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love u guys <3

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happy birthday

again same lines
i know it will b full of blunders
but thing matters is love right Embarrassed

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Samrat was sitting rubbing his hands in nervousness. Except him everyone else was sure tht he will get the job; after all he was an outstanding student.

"congratulations Mr. shergill u r appointed for this job"

That was it, he was waiting for this moment from the time he was here abroad away from his native soil. Finally he got a job in one of the best organizations.

"Thank you sir"

Excitement in his voice was expressing his feeling.

That's ur appointment letter, u can join from tomorrow


samrat came back in his apartment, seeing the door unlocked his excitement amplified

"diya here. Finally got someone to share my happiness" he thought

"diya kahan hy to???" he started searching her and finally got her in the kitchen holding a piece of cake.

D: "congrates"

S: "tujhy kis ny bataya???"

D: "samrat tery ilawa baqi sab janty thy k ye job tujhy mily gy. Wasy tujhy lagta hy to mujh sy kuch chupa sakta hy"

S: "nae chupa sakta"

D: "chal ja or india phone kar then we will celebrate"

Samrat left the place to inform everyone about his job


Samrat was coming back from his job, the sun was about to sleep giving his last sight for today and dark sheet was soon gonna cover the whole sky. The first day was fun n not at all hectic. His only task was to go through the rule book of their company.

A girl wearing shalwar kurta was standing at the side of the road and her continuous gaze was on the vehicle crossing the road. She was trying her level best to ask for the lift but in vain

"gunjun come on gain courage and ask for the lift warna aj ki raat yahan hy guzarny pary gy" she thought

Finally she gain courage and started waving her hand to stop a car. Samrat stopped the car suddenly with a jerk . She slightly looked inside

'a boy driving the car and that too alone' was her first thought 'should I take the risk of sitting in the car of an unknown guy??? What if he will try to flirt???'

'but wait if will stand over here then there will be more boys, more probability of'

'shut up gunjun, just shut up' she suddenly opened the door and sit in the car without asking anything putting his thoughts apart

G: "mera ghar yahan sy adhy ghanty ki drive py hy, can u drop me home??? Strike ki waja sy koi bus nae aa rahy"

S: "yeah sure"

He said again driving the car smoothly looking straight not like typical boys trying to impress girls sitting beside them by starting their own theater play

N then there was complete silence for more than 20 minutes and the only words he utter finally were

S: "left or right"

G: "straight"

Firstly it seems that I m nervous but now I guess he was more nervous


She was the first girl in my history who not even dares to ask my name, otherwise within 20 minutes people use to ask plenty of question starting from my address to the favorite color of my pet. But that was the only reason I was comfortable with her

G: "stop the car here. Thanks a lot "

S: "my pleasure"

And I guess that were the best half an hour I ever spend with a girl, she was my type



samrat finally entered his apartment with a unique smile on his face

D: "how was it???"

S: "oh hi. It was fantastic"

D: "what was fantastic??? Ur first meeting with the employees or the girl???"

S: "shut up. Don't irritate me"

Diya was continuously smiling becoz she was aware to talk about girls n marriage r the most annoying topics for him ever

'but she was different' samrat thought even he has not seen her face clearly


The weather was not well and black smoky clouds were all around. Samrat was sitting in his room busy in drinking coffee. He hates this weather it seems that there's some melodrama going around, lightning flashes increasing the visibility of the room , focuses him sitting alone in the middle and then loud thunder ringing in the ears giving a mysterious background music.

Suddenly the melodrama proceeded further when the door bell ring. For a second he looked towards the watch

S: "raat k aik bjy diya k ilawa kon ho sakta hy"

He opened the door and standing in front was gunjun totally wet that a person can easily extract a bucket of water to take bath.  She hurried in, cold and dripping from the storm. But the second she saw the boy standing in front a smile displayed on her face.

G: "do u remember me???"

S: "sorry I dont"

I know that was not the whole truth I guess have seen a girl before with same glasses, her frame was quite familiar

G: "ap ny lift dy thy mujhy 2 days ago remember??"

S: "oh yeah how can I forget"

G: "can I spend a night with you???"

