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RBO Members Experience meetn YM & KT-up pg6,12 (Page 12)

minnu345 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged

mein tho mar gayiii
u guys r sooo lucky

i am really thank full to all
for sharing such a news with all of us
i appreciate ur efforts

karan and yashu were sooo

kashhh mein bhi ek din shanak se mil patha
actually i am little bit jealous of u

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Also the reasons why we didn't inform of this visit was because we were not sure at first if it was possible and when it did happen, it was all in a spur of the moment. in fact even my call was spur of the moment. Not only that we wanted the mission to be successful for the first time and didn't want too many people to go on this mission since it was the very first time. We didn't want to create unnecessary drama or any hulchul on this forum so we had to keep hush hush and had to select few people to visit. We didn't even know about the visit till the evening before saturday. Since this was sort of an experiment so please forgive us. In the next occasion we will plan it in better terms and might try to get different people to visit. Please forgive us!

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Ankita's Experience

Originally posted by krock

@all it was the best day ever yaar...we had so much fun...yashu is such sweety and kt is  very cuteee. jab hum log wah gaye na thy wer shooting for sum scen shan was with some clothes and khank daat rahi thi...thy treat us very well ha...the set was full of ac he he he ...then ym came to us  said hi we told her wer from india forumes ...then she greeted us ...usne sabke nam pooche kha se ya ho wo pooch a but usk ashort that to wo gayi...but later she agin came and karishma and shalu wering chit chtting with her she is super frendly and sweetheart yaar...she geled with us thtn kt came hiyaaa its like dream came trueDay Dreaming...he shook hands with us belive me best experienced ever ...then we chit chat then we told him to talk with rooji then kt said its luch time so he went awy to get eat his lunch and ym and him both ask us tohave lunch with them so we did we wer with ym she said shell ate with us...we had lots of talks she ate daal rice she was kind  sick cold ho gaya tha usko aur kt dono ko...and then the food was gr8 yar hommade ...then ym called her cat she was talking with her she sweety yaar...then kt came as thy wer shooting with manini so kt and ym took us to taht dining table area...u guyz we sat on khndelwal dining table lol i wa slike so happyBig smile...we gave them gifts...kari and shllu wer sitting with kt and me with ym...thy both wer so happy to see the calenders...Dancingwe told them its on behalf of india forum...ym was so happy ...she loved it too much and kt was surprised he told woo u guyz have that much pic of us ...she said u guyz r sweetest...and then we gave them ganesh ka murti...ym was like cute liitele child she was giglling and all and  she love dthe ganpati kamurti she wanted to used the bubble rap she was playing with it and she asked kts bubble rap too but he said"tumhare paas hain na " but ym was like sweet child no mujhe wo bhi cahiye ...he said nahi yar tumhare pass hain an this one is mine...thy both wer pulling each other leg(i dnt meant literally  pulling ha) so thy fredn said tum dono bhi na school kids ki tarh ho then tahy both laughed ...ym and kt both loved the gift...then we cliked rhos pics and we said tum dono ka ek bhi photo nahi tha we wnat so we clicked pics  ...kt ka short tha so he wen t way...he wished me "happy birthday"he told me to talk much he he hes sweetu...then kt and manin wer shooting kt was doing moon walk  lolDay Dreamingthen we went in yms room we had lots of chts we giggled gossiped lol ya and she such sweetu...she was so free with us its like our girl day she shoed us all the picutes of her ...native place the photos she took her mom and all...she told  us abt she met  karan sing gorover se said he really nice guy...and she also told ke it was our dear khshboo bhbies annversary yesterday...she told us abt her dance class...hw much she loves to eat magoes and all...she speak so nicly and we spoke in marathi...humlog itn ajokes maar rahe the hass rahe the some peple came and told ur voice is going out lol we had fun then thy called ym for shot she read her line for only once her memory is good  then she went to gave her short we wer ther...it was some scn that kt and ym supposed to com efrom staires and thy wer taaking abt sahsa nad psp then shaan says some shyari and hum log niche hi khade the saties ke idher  un logo ne 4 retkae liye finally the shot was done it was nice experienced  and then kt started laghing cuz it was really funny dilaogs then dono ka pack up ho gaya
we talked with manini too she really nice yaar...she was chit chatting with us we told her hw much we love her as sasha and all she and kt wer sharing gr8 rapture  and ym and manini k like sisters so sweet...then ym was very happy the pack up was early so we hugged her last time she told us to take care
so thas it that was time 1.30 till 4.30 we wer ther thy all being so kind our serial relaly rocks guyz thes acters evn set peple r relaly genuin and good log ha thy r like rbo family
kt to cool dude yar hes rockstar and very sweet a nd y also rushed and ll wer nt ther  so overall it was best experiencd to see hw much effort thy take iys easy for us to critisize but the effort thy take r so undscribable...best experience and kt to full time gane hi gata rehta hain ...he he heEmbarrassedthy r very nice peple like us and very down to earth

