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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 82)

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged

Hey Guys. I m so sorry, I told you that I would update after a week but I could update because of my extended vacation. Finally I m back now. I m so scared to post this Part. PLZ under 18 are (strictly) not allowed to read it because I have crossed almost all limits while writing it. I know its too much but I couldn't stop my hands writing it. So I'll just request PLZ read it if you can bear any kind of SR romance because according to me it is extreme limit. I have read almost all SR ffs. But never happened to read such kind of stuff. Do leave your comments and PLz don't forget to on your AC firstWink.

Part 26

Few days have passed. Riddhima had joined Sanjivani again as Padma and Anjali were there in the same city to take care of Mahi. Now it was 4th wedding Anniversary of SR first marriage. Riddhima got up in the morning with a smile on her face. She looked at her right side to see Sid but he wasn't there. She got up from her bed and looked for Sid every where but he wasn't any where. She came back to her room and sat on her bed.


Riddhima(thinking): Kahan ja sakta hai Sid itni subah….. who bhi mujy bataye bagair


Just then her gaze fell on paper present on side table, which reads:


"Good Morning my beautiful Wifey

Sorry there is an emergency in the hospital,

tum so rahi thi is liye tumhain disturb nahi kiya

So see you in the hospital and I LOVE YOU"


Riddhima(disappointed): Mujy wish bhi nahi kiya, atleast wish to kar sakta tha….. kahin bhool to nahi gaya ke aj hamari Anniversary hai….. Dr. Siddhant Modi tumhain to main hospital main dekhti hoon…..


Then she got ready quickly. She took Mahi with her and drove towards Padma's house.


Padma: Aa gayi tum….. main kab se wait kar rahi thi…..( took Mahi from her hands) aaja mera bacha….. jab tak sabah is ka chehra na dekhoon mera to dill hi nahi lagta kisi kaam main…. 


Riddhima: Maa ap ko zayada tang to nahi karti…..


Padma: Bilkul nahi…..Mujy to khushi hoti hai….. aur aj raat yeh mere sath rahey gi…..


Riddhima: Magar Maa….. yeh ap ko bohat pareshan karey gi…..(just then Anjali came)


Anjali: Hey Ridzy (and kissed Mahi on her cheek)….kya discussion chal rahi hai…..


Riddhima: Kuch nahi….. Maa Mahi ko aj apne sath rakhna chahti hain…..


Anjali: To kya hua….. ek raat ki hi to baat hai…..


Riddhima: Magar Di…. Yeh ap ko sone nahi de gi…. Raat ko jag kar rone lag jati hai….. (Anjali intrupted)


Anjali: No argument…. Mahi aj hamarey sath rahey gi and that is final….. ab chalo warna hum dono hospital ke liye late ho jaye gay…..


Then they drove towards Sanjivani. On their way Anjali kept blabbering about something and Riddhima kept thinking about Sid. Anjali noticed Riddhima lost in her thoughts.


Anjali: Kya hua Ridzy bohat lost lag rahi ho…..


Riddhima: Kuch nahi….


Anjali: To phir mood kyu off hai tumhara…..


Riddhima: Di yeh Sid bhi na….. Subah mujh se miley bina hi chala gaya…..


Anjali: Koi emergency ho gi…..


Riddhima: Di aj hamari Anniversary hai aur….. Sid ne mujy wish bhi nahi kiya…


Anjali(puzzled): Anniversary????


Riddhima: aj hamari pehli shaadi ki 4th Anniversary hai…..


Anjali(cracked up): Kya kismet payi hai tum dono ne….. normally log saal main ek Anniversary celebrate kartey hain aur tum dono teen Anniversaries celebrate karo gay….. (continued laughing)


Riddhima(annoyed): Di PLZ…..stop laughing…..


Anjali(trying to control her laughter): OK fine ab nahi hasoon gi….. but Ridzy is main gussa hone wali kon si baat hai….. Bhool gaya ho ga aj kal kaam ka pressure bohat zayada hai na…..