S: "what???"

Wasn't she a lil fast within a drive she want to….

G: "nooo mera wo matlab nae tha I was trying to say can I live here in ur apartment tonight??"

'God was thinking that she is different from other girls but no her style is quite different. Every girl is interested in 3 things vehicle, accommodation and money. She met me in car yesterday, came home today n will meet me in bank tomorrow'

G:"wo mousam buhut khrab hy u know all the ways r blocked. Mein kisy kony mein raat bita ln gy plz"

'but no doubt she is sweet' he thought looking her

S: "no problem I completely understand, ap yahan so jaein I will sleep in my car"

G: " its not needed u can stay here as well"

S: "it seems a lil weird no problem I have no problem to sleep in car"

My friends use to laugh on me saying I m shy what will b there reaction after meeting him question mark

G: "but mujhy bura lagy ga"

S: "u r guest aik hy raat ki to baat hy"

G: "ok thanks"

S: "pleasure is all mine"

I was comfortable here but the thing bothering me was that he is sleeping outside becoz of me. I went outside to see him, he was sleeping peacefully like a lil kid n I was loving his postor. I really wanted to click his pic and then sending in all the magazine with title 'pic of the week'. I was busy in planning the names of the magazines when phone started ringing. I without any hesitation attended the phone and heard the voice of a boy

"hey samrat kesa hy"

G: "hello kon???"

"sorry I guess wrong number"

G: "wait ye samrat ka hy ghar hy"

"a girl in samrat's home, great miracle of God, or wo bhi raat k 2 bjy"

G: "wo mousam sahy nae tha ghar jany k sary rastey block thy that's y will spend a night here ap kon???

"oh m mayank, wasy agar ap yahan rahein gy aj raat to samrat to baher car mein hy soe ga"

He chuckled left gunjun shocked

G: "ap ko kesy pata"

M: "is ka matlab wo waqai in 4 salon mein bilkul nae badla. Ok sorry for disturbing u usy mat bataye ga k mery aap sy baat hue"

G: "ok no problem"

M: "bye . its nice talking to u"

G: "same here bye"



Till now they both atleast know that their nature was same shy and resistive that's y till now they have not asked each other's name. Not only their nature but their timing was perfect too

Their alarming mobile displaying the time 6 was getting on their nerves now, and both switched off their respective mobiles. That shows their sweet nature, otherwise people use to bang their alarm clocks considering it continuous source of noise pollution. N finally they wake up at around 7. Gunjun came out tying her hair and saw samrat coming inside.

"good morning" both said in union and smiled back

S: "what u will like in breakfast???"

G: "no I m already disturbing u, the weather is fine I think I should leave"

S: "breakfast to kar lo plz, buhut muddat ho gae kisy k sath breakfast kie"

G: "same here, so what u will like to have???"

S: "mein ny pehly pocha tha, I will make it"

G: "no I will, just for a change let me make it"

She entered in the kitchen and after 10 minutes she was back with the breakfast. They both sat on the dining table sideby

S: "tum ny apny ghar phone kiya kya??? Wo pareshan hon gy"

G: "nae mein yahan akely rehty hon, m an orphan. Basically I m from India came here for studies"

Suddenly spoon fell from her hand, they both bend down to hold it and bang

"ouch" they both looking in each other's eyes feeling the pain and then laugh out loud

"perfect timing"

G: "thanks once again"

S: "thanks to mujhy bolna chahiye itna acha breakfast k lie"

She smiled and was gone but samrat was standing over there from the last few minutes reviving all the incidents of last night




The days were flying like birds but in my story the bird is a lil slow so it was able to cross only two days

Samrat working on his laptop when there was a knock at the door

'kabhi dil karta hy darwaza or bell 2no toor don adat hein inhy har time bajny ki'

He opened the door and was shocked seeing people wearing police uniform

P: "miss gunjun ko janty ho"

S: "gunjun, mein ny to ye naam bhi pehly baar suna hy sir"

P: "acha search his compartment" he ordered the other policeman standing beside

S : "sir ye sab???"

