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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 39)

PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 2:48am | IP Logged
Looks like you are also getting the nikammi fever AngryLOL... huh, must've caught it from me and/or noorya... ROFL
Ok, so the update was nice... and the SR moment was sho sweeet! But... I kind of agree with Farrah and Neet. However, I'm waiting to see how you take the story forward, so I don't mind whatever it is that you're gonna do.
And now you have made me baytaab. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO IN THE NEXT CHAPTER???????
Luv you! Keep rocking!

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jasangel

ur writing skill is sooo good...
i love SID a lottt ...
bt abt a...r dunno wat to say...
conti soon...

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 3:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PraSha_SidMa

Looks like you are also getting the nikammi fever AngryLOL... huh, must've caught it from me and/or noorya... ROFL
Ok, so the update was nice... and the SR moment was sho sweeet! But... I kind of agree with Farrah and Neet. However, I'm waiting to see how you take the story forward, so I don't mind whatever it is that you're gonna do.
And now you have made me baytaab. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO IN THE NEXT CHAPTER???????
Luv you! Keep rocking!

Hey I m not Nikkami, I have tried to make up by giving u a VM alsoTongue. And for story don't ask me any thing right now because all of u are going to through your heels at meOuch. So I already had advance booking in hospitalROFL

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nomadsoul Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 8:07am | IP Logged

P.s i badly miss ur daily updates!! Confused

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2011 at 9:01am | IP Logged

HEY GUYS. Its time for heart attack now, PLZ Read at your own risk. If at any point you thought that it is getting on your nerves then stop reading because I know you won't like it. SORRY FOR THIS PART. But it was required for this story.


Part 13

A few days passed after that night. Sid didn't tried to contact Riddhima after that night. Even Riddhima tried to call Sid many times to apologise for her behaviour but Sid didn't attend her call. She knew that she was at fault, she should have control herself. She knew that due to her madness she had lost her one and only friend. She wanted to go to him to say sorry but she didn't has guts to face him after all that happened. She was ashamed of herself that when she was with Sid she always use to think about Armaan and now when she got the love of her life she is getting attracted towards Sid. She always use to think that 'Am I that Characterless'. She don't know why is she doing this to herself, to Sid, to Armaan.


Riddhima(thinking): Mujh se bohat bari galti hui hai, mujy itna selfish nahi hona chahiye tha. Main is tarha Armaan to dhoka nahi de sakti, chahey wo mere sath kaisa bhi behave karta ho wo mera pati hai. Sid or mere beech job hi thaw o sab khatam ho gaya hai ab main use meri waja se or takleef nahi hone doon gi, chahey is k liye mujy us se door hi kyu na rehna parey. Sid ne mere liye pehley hi bohat kuch kiya hai. Har mushkil waqt main mera sath diya hai or main (with teary eyes) meri waja se use sirf dookh mila hai. Kya main sach main itni buri hoon, kya main kisi ke pyaar ke layak nahi. Ek taraf Armaan'' jis ke liye maine apni jan bhi dao par laga di, magar use to shaid mere hone na hone se farak hi nahi parta... Dusri taraf Sid''.jise jane anjane main chahney lagi hoon, magar main chah kar bhi use pa nahi sakti''..(crying) shaid yehi meri saza hai ke mujy meri zindagi main kabhi sacha pyaar naseeb na ho''.(she wiped her tears)''. Sid tumhain bhoolana asaan nahi hai mere liye, lekin agar mujh se door rehney main hi tumhari khushi hai to main kabhi tumharey rastey main nahi aaoon gi''KABHI NAHI.


Armaan was back now. Riddhima knew that she had to live with Armaan, even if he treat her in an inhumane way. Armaan have changed a lot. Many time she caught Armaan flirting with different girls but never questioned him about it because she knew that he is Armaan the real Armaan Malik whom she failed to understood before. Now she can't do any thing except regret. After returning from Paris Armaan was very happy that finally he signed the deal. So he decided to organise a party.


Riddhima: Armaan party dene ki kya zaroorat hai?


Armaan: Kitni khushi ki baat hai ke maine itni bari deal sign kar li or tum puch rahi ho party dene ki kya zaroort hai'.


Riddhima(soft voice): Armaan PLZ mera party karney ka mood nahi hai''tum ko party karni hai to karo I don't have problem par mera jane ka mood nahi hai.


