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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 97)

kits1994 Groupbie

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged

kits1994 Groupbie

Joined: 21 March 2011
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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged
nomadsoul Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
OMGG!!! buhuhahahah Soniaaa!!!! LOLLOLLOL

Okaaayyy!!! soo Mahi walking in while Sid Ridhima were *ehm* *ehm* it reminded me of a similar scene in modern family!!! LOL super weird but funny at the same time!!! LOLLOL

yehi na ke mama par rob dalo un ko apne se neechey rakho aur ap to khud un ke neechey they….

ROFLROFL jeeezzz that was sooo cheeesy!!! buhuhahaha LOLLOL

Main abhi ap ke sath rehti hoon phir ap ka yeh haal hai, wahan ja kar pata nahi ap kya karo gay….

----Do i need to say that i am impatiently waiting for the next update for ehm ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ this Wink

She had an evil smile on her face….. Evil Smileand then she watched…. MURDER 2….ROFL

Confused  Confused

btw it's such a filthy freakishly scary movie!! Dead

Now honey puuhhlleeezz update soon!!! Mahi is starting to freak me out ConfusedTongue I need a SRlicious minus mahi update before i go MANTAL with this lil obnoxious kid LOLLOL

Joined: 12 April 2010
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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Awesome update.
malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
i got to page 25 LOL i know im major late, but can i say...this girl should just stop marrying people. i mean she marries sid and decides she lvoes armaan, marries armaan and decides she loves sid.
O GOD. wow.

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malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2011 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
my god woman! stop dissing yourself!
trust me, if you do not stop, veena's six inch heels will have NOTHING on these really heavy CLOGS that i will be throwing at you!

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malluangel IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 August 2011 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
so imma leave a comment on each part LOL its just that good k?

Part 18
i just shouted BOOM SHAKALAKA!i mean wow...all 3 of them together again and the dymanics by now are so twisted and folded...whew!

Part 19
god i agree with rhidz...kis miti se bana hai yeh?
hes just... human yet so so so angelic...

Part 20

Part 21

Part 22
shes a ping pong ball. seriously. sid and armaan are playing an eternal game of ping pong.
hes a dick.
wow. like. he is and effing dick

Part 23
OMG that was so filmy LOL tadang tadang tadang!
haha and the police wala haha that just so filmy yaar! LOVED IT!
and dont worry, noone can put that bond into words, we all try, but i think we all realize how miserably we failEmbarrassed

Part 24
not gonna lie. i just totally looked up maternity  wedding gowns LOL they look so cute!
LMFAO! hahah THIS IS AMAZING! its kinda like salaam namaste as u said, but better cuz shes in a wedding gown and hes in a suit and theyre about to get married and sids being so cute and he cant lift her!!!!
o god this is hilairous!
lmao did he just try to marry her in a car?ROFL o god!! GOD I LOVE HIM!!!LOL

haha in a delivery room! and yes! ur on the spot the husbands are supposed to be in there! actually even bfs and fiancees are allowed too, which is the AMAZING PART! YAY!
god what a story...our third marriage was in the delivery room- while she was having you!Big smile

Part 25
was not boring, nope not at all. yea hes a cute dad...but such a sexy husband...*chills*

lmao anjies so right, three wedding anniverseries...kya kismat hai sid ki, bechara...he has such a hard time planning one surprise a year and now he has more than usual!

Part 26
i read it. yea. i figured i couldnt get any more beshram LOL so i did...whew. intense... but its ok i have, admittedly, read "worse"


if i were a guy i would make love you. really. just wow.

are you not continueing this? i mean please. do continue!
we have to take that leap and see what the dick does after he gets out and stalkerishly tracks them down! we have to see a jr sid and like more...of part 26 Blushing

just wow. whew. wow.

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged

Hey guysHug. It's a very long part. Hope you like it. Do leave your comments.Smile


Part 32

Sid and Riddhima were on there way to Goa. Sid was driving with his gaze focused on the road. Riddhima was looking at him now and then. There was a pin drop silence in the car. Riddhima was first to break the silence.


