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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 62)

mala1108 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
Awesome!!! Thnx God SR meet each other...can't wait to see what's next... plz continue soon...  

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nomadsoul Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Taaadaaannng taaadaaannnggg!! and SR, A comes face-to-face!! Jeezz impatiently waiting to know what's gonna happen now!!!! PLEASE CONTINUE LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!! Caaannnttt Waaaiiit!!!!!

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nitikajaiswal Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
continue soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Big smile

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whispa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 2:51am | IP Logged
So they finally meet when Armaans there!
I want to see Armaans reaction!
Great build up Sonia. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!Embarrassed

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jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 4:28am | IP Logged
nice part
Eager tto see Sid-Ridzi confrontation

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Joined: 12 April 2010
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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update!

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged

Hello Guys. Here is the next part. Do leave your comments, I m writing this just for you all so PLZ do leave your comments either negative or positive.

Part 19

Both Sid and riddhima were equally shocked to see each other. They kept looking at each other for some time as trying to believe what they just saw. They came to senses when Armaan spoke and they immediately moved their gaze away from each other.


Armaan: Sid!!!! (then he hugged him) tu yahan….. yaar tu kahan chala gaya tha na koi phone na msg ……aj hum purey do saal ke baad mil rahey hain…. Maine tujhy contact karne ki koshish bhi ki magar pata chala ke tu ab Houston main nahi rehta….


Sid(gave him a fake smile): Wo main yahin shift ho gaya hoon……


Armaan: Great….. hum bhi yahan shift ho gaye hain….


Sid was shocked again that they are going to be here.


Sid: Tum dono yahan shift ho gaye ho?


Armaan: Ya…..


Sid: Magar tum dono to London shift ho gaye they na?


Armaan: Haan magar….. phir mujy is branch ka proposal mila aur hum yahan aa gaye…..(after a pause) Sid tumhain kaise pata ke hum London shift ho gaye they……


Both Sid and Riddhima's eyes widened on what he unintentionally blurted out. He looked at Riddhima. She shook her head and signaled him not to say any thing.


Sid(thinking): Shit!!! Maine kya keh diya…..


Sid(thinking for an excuse): Wo mera ek friend Sanjivani Mumbai main kaam karta hai us se tumharey barey main pucha to pata chala ke tum dono London shift ho gaye ho…..


Armaan: Acha……


Just then someone called him from behind and Armaan excused himself, leaving behind Sid and Riddhima alone. They were so uncomfortable to be with eachother that they couldn't even look at each other. They were looking here and there not wanted to look at each other. Sid was feeling so guilty after what happened, he just don't have guts to look in her eyes. There was an uncomfortable silence between them.


Riddhima(thinking): Sid yahan….. wo yahan rehta hai…... kya main Sid se baat karoon…... shaid mujy Sid se baat karni chahiye….. nahi main Sid ko phir se is sab main nahi dhakelna chahti magar….. main us se itna bara sach nahi chupa sakti…. ke main…..(she closed her eyes)   


Sid turned to move from there. When Riddhima called him.


Riddhima: Sid…..


Sid closed his eyes and stopped in his track but didn't turned towards Riddhima as she might see tears in his eyes. Riddhima took steps towards him with tears in her eyes.


Riddhima(with tears in his eyes): Sid main tum se….. kuch baat karna ……


Before she could complete her sentence Armaan came back. Both Sid and Riddhima quickly wiped their tears.


Armaan: Kya Baat chal rahi hai?


Riddhima: Kuch nahi…..


Armaan: Aur suna Sid…. Kya chal raha hai aj kal….


Sid: Nothing special….


Armaan: Koi larki phasayi ke nahi...(Armaan started laughing and Sid felt embarrassed by his question) don't worry ab main aa gaya hoon na….. tere liye koi achi si larki dhoond doon ga…..


Riddhima(gave Armaan a look): Armaan….


Armaan: Sorry I was just kidding……(after a pause) Riddhima tum ne Sid ko bataya……


Riddhima(puzzled): Kya?


Armaan(excited): Good news….. (Riddhima's eyes widened)


Sid: Kaisi good news?


Armaan: Buddy congratulate me…. I m going going to be father……


Sid looked at Riddhima in disbelieve. He was too numb to react at what he just heard. Tears started forming in his eyes, he tried to control them but it was getting hard for him to stop them from coming out of his eyes.


Sid(looking away): Congrats yaar….


