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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 50)

-Nags- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
hey dear sonia please don't dare to stop this ff...we support your ff dearHugHug
so be calm and continue your ffHugHug

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonia1000

Guys I wanna ask that if you think that the story is not good and I m butchering Sid's character than PLZ tell me I'll stop writing it. As I have told you all that I really don't know anything about writing, its first time I wrote something, so I m sorry if I have hurt your feelings. I seriously don't know if the story is good or not. I asked one of my friend and told her the whole concept and she said it is good, so I wrote. Again I m saying sorry if unintentionaly I have hurt any one of you.
@karan_sidmodi...I m sorry that you didn't liked the concept n its not my frustration, I just thought to write a story, I never wanted to hurt anyone's feeling.

Sonia don't even think of abandoning this FF NEVER!!!!

Its a really good FF with a really good concept. It's different from other FFs and I applaud you for writing something different...I'm sure none of the SR FF writers wud've dared to write something like that. See the thing is that na ke when it comes to Sid we all have this angelic God like perspective 2wards him..cuz he's Sid he's an angel...what we all forget is that Sid is just a human too like other...and u have portrayed the human Sid and u did a great job with me u really did Embarrassed I think we all were just shaken a lot seeing something like tht coming from Sid but like again n again u said its gonna be justified then its all cool with us...and Im eagerly waiting to see how all this is justified so plzzz don;t stop writhing this FF n continue super soon...

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Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
OMGGG what is this sonia!!!i was waiting 4 ur update frm 2days and what i gotAngry dnt ever think that u should stop writting this ff in middle way...whats going ur story i really loved and enjoyed it very much...ur ff is different frm others FFs...we love sid and blv he can never do anything sid is a human being he can do i cnt blame what he did and even i cnt blame ridhima too...both loved and was weakness abt each somehow they did nt control their feelings and emotions in that situation and being a human they were bound what they's juss happened in that situation..and this is your story u should write whatever you want to progress your the end,we knw u ll justify all please dnt abandone this ff...i curious to knw wat happen in next...especially i wanna knw sid's feeling,wat he did after tat...plzz dnt stop this ff in midle way...plsss continue soon...

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nitikajaiswal Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
YAA PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 3:07am | IP Logged

Hello Guys. First of all thanks for your support. Finally I got time to update. I seriously don't know what I m writingWacko, after getting two sleepless nights (because of my studiesAngry) I m updating, I m feeling so sleepy right now but I had to update so sorry if you got bored. Do leave your comment, either positive or negative. Jootey, chapples are also welcomedOuch. Zayada jootey mat marna, I m so delicate you


Part 15

Riddhima agreed to go with them but she didn't want to go. She was feeling so guilty after that night, not because she don't love Sid. What she feels for Sid is true love but still what she had done was wrong because being a married woman she forced herself on Sid. She provoked Sid to do that even when he didn't want to.


Riddhima(thinking): Its all my fault….. why I did this…….maine itna bara kadam uthane se pehley ek bar socha bhi nahi……aur Sid….. us raat ke baad pta nahi Sid par kya beet rahi ho gi.……meri galti ki waja se main ab Sid se kabhi nazarain bhi nahi mila paoon gi. Pata nahi mujy kya ho gaya tha, main kyu apne ap ko rok nahi payi……meri ek galti ne…..sab khatam kar diya……mujy hamesha ke liye meri hi nazroon main gira diya… main ne Armaan or Sid dono ke sath nainsafi ki hai……mujy Armaan ko sachayi btani hi ho gi, main use dhookey main nahi rakh sakti…..magar mujy pehley Sid se baat karni ho gi……Main meri galti ki waja se Sid ko suffer karney nahi doon gi…..pehley hi wo meri waja se bohat seh chukka hai ab aur nahi…….jo kuch bhi hua us ke baad Sid ka samna karne ki himmat nahi hai mujh main…… magar phir bhi mujy Sid se baat karni ho gi ……main meri waja se do zindgiya barbad hone nahi de sakti.


