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hey guys...i am a huge stelena and damon fan well as a couple i love stelena and want damon for all myself Wink..lolz...i wrote an os on them... before u start reading i wanna say that these are just random thoughts i had no perfect storyline in my mind so it maybe bad...anyways here is it enjoy...

                                     YOU ARE ALL I NEED…


I stared at the retreating back of figure going away from me.  It was a long, dark night but now I was feeling like the darkness of the night was slowly engulfing my world…my life. Tears were running down my cheeks burning them but they were hidden beneath the rain drops falling on my face. I wanted to stop him….I wanted to hide myself in his embrace, tell him that I do not want us to be apart anymore. I know I was the one who took that decision but wasn't I the one who denied it later. I don't know what I was going to do without him in my life but he said that falling in love with him was the biggest mistake of my life. He was becoming smaller as the distance between us was increasing and the pain embracing my heart was becoming stronger. It felt like acid was flowing inside my veins slowly burning my entire body torturing me to death. He was almost out of my sight when I ran behind him unable to take the pain anymore shouting his name as loud as I could at that time. The fresh tears forming in my eyes blurred my vision as I searched for him hysterically…..

"I am STEFAN….Stefan Salvator" that was the first time I heard his voice and also touched him first time. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. It was a different feeling I felt when his hand came in contact with mine….it was something new….Something I can't ever explain. I withdrew my hand as soon as I realized I was all drooling over him and he was smirking. His face was so perfect, I made never seen anyone so handsome in my life, his features were so perfect…almost inhumane it was his first day in collage my luck he was sitting behind me in our first class. I was not able to concentrate on the lecture his divine face kept coming in front of my eyes. Suddenly I heard my name and realized the teacher had asked me a question…I stood up and fumbled for words but the teacher insulted me. The class started laughing and I realized that Mr. Stefan Salvator  was getting in my head…..

He was nowhere. I knew that I could never find him If he didn't wanted to be found. But still a searched for him shouting his name but the only reply that came was the sound of rain falling. I felt my heart beating fast and the pain increasing. It was as if someone was twisting my heart with all his might. I placed my hand on my heart and fell due down due to a rock. I remembered when he had pleaded me….he would have felt the same at that time…and I…I have been so brutal.

We were practicing volley ball in collage when I tripped and fell on him. He was laughing but I was blushing. We had been pretty good friends by now infact we had confessed out love for each other by now. We were madly in love. You could say that we were a lovey dovey couple. My hand was on his chest exactly where his heart was supposed to be. My heart was beating so fast that I could hear my heart beats but I could feel nothing inside his chest. As if there was a hollow space inside his chest instead of a heart. I pressed my hand harder on his chest in order to feel his heartbeat but all I could feel was ….NOTHING. I suddenly felt goose bumps and stood up immediately. He saw me and understood that something is wrong. He even asked me "have I sprained my ankle?" I replied "no" and went away from there. He followed me to the parking lot and asked me again "is there a problem elena?". He was smiling my favorite smile. He knew I couldn't resist it. I looked at him smiling at me felt as if everything was okay…normal…perfect. That was the kind of effect he had on me. I forced a smile and hugged him dying to feel his arms around me and once again placed my hand upon his chest. There was still no feeling. I jerked back and said that I needed sometime alone. He understood and let me go.

I came back home and sat on my remembering those weird moments. Sometime he seemed too perfect to be a human. He walked so gracefully, he danced so perfectly, he had a divine face, a melodious voice and whatever he did was perfect…in its own way unusual. I remembered how once I had seen him run fast almost too fast for a human it was only for a fraction of a second then he had noticed my presence in his room. He hardly ate or drank something. He was sometime so mysterious….and this one time I thought I had seen his eyes changing color to red when I had cut my hand with a knife… is he a….?i stood up from my bed and dialed his no…."hello" he said "I need to meet you…."

