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Got my eyes on you : Abhi Nikki FF COMPLETED (Page 9)

Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Hey Mitzii *hugs*
Its so nice to log in here after so long n finding a nice update :)
Nice part.. But I'm very much interested in d next part.. I remember u telling me its ur fav part so far.. so I'm all set to find out wht is gonna happen in this most awaited trip.. eagerly waiting fr it.. Please post asap :)

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pra19 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
I was just scrolling through the fiction thread and found one post saying you have updtaed your FF . After scrolling through the previous pages , finally found the link to it.
Loved it , Very refreshing indeeed , just the way I said it would be. Do continue soon Mitzi .

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
amazing story mitz cont soon and do bed me to your pm list

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Mitziii where are u?? Where r the updates n ur short ff?? Please post it asap.. I need some inspiration to write my next stuff:p

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Where are you these days?
No news no update!

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged

Abhi and Nikki sat in the car and Nikki started a volley of questions

 "Abhi we are going for this conference… I'm so excited ' waise what happens in a conference … wahan buddhe buddhe log aayenge '."

"Budhe nahi experienced docs, Nikki  ' "

"Haaan wahi .. who apni batein batate hain, right '"

 "Batein nahi experience, knowledge, they tell you about new research '"

"Yaa I'm saying the same thing ... Apni badai dikhane ke liye '. "

"Not for that, so that others can learn from their experience and you obviously don't give a damn for this conference why even bother to attend …" Abhi said becoming irritated.

Nikki continued unperturbed "Oh ffo Abhi ... no one else would come with you for this conference'., it's just me, I have spent so much time with you I know you are not as khadoos as you look .. And even if you are I can handle you better than... Hey what happened why did you stop the car? "

Abhi had sharply braked, the car had broken down. Luckily for them a smart couple in a car stopped by ,learning of the problem with the car they offered to drop them at a nearby hotel from where they could call for a mechanic. In the car the couple gets talking, "We are headed for a getaway, it gets so hectic in the city we hardly get time for each other … by the way where are you headed?" The couple obviously though they were a couple too , this made Nikki shy and she gave a shy smile in return but her smile was broken when Abhi replied in his gruff tone " We are headed for a conference, we are doctors"

 "Oh really? Great, what field? " asked the lady excited .

" Actually I am admin head of Sanjeevani and she is just an intern " 

The blunt coming back to reality, their difference in positions and the admiration filled looks that the female was now giving Abhi, ruined the rest of the journey for Nikki, which thankfully didn't last long as they came in sight of a hotel and Nikki was glad to get down and away from the friendly couple.

Soon they had gotten a room to rest for a while , get fresh ,while the motel guy looked for a mechanic . The bell boy hauled their luggage to the room "Bhayya get me room service menu and where's the remote ...?"

Abhi was shocked , here she went as if she was on a weekend getaway herself, he stared at her irritated and incredulous. Nikki noticed his attitude and tried to explain " Abhi you are going to be out for so long might as well have food right ? " saying this she switched on Ducktales on the TV and plonked down on the sofa comfortably, obviously nicely settled in . " Duck tales .. Ducktales Nikki ' ? " Abhi asked amazed at this intern who was soon gonna be a fully fledged doctor . "Yaa I can't put more crap in my head like medicines and patients... this is a good way to relax" she said without once removing her gaze from the TV. Abhi goes to the washroom to freshen up irked by the girl , he comes back to the smell of food . Nikki was right , he was damn hungry ... He didn't wanna take the risk of acting haughty and miss all that food. He wondered if Nikki will tease him about being hungry and revel in the fact that she was right. He had been so rude with her... Nikki noticed him and called out smiling     " Abhi , food is here, let's eat …" . Wasn't she sweet ?, she had not taken mind of his haughty tone earlier '

." Waise bhe bol bol ke mujhe bhookh lag gaye hai … "

 'Bol bol ke use bhookh lag gaye the 'baton se pet nahi bhara' what a character.' Just when he was thinking she was sweet , she would go out and prove how pesky she can be , better he concentrated on his food rather than her antics. He started eating... and successfully tuned her out , but soon some of her rants reached him ... Nikki was talking about the two of them watching some show together ...When had the world changed so dramatically ? God help me, he sent a silent prayer. God seemed to be listening because just then the manager called and informed them that he had found a mechanic. Abhi gets up and leaves, instructing Nikki to close the door securely from inside.