Next day in the morning Riddhima went to Sid's house. She got out from the cab n stood infront the building. She didn't now how she would face him, what would she say to him, because sorry is not enough for what she did. She closed her eyes took a deep breath n started moving towards his apartment with tears in her eyes. With each single step taken towards his apartment, the images of that night flashed though her mind. Now she was standing infront of his apartement, not knowing what would she do, how she is going to face him. She closed her eyes n hesitentely moved her hand forward to ring the bell. The door opened, Riddhima's heart started beating very fast, she slowly opened her eyes but person standing infront o her was not Sid……..(Riddhima's eyes widened).


Guy: Yes…… can I help you?


Riddhima: You….I mean its Siddhant Modi's apartment?


Guy: Ya it was……


Riddhima(shocked): It was????


Guy: Ya he used to live here at rent but he left this apartement two days ago.


Riddhima: Do you know where is he now?


Guy: No clue…..


Riddhima didn't know how to react. The guy noticed sudden change of expression on her face, so he asked


Guy: Are you Riddhima Malik?


Riddhima looked at him and nodded her head in yes.


Guy: He left something for you……..wait I'll get it.


After afew minutes he came back with an envelop in his hand and gave it to her. Riddhima immediately took it from his hand and said thank you. Guy smiled closed the door. Riddhima tear the envelop from one side and took out a letter from it. She started reading the letter.



Mujy pata tha ke tum yaha aao gi aur main yeh bhi janta hoon ke tum mujh se kya kehna chahti ho. Riddhima main janta hoon us raat job hi hua wo nahi hona chahiye tha. Maine jo kiya hai wo maafi ke layak nahi hai phir bhi ho sakey to mujy maaf kar dena. Main janta hoon jo kuch bhi hua wo tumharey liye sirf ek galati hai kyu ke tum aj bhi Armaan se hi pyaar karti ho(Riddhima's eyes widened), chahey us raat tum ne kuch bhi kaha ho magar tumharey dil main sirf Armaan hai aur mujy is baat ka yakeen ho gaya jab tum ne apni jaan dene ki koshish ki. Riddhima tum ne aisa kyu kiya, mujy ek bar keh deti main khushi khushi tumhari zindagi se chala jata. Riddhima agar tumhain kuch ho jata to main zindagi bhar apne ap ko maaf nahi kar pata. Riddhima Armaan tumhara pyaar hai aur main tumhain tumharey pyaar se door nahi karna chahta. Pehley hi ek baar yeh galti kar chukka hoon. Aur dobara main wohi galati dohrana nahi chahta….. Main to sirf tumhari khushi chahta hoon … liye main hamesha ke liye ye shehar chor kar ja raha hoon.…..apna khayal rakhna. Bye…….




Riddhima bend on her knees and started crying, holding the letter close to her heart.


Riddhima(thinking): Sid kyu kartey ho mujh se itna pyaar….KYU!!!!! Kyu meri khushi ke liye hamesha khud ko takleef dete ho…….(then she read that line again 'tum aj bhi Armaan se hi pyaar karti ho') Sid main sirf tum se pyaar karti hoon….SIRF TUM SE….. Sid mere dil main jo jaga tumhari hai wo main chah kar bhi ab kisi aur ko nahi de sakti……I LOVE U!!!!!


Then something strike her she looked at that letter again 'mujy is baat ka yakeen ho gaya jab tum ne apni jaan dene ki koshish ki'


Riddhima: Sid ko kaise pata?


She quickly rushed towards Sanjivani. She went to reception area.


Riddhima: Sister…. I want to ask something…..


Nurse: Yes Dr.Riddhima…..


Riddhima: I was admitted here two days ago…… can you tell me how I came here , I mean who brought me here……


Nurse: Mam…… I don't know who was he but it seemed as he was very close to you…… because he was in tears to see your condition…


Riddhima: How he looked like?


Nurse: He was tall…….brown eyes……fair complexion…….


Riddhima: thank you…….


Then Riddhima moved to her cabin. She locked the door and started crying.


Riddhima(thinking): Sid I m Sorry ……..maine jane anjane tumhain bohat hurt kia hai …I M SORRY SID!!!!! (she bend on her knees and continued crying)


In the airport

Sid was waiting for his flight. He was feeling pethatic about the mistake he commited. Sid was thinking about the morning Riddhima jumped in water stream. He closed his eyes n he felt a tears running down his cheek.


Sid woke up that morning n looked around to find Riddhima but she wasn't there. Suddenly it strike him what they had done last night.