"What are you?"I asked bewildered, scared, almost feeling crazy. He stared at me for a long time until I said again "what are you?" I could see the tears in his eyes. He took a deep breath and said "u know!" he raised his hand to touch mine but I moved back this time shouting "WHAT ARE YOU?" his hand was stopped mid air. Everything was happening which he feared would happen one day. "I was scared this day would come. Before I tell u what you want to hear I want u to hear what I want to say" elena "no I do not to hear anything else just answer my question" stefan "elena please.." elena "NO GOD DAMIT JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION" stefan " a vampire" my eyes opened in shock and  fear captured my whole body. This was exactly the thing which he feared the most. I being scared of him…I being scared of loving him. I started moving backwards trying to absorb what I just heard. He moved towards me "Elena…." I looked at him and turned to run away but within a fraction of second he was standing in front of me. I screamed and pushed him backwards running in opposite direction. He stood there watching me run inside the old building of our collage and whispered "I love you." I opened the door of one of the classrooms and ran inside locking it hoping that he would not get to me. just then I heard him speaking my name softly as if he was talking to a child. A didn't replied instead I covered my mouth with my hands so that he cannot hear my breath but I forgot that he can hear my heart beats. He said softly in his mesmerizing voice "Elena…plz let me in…I know u r inside..just near me once" Elena "no just go away" Stefan "plz don't be scared of me" Elena "how is this possible…how can u be true" Stefan "I know its hard to believe but there are creatures around in the world whom u just consider myths and old stories…I am one of them" Elena "no this can't be happening…." Stefan " plz just hear me out okay" Elena "no leave me alone" Stefan "no" Elena "why?" Stefan "because I know that you are afraid of darkness" I felt his pain in those words he just spoke. I was thinking of him as a monster and al he could think about was I would be scared in the darkness. I looked around me and realized he was right I was sitting in a completely dark room. Then I heard the door opening and he walked in like an angel walks. I looked at him but didn't retread backwards this time. He sat down infront of me and grabbed me from the shoulders. His grip was so gentle as if he was holding a flower petal. He looked in my eye and said "plz Elena don't tell anyone about me…..i am supposed to be a nightmare let me be that…don't turn this nightmare into reality" I flinched at his words and stood up releasing myself from his grip. He also stood up waiting for my answer but I just moved forward. He voice stopped me mid way "Elena….just remember that I love you" I couldn't take it anymore and ran outside.

I met him after a week after a lot of thinking and told him that I will not tell anyone about him but we can't be together. He tried to convince me that he loves me but I just left him… he has left me now.

Later on I realized that I loved him. My life felt hollow without him like the sun never came out and the darkness never ended. Like I was running in a dark alley which lead me to nowhere except even more darkness. I lead him out of life and with him went away all my happiness, my reason to smile, my reason to live…my reason to love. I was exactly like when my parents had died and I woke every day captured in the thoughts of the beautiful moments which I spent with him and every day I faked a smile on my face saying "its new day, a new start" and all day would end with me roaming around in my past searching past different memories trying to find the right one which would bring the smile on my face. I had enough of it. I decided to meet him and told him that I do not want us be apart anymore. He was extremely happy. It didn't bother me that he was a vampire who even thirst for my blood….what mattered was that his love for me was stronger than the thirst –the one thing for which he killed. days went by and he opened up to me, he told me that he was a vegetarian I laughed at it but realized how much strength it took him to survive only on animal blood. I didn't wanted anything more than to be with him. Everything was perfect. The sun was right in its place and its soft bright light filled into the darkest corners of my world enlightening them with the brightness and purity of his love….until……………………………………………..

It was the evening of the day before yesterday ….

