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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 54)

-Jhalli- IF-Rockerz

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your ff is great ilove your ff iam neutral fan.PLZ  CONTINUE SOON  RIA

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nice update...
continue soon...

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Hello guysHug. Sorry I m updating after so long. Actually I m not well, I m so weak that I can't even stand properly but still I managed to give you an update along with another SR VM. Hope you like it. PLZ do comment on VM alsoEmbarrassed.


Part 16

Sid left London. Armaan have changed now. Now he do all that Riddhima wanted him to do. Now he was taking steps to improve their relation but Riddhima' she couldn't think any thing except Sid.


On the other hand Sid was equally heart broken after Riddhima's suicide attempt. Sometimes he use to think that the memories of those 9 months of their marriage, were enough for him to spend his whole life than why all this happened. What life wants from him now. He had already lost every thing he had'. His Love'. His Wife'..whom he loved more than his life but she never loved him. Why he believed that she loves him why he allowed his feeling to take control over his senses'.WHY?????


Sid(thinking): Riddhima'.pta nahi kyu magar mera dil ab bhi yeh manne ko tayar nahi ke us raat tum ne jo kaha wo sach nahi tha'Lekin jo maine apni ankoon se dekha hai'.(then he remembered the last time he saw her saying sorry to Armaan) Nahi'. Riddhima ne kabhi mujh se pyaar kiya hi nahi, wo to sirf Armaan se pyaar karti hai'.. Phir tum ne aisa kyu kiya Riddhima'' jis ehsaas ko maine do saal tak apne dil main daba kar rakha' ehsaas ko dobara kyu jagaya'.. kyu kiya tumne aisa (then he started crying).

Link for SR VM on this part.


After the day when Sid left, Riddhima tried to tell Armaan the truth about that night but every time something happened n she couldn't tell him. One week have passed now. Next day Armaan was going to New York. They have to shift there next month, so Armaan was make some arrangement before shifting. Riddhima decided that she is going to tell Armaan the whole truth.


Riddhima(thinking): Armaan hamarey rishtey ko agay barhaney ki kitni koshish kar raha hai aur main''main use dhooka de rahi hoon. Armaan har wo cheez kar raha hai jis se mujy khushi mily magar main'..main chah kar bhi us ko wo khushi nahi de sakti jis ka wo haq dar hai'..kaise bataoon gi main use ke maine use dhooka diya hai(then she closed her eyes and a lone tear escaped from her eye)'.kaise btaoon gi use ke main''main Sid se pyaar karti hoon'' Armaan ko haq hai sachayi janne ka' GOD'. PLZ PLZ HELP ME'. Mujy himat dejiye ke main Armaan ko sab kuch sach sach bta sakoon. Sachayi jananey ke bad us ka job hi faisla ho ga mujy manzoor ho ga.


Riddhima called Armaan. He attended her call.


Armaan: Hey Basket''. Lagta hai bohat yaad aa rahi hai meri.


Riddhima(trying hard not to cry): Armaan'. Mujy tum se kuch Zaroori baat karni hai'' tum kab tak ghar aao gay'.


Armaan: Riddhima mujy thora waqt lag jay ga''main abhi '.Rahul ke sath hoon''actually hum ne boys night out plan kiya hai to mujyaane main thora waqt lag jaye ga'..hope you don't mind'..


Riddhima: Its OK''main intazar kar rahi hoon tumhara''.


Riddhima had mentally prepared herself to tell Armaan the truth in any case. She can't take it any more, she have to tell Armaan. She was waiting for him to come back, so that she could tell him the whole truth. She was standing in her balkani, when she saw Armaan's car. She closed her eyes took adeep breath and came down stairs. Armaan opened the door of house with his keys. Armaan's gaze fell on Riddhima n he smiled at her. The moment she saw him she turned her back towards him as she did't have guts to face him.


Riddhima: Armaan''mujy tum se bohat zaroori baat karni hai''yeh baat janne ke baad shaid tum meri shakal bhi dekhna pasand nahi karo gay... Armaan ''(closed her eyes) maine tumhain dhoka diya hai'..maine maine shaadi shuda hone ke bawajood''(crying) main'' Armaan main tum se pyaar nahi karti'.. main janti hoon maine bohat der tak tumhain dhoke main rakha'.. us ke liye tum mujy jo saza do gay mujy manzoor ho gi'.


Riddhima told him the whole truth. Riddhima was sure that Armaan would respond violentely after knowing the truth but there was no response from his side, just then she felt his arms around her waist. Armaan was fully drunk at that time and didn't know she just said.


Armaan(drunk state): I love You'''.. tum sirf meri ho'.sirf meri'..


Riddhima: Armaan'..yeh tum'.tum kya kar rahey ho''Armaan PLZ choro mujy''


Armaan: Riddhima'..I love you''


Saying this he started kissing the nape of her next. Riddhima tried to free herself from his grip but he wasn't going to leave her, then she used ful force and pushed Armaan. Finally she freed herself. She saw Armaan all drunk, trying to seduce her. She ran towards her room n started crying. After afew minutes Armaan entered her room and locked the door. Riddhima was actually scared now. She didn't know what she should do''Armaan took steps towards her n she begun move backward until she was pinned up against the wall. Her eyes were filled with tears.