oh i forgot  u knw kt full tim gana hi gaa rah tha and we complaint them aap log hemsha mobile main he rehte ho thy both laghed and then kt srted singing song he he hes so cuteee so we asked ym yeh kya hemsha gana hi gata rehta hain to she said ke ha wo hemsh aa isa hi karta hain and she told ke mujhe to purane gane pasand hain to jab main gati hu tab bolta hain kis purne gan egati hu aur kuch der baad khud hi wo gane gana suru ho jat ahin lol kt is so cuteee
ym told her abt her meeting with madhuri and all  and she told ke usko perfum bahot pasand hain ...and hw she loves to dance and all and hw she big foody
usko aur kt ko abhot cold tha...but we had fun  she showed us party pics and all
rushed and khsboo was nt ther ther shoot was late and maish ka bhi 4 baje ke baad so humko mil nahi paye she told rushli adn khsboo r very sweet and nice she loevs to be with themDay Dreaming
yashu is very slim guyz bahot slim hain wo screnn par lagta nahi par she svery slim and beautful re loved her smile and kt is gorachiita munda both gotra gora and kind shy lol hes said yo yo too ROFL

Shalu's Experience

Originally posted by rbo_d_best

Hello My Lovely Ladies !!!!!
Thanks Ankita/Rooj for summming everything up So welll !!!!!!
It was an amazin experience...Truly Worth all the Trouble !
KT and YM are amazingly talented people and very mature and downtoearth ... We should all really be proud of being fans to these two , Khandelwals , Manish and Ansha !
Though we dint get to meet Sunil, Madz, Khusboo and Akshay as they had shoots later in the evening... But yes... KT YM ke Darshan hogayee ... DIL KHUSH !!!!!
YM is very talkative just like any other girl ... Hahahhahaha ...
She s extremely pretty and slim ! She s B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ... The camera fails to capture her complete beauty !
KT doesnt talk as much as compared to her .. Obviously he is a Guy... I Hope we dint make him shy by droooling and all.. LMAOO .. .. ... But MAN he looks H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E !
And they reallly loved the gifts ... The Calendar bowled them over ... They even loved the Ganesha idols and the one gifted to the team ! We even gifted KT a Huge Birthday Card !!!!
They had back to back scenes yet they made sure that we were attended to... KT was full on busy...Shooting first with YM then Manini and then again with YM ...
Poor Souls, they are very hardworking ...Being here as spectators, we cant imagine the amount of hardwork they put in for 30 mins of the episode !!!!!!!
So i would really urge all my fellow friends here to Not Criticise them or their acting abilities  ...
They give their BEST .. Trust Me ..They Do !

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-Veena- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Shalini.. Kay.. Anki.. Rooj.. the lucky ducks!!!AngryAngryEmbarrassed
Reading all your experience sound like soo much fun. What more does a fan want other than feel good about the actors they like and YM and KT sure did prove that true. Truly good people and no airs about themselves make them worth the fans they have. They surely are loved and with the hard work and the amazing attitude they have they will have lots of successes.


Loved the pics.. Dammmit… wishing I could be there with you!

All and all what a fun experience and great way to show that we love this show and really appreciate all their hard work. Kudos to them!


Thanks for sharing dearies… Lots of loves!Hug

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rooj-i IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
@ Veena:

Can you make it a sticky? if not it's ok...

@ Shals and Anki:

can you inform more about the Calendar talks? Tell us what they said about calendar and the dates and their favorites. please!