I screamed with agony as a girl named Katherine twisted my arm. I could hear the sound of my bone breaking. I fell on the ground and grabbed my broken arm still screaming unable to take the pain. It took him only a second to reach where we were. Within a second he was sitting right beside me. My face in hands and agony written on his face. I hated seeing him in that miserable condition because of me. I had already given him a lot of pain didn't want to give him more. Then suddenly his eyes became red and he growled at that other girl……

Stefan had told me about her she was his ex GF….he had told me how she had betrayed him and his brother. His past didn't mattered to me what mattered was that his present was with me. He told me because he thought that after seeing her picture I would think he came back to mystic falls because of her and I was an infatuation to fill the hollow space which she had left in his life. but it didn't mattered to me I had already taken his test once after telling him to stay away from me didn't want to take one more. I could tell how much it hurt him that I thought him of as a monster….a living nightmare.                

Katherine smiled at him and said "it's been a long time love! Isn't it?" Stefan again growled as a reply. I was in too much pain to notice what was happening around me. All I could notice was the intense pain shooting through my arm. Stefan "why did you came back?" kat "for you" Stefan "get lost" kat "aww…Stefan it's not a nice way to welcome your love back In ur life" Stefan "u are not my LOVE" kat "oh! Is that so? Then why did you fell in love with a girl who looks exactly like me?" Stefan "she may look exactly like you but she is nothing like you Katherine" within a second Katherine was on top of Stefan who was lying on the ground beside me. She brought her face inches close to him and said "I know that you still love me Stefan…u love me once you will love me again" "…"I managed to say his name and he  looked at me " d..on't le..ave me….pl.z" Stefan pushes her off of him and grabbed her from her neck. He smacked her head against the wall and gave her a piece of his mind telling her once and for all that now his life revolves around me. Katherine became angry and within the next second my neck was in her hands. Her pointed nails exactly upon my trachea. Stefan "leave her alone" Katherine "why? If you can't be mine Stefan I won't let you be her either" Stefan took a step towards her and she said "oh no no no stay where you are or she will lose her life" Stefan stopped and pleaded "plz let her go" Katherine "okay" with this she pushed me and my head hit against the edge of the wall. Once again same sensation of pain shot inside my head and then everything went black.

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was his face….the face of my angel. I hugged him and then asked him about Katherine. He replied that he took care of her she won't bother us again. Then the today he called me where exactly I had told him to meet me when I told him that we can't be together anymore. He told me exactly the same thing saying that his world is too dark for someone with a too bright soul like me.

 I pleaded him just like he had pleaded me but then it was of no use and I was lying here shouting his name. My fractured arm hurt and my head too but the pain was un noticeable against the severe pain in my heart. It was like my heart was laughing at me beating at double rate…pumping acid to my whole body exactly when I wanted it stop. Stop so that the pain can stop. Stop so that I can die if I have to live without him…..but instead it laughed back at me and kept beating forcing me to live through this torture. I haven't realized that I was lying on the road by now. I realized it when I heard the noise of a car horn. It gave me peace to think about death at that time. I closed my eyes and waited patiently for that truck to crush me as the pain in my heart kept increasing……………….

I opened my eyes and saw his face and realized that I was in heaven with him because there was no other place where we could be together again. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. I tried to raise myself but couldn't it hurt. He bent down so I could hug him and I did. The similar feeling of protection shoot inside my body and it felt better to be once again locked in his embrace. "I love u" I whispered and he replied back the same thing. "Are we dead?" I asked. "Don't know about u but I am…it's been quite a while though" he replied. I snuggled closer in his chest and he replied "I am sorry" Elena "for what?" Stefan "for thinking about leaving you" Elena "u should be" Stefan "I am" Elena " don't ever do that to me again…okay" Stefan "I won't. I promise" Elena "but u were gone..I searched for you everywhere" Stefan "no I was never gone...I was right there walking with you" Elena "I knew u were" Stefan "I am so sorry…I promise I will never leave u again" Elena " I will kill you again before that thought comes in your mind." We both laughed and the new start of our life started….

Few months later….