Armaan: Thanks…..


Sid(trying to control his tears): Excuse me….. I'll be back…..


Sid directly went to wash room. In the washroom he bend down on his knees and cried his heart out. He knew that Riddhima loves Armaan and whatever happened was just a mistake for Riddhima but he didn't knew that she would forget it that easily. He kept asking himself that whatever they shared was nothing for her, just nothing. Armaan's words kept echoing in his eyes


  'I m going going to be father'


Sid(thinking): Riddhima khush hai apni zindagi main….. wo Armaan ke sath nayi zindagi ki shuruwat kar chuki hai…. aur mera dil(laughed at himself) ab bhi manne ko tayar nahi ke Riddhima aisa kar sakti hai…... Pata nahi Meri Zindagi mujy kis baat ki itni bari saza de rahi hai ….. bas bohat ho gaya …..chahey phir se kismat ne hamain ek dusrey ke samney la kar khara kar diya ….. magar is bar main apni feelings ko apni kamzori nahi banne doon ga…… mujy Riddhima se door rehna ho ga…


He wiped his tears and came out of wash room. As soon as he came out of washroom he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. He turned to see the person and saw Yuvi. Sid use to live here with Yuvi who came to USA almost an year ago


Yuvi: Hey Sid….. (Sid's eyes were red) what happened tum theek to ho na…..


Sid: Ya….I… I m fine…


Yuvi: Mujh se jhoot mat bol….. mujy pata hai…... main Armaan aur Riddhima se mila hoon…... (after a pause)Sid tu kab tak is tarha apni zindagi barbad karta rahey ga….. wo bhi us larki ke liye jis ne kabhi tujh se pyaar kiya hi nahi…..  main janta hoon apne pyaar ko bhoolana itna asaan nahi hai magar Sid…... kab tak tu isi tarha…… (Sid intrupted)


Sid: Tu ab tak Naina ko bhula paya?


Yuvi: Sid kam se kam mujy yeh to pata hai ke Naina mujh se pyaar karti hai magar Riddhima ne to kabhi …. (Yuvi stopped in between and closed his eyes) I m Sorry Sid…..


Sid(trying to control his tears): Its OK….. waise bhi tum ne kuch galat to nahi kaha……


Just then Naina saw Sid, she hadn't noticed that Yuvi is also there with him. She came towards Sid and her gaze fell on Yuvi.


Naina: Yuvi!!!


Yuvi (turned): Naina!!!!


YuNa eyelock. There was a silence between them. Sid break the silence.


Sid: Hey Naina……


Naina(came to senses): Hey Sid….. kaise ho?


Sid: I m good…… tum sunao…..


Naina: I m also fine…… (then Naina looked at Yuvi) Hey Yuvi……


Yuvi(looking away): Hey…...


Sid looked at both of them and thought he should leave them alone. Just then dance session started. Armaan invited everyone to come on dance floor.


Armaan: Hello guys…… I hope you are enjoying the party but…(after a pause) actual party starts now PLZ everyone on dance floor but after every 5 minutes you have to change your partner.  


Now everyone including Sid was on dance floor. Sid was dancing with some girl. Riddhima had killer look in her eyes at that time. She still can't see him with someone else. The only thing she wanted to do at that time was to throw that girl away from Sid. Just then Armaan came towards her and asked her for a dance, at first Riddhima refused but finally she agreed due to Armaan's insistence. He took her to the dance floor where Sid was dancing with that girl. They were dancing in such a positon that Sid and Riddhima were facing each other. They were stealing glance at one another now and then. After five minutes, it was time to change partners so Armaan twirl Riddhima and she crashed on Sid's chest. She moved her eyes from his chest to look at his face and SR EYELOCK Sid break the eyelock and moved away from her. Both were feeling uncomfortable with each other. Every one was dancing with their respective partners but Sid and Riddhima were standing there. Riddhima thought she should talk to Sid now. She was about to say something when Sid moved from dance floor leaving behind a teary Riddhima.


Riddhima(thinking): Yeh main kya karne ja rahi thi….. Pehley hi main Sid ko bohat dookh de chuki hoon …. agar maine Sid ko sachayi bata di ke yeh bacha (she closed her eyes) …... to wo apne ap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paye ga ….. mujy Sid se yeh baat chupani ho gi…..


