7th May - Bardaasht Nahin Kar Sakta (Kes-Gul)

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Talli is teaching dance to her students at school and they tell her she is the best dancer and so on, and they ask her that when she is married who will teach them to dance and so on, and Talli says i will be teach even then, but the kids ask her that once your married you go to your in-laws home and so (another hint it seems we got on Talli's marriage - i somehow i think its heading that way) and Talli flashes back to what JK said to her few days ago about leaving this house... and seems like Talli will start doing tuitions for kids so she can stand on her own two feet and so on
Motabha tells everyone present that the school is gonna be named Vasant as Dushyant thought of that and seeing as it was one of Vasant's dream, and you see from everyone's faces that Vasant's absense and memory is still very deep - Gulaal is moved and looks sideways as we can see Vasant's photo behind her and we see Kesar look at her as well slightly
Motabha tells them what will happen tomorrow and opening ceremony sort of thing, Gulaal is moved to tears and excuses herself and goes to her room, to her Vasant's photo (before the leap we use to see her talk to him and so on) and she flashes back to her and Vasant, Vasant talking about his village and wants he wants and those dreams he had for his village. Gulaal says finally his dream is coming true and everyone is happy, but without you... we then see Kesar's reflection on Vasant's photo, and Gulaal quickly wipes her tears and Kesar sees her and asks are those tears for Vasant, there is nothing wrong in tears, asks why does she wipe them away and hide them - and she says these a tears of joy as Vasant's dream is coming true and she cries even more and Kesar we see does want to comfort her as he reaches out to touch her but back away and walks away but looks back as she is crying and get an idea judging by his face, and tells her to be ready in the evening (i wonder what Kesar has planned and so) this was a nice scene, with the reflection and Gulaal crying and Kesar seeing how Gulaal is and so on
JK is still fuming silently, you cant help anyone when one doesnt think they are in the wrong or it was their mistake and this is what JK's big problem is, seeing everyone as a enemy then her own, D comes with food seeing as she aint eaten and JK starts her so called bhashan again and D tells her he asked the school to be named after Vasant and so on, and says bechari Talli - but JK slams him down calling her that, and so on and JK tells him that she is gonna get him married and D says he wont ever get married and so on, and JK tells she will make sure he will get married and he will have to accept it - challenge is seems has been laid lol
Gulaal is so excited - its nice to see her like this and Sudha says how lovely it will be to see Vasant name unveiled tomorrow and so on, and Kesar comes along and sees Gulaal talking about how happy she is that his dream is coming true and everyone should enjoy the moment and so on... seems likes Gulaal forget what Kesar told her earlier as he has come to get her and says she isnt even changed yet and Kesar compliments her, saying she looks fine, the way she is (JK is watching on intently lol and tells Gulaal to go) Gulaal goes off with him, and Paanbha says that have you noticed that ever since knowing that the school will be named Vasant, Gulaal's pain is reflected in her eyes but she wont even show anyone it and its good that Kesar has come to take her out, might do her some good to get out and so on, Talli comes looking for Gulaal and Suds tells her Gulaal has gone with Kesar as he came to fetch her, well i  think Talli looked too abit upset
Kesar has taken Gulaal to her parents house, and that it a very nice gesture and also them coming together as well i feel, seeing as what happened last time (kinda like Kesar wanted to make it up to Gulaal), and the happy faces on seeing their daughter is a nice and so on i think this is something that Gulaal needed to lift her up again and Kesar was lovely and i have to say i guess all was kinda surprise esp Poonnambha (seeing as we knew she was worried before about Kesar and so on) with the love Kesar is showering and how he is being, the Kesar we know that is there, that real Kesar - the loving one. Yogesh comes and it doesnt seem he is too happy to see Kesar and Yogesh asks him how is work and Kesar says he likes it and asks about Yogesh and Yogesh puts in a dig saying he has to work seeing as he isnt rich and so on - cue uncomfortable faces
Poonambah interrupts and says its so good that Kesar has brought Gulaal here, all my worries have lessen or so and both Gulaal and Kesar smile at each other Embarrassed
Kesar and Gulaal driving back and Gulaal seems happy and at ease and says her parents were happy to see her and we can tell Kesar wanted to see her happy and asks if she was happy and so on, and Gulaal says we should of brought Talli, got to say i liked Kesar's response to that LOL and Gulaal starts laughing.  Kesar sees the person who said identified D as the man who threw V off the bridge and Kesar speeds off after him and his van and Gulaal is concerned with hism dring so fast and realises Kesar is following the van and asks him why and he says nothing but anyone can see Kesar is angry and so on
