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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 87)

PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 12:15am | IP Logged
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO???? MELT me to death with your levels of SR 'besharmi'???? HUH??? ARE YOU?????
Must say I am enjoying it. SO no matter!
Oh God, I loved this update! The morning romance was just too hot 2 handle!!! THANKS SO MUCH for this update yaar!
Love ya!

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MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 1:50am | IP Logged
Uhummm... Sonia, at least put the Disclaimer 
Pity our poor souls...Blushing

Well, since galati se mistake ho hi gayi, n i read it... So nice update!!Wink

Update soon, besharam...LOL

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Joined: 12 April 2010
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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Awesome Part. Loved the SR's morning romance Clap

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RestlessWriter Goldie

Joined: 23 July 2010
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Posted: 06 July 2011 at 10:04am | IP Logged

Wow.. I mean seriously wow.. Someone's getting more besharam by the day eh? Wink

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sonia1000 Goldie

Joined: 20 December 2010
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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 7:23am | IP Logged

Hey GuysHug. Besharam is back with another updateLOL. Thank you so much for your comments and plz keep them coming.

Part 28

After 6 years.

It was dark everywhere. The spot light spotted a cute little girl of about 6 years who was wearing a Pink Barbi dress. She has long jet black straight hair, fair complexion and choclate brown eyes. She came down stairs under the spotlight into a big hall full of guests. Everyone started singing Birthday song.


Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday Dear Mahi

Happy Birthday to You


All the lights were turned on and Mahi was greeted by all of her friends, Padma, Anjali, Atul and Vikky (Anjali is married to Atul and Vikky is their son) but she was looking for someone. Finally she spotted him in crowd, smiling at her. He was wearing a black casual coat on a white shirt and was looing extremely hot and handsome. His messy hair and deep brown eyes made him look so sexy. She ran towards him and jumped in his arms. He lifted up in his arms and hugged her.


Mahi: Papa….


Sid: Happy Birthday my Princess…..


Mahi: Thank you Papa….. thanks for this beautiful surprize…..


Riddhima: Hey Papa's Princess….. (kissed her on her cheek) Happy Birthday Sweety…..


Mahi: Thanks Mama…..


Sid: So how is your Birthday Party?


Mahi: Papa its my best Birthday ever….. Love you for this…..(and hugged him again)


Riddhima: Comeon lets cut the cake now…..


Mahi: No Mama….. wait for some time….


Riddhima: But why baby?


Mahi: Mama I m waiting for someone…..


Riddhima: Baby all your friends are here…..


Mahi looked at Sid with pleading expression on her face.


Sid: Riddhima…. Mahi keh rahi hai to thori der wait kar lete hain na….


Riddhima: OK….fine…. (Just then Anjali called her and she excused)


Anjali: Ridzy main kab se tujhy dhoond rahi thi….


Riddhima: Sorry Di main Mahi ke sath thi…. (Anjali handed her an envelop) What is this Di?


Anjali: Bomb (started laughing)…. Anniversary gift for you both….


Riddhima: Par Di is ki kya zaroorat thi?


Anjali: Kyu Zaroorat nahi thi…. (teasing her)after all its 6th Anniversary of your 3rd marriage na…. (cracked up)


Riddhima(annoyed): Di PLZ…. Ap meri har Anniversary par mujy aise tang mat kiya karo…..


Anjali: Mazak kar rahi thi Ridzy…. Chal chor is baat ko…. Call Mahi to cut the cake na….


Riddhima: Kaha tha use magar wo kisi ka wait kar rahi hai…..


Scene shifted to Sid and Mahi.


Sid(raised his eyebrow): So whom you are waiting for?


Mahi(blushing): Just a friend…


Sid: Princess you can tell me…. We are buddies na?


Mahi: OK Papa…. But promise me that you won't tell Mama…. It would be our secret…..


Sid: OK….(after a pause) So tell me….who is he?


Mahi(blushing): Rahul….


Sid(raised his eyebrows): RAHUL….


Mahi(still blushing): He is my class mate….. you know he is the cutest guy in our school, all the girls drool over him(Just then Rahul entered the house) Papa he is here…..


Rahul came towards her and wished her.


Rahul: Happy Birthday Mahi…..


Mahi: Thank You Rahul….. I thought you won't come…..


Rahul: Such a beautiful girl has invited me…. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai ke main na aata….


