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SR-FF LOVE WINS (IMP NOTE Pg-117) (Page 35)

sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 5:59am | IP Logged
Actually there is some problem in my PC. So I would not be able to update for 2-3 days. Sorry but I'll be back soon with more SR scenesWink

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DJ.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonia1000

Actually there is some problem in my PC. So I would not be able to update for 2-3 days. Sorry but I'll be back soon with more SR scenesWink

God knows whats wrong with everyones lappes and comps ... har ek problem face kar raha hai ...

at one time both my laptop and desktop were out Ouch

anyways hope all is fine soon ... we will wait for the update

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aamirkhanfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 6:20am | IP Logged
it's ok...we'll wait

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fariya94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 6:24am | IP Logged

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nomadsoul Senior Member

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 7:07am | IP Logged
Nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

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MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Will wait for the updates very eagerly!!!

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sonia1000 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 3:07am | IP Logged

HEY GUYS. Thanks for your comments. Finally I updated next part. Its quite long part I guess. I had made a VM for this part to make up for this delay. Do leave your comments.



A few days passed. Now Sid n Riddhima have become good friends. They use to hang out togrther just like normal friends. In the begining Sid was uncomfortable with Riddhima but gradually he accepted her friendship. They never talked about their past. Sometime Sid tried to ask her about Armaan, that she should also bring Armaan with her so that he could meet him but every time she changed the topic by saying that Armaan is busy these days. Sid never treated her as his ex-wife. He always considered her as a friend, but for Riddhima Sid is much more than a friend. She is falling in love with Sid. She knew that its not right but she had just lost control on herself. At that time of her life,when she needed someone to hold her, to be with her no one was there except Sid. Sid gave her reason to live. He helped her to come out of that dark phase of her life. For Riddhima Sid was her saviour, an angel who had always been with her through thick and thin. She did felt something for Sid when they were married but named those feeling as FARZ but now she knew that those strange feelings were actually LOVE. Her love for Sid was increasing day by day. Now she was so in love with Sid that she had started to imagine him every where. One day Sid called her.


Riddhima: Hi'Sid


Sid: Hi'''.Riddhima tum abhi kahan ho?


Riddhima: Hospital main''.Kyu kuch kaam hai?


Sid: Haan''actually ek case ke barey main discuss karna tha'..kya tum free ho.


Riddhima: Haan'


Sid: Mujh se abhi mil sakti ho?


Riddhima: Haan'ofcourse.


Sid: Tumhain hospital main koi important kaam to nahi hai na?


Riddhima: Nahi'..I m free now'ek kaam kartey hain coffee shop main miltey hain.


Sid: OK


Riddhima: I'll be there in an hour.


Riddhima disconnect the phone n smiled looking at her phone. She grabbed her bag and left for her house. She entered the house n directly moved towards her room. She changed in Red churidar, applied mascara n lipgloss. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled thinking 'Airport wala Red'. After getting ready she left the house. Then she got into a taxi n moved towards the coffee shop. On her way to coffee shop she kept thinking about Sid. She just couldn't wait to see him. Finally she reached coffee shop. She looked around to find Sid but she couldn't see him any where.


Riddhima(thinking): Shaid Sid abhi aya nahi hai'''''..


She was waiting for Sid when someone from her back side called her name. She turned and was shocked to see the person infront of her.


(I have made a VM for this part. Check it out before reading more. Its first time I tried to make a VM. Sorry if u don't like it. It is not a complete SR VM, it also contain a few AR scenes n a scene from the original video of this song, so u might get to see a glimps of Sonum Kapoor n Imran Khan'lol. But I have tried to edit it such a way that It looks like SR VM)


Riddhima: ARMAAN!!!!


Armaan: Riddhima''tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?


Riddhima(thought of an excuse): Actually'..wo 'wo '.main'..Ritu se milney ayi thi.


Armaan: Ritu se???


Riddhima: Haan'''maine btaya tha na meri friend India se aayi hai.


Armaan: Acha hua na main yahan aa gaya, isi bahane main bhi tumhari us dost se mil lu ga''


Riddhima: NAHI!!!!...tum us se nahi mil saktey''.


Armaan: Kyu?


Riddhima: Kyu ke''.kyu ke''wo chali gayi hai''.


Armaan: Chali gayi?


Riddhima: Haan mujh se milney aayi thi ab wo chali gayi hai''..main bhi abhi jane wali thi


Armaan: Strange'''mujy to laga ke tum kisi ka intazar kar rahi ho.


Riddhima(stammering): Nahi'Nahi to''main kis ka intazar karoon gi?


Armaan: To theek hai phir hum ghar chaltey hain'..


Riddhima(eyes widened): Ghar????...Armaan tum chaley jao main thori der tak ghar pohanchti hoon.


Armaan(annoyed): Abhi kyu nahi chal sakti?


Riddhima: Mujy market se kuch saman lena hai to mujy thora waqt lag jay ga.


Armaan: Mere pass car hai main tumhain market chor sakta hoon.


Riddhima: Nahi Armaan tumhain bohat kam ho ga'''tumhara last semester chal raha hai na''.main khud hi chali jaoon gi.


Armaan: Riddhima tum shaid bhool rahi ho meri speclization complete ho chuki hai'''or tumhain ek or baat yaad dila doon ke kal meri Paris ki flight hai.


Riddhima: Sorry mujy yaad nahi raha''..


Armaan: Riddhima aj kal tumhara dhayan rehta kaha hai?...Ab mere sath chaal rahi ho ya nahi?


Riddhima just nodded her head n they moved towards their house. They entered the house n Riddhima directly moved towards her room. Riddhima kept thinking about Sid.