I looked at my dress in the mirror it was a black halter neck which extended up to my knees. "you are taking me to a vampire party exactly!" Stefan while reading a magazine " yuP" he popped the P. "a house full of vampires right?" Stefan "unhun" Elena "and it does not bother u that I am a human" Stefan "they are my friends Elena" Elena "okay…but they are still vampires…btw are they all vegan?" Stefan "nope…some of them" Elena "okay…so what about the rest of them?" Stefan looked up at me and asked for my hand I gave him and he made me sit in his lap "Elena u will not be the only human there…" Elena "there will be more?" Stefan "yes…it's a different thing some of them will be dinner and some will be other vampire's girl friend like you are mine" Elena "other vampires do also have human girl friends?"  Stefan "yeah…but they eat them up when they get bored of them…" Elena "get bored" Stefan held my face in his hands and replied " Elena I will never risk your me I will never take you somewhere where there is any kind of danger for u" I smiled and he returned it back….

We went to the party and it was a lot of fun. Everyone was very friendly although some gave me comments that I smell delicious they thought that it was nice if they gave that comment to someone. Well hello someone should ask me how scared I felt at that time. The party continued we danced and enjoyed like hell. The funny thing was that there were human waiters who were serving blood….it was different thing that sometime they were themselves served. We were sitting at the table just the two of us after dancing when I asked him "are you drinking human blood?" Stefan "yes…but no human is killed for it" Elena "yeah right I can see that" I signaled towards a group who were feeding on a poor waiter. He smiled his breath taking smile and replied "Elena did I told you whose party is it?" I nodded in disagreement and he said " is queen Susan's party" Elena "queen?" Stefan "yeah long story…but as she is the queen of vampires not all some of them……she has some actually a no of human employees who work for her." Elena "is she ur queen too?" Stefan "no she is my friend" Elena "okay" Stefan " so what these workers have to do is eat a lot, stay healthy and donate her blood whenever she wants it." Elena "oh" just then a waiter came and asked "sir O-negative or A-positive" Stefan "O-negative plz"  the waiter went away and I said "okay what was that" Stefan smiled and replied "ohh the queen has every blood type donor" Elena feeling weird "okay so does every blood type has a different taste?" Stefan while taking a sip of it "yup" Elena "so what is you fav. Blood type?" she laughed after asking that question. Stefan "O-positive" Elena "OKAY…why?" Stefan "it has a different taste…I like it…..Somewhat like a fruit punch" I burst out laughing and he said "what" I replied "Nothing..just nothing…okay so what does O-negative taste like" Stefan "it has a bitter taste to it…a vampire gets drunk after drinking it…you can say it is our tequila" I again laughed and almost two other vampires looked at me. I controlled my laugh and asked "okay…so what about A-positive" he made a disgusting face and said "it is very sour" Elena "B-negative" Stefan "sweet"  Elena "AB?" Stefan "okay enough…I think that we should leave" Elena "no I wanna know" Stefan "I will tell u some other time" I smiled at him and said "promise" Stefan "no" Elena "awww.." Stefan "get up madam"

After the party we were walking on the beach I had taken few shots of tequila while he had drank few glasses of O-negative blood type. Waves hit us on our feet as we walked hand in hand. Then suddenly he stopped and spun me around. I hit him in his chest. Then he grabbed my hand in his one hand and placed my other on his shoulder and his on my waist. "dance with me Elena" he said…I smiled and replied "no music Stefan" he smiled back and said "there is.."Elena "oh where is it?" Stefan "inside you …..the rhythm of your heart beat" Elena "I can't hear it Stefan" Stefan "well I can" with this he picked me up from my waist and placed me on top of his feet and we started dancing on the rhythm of my heart beat.


 P.S: okay guyz so how was it??...plz ignore my mistakes and other errors i have not re-read it...lolz i have never drank blood so don't know how it tastes...everything was was just my imagination...hope u all enjoyed it as much as i did while writing press the button and comment if u liked it.


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