi's spy in KC. He is famous for his stuttering and nerdish laughter

Pinky Manchanda: Receptionist of KC and in love with food and Adi. Very much like Geet.

Meera Suberwal: one of the head architects of KC and room mate of Geet. Both girls are like sisters

Other characters get introduced later, these are the main ones for the start!!!

(I will add pictures of Character's later, as these characters are widly known from the TV serial. Those that are new will get a face from me.)


Characters:                            Have a click - Just for fun

Chapter 1:    Geet and the Beast

Chapter 2:    Matchmaker Dadi

Chapter 3:    Job Interview

Chapter 4:    Ek Ladki

Chapter 5:    Bistro Geet

Chapter 6:    Dadi's Plan

Chapter 7:    Geet's Story

Chapter 8:    Heart vs Brain

Chapter 9:    BG Girl Geet

Chapter 10:  Feelings

Chapter 11:  Friends for Love

Chapter 12:  Truth and Truth

Chapter 13:  Food Festival

Chapter 14:  Guilt

Chapter 15:  Mission Geet

Chapter 16:  Healing Wounds

Chapter 17:  New Assistant

Chapter 18:  Punishment

Chapter 19:  Remembering old times

Chapter 20:  A step closer

Chapter 21:  Gujarati Love Story (Part 1)

Chapter 22:  Ek Katori Daal

Chapter 23:  Khurana Siblings

Chapter 24:  Faith

Chapter 25:  Gujarati Love Story (Part 2)

Chapter 26:  Case of Mistaken Identity

Chapter 27:  Only for You

Chapter 28:  Gujarati Love Story (Part 3)

Chapter 29:  Black Widow

Chapter 30:  Maan's Story

Chapter 31:  Connections

Chapter 32:  Mother's Love

Chapter 33:  The Great Gujarati Tamasha

Chapter 34:  Rahul

Chapter 35:  Like brother, like sister

Chapter 36:  The wedding

Chapter 37:  Back Home

Chapter 38:  Child's Sorrow

Chapter 39:  Concern

Chapter 40:  Tears

Chapter 41:  Relations

Chapter 42:  Note

Chapter 43:  Samira's Return

Chapter 44:  A day to Remember


Thank you post


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Mina420 Goldie

Joined: 17 April 2010
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Posted: 08 May 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged

Chapter 1:

Geet and the Beast


Geet was mad. Her best friend cum sister was crying again and she had had enough. How dare this boss of hers yell at her for HIS incompetence? She will show him. No one messes with Geet's friend.

Saying this she grabbed her purse, put on her glasses and left for Khurana Constructions. She had heard many tales about the MD of KC most of which agreed on him being mean, arrogant, rude and unbearably hot tempered. He was also supposed to be the living image of a Greek god but this did not interest Geet in any way.

She entered the building, presses the button for the 9th floor and waited for the door to open. The sight that welcomed her was shocking. The hallway was a mess. Paper and files lay around on the floor, people were scared, some were crying and one seemed to have fainted. She spotted Meera who was talking to on of her male colleague, sobbing.

"What on earth is going on here?" Geet asked Meera who was terrified seeing her friend here.

"Geet, OMG. Go home, my boss is in a terrible mood, if he sees you here he is going to freak even more."


Meera rolled her eyes and said:

"He doesn't need a reason. He is in a bad mood and that means even a fly can make him burst." The man next to her laughed. Geek It was in all means a nerdish laughter.

"Adi sir, stop laughing and start thinking. If we can't find the file in an hour we are so dead."

Geet had enough. This was pathetic. "CHUUUP" she screamed. The hallway fell silent. Everyone looked horrified at her. No one, absolutely no one had dared to raise his or her voice in KC, forget about screaming. And this girl just… they all silently prayed for Geet as they knew what was coming next. A door burst open and out he came. Tall, well built and well dressed he advanced the crowd. Then he stood right in front of her, his face radiating anger, his finger pointed towards her and his teeth gritting. "How dare you. Who gave you permission to yell in my office?" he said in a low and very threatening way that would have caused heart failure in even the fittest person. But he was talking to Geet who seemed to be born with an antibody to anger and hence was not at all affected. "I am Geet and I don't need permission. I can't think straight in noisy places and this situation here is just pathetic. If you wouldn't frighten these people but show them some respect they wouldn't make so many mistakes and" she continued as she remembered her primary reason for coming here. "How dare YOU yell at my friend? If you can't find a file, then stop putting the blame on others." Geet had started calmly and ended with one hand on her hip and poking one finger on the chest of the MD. He was taken aback. No one in his lifetime had been ever so unaffected by his anger. True all reacted differently, some only very little (thinking about his Dadima). But this girl, she is not only unaffected but also has the audacity to poke me into my chest. His anger started to return. Meera, who was amongst the audience watching this showdown closed her eyes after seeing the anger back on her bosses face. 'Red roses, yes. They are Geet's favourite. I will get some for her grave which she just dug herself' she thought.

The MD took another step forward and was just an inch away from Geet. He was about to say something when Geet held him by his broad shoulders and took two steps back. "You will get glasses if you come any closer. Haven't you been told? Getting too close to something can seriously damage eye sight and can further cause you getting specs. Not that I mind but I don't think it will go with you image. You know, you being angry young man and then the glasses. Though you could get contact lenses but they are a pain to put on and an even bigger pain if you forget to take them out. My friend had some ones and can you believe it the got stuck…" Geet rambled on.


