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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 74)

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 3:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PraSha_SidMa

I am BACK!!! After like, what, TEN UPDATES????
Srsly yaar, tumhe kya zaroorat thi itni jaldi jaldi update karne ki???? WHY DON"T YOU BECOME A NIKAMMI WHEN I NEED YOU TO??
Lol, just kidding.
But yeah.
in shock. 10000% in shock.
Mind you, it's a good shock. Since the ending is AWESOME. I mean throughout the whole reading my face was making these weird expressions and my mouth kept on dropping open and my mind was yelling "WHAT??" "WHAAAT?" "WHY?" "HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN????" "WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SUSPENSE???" "WHY IS SONIA BEING SO FILMI????"
So yeah. Thankfully all the confusions and everything was cleared up by the latest chapter. Thank God that MANHOOS is out of the picture. And in jail. YIPPPEEE!!!!!! What could be better?
And PHINALLY Ridzy is not confused maiya anymore. For a second (or a chapter) I was convinced that she had gone through the abortion and I was like, "that's it, I'm not reading anymore." But the temptation to read the next chappie was too much and I read it.
And boy, am I glad that I did!
Wonderful/awesome/amazing writing!!!
The story had me HOOOKED!!!!
So all I can say is: AWESOME JOB SONIA!!! I AM PROUD OF YOU!
Or something like that. I am sure that you have done so well because you have been inspired by my writing. RIGHT?????
Lol, I'm just kidding. Every writer is unique (and awesome) and so are you!
Awesome job yaar! Keep rocking! Muahzz!

I know I m very filmyLOL and the next part will be much more filmy. BTW how you get to know I m inspired by your writingShocked... I didn't told you before... It was my top secret LOL

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sonia1000 Goldie

Joined: 20 December 2010
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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Liashna

Rightly Justified!!

Wow, you described every emotion so well... Thanks again for the pm!!

Nice update!!!Clap

How i wished, the police had shot the Armaan of you story...

The last part was so cute... Embarrassed

Thank you so much dear... I m happy that you liked it
sonia1000 Goldie

Joined: 20 December 2010
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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mala1108

What a fabulous update Sonia!!!! I really enjoy reading your story... Finally the truth is out ... and our SR are back together...waiting for the third SR wedding now... so continue soon...

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2011 at 3:28am | IP Logged

Hey GuysHug. Thank You sooo much for your long and lovely comments. Finally SR are together and now it's the time for their 3rd marriage. Before reading this part I wanna tell you that read it if you are an adult because it has many scenes which are unsuitable for under 18 and shareef readersWink. This part is just for fun and has nothing to do with the story. The most important thing, ending is not my creation, I have copied last scene from a movie, I think you will guess the movie. So I will not tell you the name of that movie. So do leave your comments.


Part 24

Finally SR are together forever. Sid and Riddhima wanted to get married as soon as possible but Armaan refused to divorce her. Sid wanted to get married before the baby born but he didn't wanted to drag this matter to the court. So they tried to convince Armaan but every time he refused to sign divorce papers. They tried to convince Armaan for 4-5 months but he didn't agreed. At last they had to take help from the court. Finally A...R got divorced. Armaan was jailed for 5 years, it was ninth month of pregnancy. During this period Riddhima was living at Naina and Yuvi's place as Sid didn't want her to live alone in that condition(Yuvi and Naina know every thing). Sid wasn't living with them as Riddhima wasn't divorced at that time. But he use to spend most of his time with Riddhima. He took her to all her gynaec appointments. During those months of pregnancy, he was always with her whenever she needed him. One day during those months Riddhima found Sid lost in his thoughts.


Riddhima: Sid kya soch rahey ho?


Sid: Abhi bhi sab... Ek sapna lag raha hai... Maine to socha bhi nahi tha ke tum aur main phir se hum ban saktey hain... (took Riddhima's hand in his) Riddhima wada karo mujh se ke ab tum mujy kabhi chor kar nahi jao gi... (now in tears) tum nahi janti tumharey bina maine jo waqt kata hai ... wo meri zindagi ka sab mushkil waqt tha ... ab main kisi halat main tumhain khona nahi chahta...


Riddhima: Sid humain jo bura waqt dekhna tha hum dekh chuke hain ... main wada karti hoon ke is bar main hamarey beech kisi ko nahi aane doon gi... kisi ko nahi...


Sid(after a minute of silence): Mom se baat hui?


