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                     ~ SUNDOWN ~

Her stomach did a mighty flip. He looked devastatingly handsome. The breath in her throat clogged, preventing her voice from gushing out.

"Well, you look...umm...great," she managed to say.

Damon did not to hear her say it. He knew he looked more than great. It reflected in her glazed eyes...

"You look stunning yourself," he smiled generously at her.

It struck her that this was the first time she has seen Damon give a genuine smile. He smirked a lot...She had seen plenty of those, but a smile, nah this was a first.

Damon walked past her and held the door open for her. It hurt him to look at her, so ethereally dressed and so innocent looking. He mentally chided himself for letting his thoughts wander again to those forbidden territories. Today was her Wedding Day for God's sake and he was fated to be the Best Man.


He had known all along that she could never be his, but reality of it had never punched him this hard before. He was wounded to an extent she'd never be able to gauge.


The strapless silvery white silk cascaded down her figure beautifully. She was the most breathtaking creature Damon had ever seen. She adjusted her veil, daintily picked up the gown and walked out of the door to the awaiting car.

Damon sighed.

The chauffeur kicked the engine alive and Damon slipped into the limousine beside Elena. These were the most painful moments of his life. His mind wanted to block them out, but he knew deep within that he would treasure these last stolen glances, this last fragrance that was hers.


"Damon'." She began thawing the silence that had fortified him. He didn't look at her; she would catch that sparkle of tears taking birth in his eyes. No, he wouldn't look at her.


"'Thanks for always being there," she ended her sentence in a moment. His refusal to look at her made her realize that he needed that silence.


The limo came to a stop and Damon felt his legs stiffen. He had taken a sensible choice while refusing to escort Elena to the Altar. Jeremy would do that. All he had to do was walk into the church through the side door and wait at the altar, freezing his heart and blocking out the ceremony.


It wouldn't take him much effort. Or so he thought.


Jeremy was waiting for them. He helped Elena out of the limo and beamed good-naturedly at Damon. Damon twitched his lips a little to produce what he called a smile.


"You look gorgeous, Elena. Stefan sure is the luckiest man in the world."


Elena gave a smile and slowly turned to read the expression on Damon's face. It was blank.


Damon quickly and determinedly strode towards the side door.


There was hardly anyone in the church. Just some selected close ones who had come to be a part of the couple's union.


Damon spotted Stefan and walked towards him. He thought back at all those times he and Stefan had stood facing each other, holding each other's collar and spitting hatred. It was a different scenario now. He was to stand beside Stefan and be a part of his new life. He would do so'.for Elena.


The beeping of his phone derailed his speeding train of thoughts.




"Damon, you need to come here now. It's'..."


The staccato beeps highlighted Bonnie's panic. Damon looked at Stefan standing two feet ahead of him and he heard the Bridal party make an entry. Somehow, he didn't want to leave but he knew that he had to'.


Elena's eyes skimmed around Stefan. Damon wasn't there.

"Where is Damon?" she whispered to Jeremy.


"He'll be here somewhere. I saw him enter the side door. You don't worry''s your big day and you need to stay happy."


Elena looked at Stefan who had a broad smile drowning his face. She smiled back. She knew she loved him. And all that mattered now was she was going to be his wife.


Damon flung open the door and sprinted inside. The house was empty.

"Bonnie'.." his voice echoed through the emptiness.


A blood-curling screech sent him speeding up the stairs. He pushed open the first door and found Bonnie lying with her eyes glazed.

Damon slid to the floor and placed her head on his lap, patting her cheek all the while and frantically trying to revive her. There seemed to be no external injury.


Her lashes fluttered open and she saw him bending over her in full concern.


"Bonnie, are you okay?"


She gulped in a lungful of needed fresh air and began, "Damon, Klaus is back. He was here with Elijah'.I tried to take on him but Elijah struck me and they forced out the venue of Elena's wedding. He's going there to stop it. Elijah mumbled something like if the Doppelganger marries a Vampire then the curse on Klaus strengthens'."


Damon's mind was working at lightening speed. No one had foreseen this. They weren't expecting Klaus to hurricane into the wedding and take lives. He needed to act fast.


