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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 58)

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Posted: 05 June 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mala110863

As usual nice update... the VM is awesome... Riddhima is pregnant...i don't know what to say ... i'll wait to see how you'll unfold the story... so plz continue soon...


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Originally posted by miss_cullen

Originally posted by sonia1000

. Mujy himat dejiye ke main Armaan ko sab kuch sach sach bta sakoon. Sachayi jananey ke bad us ka job hi faisla ho ga mujy manzoor ho ga.

This particular line is very disturbing! Confused 

So if Armaan  forgives her and takes her back, Riddhima will  accept  decision!???Shocked  She will continue to stay with Armaan even after proclaiming that she loves Sid!!?? Angry She disgusts me! Dead

Riddhima   will break the news to Armaan about her adventure with Sid after she becoming preggy with Sid's child!! Shocked Why am i feeling bad for Armaan!! Confused He doesn't know his wife loves him no more, He doesn't know his wife now loves her ex husband, he dsnt know his wife slept with her ex-husband, he dsnt knw his wife is carrying the child of her ex-husband!! Confused

First of all Riddhima knows that Armaan won't forgive her in any case but if after knowing truth he want her to stay with him she can't say any thing, because Armaan is her husband and according to Riddhima he has every right to take decision about her either she like it or not. It doesn't mean that she wants to stay with him but she has to stay with him, as Armaan is her FARZ now n she is a farzy maiyaLOL. This Riddhima is no more confused about love but still she is RIDDHIMA. This might clear your confusion related to Riddhima's POV...I hope soConfused
Now coming to Armaan. I know many of you are feeling bad for Armaan but...I can't tell you any thing right nowWink.

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reserved - interesting turn.. Hmmm... Will be back hopefully to comment properly..

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nitikajaiswal Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
NICE UPDATE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thumbs Up

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nitikajaiswal

NICE UPDATE PLEASE CONTINUE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thumbs Up

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2011 at 7:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neet06

reserved - interesting turn.. Hmmm... Will be back hopefully to comment properly..

There is something in next part alsoWink
sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 07 June 2011 at 6:56am | IP Logged

Hello GuysHug. It's a very long part n boring too. Sorry if you get bored. Do leave your comments.

Part 17

Sid was looking around and was trying to see something but it was so dark that he couldn't see any thing. Suddenely he felt cool breeze blowing. He turned around and saw a beautiful face smiling at him under a spot light.


Sid: Riddhima!!!!!


He smiled to see her. He took steps towards her, but before he could reach her she disappeared. The smile from his lips vanished along with her. Then he turned in opposite direction and again saw Riddhima but this time she was not smiling. She was crying. Her eyes were filled with tears.


Riddhima: Sid…..tum mujy chor kar kyu chaley gay…..mujy tumhari zaroorat hai Sid... PLZ Sid PLZ come back to me…...I need you….. Sid jin logo se maine pyaar kiya un sab ne mera sath chor diya……magar mujy yakeen tha ke tum mera sath kabhi nahi choro gay….. magar tum ne bhi aj mujy zindagi ke is mushkil waqt main akela chor diya…… kyu…… Sid…… kyu!!!!!!! 


Sid: Nahi Riddhima…. Main chahoon bhi to tumhara sath nahi chor sakta…… magar tumhari khushi ke liye mujy tum se dur jana ho ga…..


Riddhima: Meri khushi…… meri khushi Sid….. tum jantey bhi ho ke meri khushi kya hai……. Agar tum jantey to mujy akela chor kar kabhi na jatey……


Sid: Tum akeli kahan ho Riddhima……tumhara pyaar tumharey sath hai……


Riddhima: Mera pyaar to shaid mera sath hi nahi chahta……agar wo mujh se pyaar karta to mujy akela chor kar kabhi nahi jata……


Saying this she started moving away from Sid. Sid tried to stop her but she disappeared.. Sid got up with jerk


Sid(screamed): RIDDHIMA!!!!!!  


Sid looked around and found himself on his bed. He was sweating badly.