Riddhima: But Di…. How could he forget our Anniversary…..


Anjali(started teasing her): Ridzy…. Ek Anniversary ho to yaad rakhna asaan hai magar teen teen….. (again started laughing)


Riddhima(annoyed): Di PLZ….stop it…..


Anjali: OK sorry ….. ek kaam karo tum us ko hints do shaid use yaad a jaye…..


Riddhima(thought for a minute): OK try karti hoon…..


She take out her mobile from her bag and dialed Sid's number. He attended her call.


Sid: Hey Sweety…..


Riddhima: Hey….. (after a pause)tum aj subah mujy bina bataye kyu chaley gaye…


Sid: Riddhima emergency thi…..


Riddhima: Phir bhi tum mujy bata to saktey they na…..


Sid: OK sorry….. aj ke baad tumhain bina bataye kahin nahi jaoon ga…. Happy.


Riddhima: I mean tum aj ke din mujh se bina miley kaise chaley gaye…..


Sid: Kyu aj kya hai?


Riddhima: Sid tum aj ka din kaise bhool gaye….


Sid: Riddhima aj koi khaas din hai?


Riddhima: Main nahi bataoon gi khud hi socho ke aj kya hai…. (and disconnect the call)  


After some time they reached Sanjivani. In Sanjivani Riddhima didn't met Sid and directly moved towards her cabin.


Riddhima(thinking): How dare he….. he forgot our Anniversary….. aj to main us se baat hi nahi karoon gi….. tab ja kar akal thikane aaye gi….. (then she heard a knock at th door) come in….


Sid entered her cabin. She was standing with her back towards the door. Sid came towards her and hugged her from behind.


Riddhima: Sid….is waqt main bohat gusse main hoon… would be better if you leave me…..


Sid(abruptly turned her towards him): Aur agar main na choroon to…..


Riddhima: Sid…. Main tumhain last time warn kar rahi hoon leave me…..


Sid: Nahi….. abhi mera mood nahi hai…..


He moved his face close to her and cressed her face with his nose. For a second she forgot her anger and lost herself in his arms. Then he cupped her face in his hands and bend his head towards her to kiss her. They were just an inch away from kiss when Riddhima came to senses.


Riddhima: Siddhant Modi mujy kiss karne ki koshish bhi mat karna…..


Sid: Kyu?????


Riddhima(freed herself from his grip): Kyu ke main tum se gussa hoon…..


Sid: Maine kya kiya?


Riddhima: Aj kitna important din hai aur….. tum bhool gaye….. Sid kya tumhain sach main yaad nahi hai?


Sid: Riddhima mujy sach main nahi pata ke tum kya keh rahi ho….. tum hi bta do ke aj kya hai…..


Riddhima(getting angry): Tum khud hi socho…..


Then there was an announcement for Sid to come in ICU, so he left her cabin. The whole day passed just like this. Sid tried to talk to her many times but she refused to talk to him. Now they were going back to their Pent House.


Sid: Riddhima aj pura din tum ne mujh se baat nahi ki PLZ ab to baat kar lo….


Riddhima: Nahi jab tak tumhain yaad nahi ata ke aj kya hai tab tak main tum se koi baat nahi karoon gi…..(after a few minutes of silence) yeh hum kaha ja rahey hain?


Sid: Mahi to Mom ke ghar se pick karna hai na…..


Riddhima: Nahi….. Maa ne kaha ke aj Mahi un ke sath rahey gi…..


Sid: Acha…..


After some time they reached Pent House. Ridzy got out of car. She moved towards the door and didn't wait for Sid to come. She entered Pent house. The moment she entered Pent House she was surprised to see whole house decorated with candles and roses of red n white colour. Just then air started blowing, she smiled and turned around. She saw Sid smiling at her with a bunch red roses in his hands. She ran towards him and hugged him tight. After a few minutes she broke the hug.


