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Monday 9/5/11

Starts with Aakash and Co - daddy is upset that almost 6 lakhs was spent on him.
Mommy says that it is his hard earned money and he has every right " neenga thaan
mukkiam engalukku " Raani is standing away - guilty aa . Sarrojja starts her drama -
" um humm, na solla maattenga...neenga thOondi viduvinga, apram naan ketta
per vanguven.." Mr.Saroja does not know what hit him "ennagada kashtam?? enakku theeni
thavira yethuvume theriyaathe??" look. Finally after a lot of pisukkaram, Sarroojja says
that her hubby wants 4 lakhs for running a hotel business. Father is categorical -
"nee enna vena ninaichukkO, 3 lakhs will be divided equally among us. 1 for you,
1 for me and yr mom and the third for Aakash" Sarroojja kku pidikkalai intha division.
Aakash says that akka can take his share " maama business panni munnukku vantha
nallathu thaane??" Now dad does the stupidest thing - gives away his share also.
Aakash promises to arrange for 1 lakh loan " will pay back correct aa?? " On behalf of
hubby Sarrojja promises "athellam correct aa kattiduvaar " Raani is also asked and she
has no objection to give everything to Sarrojja. Amma kku romba gushi (ninaitha thai
nadathiye mudippaval naan naan naan - BG by Roja )
Aakash is happy that Raani also
agreed with his decision - asks Raani to get him a cuppa.

MMM is on his way back home - park maama is coming back home also and meets
sonny darling - who gives him a lift in the car. Well, Park also gets to know that MMM
Nandhini helped senior MMM - " shed ippO fulla ours " Both reach home - Archu the
Jalli Kattu KAlai is all ready to pounce. Park gives her the grocery and says that he
 is happy about MMM getting sole possession of the shed - Archu sends hubby for
a wash and erupts " never thought that you were such a meanie !!!!! How can you do
this to us??" Park thinks that she is talking about his white collared job and finally
comes to know that she refers to his cootchi cooing with LR 1 " I thought that you
have come here with good intention but alas, it is not so. You, your wife and darling
 DSDR ellarum marupadi my hbby ai mOttai adikka plan Oda thaan vanthu irukkenga..
Bhanu saw you cootchi cooing with them !!!"  - MMM arrives , hears Archu shouting
and shouts back " Odane mannippu Kelu " Archu refuses ...still MMM does not
know why Archu got angry .. words fly back and forth and finally learns the scenario.
MMM is stunned but says that his dad would never do such a thing but Park agrees
 and narrates as to how he met his wife and son. MMM insists that Archu should apologize...Archu stands her ground ...Park offers to leave the house, MMM stops
but Archu flares " avar thaan pOrennu solraare, let him go .." MMM slaps Archu
uh huh. Finally Park repents, agrees to stay provided Archu agrees...and promises
 that he will never ever see his wife and DSDR " Believe me darling DIL.." - who
snorts " show me in action, apram nambaren.."


Tuesday 11/5/11

Intha kashta kaala serial kku update vera yaa??? Roja 4 lines thaan allowed grrr

Archu is all normal the next morning which makes MMM and his dad sing an
ashtothram - "you are a great person..romba pakkuvam..blah blah " Archu says
that all in the game of life " I expressed my displeasure and you showed yours by
hitting me...forget and move"

DSDR is acting as a deaf and dumb person - kaile oru note book, Rajjaaa Vasool Raajjja
DSDR - Bg by Roja -
begging everywhere , LR 1 sees this and confronts sonny. Sonny
plays the usual game of " no one gives me work because of my FIL ... water beating kku I can't ask you for money...athaan.." LR 1 apdiye urugings ...drags sonny to the temple
" today is your wedding anniversary !!"

MMM's shed - 5 cars are ready for sale. Shiva brings 2 people - 2 cars taken. Vinod calls and books one car. MMM calls Nandini " your relative wanted a car !!! I have one ready  " Kai neriya kaasu - finally Shiva is given some money - who first refuses but MMM insists - money given.

Temple - DSDR is grumbling about being in the wrong place " bar le irukkame ..inge
vanthu..." Reva and parents come to the same temple Reva walks in DSDR dashes..
she turns shouting " pOrruukkii" - hubby and wife ...face to face...DSDR smiles...Reva frowns...