Armaan: Riddhima'.kya keh rahi ho tum''agar tum party main nahi ho gi to sab kya kahain gay''ke maine party di hain or meri hi biwi nahi aayi'.. Nahi Riddhima tumhain to chalna hi parey ga or PLZ koi dhang ke kaprey pehan lena. Don't wear this kind of churidar. Wahan bohat barey barey log aane waley hain. Tum ek kaam karo go for shoping or koi acha sa dress le aana.


Riddhima: Armaan main us type ke dresses nahi pehnti''..


Armaan: To tum wahan in kaproon main jao gi''.. Riddhima ek din se kya farak par jay ga'..


Riddhima: Armaan main un kaproon main bohat uncomfortable hoti hoon'' PLZ Armaan I can't wear such dress''


Armaan: Jo dill main aye wo karo''tum ne to meri insult karwane ki thaan li hai na''.(saying this he moved towards his room)


In the party, Riddhima wore a beautiful white sari n she was looking extremely beautiful. Armaan had organized a lavish party n Riddhima didn't even know a single person present in that party. She was feeling out of place. She wanted to go back but Armaan didn't allowed her.


Armaan: Riddhima apna mood theek karo''. aise mu latka ke betho gi to guests par bura impression parey ga''tum ko btaya than a bohat barey barey log aaney waley hai'..


Riddhima: Armaan'.PLZ can I go back home.


Armaan: Riddhima''.hum is baat par pehley hi discussion kar chukey hain'..


They were talking when a couple came an stood infront of her.


Guy: HEY Dr.Armaan'..


Armaan(excited): Oh hello Sir''I couldn't believe that you really came'' (he looked at Riddhima)'.Sir she is my wife Riddhima''. And Riddhima he is Mr.Sameer Agarwal'


Sameer: Hello'


Riddhima: Hi'..


Sameer(looked at girl with him): And she is my wife Neha'.(Neha smiled at both Armaan n Riddhima)


They were all chating when dance session started.


Armaan: Sir can I borrow your wife for a dance?


Riddhima looked at Armaan that he didn't even bothered to ask me. Sameer agreed and Armaan took Neha to Dance floor. Riddhima didn't liked the way Armaan was dancing with her. Riddhima wasn't jealous but she felt embarrassed that her husband dancing with someone else's wife like this. And left his wife with a guy who is quite drunk now.


Sameer: My wife is looking more happy with your husband than me(he laughed at his own joke n riddhima felt embarrassed by such comment) I must say Riddhima'.you are very beautiful''.Armaan is very lucky '..(Riddhima just gave him a fake smile)''would you like to dance with me?


Riddhima(thought for an excuse): I m sorry'.. actually I m not feeling well'..


Sameer(put his hand on her waist and pulled her closer): Oh'.. Come on Riddhima''.


Riddhima didn't know what to do'..she tried to push him but he tightened his grip on her.


Riddhima: PLZ let me go'''


Sameer: Riddhima''. business partners main itna to chalta hai''..


At that time Riddhima couldn't control her anger and pushed him away. She was about to move from there when he grabbed her hand. Riddhima slapped him hard on his face. Everyone looked in her direction with shocked expression. Everyone was shocked but person who was extremely shocked was Armaan.


Armaan: I'. I m sorry Sir''I m just so sorry'(he looked at Riddhima with anger in his eyes)''.Riddhima'.what kind of behaviour is that (now almost shouting) don't you know how to treat guests''.Just say Sorry'.


Riddhima: Armaan'.why should I say sorry''galati in ki hai'. He should say sorry to me''


Armaan: Riddhima'.just shut up''


Riddhima ran towards the room which was on the first floor(Party was held in a big hall which was on ground floor. She cried her heart out in the room. Armaan followed her to her room.


Armaan: RIDDHIMA!!!!! (he grabbed her from her arms) what the hell is problem with you''kyu tum mujy khush nahi dekh sakti'..Tumhain pata hai tum ne kya kiya hai''. WHY THE HELL YOU SLAPPED HIM???


Riddhima(sobbing): Armaan wo'.wo'mere sath''mere sath dance karna chahta tha''.or '.jab maine mana kiya to us ne''.(crying) mere sath zabardasti karney ki koshish ki''.Armaan main use thapar nahi marna chahti thi but didn't left me with other option'..