Sid(giving her flowers): Happy Anniversary….. (She take flowers from his hand)


Riddhima(smiling): Tumhain yaad tha?


Sid: Ye din main kaise bhool sakta hoon…..


Riddhima: Sorry….(Sid Puzzeled)….mujy laga ke tum bhool gaye ho ….. is liye gusse main tumse sara din baat nahi ki…..


Sid: Haan ye to main bhool hi gaya…..(with a mischevious grin) Don't worry us ka badla to main sood samaid wasool karoon ga…..


Riddhima blushed and turned her back towards him. He hugged her from behind and placed his chin on her shoulder.


Riddhima: Thank Sid….. Thanks for this beautiful surprise…..


Sid: Asli surprise to tum ne abhi dekha hi nahi…..


Riddhima turned towards him and gave him a puzzled expression. He took her hand in his hand and started moving towards Balcony. There was a table with two chairs opposite to each other. There were roses in a beautiful hand made strand basket (with a candle in the middle) placed at the center of table. There were so many dishes arranged beautifully on table. Sid started to uncover all the dishes one by one.


Riddhima(surprised): Yeh sab tum ne…. banaya hai…..


Sid: Hmmm


Riddhima: Magar tum to pura din Sanjivani main they….. then how and when  you did all this…..


Sid: Aj tum jab OT main busy thi to main ghar wapis aaya tha….. aur tab hi maine yeh kahana banaya….. (after a pause) tum betho na…..


Riddhima(stammering): Sid…..yeh… yeh sara khana tum ne khud banaya hai….. I mean….


Sid(intrupted): Don't worry aj maine sab taste kiya tha….. yeh sab theek bana hai….. (with an innocent look)last time wali mistake nahi ki hai


Riddhima smiled at him and sat there on a chair and Sid sat opposite to her. Riddhima started eating and Sid kept looking at her with a smile on his face. Riddhima was surprised that dinner was actually delicious.


Sid: Kaisa bana hai?


Riddhima: Tumne itna acha khana banana kab sekha?


Sid: Do saal practice ki hai….phir ja kar khana banana seekha hai…. jab do saal main Yuvi ke sath New York main tha na….tab main aur Yuvi roz nayi recipes ke sath experiment kartey they….ahista ahista experiments kamyaab hone lage…. Aur mujy thora bohat khana banana aa hi gaya….  (Riddhima smiled)


Riddhima(noticed that Sid wasn't eating): Tum to kuch kha hi nahi rahey…. Chalo shuru karo….


Sid: OK Madam…..


After dinner they sat in living area watching a random movie on their LCD. Riddhima's head on his shoulder and Sids hand on her waist.


Riddhima: Thank you Sid….


Sid(puzzled): Thanks? For what????


Riddhima(looked at him with tears in her eyes): For loving me the way no one Loved me before….. (tears flowing down her cheeks) Promise that you will love me like this forever….


Sid cupped her face in his hands and kissed the tear off her face. Riddhima closed her eyes.


Sid: I Love You…..


Riddhima: Keep saying these three words through out my life…..


Sid(placed a kiss on her forehead): I Love You (kissed each of her eye) I Love You (Kissed her cheek) I Love You (kissed her chin) I Love You…. (Riddhima opened her eyes slowly and saw tears in his eyes.


Riddhima(hugged him tight): I Love You Too….. PLZ Don't ever leave me ….. main tumharey bina nahi reh sakti….. I Love You so much…..


Sid(kissed her forhead without breaking the hug): I will never leave you ….. I'll always be with you forever…..


Sid broke the hug after afew minutes.


Sid: Oh God main to bhool hi gaya….


Riddhima: Kya?


Sid: Just wait…. Main abhi aata hoon…. Give me one minute….


Sid went towards their room. Riddhima begun to think about the evening, how Sid took so much pain to surprise her by preparing dinner and what did she done.