Sid(thinking): Yeh…..yeh… kaisa sapna tha……Riddhima……mujy aisa kyu lag raha hai ke Riddhima kisi museebat main hai……nahi yeh sirf mere dil ka weham hai…... main janta hoon Riddhima khush hai apni zindagi main magar…..mera dil nahi maan raha …….OH GOD…… kya karoon main……. Kyu ap aisa kar rahey ho mere sath …….


That night Riddhima couldn't sleep Muskaan was sleeping with her. She was to shocked to react to all that happened in the morning. But some how she managed to hold her tears infront of Muskaan. But now she couldn't take it any more, she got up from her bed and ran towards terrace. On the terrace she cried her heart out. Those words of doctor kept echoing in her ears.




Riddhima placed her hand on her belly and cried loudly.


Riddhima(crying): SID!!!!!!!




The night when Armaan was totally drunk and was trying to seduce Riddhima. Riddhima ran towards her room and Armaan followed her. Armaan kept coming close to her and Riddhima kept moving away until she was pinned up against wall. Armaan was very close to her. She tried to push him but he grabed her hands. At that time Riddhima didn't know what to do she just prayed to God to save her. Armaan was about to kiss her she just closed her eyes tightly and before he could kiss her he got faint and fell on her bed……..( So nothing happenedWink)


*flashback ends*


Riddhima looking at the sky as asking something from God.


Riddhima(thinking): Kyu kar rahey ho ap mere sath aisa …….. main janti hoon ke apni is halat ki zimedar main khud hoon….agar ap ko saza deni hai to mujy di jiye …… magar is sab main is bachey ka kya kasoor hai….. kyu wo meri galtiyoon ki saza bhugtey……. Meri waja se teen zindgiyan dao par lag chuki hain…… Ek taraf mera pati hai…… dusri taraf mera pyaar aur yeh…..yeh bacha…... mujy kuch samajh main nahi aa raha ke main kya karoon…… har larki ka sapna hota hai ke achi beti bane, ek achi biwi bane aur ek achi maa….. magar na main ek achi beti ban payi….. na ek achi biwi Aur …… (she closed her eyes and let her tears flow down her cheeks) is duniya main maa banne ke ehsaas se khoobsurat aur koi ehsaas nahi hota magar main……(now sobbing) maine apne sath sath is bachey ki kismet main bhi rona likh diya hai……. Ap ko jo saza deni hai mujy dijiye magar is bachey ko nahi…… main hath jor ka rap se bheeg mangti hoon ……. Meri buri kismet ka saya mere bache par mat parne dijiye……(she kept crying until she fall asleep)  


Next morning Riddhima got up and found herself on terrace, then her gaze fell on Muskaan who was trying to wake her up.


Muskaan: Riddhima…. Tum theek to ho na?


Riddhima(nodded her head): Haan main theek hoon……


Muskaan: Tum yaha terrace par kaise aayi…… tum to kal raat mere sath thi na?


Riddhima: Haan ….wo actually mujy bohat suffocation ho rahi thi to main terrace par aa gayi…..for fresh air….


Muskaan: Hmm….. aisi halat main aisa hota hai…….


Riddhima: Hmm…..


Muskaan(almost in tears): You are lucky Riddhima……ke tum maa banne wali ho…….sab ko yeh khushi nahi milti…..


Riddhima(felt bad for her): Muskaan……tum aur Rahul baby adopt kyu nahi kar letey……


Muskaan: Nahi…..nahi kar saktey…….Rahul ki family nahi chahti ke hum kisi bachey ko adopt karain…... (Muskaan just wiped her tears) main bhi kya baat le kar beth gayi…..nichey chalo…..


Riddhima: Tum chalo main aati hoon…..


Muskaan: Jee nahi…..Mujy pata hai mujy nichey bhej kar tum phir apni duniya main kho jao gi…… main to tumhain sath le kar hi jaoon gi…...


Riddhima finally gave up and came down stairs. Muskaan pushed her in the washroom and told her to get shower quickly.