"MK, what is going on here?" Geet was interrupted by a young lady who was wearing a mini dress revealing more than she should. Her face was plastered with tonnes of make-up and fake concern.

MK, who again was taken aback by Geet's actions, had come back to his senses ready to blow a fuse when Adi sir quickly said: "Sasha, we cannot find the Chopra project file." He hoped his boss would spare Geet. This was the first time someone had stood up to his boss and showed no fear. She indeed was special.

"Yes, I have it here" Sasha replied waving the file in the air.

"And why can't you call and inform the office about it? We turned the office upside down to find it and now you are telling me you had it all along? Give it to me, clean up the mess and inform me immediately when the clients arrive." With this he turned around and returned to his office. Meera was quick to pull Geet away so her boss' attention would stay away from her. This might just be a possibility for her to stay alive.

After a moment of silence there was a sigh of relief from everyone and out of habit Adi sir started his trade mark laughter. He quickly stopped though seeing the look on Sasha's face. Everyone disperse and Meera convinced Geet to go home. She was reluctant as she still wasn't done with her boss but she gave in to Meera's plea.


Adi was excited. After the meeting he quickly called Dadima.

"Hello, Nakul?" Adi said.

"Nahin hum Savitry Devi bat kar rahe hain" a proud but calm voice replied.

"Hello Dadima, hum Adi bol rahe hai. Aap kaisi hain?"

"Hum theek hain. Bolo kya hua?"

Adi narrated the entire story to Dadima and she was overjoyed.

"Sach Adi, ab to hume is ladki se mila hoga. Aap pata kije wo kaun hain aur kya karti hain lekin kisi ko yeh mat batana ke humne poocha."

"Theek hai, main phone rakta hu Maan sir ajaenge."


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Mina420 Goldie

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Chapter 2:

Matchmaker Dadi


Maan Singh Khurana sat down his chair. He was proud, proud of himself and his achievements. Today he managed to make a very good proposal. The clients were impressed but also a little afraid by this hardworking and angry young man. Yes, hard work and a pinch of fear is the perfect combination to get every person to do what he wants. Wait, every person? He thought back about the incident before the meeting and anger rose in him. He had forgotten about that girl because most parts of his mind were busy preparing for the meeting. And those that weren't were cursing Sasha for her carelessness. He called Adi to his office.


"YYYeeess siirrr." Adi crossed his fingers hoping this was not about Geet.

"Adi, who was that girl and why was she here?" MK asked strictly.

Adi undid the cross behind his back, there really was no point.

"Who ssirrr??" He asked.

Maan looked Adi straight into his eyes. He knew Adi too well.

"The girl who created such a drama today in the office."

"I don't know siiirrr, seen her for the first tttiiimmmee ttoooddaayyy."

Maan was about to further interrogate Adi when his phone ran. It was important so he knew it would take long. He gave Adi permission to leave and Adi was just too happy to oblige.


The day went on and Adi was trying to find a convenient moment to ask Meera about Geet. But luck was not on his side today. The day was chaotic especially because Pinky the receptionist was down with food poisoning again. It was the second time in a month and Maan sir was not happy. Since Pinky was missing someone else had to fill in and the fact that MK's secretary had just been fired was not helping either.

The day ended and Adi quickly asked Meera if he could give her a ride back home. It was completely unnecessary because Meera's apartment was just 10 minutes walking distance away. But she was tired and accepted happily.

On their way Adi tried to ask as much as possible about Geet. Meera was not at all suspicious. She thought it was because of the office incident that he was asking.


Later on Adi called Dadima.

"Hello Adi, jaldi bataye, kya pata kiya?"

"OK, her name is Geet Handa, she is cook from profession and lives with Meera. Couldn't find out much about her family, only that they past away and have left everything to Geet. Also, she is currently looking for a job."

"Job? Well then how about Maan's secretary?"

Adi almost dropped the phone.

"Oh no Dadima, Maan sir ne agar Geet ko dekh liya to job dena to door use zinda nahin chorenge."

"OK ok. Let's think. Hmm, waise Pinky ne kuch socha? Aapne usse to bataya hoga na?"

"Nahin, usse phir se food poisoning hui hain. Pata nahin office ka khana hain ya kuch aur?"

"OH, I see. Adi ek kaam kije." There was a plan cooking up in Dadi's head.

"Call Geet and say that you are calling on my behalf. We would like to offer her a job as permanent bistro manager. If she is interested she should meet me tomorrow itself at lunchtime at Khurana Mansion."

Adi obliged not understanding what good will it do if Geet worked in a bistro. But little did he know how brilliant this plan was.


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Vaidhumom IF-Dazzler

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Good Going dear ...not at all boring...Continue

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monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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good going well start conti soon

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Mina420 Goldie

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I got replies YAY. THNAKS a bunch.

@ rupzloveu: thnx for the comment, it is going to get better

@ 9n9i9s9h9u9: thnx for liking it. I have send u a friends request, plz accept so I can send u a pm for next time.

@ Vaidhumom: thnx, i feel encouraged to continue

@ monikaseth: thnx, I will continue soon, maybe in short time

ok, anyone want PM, just let me know.

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