Riddhima(Thinking): Sid is such a sweet heart…I m so luky to have him amy husband ….. us ne aj ka din special bananey ke liye kya kuch nahi kiya or main ….. maine aj sara din us se baat nahi ki….. use ek gift tak nahi diya…..


Riddhima was still in her thoughts whan Sid came out of the room.


Sid: Riddhima apni ankhain band karo….


Riddhima: Haan?


Sid: Close your eyes….


Riddhima(stammering): K…Kyu?


Sid: Band karo na….tum sawal bohat puchti ho…


As soon as Riddhima closed her eyes, Sid took out a diamond neckless. He placed around her neck and fastened it. Riddhima opened her eyes.


Riddhima: Sid…yeh….(Sid intrupted)


Sid: Its Anniversary gift…. How is it?


Riddhima(look at the mirror present in living area) : Its beautiful…. (now smiling at Sid) Thanx….


Sid: Bas thanks…. where is my gift? (no answer from Riddhima)


Sid(in a childish way): No gift for your cute hubby…..


Riddhima(smiling): Kya chahiye tumhain?


Sid(looking in her eyes): Jo bhi tum pyaar se do…..


SR EYELOCK. Riddhima started feeling shy and looked downwards to hide her blush.


Riddhima(blushing): Main abhi aati hoon…..


Riddhima moved towards their room. After sometime she came out of the room wearing wrap of her night dress. Sid looked at her and their eyes met (SR BG Music). She slowly untied her wrap and removed it revealing her black transparent nighty(just like the one Sid gifted her) without breaking the eyelock. Sid's eyes were fixed on her. Sid could see the same passion, the same fire in her eyes which was there in his eyes. The only thing he wanted at that time was to go to her take her in his arms, love her the way he always wanted to love her. Sid was looking at her with such an intensity that she started feeling shy. He kept thinking in his mind is it really happening or he is dreaming. He wanted to know that did she really what this to happen or she is just trying to prove her love the way she did before. She could read that question in his eyes. So she broke the eyelock and started moving towards the bedroom. Before entering bedroom she turned towards him and looked in his eyes in seductive mannar, as she was inviting him through her eyes. At that time the only thing he saw in her was love for him, there wasn't any nervousness or any other thing but Love…. Love for him, craving to be loved by him. She entered the room and closed the door. After a few minutes she opened the door slightly and threw her nighty out of the door and left the door open. Sid took slow steps towards bedroom. He entered the room and saw Riddhima standing at a corner against the wall. She had covered herself with bed cover. Their eyes met again. Sid came close to her without breaking eyelock. Now he was standing infront of her. Riddhima turned her back towards him and was facing the wall. Then she slowly slide down the bed cover from her body revealing her bare back. Now Sid couldn't hold any longer and he pressed himself on her and Riddhima closed her eyes. Riddhima was pinned against the wall with her back towards Sid. Sid moved a lock of hair and kissed the nape of her neck, then kissed her ear, then her cheek. Riddhima moved her hands on the wall in enjoyment. Sid placed his hands on hers and intertwined his fingers with hers. Riddhima abruptly turned towards him and kissed him hard on his lips. The moment their lips met they forgot everything else. Through the kiss they showed eachother that how long they waited for this day. Sid encircled her waist by his arms. Riddhima's one hand was around his neck and other in his hair. Sid sucked her upper lip while Riddhima sucked his lower lip. Without breaking the kiss Riddhima unbuttoned his shirt. She cressed his chest by her hand and then she slide her hand from his chest to his back through his unbuttoned shirt.She moved her right foot on his left leg. They kept kissing eachother until they were out of breath. Sid break the kiss and opened his eyes slowly. After some time Riddhima opened her eyes and they had an intensive eyelock. Without breaking the eyelock, Sid lifted her in his arms and took her towards the bed. He gently placed her on the bed. Then he slide down his already unbuttoned shirt from his body. Just after that moment they were out of the boundaries of their clothes. Riddhima leaned on bed and Sid atopped her. Sid covered both of them with blanket. They were so close to eachother that their nose were touching. They could feel eachother's breath on their skin. Riddhima cressed his face with her hand and stopped on his lips. She brushed his lips with her fingers. Sid kissed her fingers and Riddhima closed her eyes. Sid placed a soft kiss on her brows, then on her cheek and then placed a feather light soft kiss on her lower lip. Before he could break the kiss Riddhima threw her arms around his neck and locked her lips with his into a passionate kiss. They rolled on bed and now Riddhima atopped him. She broke the kiss and placed quick kisses all over his face. Then she moved down and placed kisses on his belly, then his chest, then his neck and finally locked her lips with his. Sid's hands roamed all over her bare back pulling her closer to him. While kissing Riddhima slipped her tongue in his mouth and they let their tongue play with eachother. They rolled again and now Sid was on the top of her. He broke the kiss but didn't wanted to leave her soft skin. He placed wet kisses on her neck and almost sucked her neck. Riddhima tilted her head upward in enjoyment and scratched his back with her nails. Lights fades out and their images merged into one.