Riddhima: Muskaan…..mujy mere kaprey to lene do…


Muskaan: Just get shower quickly main tumharey kaprey iron kar deti hoon…


Riddhima: Muskaan itni kya jaldi hai……main kar loon gi…..


Muskaan: Tum sawal bohat puchti ho……just get shower…..I have a surprise for you…..


Riddhima(Puzzeled): Surprise……kaisa surprise?


Muskaan: Pta chal jaye ga pehley tum naha lo……


Riddhima didn't argue any more, but while taking shower she kept thinking about the surprise Muskaan was talking. After sometime she came out of bathroom wearing a green churidar and got ready according to Muskaan's intructions. She was looking beautiful.


Riddhima: Muskaan…..ab to batao tum kis surprise ki baat kar rahi thi….


Just then door bell rang. Muskaan looked at the door and then smiled at Riddhima.


Muskaan: Your surprise is waiting for you at the door……. Go……


Riddhima was puzzled that what could be the surprise. She moved towards the door. She opened the door and was shocked to see the person at the door.


Riddhima(eyes widened): ARMAAN!!!!!


Before she could say any thing he hugged her tight.


Armaan: Basket……I m so so so so……happy that I can't explain… tum kal mujy yeh zaroori baat batana chahti thi…


Riddhima: Armaan…..but….(Armaan intrupted)


Armaan: Tum ne to mujy dra hi diya tha….. main kal sochta raha ke tum mujh se kiya baat karna chahti ho…par thank God Muskaan ka phone aa gaya aur us ne mujy sab kuch bata diya…..


Riddhima(stammering): Kya….. bata diya?


Armaan(smiled): That…(after a pause)…We are going to have a baby…….


Riddhima(eyes widened): Ar…Armaan…..magar…..


Armaan: Riddhima ab kuch kehne ki zaroorat nahi….. I m just so happy


Riddhima: Magar tum….. yaha kaise …I…I mean tum to ….do… din ke baad aane waley they na?


Armaan: Sare arrangements ho gaye they aur jab mujy Muskaan ne phone par yeh sab bataya…… to mujh se raha nahi gaya….. maine next flight li yahan aa gaya ……. Riddhima….main bata nahi sakta ke main kitna khush hoon……


Riddhima just couldn't hold her tears and started crying. Armaan thought those tears were of joy.


Armaan: Riddhima….don't cry….. Ab hamari zindagi main aansoo nahi sirf khushiyan hoon gi…...


Riddhima wanted to tell him that she don't deserve his love,that she had betryed him, that she don't love him but at that moment her voice stuck in her throat. She had lost the ability to think, to speak or to do any thing. Armaan moved towards Muskaan.


Armaan: Thanks……mujy phone par inform karne ke liye……warna Riddhima to shaid mujy suspense se hi mar dalti…… BTW where is Rahul?


Muskaan: Rahul 2-3 din ke liye out of city gaya hai….. ghar par akeli bore ho gayi to main yaha Riddhima ke pass aa gayi thi….. socha ke isi bahane Riddhima ko bhi compney mil jaye gi…..


Armaan: Acha kiya…… Muskaan Rahul se kaho ke jaldi apna kaam khatam kar ke wapis aa jaye…….main jane se pehley us se ek bar milna chahta hoon.


Muskaan: Jane se pehley means???? Tum log to next week jane waley they na ……..


Armaan: Haan program to yehi tha…… but hospital ke inauguration ki date 3 din bad ki hai…… to humain kal hi jana ho ga…….


Muskaan: No yaar……that is not fair…...mujy pehley pata hota to ek hafta pehley hi yahan rehney aa jati…..


Armaan: Sorry but work comes first……


Muskaan: Ya….. I know…...


Muskaan again noticed Riddhima lost in her thoughts. Muskaan jerked her.


Muskaan: Riddhima…… phir se apne khayaloon main kho gayi….. By God Riddhima tum to bilkul silent movie ban gayi ho……


Both Muskaan n Armaan cracked up. Riddhima just managed to give them a smile.