Riddhima(started any random topic): Sid Mousam acha hai na?


Sid: Hmmm…..


Riddhima: Shaid barish ho gi….


Sid: Hmmm….


Riddhima: Sid… yeh white shirt tum par bohat achi lag rahi hai….


Sid: I know….


Riddhima(thinking): Yeh Sid kuch zayada hi bhav kha raha hai…. ek bar Goa pouhncho bachu…. Aise aise rang dikhaoon gi ke tumharey hosh ur jain gay….


Even this thought made her blush. Sid's gaze was still focused on the road. Riddhima turned her face towards Sid and a smile formed on her lips. Oh God why he look so hot. Sid caught her staring him.


Sid: What?


Riddhima: Huh? Nothing….


Sid(not satisfied with her answer): Are you sure….


Riddhima: Ya….


Sid: OK….


Riddhima turned her face in opposite direction to hide her blush. Just then his phone rang he attended the call.


Sid: Hello….. Oh Hiii Sheela….(this name caught Riddhima's attention) haan main theek hoon…. Tum kaisi ho?...(laughed slightly) Ya sure…. (after a pause he started laughing as someone just cracked  joke)


Mahi: Kyu…maza aa raha hai….


Sid: Ya….


Mahi: Jaisa maine kaha tha waisa hi kar rahey ho na….


Sid: Haan bilkul….


Mahi: Mama ke kan se dhuan nikal raha hai na….


Sid(looked at Riddhima who was boiling with anger): Haan….


Mahi: I wish main yeh scene dekh sakti….


Sid: Ya sure…. Goa se wapis aane ke baad….


Riddhima just couldn't take it any more. She snatched mobile from Sid's hands and threw it out of car.


Mahi: Hello…Hello…. Phone kat gaya…. (after a pause)Papa ab ap ko mama se kon bachaye ga…. Oh God mere parents ko thori budhi do…. Agar main nahi hoti to pata nahi in ka kya hota….


Scene shifted to Sid and Riddhima.


Sid(Shouting): Are You Nuts or something? Mera mobile kyu bahar phenk diya?


Riddhima: Darling Honemoon par mobile ka kya kaam.


Sid: Main kuch baat kar raha tha…


Riddhima: Baat karni hai to mujh se karo na…. I m all yours…


Sid: Riddhima its not a joke….ek to zabadasti mujy honeymoon par chalney ke liye force kiya…. Ab hum ja rahey hain to tum yeh sab kar rahi ho…. Akhir tum chahti….


Before he could complete his sentence Riddhima pulled him closer by his shirt collar and caught his lips into a passionate kiss. In the beginning Sid resisted but then he gave up and kissed her back with equal passion. Without breaking away from kiss Riddhima moved from her seat and sat in his lap facing him. Riddhima's hands were on his cheeks, pulling him closer. Sids encircled her waist. They were so lost in the kiss that they even forgot that they are still in the car, which was being driven by Sid a few minutes ago….and then….

After a few minutes Sid and Riddhima were standing out side the car which had struck against a tree. Smoke coming out from its bonnet. Sid looked at Riddhima with his eyes narrowed.


Riddhima: Kya? Mujy aise kyu dekh rahey ho…


Sid(angry): Dekho…. yeh kya kiya tum ne?


Riddhima(defending herself): Maine…maine kya kiya….gari to tum chala rahey they….


Sid: Lekin agar tum mujy kiss nahi karti to aisa nahi hota….


Riddhima: Don't blame me for this….tum ne hi mujy uksaya tha…


Sid: Maine uksaya tha???? Maine kab uksaya….tum khud hi jhansi ki rani ki tarha mujh par kudh pari…. Mujy saans lene ka bhi time nahi diya….


Riddhima: Tum boltey ja rahey they boltey ja rahey they…. Chup hone ka naam hi nahi le rahey they…. Is liye maine tumhara moon band karne ke liye aisa kiya….