Update for Wed, May 11, 2011:

Temple - RS and family come to the temple.  Reva goes on ahead into the temple, while RS and wifey buy the archana thattu.  Inside, Reva collides with Vasu outside one of the sannidhis.  Bhagyam comes there and asks Reva if she came to the temple because it is their wedding anniversary.  RS comes in, hears this and gets angry with wife - Is this why you came here?  No, I had no idea, in fact, Reva didn't even want to come and came only because I insisted.  No, no, you are lying.  No, ennai nambunga, I didn't even know it was their anniversary and they don't usually come to this temple.  Yey, if I find that you and Reva are conspiring and doing this to me, I won't hesitate to cut you both into pieces, kovilnu kooda paarkka maattaen.  Ennai nambunga.

Reva tells Bhagyam she had no idea it was her anniversary, she came because it is krithigai.  Bhagyam says that they ran away on chithirai krithigai that they ran away and got married (I thought they got married the next day after spending that day at some friend's house - probably the director has forgotten the chain of events - maybe he should refresh his memory by going through our updates here!).  Bhagyam says that she should now think of living together with him again, it is not good for a woman to be separated from her husband (how about you, lady?  Are you living with your hubby now?)
Reva says she is disgusted by Vasu's behavior, had she known that he was a lying, no-gooder, she would never have married him, she thought she could change him, but he continues to lie, and tells Bhagyam about the day she caught him stealing from the Seth, and goes off.  RS and Mangalam are beaming at this.

Dheena goes to his friend's office, tells him that he wants to bring Selvam's business down, and asks him to cancel the contract.  Friend says that the MD will listen to him and takes Dheena to the MD's room.  Surprise!  Selvam is sitting in front of the MD, and the MD says that Selvam has already sold all the cars they gave him, ahead of the due date, and has brought the cash with him.  The MD continues to praise Selvam while Dheena and his friend have "no fly dancing on their faces" (I have borrowed a phrase from Roja's lexicon!).  Selvam says he will always be grateful to Dheena for getting him into this business, and Dheena looks like he swallowed a cat - I mean, he looks as uncomfortable as it is possible for a person to look! MD gives Rs. 3 lakhs to Selvam, as his commission, says next time they will give him ten cars to sell since he did this so well, and he leaves.  Dheena and friend come outside the cabin, and talk about this overturning of the tables by Selvam.

Priya returns from work to find someone is visiting them.  Mr. Siva introduces her to his friend, Sivagami says this is our daughter, and she explains that he knows some young man, related to him, and he knows Priya's story, and this young man also knows Priya's story, and they would like Priya to meet him.  He is a software engineer in Bangalore, hands full salary (kai neraya sambaLam!).  Priya gets angry and says she is not interested in marriage and tells the visitor that her parents know this already, and goes into her room.  Jayanthy tries to say that if Priya is not interested, they should drop the matter, Vinod promptly gets angry and goes to hit her (indha aalukku adhu onnu thaan theriyum!) and Mr. Siva stops him.  Sivagami however tells the visitor to go ahead and arrange the meeting, overruling her husband, and says she will get Priya to agree.  Jayanthy thinks that she will see how they arrange another marriage for Priya, after insulting her brother.

Thodarum ...

Thursday  12/5/11

Roja vale intha kOdumai thaanga mudiyalai - bullet points update thaan !!!!

MMM comes home with wads of money - has ordered a celebration dinner from a
5 star hotel ( athu enna hotel??? Oru santhu veettu kku home delivery kudukkira
 hotel ??? Roja kku 4 idli , rendu vadai parcelllWinkWink)
Archu'a ear rings with
 jhumka comes back from the pawn shop. Ore gold kummalaam. Park gets the gold
rings bought for Dheena and Priya - makes the couple wear that too. MMM wants
to dhaam dhoom the 3 lakhs but Archu says that he better repay the loan to Nandhini.
 ( raani roobathile antha money kku vEttu varumO??)

Mr. Sarrojja has started the hotel. All happy at home -p raise Raani for her benevolence -
dang comes the call from the police station asking Aakash to identify the auto driver. Aakash's dad gets to know the story and shouts at Raani for being a uthavaakkarai.
Raani and Aakash go for the identifying parade.

Park Maama is busy with his white collar job. LR 1 comes by ...Park hides ...but she
still identifies ??!! him and cries...Park could not care less...


