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MG SS- A Bond Beyond Words-Note:Page 91 (Page 20)

princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by satya_narayana2

nice update...thanks 4 pm...wating 4 next meeting...cont soon..
Thanks dear!
my pleasure!

princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ramhari

Very nice update Swati
Maan's dreams about Geet and Geet's thoughts about him were wonderful.
Your poems as always are beautiful
The description of their eyes was too good.
Second encounter was great too.
Geet got a taste of Maan's attitude .
I am pretty sure she is going to fall for him more and more.
Continue as per your convenience dear.
Will be waiting for your exams to be done.

Thanks a ton Hima!Hug
you are very generous dear!Embarrassed
Yeah, aakhir Maan Singh Khuaran hai bhai attitude to hoga hi na!LOL
yeah, will cont. soon!
love you!

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

beautiful part.
loved it.
 maan dreams about geet. hmmm
geet impressed by maan and see maan's attitude.
 lovely , beautiful poems. loved it.
 continue soon.
thanks a lot rakhi di!Hug
loved your comment!
m so happy that you like it!
also that you liked the poemsEmbarrassed
love you
princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -dia-


loved it ...awesome!!!

The Poems were wonderful as usual,loved it!!!

wonderful update!!!

Thanks dear!

glad you liked  it!

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged


Hello People!!

I am back!!.have replied to some of the lovely comments that you guys left me and the remaining replies are below this update! Am sorry for the delayCry!Am waiting for more for this one!Please please do keep your comments coming! It's a pretty longer one this time!

So, here we go:

                                              Part 4


Just then a nurse came and handed Geet a report saying," This is the weekly check-up report Ma'am. The doctor will come and check it and let you know the results"

Geet took the reports and thanked the nurse with a smile as the latter walked away.

She then continued to talk to her Maa for some time before she got a call from Pari.

Geet, on the phone, " Hello!"

Pari,  "Hello Ma'am! Aap kahan hain?"

Geet, "what a stupid question is that Pari? You know na I am with Maa".

Pari," Yes, I know and thats exactly why I have called you co I am sure that you have not checked the time, so Ma'am, kripya apne kalaayi par bandhe uss upkaran ki ooor dekhen tatha apne charan kamlon ka prayog karte hue shighra hi yahan padharen! Hamare adhyapak mahodaye ke aane ka samay ho raha hai"

Geet, utterly confused and surprised, still trying to get what Pari said, "eh'?"

Then she suddenly glances at her watch and realizes that she is late for her so-called project submission and shouts, "oh No!"

Pari, "oh Yes! Come fast!"

Geet, "yeah! M rushing" and disconnects the call. She then tells her Maa, "Maa, aapse baatein karte hue main bhool hi gayi ki main late ho rahi hoon! Main chalti hoon. Bye!" She said while rushing off hastily with the file in her hand!

Just as she left, Maan entered the ward and went to Maa, meanwhile the doctor also arrived for his rounds and met her Maa.

Doctor,  "Savitri ji! How are you feeling?"

Maa, "I am good Doctor!"

Doctor gave a smile and said, "thats great! I will just check your reports."

Meanwhile, Maan was talking to Maa when the doctor said, "whats this? An analysis of the Phenomenon of payday lending and its Market in the US??", giving utterly confused expressions to which her Maa understood and worriedly replied, "Oh! It seems Geet took my reports along by mistake!"

Maan, who was not really interested in the conversation till now had become alert at the mention of her name.

Doctor,  "its okay! I have another copy in the records. I will check that and let you know", and he left.

But, Maa worriedly told Maan, "She will be in big trouble! All this while she was telling me how important it was for her to give this project on time and how the nasty professor is going to make her life hell if she doesn't."

She then said, "Maan! Will you please go and give this to her? She was already late and hence won't have the time to come back and take it."

Looking at her worried expression which he couldn't tolerate, he agreed saying, " Anything for you Maa" and left immediately!

Well, though he was telling himself that he was doing it just for Maa, and the care and love that  he had for her, the truth was that he too was curious and restless to meet her and deep down he knew the truth.

While, on his way in the auto, he chuckled imagining how she would rant to her babaji once she realizes the exchange of the files. Then suddenly he came back to his senses and scolded himself, "Why am I thinking like this about her and grinning like a fool!"

He decided to ignore this while the auto wala said, "saab! Hum Stephan (that's how the name is disfigured by all the cabbies and rickshawallas) pahunch gaye" and he broke out of his thoughts.

As he paid and went inside, he was wondering where he would find her because obviously, he was clueless as to where she would be. Let alone the class, he didn't even know her course. But then better sense prevailed and he checked the file in his hands to read, "Geet Handa, IInd Yr Economics"

"Hmmm! Microeconomics project"

He then said to himself, "oh! So she is studying to be an economist!" and smiled but again he scolded himself for thinking about her and for getting the task at hand.

"now where will I find the 2nd yr Class?"

He decided to tell the office guy, but to his bad luck, it was a Saturday and the office was closed. The caretaker on outside just pointed to a notice board and left.

He then made his way to the notice board clearly annoyed at the unwillingness of the person to help him.

He found the list of the classes along with the Room names.