He got late coming back from repairing his car; he was feeling bad for leaving Nikki alone. As he climbed the stairs he felt fearful and hoped Nikki was alright. As he knocked the door repeatedly, Nikki took some time opening it ,his heart almost stopped in those few moments ... The door opened abruptly and Nikki ran in his arms crying... a scare ran down his spine , he would never forgive himself'.. " Abhi ... " she wailed ,she was trembling with fear , and on an impulse Abhi hugged her more tightly. The hug gave her warmth and security that she had never felt before.  Abhi pulled away a little and asked her " Nikki what happened .. " Abhi I .. I was j..ust surfing channels and the remote stopped working all of sudden.. That bloody channel was showing some horror movie and the light bulb in the room started sparking and then it went out and there was darkness ..." She stammered like a small frightened kid, crashing into him.

What? She was crying for something as silly as this ?  what was he supposed to say to sooth her?  ..he would have gotten angry but all he felt was relief, Nikki was fine!, she was in his arms fine and safe…. In his arms... His brain then perceived the reality. He felt her heartbeats had slowed down to a normal rhythm. He closed his eyes and both stood like that for some time, after a while awkwardness started to take over, he separated from her and looked away ,thinking of something to say " umm .. Let's go for dinner ' " . Nikki  kept looking at him and smilingly descended to the restaurant for food.


Over food Nikki told him about her days in college with Armaan. They had been quiet a pair and had enjoyed themselves thoroughly in college.

Out of the blue Abhi asked her "What kinda guy do you like Nikki '" Unaffected by this question Nikki proceeded to answer " ..someone who is fun, takes life lightly... enjoys every moment ..."

 Just like Armaan, Abhi thought.

" ..Life is as it is very serious Abhi, might as well have fun while you can"

Abhi smiled at her, he always knew that Nikki was a very intelligent and talented person and it was confirmed when the mature woman inside her peeked out. All the fun and games was obviously her way of dealing with the harsh realities of life .

"What kinda girl do you like.. ", her question brought him out of his musing .

 " Umm , me '' Someone who is talented, responsible … knows her duty... "

Oh fo this sadu like girls even sadu than him, even that Shelly was not as boring as his description of girls.

Armaan and Nikki twin devils of course she liked Armaan he was just like her careless, naughty ,devilish... but Nikki always redeemed herself. Agreed she was naughty but she was also responsible about her work and not a delinquent like Armaan... her sweetness, her vulnerability ,her child like heart always redeemed her.


Both were lost in each other's thoughts as they climbed the stairs and reached the room, once they stood at the door awkwardness took over... "Nikki we should take separate rooms'"

" Nahiii.." She spoke promptly.. Then she started fidgeting with her hands," Umm.. Why you wanna take a separate room.. Umm Abhi, the thing is that.. umm, I will feel scared alone." Nikki replied genuinely.. Somehow she didn't feel embarrassed to tell him that she was scared of dark and felt secure and protected when he is with her.. Abhi's heart exhilarated.. It surprised him that he also felt the need to protect her tonight.

 Nikki looked inside the room and noticed that it was not a double bed but a twin set ,She chewed her lips to hide her embarrassment. She knew that now she couldn't make a fuss about it.. Squaring her shoulders, she went ahead and separated the two. Nikki first went to change, she came out wearing a sweet pink t-shirt and white slacks .. Abhi had always thought she looked best in white but in pink'' she looked endearing in pink ... Abhi came out in a red tee and black slacks and Nikki felt she would die of excessive heat in the room . Awkwardness threatened to take over as they stared at each other mesmerized , then Nikki came back to herself and to diffuse the situation she switched on the TV .

Nikki got glued to the TV and even after many minutes she refused to switch it off . Abhi gave up trying to persuade her and decided to go to sleep in that noise . After some time he woke up from a fitful sleep '.. ' oh ho this girl' was she watching some midnight marathon '?' He looked to see her sleeping snuggling the remote. He walked up to her bed to take away the remote and switched the TV off.

"Abhi, you really want a girl as sadu as you .. " She was mumbling in her sleep , Abhi looked at her dazed.. Was she awake?? She stirred in her sleep and Abhi  thought it safe to reply "One may like and want something but what happens with him is beyond his control..."

Yes it was beyond his control then and even now ''''. Again it was holi night and she was beautiful like an angel.

Still in her dream she caught hold of his hand'." What about me Abhi... do you like me..?" Abhi felt a shock go down his spine and felt unsteady on his feet.

Abhi controlled himself ...she was asleep , he didn't have to answer ... Slowly he bent down and brushed her hair away from her face and tucked them behind her ear. Then taking a deep breath he got up and went to his bed and lay down to sleep.