Sid looked at Rahul with his eyes widened. First time he experienced that how it feels when a boy flurt with your daughter like this and that too infront of your eyes.


Mahi(Dreamy eyes): You really think I m beautiful?


Sid(Who was watching all this): Ahem Ahem…..


Mahi(came out of her dream land): Rahul….. He is my father….. Dr.Siddhant Modi…..


Rahul: Hey….. I m Rahul…. Naam to suna hi ho ga….


Sid(raised his one eyebrow): Haan …. Abhi tumharey barey main hi baat chal rahi thi….(Just then Rahul excused himself)


Mahi(excited): Papa…. Isn't he cute?


Sid: CUTE!!!….. Mujy to bohat ajeeb sa laga…..


Mahi: Papa…. PLZ he is my friend….


Sid: OK fine….


Riddhima: Baby…. Ab cake katain…..


Mahi nodded her head and winced at Sid. Sid smiled and winced back at her. Then Mahi cut the cake, first of all she fed Sid then Riddhima. After that Sid and Riddhima fed her one by one. Then a cute family Photo. Then dance session for all kids….just for kids. Sid Riddhima and Mahi were standing in one corner, where no one could notice them.


Sid: Happy Anniversary Mrs.Modi...


Riddhima: Same to you Mr.Modi…..(after a pause) where is my gift?


Sid gave her a box covered with a silver gift rap…


Riddhima: What's there in it?


Sid: Khud hi dekh lo….


Riddhima removed the gift rap and opened it. There was a beautiful red saree with beautiful embroidery on its border.


Riddhima(looking at him): Sid its so beautiful….


Sid: You know maine tumhain yeh saree kyu gift ki….


Riddhima(Puzzled expression): No…..


Sid: Actually Panchgani main jab maine tumhain pehli bar saree main dekha….tab mujy tumharey liye kuch feel hua…. Pehli bar mujy ehsaas hua ke tum kitni khubsoorat ho…. Main to tab se hi tumhain chahne laga tha….. magar kehne se darta tha ke shaid…. (stopped in between)


Riddhima(cupped his face): Sid…. main sirf tumhari hoon…. (SR Eyelock)Aur tumhari hi rahoon gi.


And they hugged eachother. They were getting emotional so Sid changed the topic to lighten the mood and was back in his naughty avtar.


Sid(in his husky voice): And my gift….. (and smiled mischeviously)


Riddhima blushed at first but then…..


Riddhima(seductive voice): You will get it after this party…..(moved her face close to him and whispered in his ear) in our bedroom….. (winced at him)


Sid(coming close to her): HAYEEE….. Can't wait for that…..


Riddhima(placed her hand on his chest to keep distance between them): But you have to darling…..


Mahi was looking at Rahul with dreamy eyes, so she didn't noticed what SR were talking. Just then Rahul came there.


Rahul: If I m not mistaken then you are Mahi's Mom right?


Riddhima: Ya….


Rahul: OMG you are exceptionally beautiful….(he took her hand and kissed it)


Sid(thinking): Bara chalu bacha hai…. pehley meri beti aur ab meri biwi….


Just then his gaze fell on Pinky who is also Mahi's class mate and was quite fat(she also had a crush on Rahul) then Sid looked at Rahul and gave him an evil smile.


Sid(thinking): Abhi sabak sikhata hoon tujhy….


Sid(called Pinky): Pinky….don't you want to dance with your friend….. come on take him to the dance floor….


Before Rahul could say any thing Pinky dragged him to the Dance floor. Mahi was angry at Sid that he asked Pinky to dance with Rahul and not her. Mahi gave Sid an angry look and moved away from there. Riddhima covered her mouth with her hand to control her laughter. Once Mahi, Pinky and Rahul were gone she cracked up.


Sid: What???


Riddhima(pulled his cheeks): You know you are still so cute… a baby.


Sid(in seductive voice): And what about my sex appeal …. (Riddhima blushed)


She puched playfully on his arm and hugged him. He hugged her back. After some time party came to an end and all the guests moved back to their homes. Sid have changed in his T-Shirt and Pj's and Riddhima have changed in her night dress. She was busy in kitchen. Sid was passing by the kitchen when he saw Riddhima alone. He smiled mischeviously. He tip toed his way towards her and hugged her from behind and nuzzled her neck.