Finally party came to an end. Almost everyone left. Sid was about to leave when he saw Armaan fully drunk. He was so drunk that he couldn't even stand properly and Riddhima was trying to take him to the car. Sid wanted to leave at that time he don't wanted to stay. He sat in his car and was about to start his car. When he thought.


Sid(thinking): Yeh main theek nahi kar raha hoon….. Riddhima ko is waqt help chahiye aur main bhaag raha hoon ….. kahin main apni frustration Riddhima par to nahi nikal raha ….. jo bhi hua us main jitni galti Riddhima ki hai utni hi galati meri bhi hai…. then why I m behaving like this (he thought for a minute) main theek nahi kar raha hoon mujy ….. kam se kam insaaniyat ke natey hi mujy Riddhima ki help karni chahiye.


He got out of his car and moved towards Armaan and Riddhima. Riddhima looked at him. He placed Armaan's one hand around his neck. He asked Riddhima for the keys of Armaan's car without looking at her. She gave him the keys. Then he took Armaan to his car and made him to sit on back seat. Riddhima was about to say something but he showed her his hand and signaled her not to say any thing. He asked her for address. Riddhima told him and sat in the car beside Armaan. Sid drove them to their house. On the way Armaan kept blabbering in his drunk state.


Armaan: Riddhima….. I love you….. you are just so beautiful….(and kissed her on her cheek, and she placed her hand on his chest to maintain distance between them) You know Sid…. Tum bohat…… bohat achey ho magar….. jab tum Riddhima ke sath hotey they na……. I use to hate you then…… kyu ke Riddhima sirf meri hai …… aur meri cheez main kisi aur ke pass dekh nahi sakta…... main….maine Ridd ….. Riddhima (and got faint)


Sid tried not to concentrate on what he was saying but failed miserably. Each word from Armaan's  mouth was killing him from inside he tried to control his tears but couldn't control.. Riddhima saw tears in his eyes from mirror.


Riddhima(thinking): Kash main tumhain bata sakti ke main tum se kitna pyaar karti hoon…… main janti hoon ke main hi tumhari is halat ki zimedar hoon magar….. main chah kar bhi tumharey liye kuch nahi kar sakti …… main janti hoon main tum dono se sachayi chupa kar galat kar rahi hoon par mere pass is waqt aur koi rasta nahi hai…... I m sorry Sid….. I M SORRY……


After some time they reached the house. Sid took Armaan inside the house and made him lay down on his bed. He was about to leave when Riddhima called him.


Riddhima: Sid…..(he stopped in his track but didn't turned towards her) Thanks…


Sid(in a stern voice): No need to say thanks agar tumhari jaga koi aur bhi hota to main us ki bhi madad karta….. (saying this again started moving towards the door, when Riddhima called him)


Riddhima(with tears in her eyes): Sid (she came towards Sid still facing her back)…. Main….tum se….. mujy…..


Sid: Riddhima….. mujy nahi lagta ke humarey beech ab baat karne layak kuch bacha hai….. hum dono ke liye behtar ho ga ke hum ek dusrey se door rahain…..


Tears started flowing through Riddhima's eyes she unintentionally moved her hands in his direction to hug him but stopped in between and withdraw her hands back. Sid moved out of the house and sat in his car. As soon as he got inside his car he started crying loudly.


Sid(talking to himself): I m sorry Riddhima….. main janta hoon ke tumhain mere aise bartav se bohat bura laga magar ….. main aur kya karta ….. mere pass aur koi chara nahi tha…. apni feelings ko chupane ke liye mujy tum se aisa bartav karna para….. main tumhara basa basaya ghar barbad nahi karna chahta…. PLZ I M SORRY….. mujy maaf kar do……


On the other hand. Riddhima was crying her heart out in the house.


Riddhima(crying): Kis miti ke bane ho tum Sid…. main janti hoon ke tum aj bhi mujh utna hi pyaar kartey ho….. maine dekha hai tumhari ankhoon main …… tum kitna bhi chupa lo magar tumhari ankhain jhoot nahi bol sakti ….. pata nahi hamari kismet hum se kya chahti hai ….. kyu hamara itna bara imtehan le rahi hai ….. KYU!!!!


I seriously don't know what I m writing. So Sid thinks its Armaan's child.. I m in hurry so I can't explain my point of view to all this. If you couldn't understand any thing than you can ask me. Thanks for reading.


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Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 June 2011 at 7:47am | IP Logged
nice part sonia...really feeling bad for 3 of them...continue soon...

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