"ummm! 2nd year eco'Microeconomics'here it is-Room R! okay"

Roaming around and asking a few students who were hanging around there he finally made his way to the first floor where the class was located. He was just looking at the room numbers when he found it and sighed in relief. But just then he banged into a girl (danger! Danger!)  and she fell down.

He immediately started, "I am So'"

But, he was cut off as the girl began, "hey Mr! samajhte kya ho tum apne aap ko haan? Aankhen hain ya button? Tum jaise ladkon ka toh kaam hi hota hai ladkiyon se jaan boojh ke takraana, ya kahoon unhe dhakka marna aur phir unse baatein karna!"

Maan began again, "But..."

Only to be cut off again, "what but? Haan? What but?" saying this she started moving closer angrily in a threatening way, while Maan started to back off  (he is a decent guy yaar! He won't fight with a girlSmile!)

" Main tumhaari dilli ki baaki ladkiyon ki tarah nahin hoon! Samjhe tum? Mera naam NUPUR BHUSHAN hai! Tum jaison ko toh main paanch min me maar maar ke seedha kar doon!"

Maan thought it was enough now. He began a bit sternly now, "Hello Madam! Please don't give yourself so much importance! I am not interested in even touching you let alone talk. Before blabbering on, learn to hear the other person out".

Meanwhile, Mayank had reached the corridor and had guessed the whole situation when he heard Maan's words. Shaking his head he spoke to himself, " isska kuch nahin ho sakta! Kahin bhi shuru ho jaati hai! Before the 3rd WW starts, I should go there and help that poor guy! He doesn't know who he is facing"

Nupur who is about to retort back is held back by Mayank who says to Maan, "which course and year are you in?"

Maan, "I am not a student of this college", muttering to himself  Thankfully!! (Swati didn't like that!Angry)

Mayank, "Then?"

Nupur, "What then! Ofcourse he has come to ogle at girls here!"

Maan gives her a glare before answering mayank, "Actually main woh Geet'."

Nupur cuts him again,"Geet!! Dekha Mayank! Maine kaha tha na! Dekho, yeh hamaari seedhi saadhi geet ke peeche hai. Ruk, mainj tujhe abhi batati hoon!"

Mayank, puts his hand on Nupur's mouth and gestures Maan to continue, when Maan irritatedly tells him, "Mujhe Maa, I mean Geet ki mother ne bheja hai. Who apne project wahin hospital me chod ke galti se unki reports wali file le aayi hai"

Nupur then looks at the file and makes a Sorry face while Maan gives her a Are-you-fine-with-me-now look!

Mayank, "Oh! Thanks!"

Meanwhile, the professor getting irritated with the noise comes out to scold them to maintain silence and while he is scolding them, Mayank quickly slips in the project from the 2nd door and tells the guy there to pass it to Geet.

The whole class is also staring at the commotion outside now and then Geet notices Maan and then scolds herself, "Jhalli! Who yahan kaise ho sakte hain? Aaj tu kuch zaada hi impress ho gayi hai lagta hai unse".  All this while she still hasn't realized that she has the wrong file which she was just going to submit.

Just then she receives the file being passed on from the back and then she realizes the exchange. Just then the professor calls out her name and she hurriedly goes and submits the correct file while thanking babaji from saving her from being screwed.

The class disperses and while coming out she still finds Maan there talking to mayank, she gets surprised and goes near them when Nupur asks mockingly, "Aaj kal Micro ke projects me medical reports bhi jaane lagi hain?"

Geet becomes embarrassed and says, "how do you know? Main galti se le aayi thi! Who toh shukr hai babaji ka ki unhon ne bacha liya"

Mayank, "Babaji ne nahin inhone!" pointing at Maan who was staring at her with a straight face.

Its then that she realizes what must have happened and gets conscious thinking he came all the way to give her the file. She is also feeling excited and happy deep down knowing that.

Everyone else leaves chatting and Maan says, "Your welcome!"

Geet who was lost in her thoughts, "hmmm?"

"Oh I am sorry! I mean, thanks!"

Maan chuckled softly and repeated, "Its okay! Your welcome! Aapse thodi dhamake daar mulakaat hi hoti hai but we still don't know each other".

Bringing his hand forth he said with a smile that made her heartbeat falter, "Maan!"


                                    Precap: What do you guys say?Wink Meeting continued?Wink


  Part 5-page 26-

                                       Okay! That's it!

It was way longer than what I usually write! So, I think I deserve some comments from you guys!Tongue

I am sorry, not too much of Maaneet, but maybe in the next one I will make up!Wink

How did you like it? Or did you not like it?Wink

Please tell me what you feel; your feedback will help me improve!

Please hit the like tab if you liked it...comment to encourage me, it really matters a lot!Big smile

Whoever wants pms please add me to your buddy list or tell me to add you!

The next update, in all likelihood, will be after the 23rd, but still, do keep checking co you never know as I was not planning to do this one either!LOL

Thanks for the love and support so far, hope for more!Big smile



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nice update...thanks 4 pm...cont soon...

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supreb updtae.

nuper was really funny/
love it

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princess163 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by preethia

loved the update...
both hv started to feel for each other...
the poem was nice...
geet loving his attitude...
waiting for their 3rd meet
thnks for the pm
thanks a lot dear!
glad you liked it

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