Sid: O GOD yeh maine kya kar diya…… maine Riddhima ke sath ……. Itni bari galati kaise ho gayi mujh se….aur Riddhima….. Pata nahi Riddhima kya soch rahi ho gi mere barey main….Mujy abhi Riddhima se baat karni ho gi …..I need to talk to her……


He got up from his bed wore his clothes. He found the door of his apartment open. So he immediately moved out to look for Riddhima. He didn't know where she could go. He enquired the watchman of building about her n just ran in the direction he told him. On his way to find her he kept scolding himself for what he did. Finally he found her standing infront of a stream, he was facing her back. He took steps towards her but before he could stop her she jumped.


Sid(screamed): RIDDHIMA!!!!!


He rushed towards the stream n jumped in it. He found her in water and took her out. He lie her down on a dry place near the stream. He rubbed her hands and feet to revive her but she didn't came to senses. So he took her to Sanjavani. Now she was in OT n he was waiting outside. He was in tears to see her like this.


Sid(thinking): GOD PLZ save her, Riddhima ko bacha li jiye, agar use kuch ho gaya to main jee nahi paoon ga…… Yeh sab meri waja se hua hai….. meri waja se Riddhima ne apni jaan dene ki koshish ki hai….. mujy aisa nahi karna chahiye tha…… kya ho gaya tha kal raat mujy, maine kyu aisa kya yeh jantey huey ke wo Armaan ki….. Riddhima aj bhi Armaan se pyaar karti hai, us ne sirf Armaan se pyaar kiya hai aur main…isi liye Riddhima ne apni jaan dene ki koshish ki (then he remembered their wedding day when she tried to commit suicide for Armaan)….. Mere ek galat kadam ne Riddhima ko maut ke mu main pouhancha diya……..


Then he saw Armaan coming towards OT, he was looking really worried. Sid hide himself in the room next to him. He could see n listen Armaan but Armaan couldn't see him. Just then doctor came out of OT.


Armaan: Doctor….Riddhima, how is she?


Doctor: Don't worry Doctor Malik, she is out of danger now.


Armaan(smiling): Can I meet her doctor?


Doctor: No….you have to wait for some time until she came to senses.


Armaan: Thank you doctor…..thank you so much…..


Sid felt relieved to know that Riddhima is fine… He saw Armaan panicing for her. After some time she came to senses, Armaan rushed in her room n sat beside her. Sid was standing outside the room in such a way that he could see them but they couldn't. Then he saw Riddhima crying n saying sorry to Armaan n Armaan tring to calm her. At that time he felt like killing himself. To see Riddhima crying like that he was sure that Riddhima loves Armaan and whatever happened was not more than a mistake for her.   


Sid(thinking): Armaan Riddhima se kitna pyaar karta hai….. aur Riddhima bhi Armaan se……(teras filled in his eyes) bas Riddhima ab meri waja se main tumhain aur koi dookh ya takleef nahi hone doon ga…… Riddhima main ek bar tumhari khushiyoon ke beech main aa chukka hoon ab dobara nahi aaon ga.  Armaan tumhari khushi hai, aur tumhari khushi main hi meri khushi hai…..meri ek galati ke liye main tumhari khushiyan dao par nahi laga sakta. Is liye main tum dono ki zindagi se hamesha ke liye ja raha hoon….

*flashback ends*


Sid came out of his thoughts when he heard the announcement of his flight. He wiped his tears n moved towards departure.



Guys I tried my best to justify Sid's character here. Being a human he is bound to do mistakes but once he realise his mistake he would definitely try to make up for it. He knows that what he had done was wrong. Sid thinks that Riddhima still loves Armaan n what they had done was just a mistake for her, so he just left for her happiness as he can't see her in pain. Hope you like it 



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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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awesome update...this is our sid...

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jacobharry10011 Goldie

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Nice update
U really did justice to Sid's character
Why cant i have someone like Sid...Even if  someoneealse does a  mistake,he takes the blame...The way u showed how Riddhima was crying the letter,i have started to pity her sometimes
Why is Sid again leaving...i know the reason but i dont want him to leaveCry

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i so knew tht d guy who saved Riddhima is none other thn our SidEmbarrassed

y is it tht siddhima always hav a lack of communication n always misunderstand each otherCry

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