Riddhima(disappointed look): Nahi... wo ab bhi mujh se naraz hain... I wish ke wo yahan hoti...(just then she put her hand on her belly and gasped)


Sid(concerned): Kya kya...hua Riddhima... are you OK?


Riddhima(smiled): He kicked...(Sid puzzled) baby kicked...


Sid(excited): Really...


Riddhima put his hand on her belly and Sid felt a slight kick against his hand. He was so happy. His heart filled up with a certain, indefinable emotion when he felt his cheeks wet with tears. He was so happy that his baby kicked for the first time. Both Sid and Riddhima were in tear. Sid couldn't hold his emotions and hugged her tight.


Sid: I can't explain ke main kitna khush hoon ...I Love You...


Riddhima: I Love You Too...(he broke from the hug and kissed her forehead)


Sid and Riddhima decided to get married in church this time (for a change'lolLOL) Sid was so excited for his third marriage with the same girl. He was doing all preparations by himself. YuNa were also there to help him in preparation. Only Sid's family knew about their marriage but no one from Riddhima's family knew about it. They tried to contact them but they couldn't.

On the day of marriage

Sid was wearing a black two piece suit and was looking smashing hot. All guests have reached Church and every one was waiting for Riddhima. After some time Riddhima entered the Church with Naina and Muskaan on her either sides. She was wearing a white wedding gown. Inspite of the fact that she is in ninth month of pregnancy, still(with enlarged abdomen) she was looking as beautiful as nine months before. The moment Sid looked at her, he just couldn't take his eyes off her. Riddhima looked at him and locked her eyes with his. Sid was looking at her with such intensity which made Riddhima blush. Riddhima took steps towards Sid without breaking eyelock. Now she was standing infront of Sid. Sid's eyes were fixed on Riddhima and Riddhima also got lost in his eyes. Both of them were on cloud ninth. Finally after so long they will be together. They came to senses when ceremony started.


Priest: Mr.Siddhant Modi... Do you accept Ms.Riddhima Gupta as your wife?


Sid(looked at Riddhima): I Do...


Prist: Ms.Riddhima Gupta ... Do you accept Mr.Siddhant Modi as your husband?       


Riddhima's expression suddenly changed


Riddhima: Aaahhh


Sid(concerned): Riddhima...


Riddhima: Aaahhh


Riddhima clutched her abdomen and was crying now. Naina and Muskaan grabbed her arms so that she might not fall. They made Riddhima sit on the floor as she couldn't move.


Sid: Riddhima are you OK... kya hua...


Riddhima(not able to talk): Sid...Sid... baby aane wala hai...




Riddhima(closed her eyes in pain): Haan Sid...


Sid: Magar... abhi to delievery ko time hai na?


Riddhima(annoyed): Sid... tumhain invitation de kar nahi ga wo... Aaahhh.


Sid: To ab kya karain?




Naina(to Yuvi): Yuvi... jaldi gari start karo... main tab tak hospital phone kar deti hoon...


Sid tried to lift her in his arms but he failed.


Riddhima(in pain): Sid kya kar rahey ho... can't you lift me up...


Sid(exhausted): No... I can't...


Riddhima(annoyed): WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T?


Sid: Riddhima just look at your size... main bhi insaan hoon koi superman to nahi...  


Riddhima(screamed): SID!!!!!


Sid: Acha main koshish karta hoon... finally he somehow managed to lift her in his arms... then he took her to the car... On their way to hospital.


Sid: Riddhima... hospital aane main abhi time...(he took out ring from his pocket) so will you...


Riddhima(screamed): AAAHHH


Sid: Acha theek hai... baad main...


After sometime they reached the hospital. She was on stetcher, and now was taken towards the OT.


Sid: Riddhima OT main jane se pehley... I wanna ask... (took out ring again) will you...


Riddhima(screamed): Aaahhh


Sid: OK... fine later...


Now Riddhima was in OT and Sid was pacing out side the OT. When Naina came out.


Sid: Naina... kya hua?


Naina: Sid... have patience... abhi thora time lagey ga...


Just then Sid's gaze fell on the ring in his hand.


Sid: YUVI!!!!... meri shaadi...


Yuvi: Sid tujhy is waqt shaadi ki pari hai...


Sid: PLZ Yuvi kuch kar mujy Riddhima se abhi shaadi karni hai...


Yuvi: Main kya kar sakta hoon?