Muskaan: Chalo main packing main tumhari help kar deti hoon…..


Riddhima: Packing???


Muskaan: Tum ne abhi Armaan ki baat nahi suni…. Tum dono next week nahi kal ja rahey ho……


Riddhima: Magar hum itni jaldi kyu ja rahey hai…..


Armaan: Teen din ke bad inauguration hai is liye…...(she was about to say something) Riddhima baki batain baad main karain gay….kal shaam ki hamari flight hai so just start your packing…..


Riddhima didn't said any thing more. She moved towards her room and started packing. After sometime she completed her packing. Then she moved towards kitchen to make dinner, Muskaan also helped her in kitchen.


Muskaan: Armaan bohat khush hai na….


Riddhima(eyes filled with tears): Hmm…..


Muskaan: Riddhima……kya tum khush ho?


Riddhima was shocked that what Muskaan had just asked her.


Riddhima(eyes widened): Yeh kaisa sawal hai……(now looking away) of… ofcourse main khush hoon……


Muskaan came towards her, put her fingers under her chin and lifted her head, so that she could see in her eyes. And she saw tears in her eyes…..


Muskaan: Riddhima……maine pehley hi kaha tha ke tumhain jhoot bolna nahi aata….. mujy pata hai koi baat hai jo tumhain pareshan kar rahi hai…… (Riddhima just kept crying) main tum se kuch nahi puchoon gi….. shaid ye tumharey aur Armaan ke beech ki baat hai…..jis din se hum miley hain maine notice kiya hai ke tum Armaan se bohat kati kati si rehti ho…..


Riddhima(looking away): Aisi koi baat nahi hai…..


Muskaan: Riddhima…...main bhi ek aurat hoon….. main samajh sakti hoon tum par kiya beet rahi hai…… tum ne bohat suffer kiya hai…. tumhari shaadi toot gayi tumharey papa ki death, tumhari mom ka behaviour….  yeh sab bhulana asan nahi….magar apni zindagi ko ek mauka do….. Zindagi main agar humain dukh miltey hain to khushiyan bhi milti hai…… kabhi kabhi hum halat ke dabav main aa kar galat faisla kar lete hain magar hamara dil kabhi galat nahi hota…  bas apne dil ki suno……


Riddhima smiled at her with tears in her eyes and hugged her. After Sid it was only Muskaan who understood her feelings. She felt relieved after talking to her.


Riddhima(thinking): Sach kaha tum ne…. maine halat ke dabav main aa kar kayi galat faisley kiye hain, agar us waqt main apne dil ko samajh pati to shaid aj main is mor par na hoti……


After dinner Riddhima cleaned dinning table. Now Riddhima was going to sleep in her room but Armaan was already there waiting for her.


Riddhima: Armaan tum ….. yaha?


Armaan(coming towards her): Riddhima…. I think ab to hum ek room share kar saktey hain…


Riddhima(moving backward): Ar…Armaan…mujy….mujy tum se kuch baat karni hai…..(before she could say any thing Muskaan entered her room)


Muskaan: Sorry….maine disturb to nahi kiya?


Armaan: Nahi….kuch kaam tha…..


Muskaan: Armaan aj main Riddhima ke sath is room main sone wali hoon…… tum dono kal ja rahey ho ……phir pata nahi kabhi milna ho ya na ho……atleast aj raat to mujy meri friend ke sath rehney do…… is liye tum guest room main ja kar so jao……


Armaan: Magar…..(Muskaan intrupted)


Muskaan: Thank you…. Now leave…


Armaan didn't want to go but he had to go. So he just left the room and moved towards guest room with an angry look. Riddhima took a sigh of relief.


Riddhima(looking at Muskaan): Thanx….


Muskaan: Any time…..


Next evening Rahul was back and they all were going towards airport. They reached airport but there was some time in there flight. They all went towards canteen to have coffee but Riddhima didn't want it so she just sat there in waiting area. Suddenly she felt a pull from her back side. Air started blowing.