P: "wo larki akhri din tumhary ghar mein hy dekhy gae thy, tum usy nae janty???"

Is he asking for the girl stayed in my home day ago??? Oh God shit I even don't know her name

S: "but sir hua kya hy kuch to btaein???"

P: "she is kidnapped, a friend of her informed us. Wo 2 din sy ghar nae ae"

S: "but mera us sy koi relation nae hy wo to sirf aik din k lie mery sath.."

P: "tery sath ya to us k sath??? Abhi to usy janta nae tha jaan gya na ab, agy jaa kar sab man jae ga.

Mr. samrat u r under arrest"



Samrat was in the lockup from the last night and was still waiting for a way out. The girl was nowhere, he was here and there was no one he can ask for help. Possibly he can ask for help but he don't want to

"samrat" samrat looked up diya was there in front of him

S: "baat mat kar mujh sy, ab aa rahy hy kahan thy kal"

D: "kesa hy"

S: "diya tujhy pata hy wo larki kahan hy???"

D: "han mein ny hy kidnap karwaya usy"

S: "jhoot mat bol???pta nae kahan ho gy, wo to hy bhi itny innocent. Plz bta na kahan ho gy???"

D: "us ki fikar baad mein karna pehly to baher to aa ja. Mayank…….."

S: "nae unhy mat btana, wo yahan hy bhi nae upset ho jae ga. To janty hy na"

D: "kaya kuch chupae ga us sy??? Bus kar ab"

S: "diya plz m not in mood to discuss all this, agar tujhy ye sab baat karny hy to chaly ja mein wasy hy pareshan hoon"

D: "wasy tery information k lie mayank ko sab pta chal chukka hy"




Mayank called his friend living abroad.

M: "hi yar aik kaam hy tujh sy

Mf: "han bol na yar"

M: "wo samrat jail mein hy I don't know the whole story behind but plz to ja kar pta kar na

Mf: "oh itny sy baat, to tense mat ho mein dekhta ho"

M: "han jaldi and thanks a lot to nae hota to buhut problem ho jaty"

Mf: "oho mayank mein bol raha hon will handle it to pareshan mat hon"

M: "mein tery call ka wait kar raha hon"

Mf: "ok mein abhi jata hon bye"


Finally samrat was free but his thoughts were still there 'where she might be???'

S: "thanks a lot"

Samrat valued mayank friend's efforts but the tension was now he has to call mayank, what excuse will he give for not telling him all that???

L: "its ok, mayank ko call kar lena wo wait kar raha hy, wasy mein ny usy inform kar diya hy lekin baat karna chahta hy wo tum sy"

Samrat nodded slightly


Samrat was trying to dial mayank's number but right now that was a hard job. He was aware mayank will not complain for not informing him, and that thought was making him feel guilty. But finally he has to do this; he gained courage and dialed his number. Mayank at once attended the call as was waiting for it eagerly. Samrat was quiet, was thinking how to start the convo

M: "kesa hy???"

S: "thek hoon"

M: "mujhy to bta dy kya irada hy tera"

S: "kuch nae abhi to job start hua hy"

M: "samrat mein us larki ki baat kar raha hoon, jis ki waja sy to car mein so raha hy"

S: "ap ko kis ny btaya???"

M: "tujhy lagta hy to baher chala gya to mujhy khabar nae hy to kya kar raha hy wahan"

S: "mein kuch bhi nae kar raha"

M: "jab kuch nae kar raha to wapis india kyun nae aa jata"

S: "mein aap ko kuch der mein call karta hoon, baher darwazy py koi hy shaid"

He at once put the receiver back. That was the question he ever tries to ignore, infact he don't know the answer

D: "mayank ny asa kya bola k to itna pareshan hy???"

S: "kuch bhi nae asy hy bus"

D: "acha wo larki….."

S: "bus karo tum sab larki k peachy kyun par gae ho???"

D: "acha ye us larki ka address hy, wo mil gae hy or ghar wapis bhi aa gae hy ja k mil ly"

S: "mein kyun mil lon us sy???"