Afew hours later that night, Sid was still awake but Riddhima had fell asleep with her head on Sid's chest and a smile on her lips. Sid looked at her with tears in his eyes. His one hand was around her waist and with his other hand he moved a strand of hair from her face and placd a soft kiss on her forehead. Sid looked at her fondly as her smile widened after his kiss. Then he pulled her close to his heart and went to sleep with Riddhima in his arms.



So it was SR OFFICIAL C-Night. I m really sorry if you thought it is too much but recently I got to know something and after that I just lost my control. I hope you didn't mind reading it. But I had warned you before. Mahi wasn't there in this part because I thought she might play a role of kabab main haddiLOL, as she had a habbit to get up during the night. So thought she should enjoy her Nani's company and let SR enjoy eachother's companyWink. Don't forget to leave your comments.    


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-Jhalli- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged

firstly the part was gr8
lov the way anji teases riddhima
loved sr eyelocks their candle light dinner
now ahem ahem part
sweety the part was hot dont worr you dont write it too much
thank god you keep maha or shr might cr8 prob
plz continuee soon
thanx for the pm

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jyoti_wahian Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 2:39pm | IP Logged

Pheww!! dat was HOT, VRY HOT indeed... Wink

Sonia dis update of urs bhulaye nhi bhulega... LOL

N thanx for keeping mahi at her nani's place coz she surely hav disturbed SR in their naughty naughty moments Wink

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harshita_sahni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
OMG a very very very hott update loved it awesomee
continue soon...

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Res god tht was HAWT Blushing


Woah Woah Woaaahhh BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

Sonia this was just HOT HOT HOT HOT BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
Issshhh!!!!!! I was feeling all shy shy reading it BlushingLOL

the disclaimer was needed so much...srsly girl u did an amazing job with it...even thou it was all the way out there like Neet said it didn't not seem vulgar at handled it perfectly!!!!

Great job yaar LOVED It like duh!!LOL

plzzz continue soon...

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RestlessWriter Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2011 at 6:29pm | IP Logged

Reserved and wow!!! A much needed disclaimer I must say..

Wow!!! I mean just wow!! I've always been worried abt getting carried away and stepping the line when I write but this was just *Phew* very apt disclaimer I must say..
I read you got carried away when you got to know something. Got your hands on an M&B did you?? LOL or maybe Sidney Sheldon eh? LOL I know its so easy to get carried away by the sizzling SR/Jeran chemistry.. Makes you want to write besharam stuff... Wink
But I must say you did a pretty good job.. It wasn't overly indecent or vulgar. You played just the right cards but yes you have raised the bar for SR C- night though. Now, everyone is going to be comparing all other C-night scenes to this one and find it lacking in the hotness factor coz your C-nite hotness just burnt the roof I tell you..
Good job and a definitely awesome update.. And yeah for your sake, I hope you are above 18 LOL
Take care dear and continue super soon..

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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awesome was hot

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