Bonnie looked very weak. She wouldn't be able to take on Klaus and Elijah. He would have to stop them himself. He fished out his phone and dialed Stefan. The rings went through.


"Of course it's his wedding day. He is not going to be attending calls during the ceremony," he chided himself.


"Bonnie please remain here. I need to get over there."


Bonnie nodded weakly. She saw it in Damon's eyes. He would go to any lengths to protect Elena. She had wanted him to be there when she tried taking down Klaus so that he could tackle Elijah but they were too quick for her. Damon reached a tad bit late.


"Damon go'.I'll be alright," she urged.


Damon nodded and stood up.


"And please take care," she whispered.



Damon raced to the venue and saw everything still peaceful. Everyone was inside the church.


"And still safe," he reassured himself


He looked at the thick forest flanking the church. He could sense them lurking in those shadows. Klaus's urgency to stop the wedding had tensed the rustling of the leaves.


His phone rang again. He flicked it open and hello-ed into the receiver.


"Damon, Katherine is dead. I found her lying outside the door of the house. She has a tiny paper in her fist which reads the only other way a original can be killed is by forming a connection with another original's blood," Bonnie's voice sailed through.


Damon blinked twice. "Connection with another original's blood'" That did not make sense.


"And the connector stands to get killed himself," Bonnie's hushed tones poured realization over him. He knew now what he had to do.


He ended the call and walked to door of the church.


Elena and Stefan stood at the altar throwing stolen smiles at each other. A sense of calm descended over his soul. They would live happily. He would make sure they did.


"Well, well looks like we have someone to welcome us," a low-pitched raspy voice reached him.


Damon swung around. Klaus stood there with his crooked smile intact. Elijah was behind him looking as passive as ever. Damon felt a tearing rage burn his heart. Elijah was the one reason Klaus still lived.


"I'm upset Damon. We were not invited. That is bad manners'.you invite all acquaintances for such joyous occasions. And ain't we more than just acquaintances?"


Damon smirked, "Sure a lot more than acquaintances. We blood suckers are all a happy yo-yo family right?"


"Aah the beauty of fury'.I fail to comprehend the reason behind it though. Is it because your heart's chosen one is marrying your chicken brother or is it displeasure upon seeing me here?"


"Stefan is no chicken," Damon defended.


"Can we substitute spineless or gutless or'..maybe "girlfriend demented loser" sounds winning?"


"Can we stop playing word games? You could happily skip to hell and play them with the Satan there," Damon rolled his eyes.


"Oh! So no word games, is it? What do we play then? BB, TT or blood games? Sounds tempting to me'.what say?" Klaus winked


Klaus eyes bulleted to where Elena was standing. Damon moved to block his view.


"Are you gonna try and stop me? It is a waste of breath Damon. I say you join me'two lions, one meal."


"She isn't some spicy chicken 'n' crisp sandwich you ordered at Burger King Klaus," Damon growled.


Stefan heard it and looked behind. The sight collapsed his senses. Damon facing Klaus and Elijah singly without any help. The look of worry streaked across Stefan's face caused Elena to look behind and digest the scene unfolding before her.


Stefan made to move but was rooted to the spot. He attempted again but he had been immobilized. Bonnie stepped in through the side door.


"Let him handle it Stefan. He knows what he is doing," she said in Stefan's direction.


She looked haggard and weak. Elena felt her tension mounting.


"What's going on Bonnie?" she panicked.


"Katherine's dead. Klaus's curse gets stronger if the doppelganger marries to a Vampire. He is here to do away with you and Stefan all for once."


Her voice sounded dead. She couldn't let Elena know the risk Damon stood in.


Klaus eyes spotted Bonnie and he knew it was time to get into action. He had been dilly-dallying long enough with the impulsive Salvatore brother. His eyes gave Elijah the signal.


Damon had been waiting for that ever-so-slight hint. With the quickest of movements, he flashed his canines and dug them into Elijah's neck, who easily plucked him off and threw him two feet away.


Damon crashed to the ground and heard Klaus snigger.