Riddhima(thinking): Sid wahan mera intazar kar raha ho ga''.O GOD main kya karoon. Main milne to ja nahi sakti''.ek kaam karti hoon phone kar ke keh deti hoon ke koi emergency aa gayi thi.


Then she dialed Sid's number.


Sid: Hello Riddhima''.tum kahan ho abhi tak pouhanchi nahi?


Riddhima: Sorry Sid main aaney hi wali thi ke hospital main ek emergency aa gayi''.


Sid: Its OK''


Riddhima(thought for a minute): Sid kal miltey hain'..same time same place'phir case bhi discuss bhi kar le gay.


Sid: Riddhima its OK'.agar tum busy ho to main kisi or Doctor se consult kar loon ga.


Riddhima: No Sid'its fine, kal miltey hain.


Sid: Thanx'.bye.


Riddhima: bye'''.


After disconnecting the phone. Riddhima moved towards Armaan's room to help him in packing. Next morning Armaan left for airport early. Riddhima took leave from hospital that day. In the evening she got ready to meet Sid. Armaan wasn't there so she took car with her. She reached there a saw Sid.


Riddhima: Hi Sid


Sid: Hi'.. betho''..


Riddhima: Main zyada late to nahi hui?


Sid: Nahi'.main bhi abhi aaya hoon''''


Riddhima: Tum kisi case ke barey main bta rahey they na''''


Sid: Haan''.bohat hi complicated case hai''.


Sid kept explaining her the case but Riddhima didn't gave attention to what he was saying. She was watching Sid with dreamy eyes. She was lost in her own world.


Sid(now looing at Riddhima): Tumhain kya lagta hai ke is patient ko kon sa treatment suit karey ga (no answer from Riddhima)''.Riddhima(still no answer, Sid)''..Riddhima


Riddhima: Huh'..Kya Sid'.


Sid: Kya soch Rahi ho?


Riddhima: Nahi kuch nahi''.main abhi aati hoon''(she moved towards washroom n stood infront of mirror)


Riddhima(thinking): Yeh main kya kar rahi hoon Sid sirf mera dost hai or kuch nahi phir main aise kyu behave kar rahi hoon. Riddhima you can't lose your control like this. Ab bahar jao or sid ko Zayada ghurna mat (She took a deep breath n came out of washroom).


Sid: Kya hua tum theek to ho na?


Riddhima: Ya I m fine'''.give me the file I'll read it by myself.


They discussed the case for almost an hour. As it was getting dark now so they moved towards their respective cars. Riddhima sat in her car n tried to start it but she couldn't. She tried again but it didn't start. She got out of her car n looked around for help. In the mean time Sid was passing by her. He stopped his car.


Sid: Riddhima'.is every thing alright?


Riddhima: Sid car start hi nahi ho rahi hai''.


Sid: Let me check''


Riddhima(laughing): Tum check karo gay'''.tum shaid bhool rahey ho ke tum doctor ho mechanic nahi''.rehney do main yaha kisi se help le loon gi.


Sid: Magar tum tab tak kya karo gi''..its getting late now''.if u don't mind I can drop u.


Riddhima was about to say no but it seemed as her voice stuck in her throat n she involuntarily nodded her head. They sat in his car n drove towards Riddhima's house. After some time they reached the house but couldn't see any thing as it was so dark.


Sid: Riddhima'.tumharey ghar main itna andhera kyu hai?


Riddhima: I don't know jab main gayi thi us waqt to light thi'''


Sid: Armaan to andar hi ho ga na?


Riddhima: Nahi''actually wo kisi meeting ke liye Paris gaya hai.


Sid: Oh''.


Riddhima didn't know what to do as she is scared of darkness n she couldn't ask Sid to come with her. Sid noticed this n offered her his help.


Sid: May be fuse board main kuch problem ho''.main check karoon?


Riddhima nodded and they both entered the house. It was so dark that they couldn't see any thing.


Riddhima: Main candle le kar aati hoon.


After a minute she came with candle in her hand. Sid was looking at fuse board with confused expression.


Sid: Yaha par to sab theek hai shaid transformer main koi problem hai. Thori der wait kartey hain.


So they moved towards living room. Both were feeling very uncomfortable. Riddhima placed that candle on the table. They just sat there on the sofa without saying any word. Riddhima was the first one to break the silence.


Riddhima: Sid'..tum kuch lo gay'''


Sid: No I m fine.


Riddhima: Aise kaise''Tum pehli bar mere ghar aaye ho'..main abhi tumharey liye chai lati hoon.


Sid: Riddhima seriously '..I m fine.


 Riddhima got up to go to kitchen, at the same time Sid got up to stop her. Suddenly Riddhima slipped. Sid tried to save her but in doing this he also lost his balance n they both fell on the floor. Now Sid was on the top. Riddhima's hand were on Sid's chest. 'SR EYELOCK' Riddhima saw Sid so close to her n lost her control Sid break the eyelock n was about to get up when Riddhima moved her hand from his chest to the back of his neck n pulled him closer. Sid didn't respond at first but at last he just couldn't control himself. Riddhima moved her head upward so that their lips could meet. They kept coming closer n closer. They were just a breath away from kiss when lights came in n Sid came to senses. He got up with a jerk. They were so embarrassed that they couldn't look at each other.


Sid: I'I m sorry''..I should leave now.


Saying this he left her house leaving behind a teary Riddhima.



Hope you all like it. I know I m going to get mixed replies for this part. I m writing after so many days, so sorry if u don't like it. PLZ ask me is you couldn't get anything related to thia part.

Sorry Guys there is some problem so I couldn't PM every one






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-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2011 at 3:25am | IP Logged

heyyy SoniaHug

finallyyy u updatedWink

i so luvd d updateClap

cont soonSmile

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