Riddhima(closed her eyes): Sid!!!!!


She opened her eyes and turned around but couldn't find him.


Riddhima(tears in her eyes): Sid …..yaha kaise ho sakta hai…...


Just then they heard an announcement of their flight. They all came towards waiting area. Armaan hugged Rahul and Riddhima hugged Muskaan. Armaan and Riddhima started moving towards departure but before going Riddhima turned again.


Armaan: Kya hua Riddhima……kise dhoond rahi ho?


Riddhima: Nahi…… kuch nahi….


As soon as they boarded their flight, a person entered from arrival area. Some security guard called him from behind.


Guard: Excuse me…..Can I see your passport PLZ.?


Person: Why?


Guard: Just for security purpose…….(he gave him his passport) Dr.Siddhant Modi…..  sorry for trouble, it was just for security purpose……


Sid: Its OK…..


Saying this he just left airport. He got into a cab and moved towards Riddhima's house.


Sid(thinking): Pata nahi….. main jo kar raha hoon wo theek hai ya nahi….. magar mujy ek bar Riddhima ko….. main janta hoon ke Riddhima Armaan ke sath khush hai magar mera dill nahi maan raha….. mujy bar bar aisa lag raha hai jaise Riddhima kisi musibat main hai…… Armaan Riddhima se bohat pyaar karta hai lekin agar use sachayi pata chal gayi to…… kahin wo Riddhima ko…… nahi…. OH GOD PLZ Riddhima theek ho…...main sirf ek bar apni ankhoon se dekhna chahta hoon ke Riddhima theek hai, apni zindagi main khush hai, phir main wapis chala jaoon ga….


After some time he reached Riddhima's house. He got out of cab n gave money to driver. Then he turned towards their gate and was shocked to see a board which reads 'House for Sale'. He didn't know how to react. There were so many questions in his mind….what must have happened, where they must have gone. Now he was scared for Riddhima. He tried to enquire about them from their neigbours. He knocked the door n a guy opened the door.


Guy: Yes..?


Sid: I wanna ask something?


Guy: Sure….


Sid: Mr and Mrs Malik use to live there in that house(pointing towards the house)…. Do u know where they must have gone?


Guy: I don't know exactly but I have heard that they left this country...


Sid: Do you know why they left…. And where?


Guy: Sorry…..I don't know any thing more….


Sid: Its OK….thanx….


Sid moved back towards Riddhima's house. He sat on his knees infront of the house and started crying.


Sid: Pata nahi tum kahan ho gi…..kaisi ho gi…..I hope tum theek ho….. maine jane se pehley ek bar bhi nahi socha ke agar Armaan sach jaan gaya to kahin wo…… tumharey sath….. OH GOD PLZ Riddhima jahan bhi ho khush ho …..Us ne pehley hi bohat kuch saha hai…... chahey us ke sarey dookh mujy de dijiye magar Riddhima ko aur dookh mat dijiye…….PLZ use khush rakhiye (and kept crying)



It was a boring part. Seriously telling all dialogues were so pathetic according to me….I mean I never liked such dialogues…..I can't believe it that I m doing this to my Adorable SR….. I seriously deserve chappals for this part n Veena you can throw your 6 inches heel at me as I surely deserve it…..but what should I write in such situations….. I know there are so many great writers here…… whom I adore to read n I m happy that at least they read my updates but still guys I can't match your level…… Sorry for this boring part…You might be thinking that Sid came back to meet Riddhima but its not like that he just wanted to see if Riddhima is fine or not….. if you have some confusion about why he came back PLZ ask me , but don't take it in a negative sense…..he didn't came back to do something that Armaan did…... I hope you are not confused about it now……Actually when it comes to writing Sid's POV I seriously couldn't understand what to write because he is so close to all of us n we all love him, I know he is not like normal guys but I m writing this FF considering him a normal guy ……. So bear with me.



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I couldn't PM kits1994, if you r reading it PLZ delete some msgs from your inbox otherwise I won't b able to PM youSmile

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