Armaan: O GOD RIDDHIMA''.ek dance hi karna chahta than a''tum haan nahi keh sakti thi''.


Riddhima: Armaan'.. How could you say that''..aj wo insaan tumharey liye mujh se zayada important ho gaya?


Armaan: Haan wo insaan mere liye bohat important hai''mera sara career us par depend karta hai''..Riddhima abhi neechey chal kar un se maafi mango.


Riddhima: Jab meri koi galati nahi hai to main maafi kyu mangoon.


Armaan: Maafi to tumhain mangani hi parey gi'


Saying this Armaan grabbed her hand and pulled her with him but Riddhima don't want to see that person again so she freed her hand from his grip.


Riddhima(shouting): Armaan tum mujy Shaadi kar ke laye ho kisi bazaar se khareed kar nahi laye ho jo mujy apne matlab ke liye istamal kar sako.


After hearing this Armaan lost his control and slapped hard on her face. Riddhima was so shocked to react at first. She couldn't believe what Armaan had just done. Riddhima grabbed the keys of car and ran from there. She sat in her car n stared driving rashly. She was just driving not knowing where she heading. Whatever Armaan said was echoing in her mind.


'Ek dance hi karna chahta tha na''tum haan nahi keh sakti thi''.'

'Riddhima abhi neechey chal kar un se maafi mango.'


She couldn't even think properly, after what happened. Finally she stopped her car in front of a building. She came out of her car n entered the building. She moved to the 2nd floor n now she was standing infront of an apartment. She moved her hand through the name plate 'Siddhant Modi' The door was open so rushed inside. She couldn't see any one in living area, so she moved towards his room. She pushed the door open n saw the person sitting on his bed going through a file. He looked up from the file. He was shocked to see the person in that condition. Her hair were all messed up, tears flowing through her cheek. He was just looking at her with widened eyes.


She ran towards him.


Riddhima(crying): Sid''..


Sid: Riddhima ''..kya hua tum'.tum ro kyu rahi ho?


Riddhima: Sid'..mujy galey laga lo''( Sid was shocked to hear what what she was saying)''.mujy ''mujy'.isi waqt apni banhoon main le lo''


She grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards her with such a force that it broke bottons of his shirt.


Sid: Riddhima'..kya ho gaya hai tumhain tum aise kyu behave kar rahi ho?


Riddhima(bend on her knees n was now crying loudly): Sid'Sid'wo' Armaan''.Armaan''ne'mujy'''


Sid: Riddhima batao kya hua'Armaan ne kuch kaha?


Riddhima told him the whole story from the beginning that she was the cause of Shashank's death , her mother never want to see her face again n Armaan'how he use to treat her. She was crying madly. Sid just could see her like this. He tried to consol her, the only thing her could do.


Riddhima: Sid Main bohat buri hoon na''is liye mere sath yeh sab ho raha hai ''.main kabhi kisi ko khushi nahi de sakti'..Sid maine tumharey sath itna bura kiya'.mujy us ki hi saza mil rahi hai. Isi liye aj main akeli hoon, mere hone se kisi ko farak nahi parta I m a no body. Maa mujh se nafrat karti hain, ab to shaid Armaan bhi mujh se pyaar nahi karta.


Sid: Riddhima''.aisa nahi hai'..Armaan tum se pyaar karta hai'..tum use ek moka to do''wo tumhain jaan bujh kar koi takleef nahi de ga''Jin halat main tum dono ki shaadi hui'.Armaan bhi us se effected hai.


Riddhima(shouting): NAHI!!! Armaan kisi se pyaar nahi karta wo sirf apne ap se pyaar karta hai. Tumhain pata hai aj us ne kya kia''..aj us ne mujy'..


Then she told him about the whole incident. While telling him about the incident she cried louder. Sid tried hard but couldn't hold his tears. He closed his eyes and a small tear came out of his eye.