D: "ok tery marzi"

She left the address there and move ahead. But she was aware samrat will definitely meet the girl



Samrat was standing outside the door thinking about whether he should ring the bell or not. His confusion was solved when a soft breeze make him realize that the door is already open.there was complete dark inside

'damn I again forget her name' he thougt 'I still don't know what m doing here'

Finally he decided to leave as was feeling really awkward when he heard soft whisper coming from the room. He turn back trying rotate the door lock, he entered the room and ask softly "koi hy???"

Suddenly a hard object hit him on his head, for a second he froze where he was, the world started rotating but within few second he adjusted himself trying to gain his conscious. He took the hold of the wall and in all this he switched on the light. What was in front was what he has least expected. A young boyn was there with nasty thoughts in his mind. Gunjun was there with her hands tied with ropes and her mouth covered. The man was going to hit samrat again when samrat moved ahead defending himself and slapped the man tightly. he then moved towards gunjun untied her, she hugged him tightly in relief. Again seeing the other man in the room he hide herself behind samrat clutched his shirt in fear.

S: "aenda is larki ki taraf ankh utha kar bhi dekha to……."

M: "to tery behan lagty hy??"

S: "nae patni lagty hy mery"

G: "cant u just leave me, samrat plz jany do isy"

Police entered in the room arresting the person

M: "ok m leaving u guys right now, but will meet soon"

S: "don't u dare to m leaving u this time but next time if v'll meet it will b ur bad time"

S: "tum thek ho na, kon tha ye"

G: "hmm, wo ye mery college k gang ka larka hy"

S: "tum chalo mery sath"

G: "kahan ???"

S: "mery ghar yahan akele rehny ki koi zaroorat nae hy"

G: "par samrat is tarha……"

S: "to or kis tarha??/ hum dost hein na to chalo"

Gunjun was in no mood to argue so she finally agreed. Both were in the car and the atmosphere was as usual the same. Gunjun thought she not even thanked him, she was going to thank him when she looked his blood was engrossing his shirt changing its colour,

G: "SAMRAT….."

Samrat was not ready, he shivered with her scream and looked towards her in confusion

S: "kya hua??? Asy kya dekh rahy ho???"

G: "samrat ye, ye khoon"

Smarat become conscious of his pain and now he realizes it was hurting him a lot. and more hurting were the tears beaming in gunjun's eyes

S: "relax its fine"

He stopped the car in front of his home, was going to turn of the engine when gunjun came out abruptly. She held his hand tightly, started walking inside and ordered him to sit quietly. Samrat was watching her every act and was surprised. Gunjun came out with first aid box in her hand and stated applying the balm with great fear

G: "dard to nae ho raha"

Samrat smiled seeing her expression. It seems that she is hurt more than him

G: "tum ny to kaha tha hum dost hein"

S: "han hein na koi doubt hy tumhy???"

G: "to btaya kyun nae???"

S: "bta to raha hoon k hum dost hein"

G: "samrat mein is chot ki baat kar rahy hoon"

S: "oh sorry, its ok yar"

G: "no its not go take some rest. Hum subha baat karein gy"

S: "ok mam ur every statement is an order for me"

G: "samrat tum ab rest karo mein chalty hoon"

He hold her hand from behind

S: "kyun ja rahy ho"

G: "samrat mein is tarha kab tak tumhary ghar reh sakty hoon"

S: "hamesha k lie mujh sy shadi kar lo , dekho mein ye nae bolon ga k mujhy tum sy buhut pyar hy,magar zaroori to nae shadi sy pehly pyar karna"

G: "itna bara decision itny jaldi ly liya???"

S: "han ly liya , n now m waiting for ur reply soch lo"

He left the room



It was more than an hour gunjun was busy in reading a magazine when phone started ringing

G: "hello"

M:" hey gunjun, mein mayank"

G: "hi kesy ho??"

M: "thek hoon. Tum yahan???"

G: "wo samrat ki tabiyat nae sahy to…….."

M: "kyun kaya hua usy, kahan hy wo??? Baat karao mery us sy zara, is larky ka kuch nae ho sakta"

G: "relax he is fine and taking rest bus thory sy chot lag gae"

Samrat was passing side by seeing gunjun busy on call he asked

S: "kon hy???"