Talli in her dreamland again LOL  and this time it seems like she is making a var maala which Gulaal sees and takes off her and Talli says she is upset with her and Kesar and her didnt tell her where they were going and left her alone here, and says i was at my parents house and so on and seems like Kesar realised his mistake, but we all know Kesar knew his mistake all along and so on, even when he before that, Kesar has brains (seeing as Talli asked for that he grew some brains) and a sensitivity in him which we all know and someone to take on responsibilites but Kesar main aim right now is Vasant's death and so on.  Talli notes that Kesar is becoming responsible and so on, and Motabha sees Gulaal and Talli talking and hears Gulaal saying that Talli's dream will come true and so on, and Motabha i think from my pov just feels Gulaal ka kya hoga seeing as she looks after everyone and cares for them, but what about herself and so on
School opening/pooja day is here and Gulaal is doing pooja on Vasant's photo with pain and tears in her eyes and MB comes and says he knows how much Gulaal's heart is in pain and so on... Gulaal asks to go to the mandir and MB says he will tells D to go with her but Kesar comes and says he will go with Gulaal, and Kesar looks at Gulaal (the way he looks at her speaks volumes)
Gul-Kes arrive at the mandir, and you can see some jerk idiots looking at them and after they finish in the mandir, the idiots say how Vasant's widow has new colours in her life and so on and with this deeyavatu - this was so uncalled for and Kesar is getting angry and nearly lashes out as Gulaal stops him (we can see Kesar cant take a word said about Gulaal) as she holds him, coz he is trying to control himself and so on, but cant take it anymore, and lashes out with punches and so on, whilst Gulaal is unable to stop him, Kesar is repeating with punches and we see the family is waiting for Gul-Kes to come so they can start the pooja, Kesar is still hitting, and the village ppl try to hold him back and Gulaal is too shocked with how Kesar is and seeing such violence from him, and as he is still out of control as he is being held back
Yogesh is doing my head lol, and badmouths Kesar to Reva on what Kesar did outside the mandir and so on
You know from Motabha's pov - i can see why he holds Kesar responsible and tells him off and so on, but it has to hurt when Motabha says how much he is hurting the family when all Kesar can see and thinking is he didnt the family but D did and so on.
MB is telling him off about what he was doing and on this day especially and so on, and JK butts in as usual, and Gulaal also tries to say the other lads started it but MB doesnt want to hear coz as he says she always hides his mistakes and so on thats why he doesnt want to hear what Gulaal says.
Finally Kesar says yes i did do what ppl are saying (glad he spoke up - i like that about Kesar) but i only did it coz of Gulaal, coz that guy said something about Gulaal and he couldnt stand back and see Gulaal being insulted and talked about and Gulaal looks rather surprised here whilst Kesar is saying this.
Motabha is somewhat right in what he says that do you think what you did - didnt disrespect Gulaal more and answer back in this way, and going low as those guys were and so on
D comes and says whatever Kesar did was right, and says those must of said something about Gulaal that Kesar got angry... and seeing as ppl are pinpointing his age thats why he reacted but D says even if i was in Kesar's place i would of done the same and Kesar looks on in anger and Gulaal looks on as well, lets not forget MB looks on as well
I think its about time Motabha sees that any man would of reacted in the same manner as Kesar and lash out and start a fight
This Maha-episode is a start of what is to come in the future episodes, kinda like how the last maha-episode was if we think back to that
Kesar's anger is justified here, and i think any of us would of reacted that way, well i know i would coz my anger is somewhat intense in a way
Also i think Gulaal is much aware that Kesar has such anger in him and she saw it first-hand how he lashed out and how he cant take anyone saying one word about her and so on (and she got a realisation that he did what he did coz of her), which i think will come about in the future if another occasion like this arises and so on... and i think Gulaal will be worried on what Kesar will do and so on... she is now very much aware and worried for his reaction if this ever happens again
Such possesiveness and such intensity regarding Gulaal - Kesar would fight anyone and everyone for her
It makes you wonder that if anyone asks Kesar what is Gulaal to him, and why he reacts like that - i wonder what his answer will be and how
As for D, i would not be surprised if Kesar is again seeing him in another light and how he is there for Gulaal in a way, like how he says i wouldnt be able to hear a word against her and so on...  can Kesar handle another person saying and doing that
As for Talli - i dont know - one hand there is talk of her marriage in her own dreamland and there is talk of D's marriage being forced on him by JK
PRECAP - Kesar is telling Talli as Gulaal sees them chatting and hears them, that if anyone says anything bad or one word about Gulaal - he will hurt them badly even more then this time and Talli asks him if someone says anything about her will he hit them and Kesar just looks at her - i have noticed Talli always seems to ask Kesar would he do the same or will he do that for her but he ends up doing it for Gulaal (one example the jumping in the river for Gulaal)