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k.krithika Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Thanks Rooj, Ankita and Shalu for sharing ur experiences with us Big smile
I am happy for u guys its so nice to hear u all had a great time Big smile
Karan and Yashashri are the best very down to earth we all love them they are so sweet Heart
Thanks for sharing Big smile

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged

my exp0erience:)

kkk as v entered at around 12.45 or so my heart beats at d fastest rate ever... v go enter d khandelwal house v c on tv everyday d door was big n i stepped in wid my right feet as shubh kadam...lmao

 v go in n d spot boy treats us so well wid water n all they were tooo sweet to do tht:)

yasharan shooting fr a scene v saw them once coming out n n i was like omggg i saw them i saw them n was juming in my mind...shals being d strict mmma shouted at me...lol anki was busy laughing throughout

finally after 15mins they arrive...frst iits karan omggg he comes wid his cell phone in his ahnd looking dashing as ever n sooo cute he comes says hello grls n v all get up to wish him...he says hi to anki frst then shals n then me... he touched me so swetly haaayeee i fainted in my mind...lmao i told him hi im karishma n hes like nice meeting u karishma n then i go staright away saying yr so cute n hes lke thnk u smiling:)

yasha comes in wishes us all trust me shes super super thin n has a fab figure szhes suh a beauty...she looked superb shes greeted us so sweetly sat wid us n so did karan but he had to shoot n went back saying he shall b back in 5mins n yasha sopke a little but was called back to shoot so both went n then after 10mins were back:)

they offered us lunch n all n yasha had lunch sitting wid us sooo sweet of her never seen any1 do tht as a star:)
she was just like any grl all chatting n enjoying she told us all abt her n v shared how v love her n karan n their scenes n then she told us to meet her cute cats they were so cute...kt was having lunch wid d team right behind us n after lunch he came back

 v went 2wrads heir dining area to show d gts:)
yasha n anki sat at one end n me nshals n karan at one... v gave them d calenders wich were truly oustanding yasha was like omggg totally she loved it sooo much n karan was suprprised to c how v fans dd all this he loved it n was preety impressed... v spoke to karan like any guy frnd n he was super sweet...i was sitting next to him n he clicked d frst pic wid me on d table side both r facesomggg he was like to cute really

then v gave d other gfts n all they loved tht too:)
then v all took pics 2fgether n kt holdded frm my back cause i was abt to trip at one moment...lol he was like b careful awww

later on he had a scene so he said gr8 to meet u guys n thnks so much fr d gfts n all n he shaked hands wid all n gacve his cute cute smile...i gave a side hug omggg but it was like so normal he was pretty chilled out...i asked yasha how she loved d gfts n she totally loved them n thnked us all. v did mention all u guys ourt here :)

rooji sppoke to both on d phone n both loved speaking to her karan n his english n rooji wid hers had a gr8 convo karan was smiling n yasha talking to rooji was laugh n laugh:)

 then yasha brought in manini n v met her n shes such a darling she was dam,n sweet:)

later on yasha told to come in her room as thee was a hall scene of sasha n shaan so v went into her room n chatted wid her fr an hour i guess just as berst buddies do she totally is normal n down to earth very very sweet
 v laughed giggled n saw her pics to malvan n 100epi pics n all...shes very simple n sweet n talks like so sweetly:)

shals n anki being marathis had fun alking to her n i was like just listening o d marathi yap yap...lol

yasha called me talkative too...lol shes like yeh bahut bolti hai...lol

 at laast v sw shanak last scene of d day at 4 they id just a small rewhersal n it was  a  2 take shot karan n yashu remember their lines in just like 5mins not much time n d expressions r all their own really

hatts off to them fr d natral acting tht they do...manini was also there wid us looking at d scene
 atlast at 4.30 it was pack up fr yasharan yasha left wid us hugging us n saying bye n karan left a little early than us like 5mins  or so...

never seen a team greet fans so sweetly they took good care of us wid asking fr water tea n lunch so sweet indeed
karan n yashu...very down to earth sweet n they did open up much more tahn wat i expected them to b:)

d bestest lifettime experience for me indeed

i remebered u all in my heart every1 but wen kt was next to me i was like otally omggg he took my name twice while near d dinning table...lol n it was gd to c him b so sweet
 n yes gals i did yo yoyoy wid him n he did it fr me too...lol

MY LOVELY EXPERIENCE:)Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2011 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
thanks for sharing kari..seems u three had gr8 fun with them in the sets..with ur experiences with them it is like falling in love with them all over again..ur comments that went on in ur head was cute..thanks yaar..

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