G: "mayank ka phone hy"

'oh shit nooo now they got another chance to tease me' he thought

G:  "lo baat karo"

Samrat hold the receiver, strengthen himself

S: "hello"

M: "samrat kesa hy, kya hua tujhy, to kar kaya raha hy wahan. Plz mery baat man ly wapis aa ja wahan akely koi bhi nae hy tery sath "

S: "kuch bhi nae hua bus……."

M: "to hamesha yehy kehta hy. Jesy mein to tujhy janta nae. Batein chupana to tera hobby hy right"

S: "acha thek hy aj kuch nae chupao ga, jis larki sy ap baat kar rahy  have  proposed  her"

M: "WHAT r u damn serious??? To shadi karny laga hy??? Wait a seond kis  sy shadi kar raha hy?? Or han m damn sure to us ka naam nae janta right, warna itna lamba intro nae deta. To kab badly ga???

S: "nae wo to bus….."

M: "gunjun naam hy us ka. Acha mein tujhy baad mein baat krta hoon I guess mein private time khrab kar raha hoon bye"

S: "nae asa nae hy, hello"

G: "band ho gya phone????"

S: "gunjun tum ny jawab nae diya"

G: "samrat tum serious ho mein samjhi tum mazaq kar rahy ho"

S: "means tum ny abhi tak nae socha, kher soch lo mein market tak jar aha hoon ata hoon abhi"

G: "samrat, ajeeb larka hy"


Samrat entered in the market when diya met her

S: "to yahan kya kar rahy hy???"

D: "dahi leny ae thy, fazool questions mat pocha kar"

S: "oh sorry"

D: "gunjun ko prpose kar raha hy???"

S: "han tujhy news mil gae??"

D: "han mil gae"

S: "to ny jhoot kyun bola mujh sy gunjun k bary mein???"

D: "mein ny kab jhoot bola"

S: "to ny ye nae btaya mujhy k gunjun k ghar hy wo insaan jis ny usy kidnap kiya to ny mujhy kya story sunae thy"

D: "mujhy thora na pata tha sab mein ny to wild guess mara"

S: "shut up jhoot bolna band kar to….."

D: "mayank sy baat hue tery???"

S: "han hue, buhut khush hy, tera or us ka bachpan ka sapna jo pura ho raha hy" he said sarcastically

D: "tujhy yaqeen hy wo khush hy???"

S: "kyun tujhy doubt hy???"

D: "nupur hospital mein hy kal raat sy"

S: "kya??? Diya agar ye mazaq hy to buhut fazool attempt tha"

D: "mein jhoot nae bol rahy sam, us ny tujhy yehy btany k lie phone kiya tha bus….."

S: "magar, Wo thek hy na diya??"

D: "she is fine, just got a mild clot in her brain, she lost her child too"

S: "kya, wo mujh sy ye sab kesy chupa sakty hein diya??? "

D: "sam buhut dukh ho raha hy, is sy kahe ziada takleef mein to unhy de raha hy, sach na bta kar kher phone kar ly usy, they need u"


Samrat entered in with teary eyes. Gunjun was shocked seeing him

G: "samrat kya hua tumhy???"

S: "gunjun mein tum sy baat krta hoon aik min"

He dialed the number, mayank attended the call

M: "samrat ab kya tips leny k lie call kiya hy???

S: "ap hamesha mujhy bolty thy mein batein chupata hoon ap kya kar rahy ho???"

M: "oh tujhy pata chal gya???"

S: "han chal gya, how she is???"

M: "thek hy"

S: "or ap???"

M: "To to janta hy na mera nupur k ilawa koi nae hy, aik mom hein jin k pass time nae hy or aik bhai tha ab lagta hy wo bhi nae hy"

S: "shaid ap ka bhai is laik tha hy nae k ap k sath reh sakta, phone kar k btaya ga zarror"

M: "hmm I will"

Samrat throw the phone with full anger, close his eyes gently to let his tears came out. Gunjun put her hand on his shoulder

G: "samrat"

S: "gunjun bhabhi ki tabiyat nae sahy, bhai ko zaroorat hy mery "

G: " tum india ja rahy ho"

S: "mein nae hum, pehly hum shadi krein gy phir akathy jaein gy"

G: "samrat ajeeb batein mat karo, hum janty nae hein aik dosry ko asy kesy…….."