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Okayy so m back!LOL

The maha episode was indeed up to its name.. The story has progressed and we got to see d odr side of Kesar. The way he took Gulaal to her maayka Day Dreaming n came forward to take her to the temple and beat up d bad guys 4 talkin rubbish..Angry Lennie i must say i luv ur caps n write ups.. Embarrassed
Well m jus waiting 2 c Kesar's reaction wen Talli asks him d million dollar question tomorrow!LOL

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Lennie I am a doctor by proffession and had my emergency shift so missed the episode...butThumbs UpClap your update...i felt as if i was watching the episode,,,,,,,,thanx a tonBig smile

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Fantastic post and what an epi and what an epi...
Me commenting in detail after reservingBig smile

whooosh!!! It was a punch in the stomach kind of epi...all the emotions out in the open, so much to vent, so much to hide, so much happening and so much waiting to happen...

The tension, the care, the love, the jealousy, the anger, the posessiveness...O My God...fantastic ...
It was Kesar all the way...

The way he instinctively followed Gulaal...and saw her crying ..the way his reflection fell on Vasant's photograph...and he told Gulaal, why is she hiding the tears that were for if it is her right to cry for the great loss that she has sufferred...In a way that is what connects them at the deepest level...their common loss in the form of the person they loved the most and is the bridge between them,,,

O I loved the way he turns back and tells her to be ready in the evening...and the way he just walks in the main room and exercises his right on Gulaal and drags her ..saying that she looked very nice...not bothering that the whole family was there...
That is the rebelliousness in Kesar,...he does not bother that people are around him..he just does what needs to be done and without any half heartedness...

The way he amended his actions and just as easily admitted to his wrong when Gulaal asked him that why did he not tell her he was taking her to his parents...That is Kesar...

The predator way he walks in when Mota bha was talking to Gulaal about Dushyant taking her to Mandir and just as easily throws Dushyant out of the equation...That is Kesar...

The way he just launched on that person and hit him...his first punch would have blanked out the daylights out of that baboon...the violence and the anger behind that anger...
And the way he stood his ground when Mota bha questioned his actions...That is Kesar all the way...

Excellent...I am falling in love with this guyEmbarrassed

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Great update Lennie - just watched the epi!

Okay now have to day - it was entirely Kesar's epi today - and i loved it. I;m also totally smitten with this guy. Seeing Gul-Sar with each other without animosity has been great - esp in the beginning when he wanted to console her - my heart was saying go for it - but he found another & better way :P But it was perfect cinematography (thats what its called right) - the way his reflection landed exactly on vasants face!

As for JK - i usually just FF thru her scenes - sorry she basically annoys me...and Gul's bro is so uptight all the time Wacko

but anyway - the whole fight and then D - loving the angry and possessive Kesar! and now insecure Talli. I hope she soon realizes that she is only a friend and get out of fantasy land - not that its going to happen any time soon - but i do hope so.

well anyway - totally loved todays epi and awesome post Lennie - always love reading them!!