Riddhima(crying): Armaan'..PLZ PLZ don't do this'..PLZ I beg of you'..PLZ.


But Armaan wasn't understanding what she was saying, he kept coming closer n closer. She tried to push Armaan when he grabbed her hands. Armaan came more closer, he was about to kiss her''.light fades out.


Next morning Armaan got up with hangover. He saw that he was in Riddhima's bedroom he tried to remembered that how how he came here. The only scene that came infront of his eyes was that he was about to kiss her. Armaan smiled that Riddhima is finally his in all senses''just then Riddhima entered the room with a tablet and a glass of water in her hand. She gave him the tablet and glass of water, not looking at him. Armaan tried to ask her about last night.


Armaan: Basket'.kal raat''.


Riddhima eyes filled with tears n she just ran from the room. Armaan thought that she might be feeling shy'.Riddhima ran towards the kitchen. In the kitchen bend down on her knees n started crying. After some time door bell rang. Riddhima immediately wiped her tears and moved towards the door. She opened the door n saw Rahul and muskaan standing there. She somehow managed to give them a fake smile.


Riddhima: Tum dono itni subah yaha?


Muskaan: Haan hum ne socha ke Armaan kuch dino ke liye ja raha hai to tum ghar par akeli ho jao gi' liye hum yaha aa gaye'.. by the way Armaan kahan hai.


Armaan(came out of his room): I m here''


Armaan came towards them and stood beside Riddhima. Riddhima's eyes welled up with tears, so she just excused herself n moved towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, Riddhima started crying. Muskaan had noticed tears in her eyes so she followed her to the kitchen. Now Riddhima was standing such that Muskaan was facing her back.


Muskaan: Riddhima'''


Riddhima quickly wiped her tears and turned back to see Muskaan.


Riddhima: Tum bahar chal kar betho na main sab ke liye chai bna kar lati hoon'..


Muskaan: Riddhima'..tum ro rahi thi''.


Riddhima(looking away): Nahi'.. wo'' shaid ankh main kuch chala gaya hai.


Muskaan(came closer): Kyu jhoot bol rahi ho?


Riddhima just couldn't hold her tears and hugged Muskaan.


Muskaan: Ridd'..Riddhima'..what happened'..kya hua tum ro kyu rahi ho (riddhima didn't said any thing and kept crying). Riddhima' kuch to batao hua kya?


Riddhima: Muskaan'. Aj maa ki bohat yaad aa rahi hai'


Muskaan: Hmm'' Rahul ne mujy bataya tha ke Dr.Shashank''(after a pause) hum ne is barey main tum se pucha nahi ke shaid tumhain bura lagey, magar Dr.Shashank ki death ki waja tum kaise ho sakti ho'.. I mean aisa kya hua ''.


Riddhima didn't said anything n kept crying. Muskaan thought that may be she didn't want to tell her ,so she didn't forced her and started moving out of the kitchen. Just then Riddhima spoke.


Riddhima: Muskaan'.. Armaan se pehley meri kisi aur ke sath shaadi hui thi'.. (Muskaan was shocked to hear this) us ka naam Sid tha''


Then Riddhima told her the whole story about Shashank's death. Muskaan didn't know how to react to all this.


Riddhima(crying): Maa mujh se nafrat karti hain'. Wo meri shakal bhi nahi dekhna chahti'..


Muskaan(cupped Riddhima's face): Riddhima'..stop crying'.jo kuch bhi hua us main tumhari to koi galti nahi hai'' yeh to kisi ke sath bhi ho sakta hai'.. Padma aunty tumhari mom hain, wo tum se zayada din naraz nahi reh sakti'. (Saying this she hugged her)' now stop crying and me a sweet smile'. (Riddhima somehow managed to gi\ve her a smile)'that's like my Ridzy'..


Then they both came out of the kitchen''


Rahul: Tum dono andar kya kar rahey they.


Muskaan looked at Riddhima and assured her that she won't tell Rahul any thing.


Muskaan: Hum kuch baat kar rahey they''


Rahul(puzzled): Aisi kon si baat hai, jo hamarey samney nahi kar saktey they?


Muskaan: Sorry''G Talks''


Rahul: Theek hai mat batao''.


Armaan: Ok Guys I have to go now'.. I m getting late for my flight'.


He hugged Rahul and Muskaan then he came towards Riddhima and gave her a peck on her forhead, Riddhima closed her eyes tight to hold her tears.


Armaan(talking to Rahul n Muskaan): Yaar tum mujy 2-3 weeks lag saktey hain, so PLZ tum log Riddhima ka khayal rakhna.


Rahul: Don't worry yaar''.hum hain na''.


Armaan smiled at them and moved towards the door. Before leaving he turned back and gave Riddhima a flying kiss. Riddhima just looked away. Armaan smiled and left for the airport.


Almost 4 weeks have passed. Riddhima called Armaan many times so that she could tell his the truth but she couldn't tell him. One day Riddhima was sitting in her cabin lost in her thoughts.