Riddhima: Sid!!! Kya kar rahey ho dekho mujy choro…..


Sid: No way…..


Riddhima: Sid main abhi kaam kar rahi hoon….


Sid: To baad main kar lena…..


Riddhima: Sid...PLZ dekho mujy…..


Before she could complete her sentence Sid turned her abruptly towards him and their eyes met. They were close enough to feel eachother's breath on their skin. 6 years have passed but still Riddhima feel nervous when he is this close to her. The only thing she wanted at that time was to melt in his arms, to kiss him to move her hands through his messy hair. Sid's eyes roamed all over her face and settled on her lips.


Sid9looking at her lips): I think …..we were talking about my gift….


Riddhima(threw her arms around his neck in her full naughty mood): So…. Should we start here or in the bedroom.


Sid(in his sexy voice): Well I won't mind here….


Saying this he bend his head towards her and Riddhima tilted her head upwards in response. Their heart beat accelerated as their nose touched in an intimate manner. Their bodies were pinned against eachother. They kept coming closer and closer. Sid had just brushed his lips against her when they heard a voice.


Mahi: Mama….. (who was at the door)


As soon as they heard her voice Sid and Riddhima moved away from eachother with a jerk and pretended as nothing happened.


Mahi: Mama…. Aj mujy ap ke sath sona hai….


Sid and Riddhima's face dropped as they heard Mahi's demand. They looked at eachother and then at Mahi with their eyes widened.


Sid: Kyu?????


Mahi: Kya main apni Mama ke sath so bhi nahi sakti?


Sid: Ofcourse you can beta but aj Mama bohat thak gayi hain na to unhain aj aram karne do….


Mahi: Papa main Mama ke sath sone ja rahi hoon and that is final….


Riddhima: Sweetheart….. Papa itna insist kar rahain hai to maan jao na….


Mahi: No…..


Sid(sweetly): Beta ap ko apne next birthday par ek little bro chahiye na…. to ap apne room main ja kar so jao….


Mahi: Don't worry Papa…. mujy bro ke aane ki koi jaldi nahi hai….


Sid(annoyed): Kitni Zidi ho bilkul apni Maa par gayi ho….(he blurted out and Riddhima's face was like :O)


Riddhima(in churail mood): Kya Kaha?


Sid(don't know how to give explanation): Baby I was just….mera wo matlab nahi tha….maine to aise hi keh diya….


Riddhima(she was very angry at Sid): Mahi beta aj ap mere sath hi sona…. (now to Sid) aur tum bahar sofa par sona…..


Sid: Magar….


Riddhima: Good Night….


Sid: Magar Riddhima…meri


Riddhima(in anger): Good Night….


Sid: But….


Riddhima(almost shouting): I said Good Night….


Saying this Riddhima moved out of the kitchen with Mahi and Sid followed them.


Sid: Magar Riddhima what….what about our plan…. I mean you and me?


Riddhima: You know Sid abhi main bohat gusse main hoon….. it would be better ke tum araam se ja kar sofa par so jao…. Kyu ke agar mujy aur zayada gussa aa gaya to shaid tumhain sone ke liye sofa bhi naseeb na ho…. 


Then Riddhima moved towards the room leaving Mahi and Sid alone in the living area. Sid looked at Mahi and she winced at him.


Mahi: Tit for tat…Papa…. (saying this she moved towards the room)



After reading this part you guys must be sure that Soina is crazyLOL. I know that I m. OMG what I m writing. This part was not that besharam like last two partsWink. Aj kal ke bachey bohat chalu hotey hai…Wink. Mahi is so naughty na…. ofcourse she has to be as she had inherited all SR naughty genesLOL. Hope you like it. I know some of you were expecting bathroom romance in this part…. But don't worry you will get every kind of SR romance in this FF as you all know I m a huge BesharamROFL. Do leave your comments. Muahhh


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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
lovely part...baap re, mahi at the age of 6 only is so sly...Gen Z, i think

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innocenteyez92 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
lovely update... Smile

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fariya94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
omg such a cute update...mahi is so naughty and that rahul...kitna chalu hai baap re baap..all and all a sweet cute update.and yes i was expecting sr bathroom romance but on the other hand i think excess of everything is also not good...but update soon besharamLOLlove u...and do give sr romance in the nxt 1

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