Update for Fri, May 13, 2011:

Bhagyam is shocked to see Poonga, covered in all the muck from the sewage (he is covered in the stuff but his bald head is not!), tries to tell him that if Rani's family members saw him like this, what will they think and say?  He refuses to talk to her, turns away, she goes on, saying that she took Vasu to the temple yesterday, they saw Reva there, she said she will never again live with Vasu, who is such a scoundrel, and so she scolded Vasu afterwards, and now he too has left the house and not returned.  Poonga tells his coworkers to tell her to leave, they tell her to do so, and she leaves finally, continuing to turn back and look at him, crying as she goes.

Rani's FIL is agitated and MIL tries to calm him down.  Just then, Akash and Rani return, without the money.  Rani is reluctant to go inside, but Akash brings her in.  When he says that the auto driver flatly denied having seen any money or the bag, FIL gets angry and tells Rani she is a useless person (I can't remember his actual words, but they were bad words, anyway) and tells her to get out of his sight.  Akash is helpless as always, and Rani goes inside, crying.

Selvam comes home and gives the money to Archana, saying he couldn't return Nandini's money to her, because she and her father have gone to Coimbatore.  He goes to wash up, and Poonga comes home.  Poonga comes in, hesitantly, and tells Archu about Bhagyam coming to his worksite, seeing him, and talking to him, and how he refused to talk to her.  He tells Archu that if she wants him to leave, he will do so (arthamae illai!  he didn't do anything to call Bhagyam to the spot, why is he acting like this?) and Archana, the generous, says he didn't do anything wrong, so he mustn't talk of leaving the house.  Selvam hears this and is happy.

Just then, the phone rings for Selvam.  It is Rani. she wants to see him the next day at his shed.  He asks her if she is okay, her voice doesn't sound okay, but she says she is fine.  He says he himself will go to her house the next day (okay, now we know what will happen to the cash he has - FIlL will tell him about Rani losing his cash, and our MMM will fork out the money, and Saroja will be happy!), then Poonga talks to her, again asks if she is okay, she says she is, then Archu talks, again asks if she is okay, she says Yes.  Selvam is thoughtful.

Bhagyam eating dinner all by herself, remembers her meeting with Poonga and the way he refused to talk with her, ends up throwing up her dinner (was it the memory or the smell?)

Thodarum ...

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Thanks, Roja!  So now we will continue with the story of Rani's trials and tribulations at the hands of her FIL and SiL, and with Poonga being chased by Bhags, and Vasu continuing to be a lazy bum, and Selvam the mahatyagi, supporting all these people and trying to pay back Nandini, while staying out of Dheena and RS's evil clutches!  Mr. Kumaran, it is time you wound up with this show, it is nothing but the same old stuff in the same old story, not even old wine in a new bottle!

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Thanks RP.
Saroja saamaan nikhaalO nu yaarO paadinadha indhamma wrong meaning purinjundu paNathai ellaam nikhaaling from daddy ji.
Kumaran nee thirundhura maadhiri illa, iru iru - enga RP GP padichittu vandhu one hand paarppaanga...

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thanks for updates... reva still want spend her rest of her life with that loser? move on girl. he has even a brain. MM and his cheap thoughts.. he can hit his wife but others cant hit their wife? he should thankful that archu still with him. what will happened once she knowstruth about baby? i m sure she will give up that baby and be another MM.

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Thanks RP for Tuesday's update.
Indha serial mudiyumpOdhu single update pOdhaadhaa... enna perusa nadakkapOgudhu inbetween... IF makkaLs thaan nadakkarOm...

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Thanks Roja akka, nice title... Smile, nothing to say about this serial.

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Thanks Eljay - habba for once MMM mundhi kittar !!! Manjal pisasu is back with a bang !!! Ayyo da, marupadi muthalle irunthu oru round varranga doyyy
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Sue Nair

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Originally posted by honeydaisy

thanks for updates... reva still want spend her rest of her life with that loser? move on girl. he has even a brain. MM and his cheap thoughts.. he can hit his wife but others cant hit their wife? he should thankful that archu still with him. what will happened once she knowstruth about baby? i m sure she will give up that baby and be another MM.
Reva's so called hubby is a fraud, a cheat, a lier and a spineless character. I think she is far better off being single - he is only interested in her richness and wants to have his hand on it. Reva never give room for sentiments and spoil your whole life...u should be grateful that there is no baby involved in this marriage...thats a blessing in disguise...get a divorce quick and you shall be a free bird once again.Big smile

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