Riddhima: Ab or nahi hota mujh se Sid'.main koshish kar ke thak chu ki hoon ke Armaan aj nahi to kal mujy samjhy ga''Sid main ek patni hone ka pura farz nibhana chahti hoon but''. Aisa nahi hai ke maine koshish nahi ki'..Sid maine bohat koshish ki is rishtey ko bachaney ki'' magar meri har koshish nakam ho gayi. Armaan ab wo Armaan nahi raha, use ab mujh se koi lagav nahi hai''wo ab mujh se pyaar nahi karta'..ab koi mujh se pyaar nahi karta'..Everyone hates me n you know what I deserve it. Main hoon hi itni buri''


Sid(Softly): Riddhima Ssshhh'.chup'..chup ho jao''tumhari koi galti nahi hai Riddhima is lye rona band karo'''


Riddhima: Sid batao mujy kya main itni buri hoon ke''.koi mujy se pyaar nahi karta'kya main itni buri hoon Sid''(started sobbing)


Sid tried his level best not to say any thing but after seeing Riddhima in such condition, He blurt out.


Sid(tears in his eyes): Riddhima main tum se pyaar karta hoon (Riddhima looked at him with her eyes widened)'..bohat pyaar karta hoon''..I LOVE YOU'.


Riddhima looked at him with love in her eyes n she hugged him tight


Riddhima: I Love You''.main tum se bohat pyaar karti hoon main janti hoon yeh kehney main maine bohat der kar di but I really Love you.


Sid didn't know what to do'' could he he say this''why he can't see tears in her eyes''.. He didn't respond to her hug but he tried to stop Riddhima before she lose her control because he knew that he won't be able to control himself if anything happened this time. He tried to free himself but Riddhima tightened her grip on his back n buried her head in his chest. Sid tried to pull himself away from her but it seemed as she don't want to leave him in any case. Riddhima placed a soft kiss on his chest. Sid closed his eyes. Then Riddhima placed a kiss on his neck. Sid closed his fist tight so that he may not lose his control. Riddhima looked up from his neck, Sid's eyes were still closed. Then Riddhima moved her head up and kissed him on his lips. At first Sid was to shocked to react but atlast he gave up, he encircled her waist by his arms n kissed her back. After a few breathless minutes they pulled apart. Riddhima looked in Sid's eyes n SR eye lock. Riddhima turned her bare back towards him revealing her back. Sid moved her hair a little bit. He slide down his fingers on her back. His touch send shiver through her spine. She moved backward and leaned on him leaving no space between them. Sid moved his right hand down through her arm n his left hand on her bare belly. Riddhima closed her eyes in enjoyment n responded to his touch by interlocking her fingers of right hand in his. She placed her other hand over his hand which was on her belly. Then Sid removed a lock of hair from her shoulder n kissed the nape of her neck. Riddhima slowly opened her eyes n turned towards Sid. She looked in his eyes SR EYE LOCK. She moved closer to him without breaking eye lock. Now they were so close that their nose were touching. Sid cupped her face n kissed her softly. After pulling away from kiss Sid opened her eyes but Riddhima had still her eyes closed. She slowly removed her Saree. Now she was wearing a black skirt and white blouse. She leaned on his bed pulling him with her. Now she was on the bed and Sid was on the top of her. His eyes roamed all over her face. Then he placed soft kiss on her neck, she moaned and tilted her head upward in enjoyment. A small tear escaped from her eye. Sid kissed away her tear n Riddhima whispered in his ear 'I Love You..Sid' saying this she unbuttoned his shirt n removed it''Sid cupped her face n looked in her eye 'I Love You too' n their lips met again. They began with a soft kiss but suddenely turned into passionate one. Sid without breaking the kiss untied the front knot of her blouse n coverd themselves with a blanket. And they got lost in each other's arms.


I don't know what to say about this part. I have already told you that read at your own risk. I know You don't like it but its just a story. You are thinking that Sid can't do like this n all. I know that for us Sid is like an angel who can never do any thing wrong but not to forget that he is a normal guy. He do have feelings. He is not a controlling machine who can always control his emotions. He tried his level best not to lose his control but how long he would do that, he is just a normal guy.

I hope you understand 

Here is the VM on SR confession

And another VM I gave you the link is made on SR C-Night. Watch it only if you like this part. It contain a few AR scenes which you might not like. It also contain a few scenes from different movies. Under 18 PLZ don't watch it.



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U have a great writing skills. Lovely  FF.
Plz add me to ur PM list.

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ye kya ho gayaShocked

bt i understandTongue

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awesome update...ClapTongue
when that monster Hormannn know abt it LOLLOLLOL

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