Sid: PLZ make Correction….chalti gari main aisa kiya….


Riddhima(said with authority): Haan to…. Main mere husband ko jab chahoon kiss kar sakti hoon… tumhari permission nahi chahiye mujy….


Sid: Aur mera Mobile….wo kyu bahar phenk diya?


Riddhima: Yaad nahi mere samne kaise has has ke us Sheela se baat kar rahey they…. Mera husband mujh se baat karne ki bajaye kisi Sheela se baat kar raha tha…. aur main beth kar tamasha dekhti….


Sid(sarcastically): Nahi Nahi….tum kyu tamasha dekho gi…. Tumhain to hamesha se tamasha karne ki aadat hai….


Riddhima: Kya…. Kya kaha….


Sid: Riddhima is situation main hum tumhari waja se hain….


Riddhima: Sara blame mujy par dalne ki zaroorat nahi hai… maine tumhain kiss kiya… tum chahtey to mujy rok saktey they magar tum ne aisa nahi kiya… KYU? (stressed on last word)


Sid(thinking of an excuse): Wo….wo…wo main


Riddhima(teasing): Aey…. Maza aya na?


Sid(tried to keep stern face): Nahi….


Riddhima: Nahi aya…. Phir se karain….(saying this she tried to hug him but Sid moved away…. Looking at his face Riddhima started laughing)


Sid: Riddhima….plz stop it now…. Waise bhi raat hone wali hai aur hamari gari ek scrap ban gayi hai…. and thanx to you ab mere pass mobile bhi nahi hai…. (Riddhima hide her laughter in cough and Sid gave her an angry look) bohat maza aa raha hai na… (she shook her head in denial) ab chalo raat betane ke liye koi jaga dhoondtey hain….


Riddhima: Main kahin nahi ja rahi….


Sid: KYU?????


Riddhima: Dekho kitne rudely baat kar rahey ho tum mujh se….Pehley Pyaar se bolo….


Sid(getting irritated now): Aiye ji…. chaliye ji….raat ke liye koi jaga dhoondtey hain ji….


Riddhima(pulled his cheeks): CHOOO CHWEET….chalo….


Sid and Riddhima kept walking for almost one and half hour. Atlast they spotted a Dhaba. In the dhaba they met an old man.


Sid: Uncle ji…. Yaha par raat rehney ke liye koi jaga miley gi….


Old man: Yahan aas pass to koi jaga nahi hai magar yahan se 2 kilometer ke fasiley par ek gaoon hai…. wahan par ap ko rehney ki jaga mil jae gi…


Sid: Shukriya…. (now looking at riddhima) Chalain….


Riddhima: Sid mujy bhook lagi hai….yahan aa hi gaye hain to pehley kuch kha lain…


Sid: Theek hai tum kha lo…mujy bhook nahi hai…


Riddhima: Ab bhi gussa ho mujh se….


Sid(not looking at her): Nahi…


Riddhima: I m sorry… main janti hoon maine tumhain bohat pareshan kiya…


Sid(smiled): Its OK….


Riddhima: Chalo ab kuch kha lo…. Tum ne bhi subah se kuch nahi khaya…


Old man watched this scene and smiled.


Old man: Ap dono miyan biwi hain….


Sid: Ji haan….


Old man: Acha…. (he thought for a minute) Ap dono betheye main abhi kisi ko bhejta hoon ap se khane ka puchne ke liye….


Then they ordered some food for themselves. Sid and Riddhima were having food when old man came back with two bottles filled with some juice.


Sid: Yeh kya hai?


Old Man: Yeh yahan ka khaas sharbat hai… yahan aane walon ko hum yeh zaroor detey hain…. Yeh ap dono ke liye…


Riddhima took that bottle from his hands….she was feeling so thirsty that she gulp it down her throat in one go.


Old man(to Sid): Ap bhi li jiye….


Sid: Nahi its OK….mujy nahi pina hai….


Old man: Le li jiye… ap ko acha lage ga…


Sid: Uncle ji nahi chahiye….