"I am surprised that you've got such a pea-sized brain Damon. Originals don't die of dog bites," he scoffed.


Damon felt his blood coursing slowly, took one look at Elena's worry stained face and leaped at Klaus.


Klaus hadn't been anticipating this move. He stumbled a little from the shock of it and recovered quickly to throw Damon hurling again to the ground.


Stefan looked on baffled.


"What on earth is he trying to do?" he exasperatedly hissed.


"Connecting the blood of two originals kills them. Like matter and anti-matter."


"What about Damon? Will he be okay?" Elena asked this time.


Bonnie's silence erupted through the church. Elena could hear the lava of reason spilling through her.


She took two steps towards the door, two steps towards the man who had loved her so selflessly'


Elijah crumpled to the ground with Klaus following him.


"What in deuce's name did you do'You filthy shitbag!" Klaus yelled into the nothingness.


"He connected the blood of two originals," Elijah told through a strangled voice.


Klaus let out an ear-shattering yell and went limp, his entire body shrinking in the attempt. Elijah gritted his teeth harder, and fisted his palms into balls letting death embrace him.


The two originals lay lifeless and kissed by death.


Damon forced himself to his feet and gave an edgy smirk to Bonnie, who smiled back understandingly.


His loved ones were safe.


He felt an excruciating pain shoot up his spine and drench his body and then it felt agonizingly chilly. He shuddered involuntarily and his knees buckled.


The blood of one original swirled against another original's in Damon's veins and sent ripples of explosion, annihilating the connector who had the audacity to bring the two immortals to the brink of mortality.


Elena saw the whirlpool of pain blowing Damon away and her slow steps paced into a run.


"Don't!" Damon shouted across "come here Elena'.Say your vows please."


"Stefan please'." Damon's voice was dripping with a plea.


Stefan nodded and held Elena back, asking the Father to read the vows.


"Do you, Miss Elena Gilbert, take Mr. Stefan Salvatore , to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do u part?"


Elena eyes were still glued to that man sinking into the crevices of death while her new life began'.


"Do you, Miss Elena?" the Father gently asked again.


"Yes I do," she stammered.


"Do you promise to do the same, Mr. Salvatore?" the Father turned to Stefan.


"Yes I do," he said with a heavy heart. His brother had given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure he lived a happy life'.


"I do too'" Damon breathed and collapsed outside.


Something within Elena snapped'


She rushed with the rest following her to Damon but those eyes, which had lit up innumerable times rivaling the sunshine in witty sarcasm lay empty and bereft of the spark'.


Stefan pulled her into a comforting embrace.


Elena felt her heartbeats lash over onto Stefan's chest. His grip was firm on her. His every breath sought their way into her untamed hair. Elena closed her eyes shut...she could not get herself to face the truth.


A truth her heart had caged and refused to part with...

A truth, which left her empty...

"I do too'." She whispered.

Losing what was found, a world so hollow
Suspended in a compromise
The silence of this sound is soon to follow
Somehow sundown (CREDIT "SHATTERED" by Trading yesterday)

NOTE- Originals do not die this way. It is a part of my fiction.


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OMFG pallo Stern Smile why did you do it that way? Cry

it was beautifully heartbreaking Broken Heart

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Cry Pallo that was one of the best OS I have read, it was amazing, I loved it apart from the ending was heartbreaking, I thought they would have ended up together in the end when I started reading, not him dying Cry
I love your ideas, if the CVs knew about IF I'm sure they would steal them, how did you come up such great ideas Star
I can't believe they got married as he was dying Cry

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man how i hate stefan the wide jawed fugly faced person! Pig
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Beautifully written...!!!
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Where were you...missed you loads!!! DAMON!!!! Loved it...can we please discuss TVD here too...with the FF of course!!!! Okay this was truly fantastic...but you knew're an awesome writer!!!!

Keep 'em coming and have loads of fun over summer too!!!
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First, I love you for writing something abotu Delena,

SECOND, i Loved what Klaus was calling stefan ROFL Okay, bad manners Ouch Stefan's a nice guy.. right?
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beautiful update

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