@Srushti - yay ur here too!! ...have seen you in the LTL forum Big smile

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nice post lennie ! love is  sweet ecstatic beautiful  but for kesar its more than that its his passion his possessiveness his obsession his  we saw a glimpse of old kesar  who reacted loudly wen anybody said anything about gulaal he use to fight with sudha bhabhi jamna kaki .motaba panba anyone he was beaten up but no he didnt stop feeling for gulaal ...he even threw the stone at his friend for gulaal   ...but then he was child ppl use to ignore his behaviour but now this kesar has returned with same feeling but with more passion with more obsession with more madness ..who was ready to kill those lads (god bless them ) .he even stood against motaba who is god to him he can even fight with his god for gulaal ...when dushyant interrupted the aggression was clear in kesar's eyes it was " tum meri ho gulaal " saying kesar in him...who use to get violent and furious if anybody come between him and gulaal ...his love has no limit his obsession knows no boundary  ...his reaction is not new its more pronounced ! i dont know where his passion will land him ...but it was always there for gulaal ! gulaal way back u use to handle him but now  how will u handle him ! and get ready for this shock ride... in future u have to face lots more...u have to fullfill ur promise u have to go away from him will u do that sweety ???
i just want to say ALL THE BEST GULAAL !Tongue

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Originally posted by sidra2007

Great update Lennie - just watched the epi!

Okay now have to day - it was entirely Kesar's epi today - and i loved it. I;m also totally smitten with this guy. Seeing Gul-Sar with each other without animosity has been great - esp in the beginning when he wanted to console her - my heart was saying go for it - but he found another & better way :P But it was perfect cinematography (thats what its called right) - the way his reflection landed exactly on vasants face!

As for JK - i usually just FF thru her scenes - sorry she basically annoys me...and Gul's bro is so uptight all the time Wacko

but anyway - the whole fight and then D - loving the angry and possessive Kesar! and now insecure Talli. I hope she soon realizes that she is only a friend and get out of fantasy land - not that its going to happen any time soon - but i do hope so.

well anyway - totally loved todays epi and awesome post Lennie - always love reading them!!

@Srushti - yay ur here too!! ...have seen you in the LTL forum Big smile

Hey Sidra...I know ...I have seen you too..LOL...good that we are finding some solace in SOME love story naLOL

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Loved your post as always Lennie. I always read ur caps updates but never commented. But I just had to today cuz todays epi was AMAZING!
I loved how the story progressed with this maha epi. We saw Kesar feelin guilty for what he did and took gul to her mayka, that was really sweet of himEmbarrassed Seein kes-gul together and laughin was a great treat. BTW, when Gulaal left with Kesar, I was totally expecting JK to comment on them gettin closer and their relationships better and all and was honestly dissappointed when she didnt Disapprove lol!
Coming to the mandir scene...WOW! I stand by Kesars reaction 100%, he did the right thing and when Yogesh said the guy ended up in the hospital, I couldnt help but cheerLOL I loved Kes standin up and replyin to Mota Bha cuz if he didnt, u automatically think he regrets what he did, but he doesnt. He totally stands by his actions. He knows it was crossin the lines of what hes been taught, but what happened took a backseat to all that. I understand Mota Bha's feelings towards the whole situation with it creating a scene and all but I feel like hes a little too hard on Kesar. Maybe he wants Kesar to be exactly like Vasant, but even tho u can see one in the other, they are still 2 differnet people. And I felt like if Dushyant actually HAD done the same thing, MB wouldve given him a pat on the back for his 'courage and bravery'Pinch
The precap was my favorite part of the epi (after all the Kes-Gulaal scenes of course) Its hard for me to think that Talli doesnt relize Kesars strong feelings for Gulaal, she spends her entire day stalking either him or Gulaal! And she had to ASK whether Kesar would do the same thing for her which states obviously she suspects Gulaal has a bigger place in his life than Talli does (which is true, lol. sorry kesar-talli fans!) Or she just needs him to say he would so she can day dream bout the moment laterLOL. But the precap was my fav cuz Gulaal was listenin to the entire convo so I cant wait to see her reaction and see if her actions towards Kes change cuz I think they might? Still not sure bout that tho. And, like its been said before, Kesar was a lil shocked when Talli said that cuz in truth, he wouldnt have. Not to this extreme anyway. Hes just not possesive about Talli. He wil always protect her, but not like he protects Gulaal.

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