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Got my eyes on you : Abhi Nikki FF COMPLETED (Page 3)

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Posted: 19 May 2011 at 6:26am | IP Logged

 Part 4

Next day as Nikki arrived at the hospital , the gang was gathered at the reception busy in animated discussion , they were discussing having dinner together at a restaurant . They got busy in arguing about  the venue and time till they were interrupted by Abhi's supersonic boom " much as I hate to disturb this beautiful gathering of long lost friends ….. " This was enough to scatter the happy bunch, as they ran for their duties.
Party .. dinner together , the whole gang after such a long time …. the thought of the fun they would have was  enough to make Nikki go through her routine without complaining. In the afternoon she was informed that she was needed to work with Dr. Modi in the evening , the thought that she would miss her party brought about a sullen mood …… Can he smell her happiness , that he knows when to destroy it. "Nikki you are coming to the party in the evening right ? " Armaan asked her in the corridor " Armaaan ….", she wailed , " that Modi is asking me work with him in the evening " Nikki you can't miss the dinner….."  " main kya karoon Armaan , I'll try to get the work done fast ………. or better ! I'll pretend to be ill and ask for leave or steal the cord of his computer ……….. I did that once and then there was this chooha and … and then I fell in his arms ……. and ….. and ………..umm…. I'll think of something ok .. gotta go ".
Abhi and Nikki sat working in his cabin , Nikki was restless and he knew the reason behind it , yet she had not protested or complained , she had not even mentioned she had a party to attend . Even if she had , he would never allow such unprofessional behaviour. . But he did admire her. This girl had come a long way from the day she had come in late and neglected her duties to her patient because she had gone to visit Armaan , today she didn't want to go to the party as she wanted to work on the presentation he had been right in choosing her ….. for the project of course ! A faint smile escaped his lips as her uneasiness became more obvious, the clash of emotions in her mind , the young girl in her wanting to be with her friends and the professional in her wanting to be true to her work .
 "Nikki this presentation is not that urgent, you can leave now … for your party….. "  
 She sat staring at him astonished, so he knew about her party and he was allowing her to leave early? Since when had he become so nice ?. And what about the presentation ….
" … and we can work on this presentation tomorrow morning .. say seven ?"
" but ….but what about you? you need to sleep too" , she asked her tone incredulous. She was worried about him having to come early because of the presentation , she was concerned about him ? He couldn't believe it , it had been ages since anyone had shown concern for him. Everyone over here had just hated him for the decisions he had to take. He smiled a sad smile .. " It's ok and  I'm used to it, now let's go I'll drop you.
Nikki couldn't understand the mix of emotions she was feeling , she was happy as she was going to meet her friends but she felt like she was missing something , like there was something that needed to be done … but what?  she couldn't fathom . She looked at Abhi hoping to find an answer there , but he looked ahead and quietly drove on . As they reached the club , she got down and thanked him and again the awkwardness surrounded her … maybe she should do something ,  say something .. but what …. But there was no chance of finding out now , as he drove away acknowledging her thanks with a little nod and a smile. 
The gang was exhilarated to find that she had actually come " but Nikki you said you most likely won't be coming " Atul asked .
 " hey how did you get here .. you didn't even get your car today " Armaan said coming up to her excited. "Dr Modi droped me …"
" Why didn't you called him in  … " Riddhima asked her.
The gang looked at Riddhima shocked and Armaan exclaimed " Riddhima !  you wanted him to come and spoil our mood……"
" Oh cmon guys , he was at my roka and he was just fine , we all had a lot of fun , " Riddhima stuck to her stand on the matter.
The gang had no answer to that and started looking in different directions and started their own discussions. Call Dr Modi to the party , how did Riddhima make it sound so easy ? and even make every one agree ?
Next day Nikki entered the hospital with a spring in her step , she knocked and enterd Abhi's cabin . Abhi sat there with his hands in the hands of Ms Universe , her entry made them look up and Abhi stated " Dr. Nikkita , Shelly is here for a few days to get all paperwork in order ………….."
There was a hidden comradeship here that she could sense, they were comfortable with each other and knew each other from before she was sure, but to what extent ?  and why did it bother her so much ?
Nikki sat with Srijana explaining the project to her, she showed her file showing past Sanjeevni records also the file with quotations for operation machines and other quotations. Srijana was smart, sweet girl , a bit arrogant but looking at her Nikki found reason for her to be :  she was pretty, slim, tall , her clothes were expensive and stylish , Nikki felt uncouth in front of her , she was classy : so much like Modi  they were a perfect match…… this thought somehow didn't please her much. Many times Nikki was tempted to ask her about Abhi but stopped herself , why did she care if they knew each other . As the evening drew to a close Abhi walked in , he took in Nikki  and Shelly working together and his eyes rested on Nikki . " Monty is it time to go .." Monty !, why was she calling Abhi , Monty? " Yes we should leave, now" Abhi said in his smooth deep voice , he was giving Shelly his undivided attention , Nikki kept on staring at Abhi and an unknown feeling played inside her , she felt uncomfortable all of a sudden . Abhi's eyes fell on Nikki " umm we will drop you too Nikki" "Ya Nikki come along "Shelly seconded him. Much as she hated the very thought of being anywhere near this pair she had no option left but to agree and she gave a small nod in reply. As they sat in the car Shelly broke the silence " Where are we going Olive or QBA ". NiKki's eyes opened wide 'how rude of her to plan their outing in front of a third person' , she was feeling left out . These two looked dressed enough , they would just walk into a club and be welcomed with open arms , if she had to go she'd look frumpy in her work clothes , but who was asking her out !
Abhi was woken up early in the morning at 6:30 by the ringing of his cell  "Nikki kya hua is everything all right ? …"   Why did he sound tired ? did they keep partying till late ?
 " umm Dr Modi mujhe poochna tha ke  Diagnostic instruments ki list kaun final karega "
" wha … , kaunse patient ka diagnose ? " Abhi asked still trying to wake up from his slumber .
" diagnose nahi diagnostic equipment ki list ….. uska kya karna hai .."
" oh u mean project main ……….. Nikki what the hell , aaj ke din bhe subha subha .. don't you know aaj Sunday hai and you are calling me so early to …"
"oops sorry Dr Modi , but aaj Sunday hai to maine socha ke I'll work on the project ….. Hello ?  Hello ? … hain phone kaat diya …. I just wanted to finish the project fast …"
 "stupid girl …… she and her silly pranks and here he had been thinking that she had actually matured ….. ridiculous"