Old man: Nahi pina chahtey to ap ki marzi magar gaoon yahan se 2 kilometer door hai rastey main shaid ap ko piyaas lagey to ap ye sath le jaiye…. Kyu ke raastey main ap ko kahin se pani nahi miley ga…


They were getting late so Sid didn't argue any more. He paid the bill and took a bottle from old man filled with that Juice. Then they both headed towards that village.


Boy: Yeh kon sa sharbat hai…


Old man: Yeh sharbat nahi bhang hai…


Scene shifted to Sid and Riddhima. Riddhima have started to act weird. She sat down in between the road.


Sid: Riddhima… kya kar rahi ho utho…


Riddhima: Main thak gayi….


Sid: Riddhima aise beech rastey main bethna is not safe…. Chalo utho….


Sid offered her his hand. She placed her hand on his and he he pulled her up and made her stand on her feet.


Riddhima(smiled at Sid): SID!!!! I LOVE YOUUU (threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek)


Sid: Riddhima…. are you OK…


Riddhima: YUP….


Sid: To aise kyu behave kar rahi ho….


Riddhima: Kyu ke mera dil kar raha hai….


Sid: Riddhima tumhain kya ho raha hai….


Riddhima(blushing): Sid mera kuch karne ko dil kar raha hai….


Sid: Kya????


Saying this Riddhima pushed Sid and ran away. Sid followed her. Song started in back ground Zara sa jhoom loon main from DDLJ


Riddhima: Zara sa jhoom loon main (Sid grabbed her by her arm and she twirled around which made her crash on his chest)

Sid: Arey… na rey… na rey… na… (Sid pulled himself away from her and took a few steps backward)

Riddhima: Zara sa ghoom loon main (She twirled again)

Sid Arey… na rey…na rey… na…(shook his head and folded his hands infront of her)

Riddhima: A tujhey choom loon main (She placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled him closer)

Sid: Arey na rey baba na… (Sid moved away)

Riddhima: Main chaliii….ban ke hawaaa….( started running like a crazy woman)

Sid: Rabba mere mainu bachaaa… (Sid ran after her)


(She stopped suddenly and Sid bumped into her)

Riddhima: Zara sa jhoom loon main… (Riddhima turned to face him)

Sid: Arey… na rey… na rey… na… (shook his head)

Riddhima: Zara sa ghoom loon main (twirled again but lost her balance)

Sid Arey… na rey…na rey… na… (he grabbed her hand before she fell)

Riddhima: A tujhey choom loon main (pulled him closer by collar)

Sid: Arey na rey baba na… (Sid moved his face away)

Riddhima: Main chaliii….ban ke hawaaa (She pushed him and ran away)

Sid: Rabba mere mainu bachaaa… (Sid sang as he was talking to God and followed her)


Riddhima was running on the abandon road with her dupata in her hand and Sid was following her. Many times he grabbed her but she pushed him and ran away from him. Finally Sid reached her.


Riddhima: Thandi Thandi pawan…. (She threw her dupatta on Sid's face)

Jalta hai yeh badan…. (she unbuttoned her shirt, Sid's eye popped out, then she slide it down, just like that song sequence 'uff teri ada' from DMG)

Je chahta hai bana loon… tujh ko apna sajan…. (She ripped his shirt apart but before she could slide it down he moved away, he was wearing a black vest beneath his shirt)

Hua nahi yeh pehley kabhi…. (She grabbed him by his arm)

meri chal badal gayi abhi abhi…. (swayed her hips according to music)

main chali ban ke hawaaa… (Sid came to cover her by her dupata but she pushed him and ran away)

Sid:Rabba mere…mainu bachaaa…. (Sid ran after her with her shirt and Dupatta in his hands)


Riddhima: Zara sa jhoom loon main… (she was about to fell down but Sid grabbed her by her waist)

Sid: Arey… na rey… na rey… na… (his face expression was like he is about to cry)