Abhi woke up first and looked around slowly realizing where he was , he looked at Nikki's bed and was lost in staring at her beautiful face , Nikki stirred and woke up , she opened her eyes saw him. Different color passed through her beautiful face.. Shock, surprise, embarrassment, relief.. Then she gave him the widest smile " Abhi lets go to the waterfall nearby and ... "

"What nonsense Nikki I hate such places there nothing there but stupid touts trying to make you sit on a horse and take stupid pics... "

"You are right Abhi we shouldn't go there, we should head for the conference and go and clean up after them", saying this she went to the bathroom and closed the door with a bang.

 She was right the conference was ruined and there was no point in heading back to Bombay either as by the time they reached they wouldn't be up to any productive work.


Abhi came out from the bathroom after a shower and found her sitting on the bed watching cartoons. She laughed at a scene and his heart skipped a beat. She looked so innocent and angelic in her cute nightwear... Somehow he managed to tear away his gaze, still his brain kept following her every movement.. On the other side Nikki felt his presence in the room and looked at him. He was busy in drying his hair with the towel. mesmerized by the sight she got up, then coming to herself she curled her fingers into fists before they reached to touch his hair on their own accord.. Abhi felt her gaze on his face and looked at her, as his eyes bored into hers, he felt something weird inside. Nikki's heart skipped a beat as she saw him advancing towards her, she felt goosebumps forming and waited for his move. He came near her and bent his face very near to hers. Nikki forgot to breath and blinked her eyes. Someone laughed in the cartoon and Abhi startled, he tried to mask the situation by snatching the remote from her grasp and said " Nikkita, get ready fast …. have to go to your silly waterfall ." Nikki snapped out of her daze and to cover her embarrassment , ran to the bathroom to get ready , quickly ……before the sadu changed his mind.



       Abhi and Nikki arrived at the site of the waterfall, Nikki was excited but Abhi was his old sadu self  ..."See Nikki I told you it's just a stupid tourist spot with horses and unhygienic food'" "Abhi, just drive ahead there's a small hillock ahead no tourist goes there. We will climb that hillock , it will be fun." Climbing the hill seemed like an exciting activity, parking the car on the side both started to climb. Halfway both stopped to catch their breath. Nikki smiled at Abhi and told her childhood desire to him , "Abhi … I always wanted to go and sit on top of a beautiful hill, surrounded by the beauty of nature, lost in the calm … " . "Why didn't you ..." Abhi asked looking at her . "Akele nahi", she said looking straight in his eyes and turned and started the journey up, Abhi sat looking after her.


      They were on top of the hill, both were sitting next to each other lost in their thoughts, it was a beautiful, serene place. Some subconscious thought tugged at his brain, trying to caution  him , reminding of his constraints but he was far from thoughts of his life, his work and all that filled his senses was the beauty of this place and this girl. It seemed so right to be with her. He felt relaxed and excited at the same time. As if Nikki knew what he was feeling at that moment, she turned to look at him . Her eyes got hypnotized with his and both were lost in each other's eyes. Unconsciously Abhi's hand rose and he ran his finger over her cheek. She closed her eyes losing herself in his touch. Abhi's eyes roamed over her face and lingered on her lips. As he was about to give in, something inside him made him stop. He took a long breath and removed his finger.  He got up abruptly and spoke sternly, "We should leave now." Nikki kept looking at him dazed…

Going back both were quiet. 'Maybe she should accept the truth that he wasn't interested in her.. If that was the truth then why did his eyes give contrary signals.. God, this man will surely make her go insane.. Is it because I'm just an intern or maybe I'm not bful enough, my height … but no she couldn't degrade herself like that ….  She couldn't belittle herself but she wouldn't let him get away like this, she wouldn't let him go ...


 His life was messed up why drag her into the same trap. She was still a child . And did she not say that she liked people who take life lightly .  No , he wasn't right for her and that was all there was to it.


As Abhi dropped Nikki home that night she asked him " Abhi , why did you choose me to go for this conference' she kept her eyes boldly on his.. But he did not reply, he broke eye contact , looked down and bid her good bye.

Getting something out of him was going to be a tough task.

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mitzification

res for next part
Mitzi, u r a characterLOLLOL
I thought u updatedEmbarrassed

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 07 February 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Big Big thanks to Nammy for really giving me very good suggestions this time. THANKS A LOT
Thanks to PRA too for ur help.
Phew hope u guys like it meri to jaannikal gayi ise likhne main ehhehe

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