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Part 5
Lunching with Shelly , Abhi's eyes fell on Nikki she was busy in animated discussion with her friends , after a while she was still ranting and others listened with forced smiles on their faces , obviously they didn't agree with what she was saying but they were her very good friends and were obviously humouring her … either that or they were afraid of the consequences of what would happen if one of them voiced his opinion on what she was saying. An involuntary smile escaped his lips , she was like a baby , pure , sweet , stubborn and funny , she was the pretties of the gang , it was a wonder she didn't have a boyfriend , somehow it was an uneasy thought Nikki with someone else. This though made him a little sad and his attention waned in the topic of discussion with Shelly.
Nikki 's eyes fell on the couple sitting across her in the cafeteria ,Abhi was rarely ever seen eating in the cafeteria , stalking it yes , eating here no , but here he was for the past half hour chatting away with the beauty. They were evenly matched classy , arrogant , aloof …. no Abhi was not arrogant and .. and …even if he was, he had a right to be , he was a super achiever after all . But this girl….Nikki just didn't like her , she thought wringing her hands.
" Nikki, see Dr. Modi and his girl friend !" Atul said
 "She is his girlfriend ?" , she asked her , eyes big as saucers.
 "You have met her you should know."   
She didn't know but she .. she as hell had to find out.
Later in the day Nikki saw Ridz talking to Shelly, God why was all this happening to her , why had her friends turned against her , first they did not show any enthusiasm when she had told them about her project , they had failed to see any glory in it , then they were hell bent on linking Modi with this .. this … Shelly and now even Ridz  was turning against her .
 " Ridz why were you talking to Shelly ? " she decided to ask her.
 "Huh ? , Talking to her …….but why not , why Nikki is she bossy with you ? " "No she is not…. But…  but she is an outsider and I don't like my friends talking to her " saying this Nikki walked off leaving a confused Riddhima behind.
 There was a small party organised by senior Doctors in Sanjeevni to commensurate the good work done by hospital staff .Nikki walked in looking extremely pretty, she had taken extra pains to look good today. She reached her gang and joined in their usual ruckus. But her mind was not present there and her eyes repeatedly scanned the guests impatiently till they found what they were looking for. He was there looking so good  ,unknowingly she walked towards him and gave him a shy smile.
 " Hi Dr Nikkita how are you "
" ummm fine" she replied hesitantly "
" nice party no ?" Abhi continued.
 "Hum…. Haan.. good, who nahi aaayi ..?" , she could have kicked herself for asking this but she could think of nothing else to say
." Shelly ?, why would she come here , this is a hospital party. " he replied casually.
"Humm" Nikki nodded and gulped.
" Drink? " Abhi asked " let's get some drinks.."
 " ya" she nodded and they moved towards the drinks table. Abhi handed her a drink with a shy smile , she also smiled back.
" Dr Modi you know Ms Srijana from before ? " .
 " Shelly ? , oh yes we are from the same college"
" She is beautiful!" Nikki blurted out before thinking
 " huh .. umm ya she is,  it was such a pain keeping all the love lorn puppies off her "he said laughing.
 He was laughing thinking about her ! She and her big mouth she needed a more neutral topic of discussion fast "You are very enthusiastic about this project .."  
Abhi's eyes lit up on this topic "O yes Nikki if we get this project we will get so much recognistion we will be able to treat more patients , give our patients better care , call in more experts….. " He went on sharing his dreams with her. He was so passionate about this project , suddenly she wanted to learn more about this man , what else was he so passionate about … Shelly ? she thought desperately.
 "Nikki , we are dancing , you need to come here now " Armaan called out to her , breaking her conversation with Abhi . She turned to see Armaan waiting to take her away. Reluctantly she bid a small bye to Abhi and joined Armaan .
" Nikki , I saved you from that sadist. Come let's dance now , the whole gang is waiting for you. "