Riddhima: Zara sa ghoom loon main…. (She threw her arms around his neck)

Sid: Arey… na rey…baba naaa… (shook his head in denial)

Riddhima: A tujhey choom loon main (she moved her face closer to his)

Sid: Arey na rey baba naaa… (He moved his face away)


Riddhima ran towards the Jungle. Sid tried to stop her but he couldn't reach her and ran after her towards the Jungle. She hide herself behind a tree such that Sid couldn't see her. Sid was chasing her for so long now he was out of breath. His gaze fell on the bottle in his hand. He badly needed energy to chase her. He opened the bottle and drank it in one gulp. Bechara….instead of getting energy he got Talli. Just then he spotted Riddhima, who was trying to hide herself behind the tree. Riddhima was about to run away but before she could move Sid grabbed her arm.


Sid: Jati hai tu kahan… (Sid grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him abruptly)

Jaaneman jane jaan…. (Then he pinned her against a tree)

Larki hai tu khoobsurat….(Sid cressed her face with his finger)

Larka main nu jawaaan…. (He slide down his shirt and leaned on her)

Tujhey galey laga loon aa…. (He pulled her closer and hugged her)

Palkoon pe Bitha loon aa…. (He broke the hug and lifted her in his arms)

Ho gaya mujy nashaaa… (He saw a cottage and took her in it)

Riddhima: Rabba mere mainu bachaaa…. (This time Riddhima protested)


In the Cottage

Sid: Zara sa jhoom loon main (Sid made her stand on her feet and came close to her)

Riddhima: Arey… na rey… na rey… na… (Riddhima moved back with his each step towards her)

Sid: Zara sa ghoom loon main (Sid twirled around)

Riddhima: Arey… na rey…na rey… na… (Riddhima kept moving backward)

Sid: A tujhey choom loon main (Sid pulled her towards him by waist)

Riddhima: Arey na rey baba na… (Riddhima leaned away from him)

Sid: Ho gaya mujy nashaaa….(he lifted her and threw her over his shoulder and moved towards haystack)

Riddhima: Rabba mere mainu bachaaa… (Riddhima kept protesting and they both fell on Haystack)


Riddhima: Sid!!!! Mujy lagta hai ke main talli ho gayi hoon….


Sid: Mujy bhi aisa hi lagta hai….


She remembered something and turned her back towards him….


Sid: Ab tum ko kya hua…


Riddhima(turned towards him): Tum…. tum itna bhav kyu khatey ho…. Jab bhi main tumharey pass aati ho tum aise….(pushing Sid) aise kar ke mujy khud se door kartey ho…. Tum aj yeh bhi nahi kaha ke main achi lag rahi hoon…


Sid: Riddhima tum bohat…. (Riddhima raised her eyebrows) Nahi…main nahi kahoon ga….


Riddhima: Kyu….kyu nahi kaho gay…(she pulled him by his vest) Tumhain kehna hi ho ga hi ho ga….


Sid: Acha… magar pehley mujy choro….


Riddhima: Theek hai… ab kaho….


Sid: Riddhima….


Riddhima(dreamy eyes)Hmmm….


Sid: Riddhima….


Riddhima(softly): Kaho na Sid…


Sid: Riddhima mujy neend aa rahi hai…


Riddhima: KYA???? (Riddhima pushed him and he fell on his back and she again turned her face in opposite direction) Sid… tum ko neend aa rahi hai… main jab bhi tum se pyaar ki baat karti hoon tum hamesha aisa kuch stupid kar detey ho… Tum na bohat mean ho… Mr. Mean Modi….(after a pause) ab kuch bolo bhi…


She shifted her gaze towards Sid, who was snoring now.


Riddhima: Stupid…Idiot…. So gaya…



Have no idea what I m writing. I m just dragging this ff without any reason. I hope you liked song sequence. I never wrote something like this, hope I didn't disappoint you. Do leave your comments. I don't know but number of comments are getting lesser day by day. I know you guys are busy but PLZ atleast press like button.


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