S: "shadi kar lein gy to jaan jaein gy na, or ab sochny ka time nae hy gunjun hamein india wapis jana hy"

G: "ajeeb larkey ho tum….."

S: "to kya tumhy yahan chor jaon akely, taky jo aj nae hua wo roz ho, gunjun plz try n understand. Hum kal shadi kar rahy hein or phir sath mein india ja rahy hein its final"

G: "mein kesy man lo tum un larkon sy alag ho??? 2 din hue hamein baat krty or tum mujhy propse kar k india janu k lie bol rahy ho. R u nuts"

S: "tumhy ny kaha hum dost hein, to bol do hum dost bhi nae hein warna itna trust hota mujh py or life mein kisy py to trust kro gy usy kn sa janty ho gy tum, to mujh py kyun nae???"

G: "tumhy mery itny fikar kyun hy samrat"

S: "buhut din baad mujhy koi dost mila hy. Usy khona nae hy mujhy. Tum jana chahty ho chaly jao nae rokon ga mein tumhy, lekin jo time guzara mein ny tumhary sath buhut acha tha"

Samrat left the place leaving her in confusion.

'kesy pata lagao k tumhary sath jana galti hy ya tumhy akely jany dena???'


Samrat was going to book tickets for india, he was feeling worst, he don't wanna leave gunjun alone and meanwhile wanna visit india too. He moved towards the ticket booth was going to buy one when someone called his name

G: "1 nae 2 tickets, mr and mrs shergil k naam sy"

S: "gunjun" he said in full excitement

G: "mein ny soch tumhy aik chance dy dena chahiye"

S: "omg u r the best, tum ny mery sab sy bary problem solve kar di. I love u"

Gunjun smiled a bit still she was unaware y she has choosen this path


Finally they fulfilled all the rituals and were declared as official husband wife

Samrat take out the ring and put it in her finger

S: "agar pasand nae ae to india ja k change kar lena. Buhut jaldi mein khareedi mein ny"

G: "samrat shadi ki raat ka gift sab sy anmol hota hy isy thora na change krty hein budhu"

S: "phir bhi tumhary bhi koi choice ho gy"

She put her head gently on his shoulder

G: "ab tumhary choice hy mery choice hy samrat"

S: "really is time coffee is my choice"

G: "coffee or milk???" she asked naughtily

S: "gunjunnn" the blush on his cheeks was worth watching

G: "ye blush dekh k mujhy doubt ho raha hy, tum larki ho ya mein"

S: "gunjun" he ran behind her holding her waist tightly and whispered gently in her ear

"ab milk hy ly ao"

G: "samrat choro mujy plz"

S: "now see tomato version of gunjun" he said pulling her waist coming closer n closer n closer kissed her forehead gently (sana jani itna buhut hy???) "keep on blushing mein bhai ko phone kar k aya" he winked


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i lov y lov u n lovv u soo much saru this is just soo soo soo gud reading it again n then lamba sa reply karunga yaar :(
 n my mail not opening :(

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Originally posted by dolly18

i lov y lov u n lovv u soo much saru this is just soo soo soo gud reading it again n then lamba sa reply karunga yaar :(
 n my mail not opening :(
oh God mail open hony chaiye thy
special gift tha wo mery
kal try krna
or should i send u the mail again???
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naiii yaar browser  khrab hai videos bhi nahi khul rahii koii !!!!!

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u fool kisi ko pmkyun nahi kiya yehUnhappy
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last main kya likh awww badmashhhBlushing
i will edit my comment later onLOL
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-Jwalamukhi- 86 48441 07 September 2009 at 7:06am by amazingneira
FFTo love or not to love.pt20 pg 22 31/10

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KC294 172 41124 04 November 2008 at 6:06am by sweet cherry

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sinchita 0 852 18 April 2007 at 7:35am by sinchita

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