 Armaan always Armaan she thought with desperation and anger and unenthusiastically joined the gang. Nikki glanced at him through out the party but he was busy with senior doctors never free enough so that she could go and speak to him.
She spent the whole night thinking about him : Dr. Abhimanyu Modi , he had come into sanjeevni as an arrogant man  and managed to anger everyone, stepping on everyones toes. From Doctors to interns  he spared no one  and cut them up with his sharp tone and strict rules. But things had changed, everyone had discovered that he was not that bad, he had made concessions , had forgiven her for her endless pranks. He had been a part of the gang in Panchgani ….. she remembered fondly. There was again a change in him since they had come back from Panchgani  , he was no longer rude but he was so distant. But no ! he had always been distant , he had not specially sought her out so why did she find his behaviour so strange , maybe she had expected more comradeship since those days in medical camp and Panchgani. Those were such fun days in Pachgani … much fighting , now there was no cause for a fight and this left her feeling badly left out the  … exhibition fights made him familiar to her somehow and now….now he was so distant , busy with his project and that Shelly.. his exclusive attention did not belong to her anymore. Yes this was the trouble  .. she missed those fights because she missed the old Abhi…… she missed him ! but why ?
She rushed to the hospital  the next day she had to see Abhi maybe the answer to her restlessness lay there. But the receptionist informed her that Dr. Modii had gone to Pune for three days. She roamed the hospital  lost and dejected , she went about her duties in the hospital but nothing registered. Wasn't the hospital supposed to be a happy place without Abhi ?, so why did it feel so miserable. Why was there no fun in bunking work  , in eating at the cafeteria with her friends in doing her work uninterrupted by his harsh tone. She went to his cabin and stared at his chair, touched his desktop organiser … and went and sat on the sofa … she had caught him sleeping on the sofa she smiled. I miss you Abhi escaped her lips….. involuntarily….. what was she  saying….?  but yes it was true she missed him !
Nikki was sitting having coffee at her house when her phone rang Abhi was calling !  She was surprised , she felt so happy that she had to bite her lip to stop the smile turning into a large grin. Why was she being so silly anyways?
 " umm… hello Abhi .. " Abhi ! slipped her mouth when she had decided to call him Dr. Modi.  She stopped herself from blurting out how are you , when will u come back .
"Nikki  you have to keep some files ready because  we have to meet some people the same evening that I return".
 We ? we matlab?  had Shelly gone with him .. was there something going on between them .
" Tum kahan ho Abhi mujhe tumse kuch poochna tha .. "
" We are in Pune" again that notorious we.. how to ask who all this we included?
 " Monty yeh dekho " she heard through the phone getting a unanticipated answer to her fears . Shelly had gone with him, they had gone together…Abhi and Shelly were together in Pune doing God knows what.   Were they pretending to work and were together or had they gone anyways. Both were mature adults ,what did it matter what they did with their personal lives and if it didn't matter….. why did her heart hurt so much and why were her cheeks damp with tears.

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Hey Mitzi, am simply loving thz FF.. another awesome update. detailed comment later *res*

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Awesome update.. Want more :)  would it be too much to ask for new update already :)

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Fabulous update mitziii great work !!!! Continue soon sweetie...wanna read moreBig smile
Great going girl excited for d next part.Embarrassed

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hey mitzi thats such a good one 
love the ay nikki-is confused abt her feelings and she is falling for abhi.
continue soon dear

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awesome ff
loved it
loved da jealous nikki
cant wait 4 more
con soon
plz add me 2 ur pm list

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