Sid: Tu Naina se bol na ke mujhy andar jane de...


Yuvi: PAGAL HO GAYA HAI KYA???? Main Naina se aisa kuch nahi puchne wala... aur waise bhi tu andar ja kar karey ga kya?


Sid(innocence): Shaadi karoon ga aur kiya...


Yuvi: Sid tu sach main pagal ho gaya hai...


Sid: PLZ Yuvi... Naina se keh na ke mujy andar jane de... aur waise bhi yeh New York hai yahan par husbands ko andar jane detey hain...


Yuvi: Not be mistaken my friend its 'Would be husband'...


Just then Naina was going back towards OT. Yuvi asked her about it but she refused. Sid almost begged infront of Naina. At last she agreed. Sid entered the OT. Sid saw Riddhima screaming like hell. She was completely covered. Sid came and stood beside Riddhima.


Riddhima(screaming): SID TUM YAHA KYA KAR RAHEY HO...


Sid(ring in his hand): Riddhima... Will you...


Naina: Didi... it's the time...




Riddhima: WHAT?????


Sid(softely): Before the baby born... I wanna ask something... from the day I met you... you have tortured me a lot ... you slapped me so many times without any reason ... you broke my bat PS ... you threw me out of my room...


Riddhima(in a loud voice): Tum mujy propose kar rahey ho ya meri insult kar rahey ho?


Sid(smiled): Inspite of all this... I Love You... and I want you back in my life as my Wife... as my Mrs.Churail Modi...(Riddhima laughed slightly) So will you torture me for the rest of my life?


She was so touched by his gesture that her eyes filled with tears.


Riddhima(smiled in tears): Yes...


Sid slipped ring in third finger of Riddhima's left hand and everyone in the OT applauded.


Sid: I Love You...


Riddhima: I Love You Too...


Then Sid placed a soft kiss on her lips. Everyone covered their eyes. Kiss was just a few seconds long. Both were in tears now. As soon as they broke away from the kiss Riddhima screamed again...


Riddhima: Aaahhh


Sid: Sorry ...continue... (he took Riddhima's hand in his hand and placed his other hand on her forehead) every thing will be fine...(and kissed her hand)


And within 5 minutes Riddhima gave birth to a baby girl.


Naina(smiled): Didi... beti hui hai...


Nurse took the baby with her and after a few minutes she came back and gave the baby girl to Sid. The moment Sid took her in his arms, he couldn't control his tears. He placed a kiss on her forehead. At that time he felt as he is the most happiest person in the whole world. Then Riddhima took her in her hands. Both Sid and Riddhima were looking at her with tears in their eyes.


Sid(tears in his eyes): Thank you... Riddhima... Thanks a lot for this precious gift...


Riddhima smiled at him. Then Sid placed a kiss on Riddhima's forehead. 



OMG...What the heck I m writing. I m crazy to write something like this. You all might have guessed the movie till now. You might be thinking what the hell is happening... why Sid is behaving like this but as I have told you this part has nothing to do with the story, so don't take it seriously. Actually I really love that scene ... It was just so funny... so I just can't stop my self writing it... So SR ki third suhagraat bhi flop ho gayi...lolLOL. It's SR we are talking about how can they be a normal couple ...lolLOL. Don't worry there will be an official C-Night very soonWink. Maine sab ko is FF main bohat rulaya so I just thought ke ab thora hasa deti hoon. 



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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Reserved Evil SmileLOL


First I think I should do the dance ... Me first Me first DancingLOL ...

Ok Part 23 was super awesome ... you have thoroughly justified each and every thing perfectly ... 

Kudos to you on that ... Yes it was a little filmy ... but I throughly loved it ... Embarrassed

Part 24 

Oh my God ... I was sooo irritated ... kyu kuch na kuch hota hai SR shaadi ke time but finally ... they are married ... Haan I guess the movie ... Salaam Namaste right ... 

So what is the prize for guessing it right ... Let me guess 1 more SR FF from Sonia ... Thumbs Up

Edited by DJ.. - 18 June 2011 at 4:05am

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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loved it...after so much drama this was refreshing...poor sid getting married in the hospital instead of church

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Originally posted by DJ..

Reserved Evil SmileLOL

DJ is that youShocked... *faint*LOL

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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sonia1000

Originally posted by DJ..

Reserved Evil SmileLOL

DJ is that youShocked... *faint*LOL

Go Faint once again LOL

I unreserved the comment also ...LOL

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