Riddhima(thinking): Main Armaan se sachai chupa kar us ke sath theek nahi kar rahi'.. Armaan ko sach janne ka pura haq hai'' kyu main use sach bata nahi pa rahi hoon'.bas abor nahi mujy Armaan ko sachai btani hi ho gi'..lekin agar sach janne ke baad us ne khud ko nuksaan pohanchane ki koshish ki''(she remembered how he use to engage himself in street fighting n all to make her feel guilty)'.. main Armaan ko takleef nahi dena chahti magar main kab tak us se sachai chupaoon gi'' ek bar Armaan wapis aa jaye to main use sab kuch bta doon gi'.   


She muster up courage and called Armaan.


Armaan: Hey'.Basket'.how are you? I hope mujy zayada miss nahi kar rahi ho''


Riddhima: Armaan'..tum kab wapis aa rahey ho?


Armaan: Oye hoye'' mere bagair raha nahi ja raha'..


Riddhima: Armaan'.mujy tum se bohat zaroori baat karni hai''


Armaan: To batao''.


Riddhima: Nahi'. Phone par nahi ''tum wapis aa jao'.. phir bataoon gi'..


Armaan: Aisi kon si baat hai''.


Riddhima: Ek aisi baat hai jo shaid hamari zindagi puri tarha se badal de''


Armaan(puzzled): Kya?????


Riddhima: Tum ek bar wapis aa jao'..phir main tumhain bata doon gi'


Armaan: Theek hai'..mujy do din aur lagey gay'..


Riddhima: Hmm''OK Bye'.


Armaan: Bye'..


Riddhima disconnected the call. Just then Muskaan entered her cabin.


Muskaan: Hey''..


Riddhima: Hey tum yaha kya kar rahi ho'..


Muskaan: Rahul 2-3 din ke liye kaam se out of city gaya hai, to maine socha key kyu na yeh do din main tumhary ghar par rahoon'.waise bhi kuch dino main Armaan aa jaye ga aur tum dono yahan se chaley jao gay''aur isi bahaney tumhain compney bhi mil jaye gi'.. (Muskaan noticed Riddhima lost in her thoughts)'.Riddhima'. are you OK?


Riddhima: Hmm'.I m fine.


Muskaan: Dekh kar to nahi lagta ke theek ho''. bohat pale lag rahi ho'' is every thing fine'


Riddhima: Kuch nahi bas thora sar main dard hai'.khud hi theek ho jaye ga'..


Muskaan: Riddhima'.apna khayal rakha karo'.. baatoon ko zayada dil se mat lagaya karo''(Muskaan trying to cheer her up) ''pura din hospital main kaam karti raho gi to sar main dard to ho ga hi'. Chalo hum kahin bahar chaltey hain'..


Riddhima: Nahi Muskaan'..yaha bohat kaam hai'..


Muskaan: Main kuch nahi sunna chahti chalo mere sath''


Riddhima: OK fine.


Riddhima got up from her chair. As soon as she got up she felt dizzy, she put her hands on her head. Muskaan rushed toward her.


Muskaan: Riddhima'..kya hua'.are you OK.


Before Riddhima could say any thing she got faint. After sometime she opened her eyes n found herself on a bed in the hospital. Muskaan was standing next to her and was smiling at her. There was another female doctor in the room.


Riddhima: Doctor'..what happened'..


Doctor(smiled at her): Congratulations''YOU ARE EXPECTING ''



Lets count how many chappals I have got till now'..OMG I can open my own shop by these chappalsLOL. I know you all want to kill me for this part but I know what I m doing. PLZ don't ask me any thing about A'.R part. I hate myself that I wrote it but I had to. Many of you had already guessed what was coming up, Yes Riddhima is pregnant. Now the confusion is whose bacha is this. I'll clear this confusion in next part. You might be thinking I m crazy or some thing but seriously it's the demand of this story. Many of you didn't liked last part that how could Sid leave Riddhima just like this but he had to leave at that time. The most difficult part for me is to write Sid's views because that character is very close to all of us so we can't see him at fault in any case, but its just a fiction. PLZ don't run towards conclusion I'll clear every thing, just have patience, and keep in mind that I can't do any thing wrong to our Sid.   



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Originally posted by kits1994


Hey ,  If you are reading this...PLZ delete some msgs from your inbox, there is not enough space in your inbox. So I can't PM you untill you delete some msgs. Smile
-Jhalli- IF-Rockerz

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hey iamdamn sure arman ridz ko dhoka da raha hai  so ridz is pragnent hmm now story is getting misterious ha like your ff  love and respect

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Sehru_life IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG riddhima is pregentShocked

i dont know wht to say 

missing Sid 

update soon cant waitBig smile

do pm me 

bty ur vm was awsome

please tell how u make Big smile take care 

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Yipeee... Finally u updated!!! Mwaaa...

Wow, Ridzy is preggy... Dil nahin manta ki wo baby Armaan Ka hain... Knowing Riddhima Maya, Am sure she didn't let Armaan Approach her...

Nice twist!!! And love the way you wrote and Describe Her dilemma!!

Update soon!!!

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