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Drunk! Happy Bday Divzy ArSh OS!

FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
ehhh too late lol ok i know but well ive this speciality you see. well ive written this OS for a very special person, shes just very very very dear to me and seriousley without her i cant even think of being here on IF. ahh shes just like my jaan, the most sweet, the most loving, the most caring being ever. i can travel miles nd miles nd there is going to be no other person like her. divzyyy ur the most special person to me, and i love you so so much, much more than i can tell. love youuu

im extremely late lol i wanted to post it earlier but i had to go somewhere urgently ughh and wase bhi i wanted to wish you in the end. happy happy happy birthday! you're God's most special creation, and i cant thank him enough for making me your friend love you!!!!!!

ok this OS is speciall for you divzyy (kashfull) im so sorry my exams r here i cant even come on PC but i wanted to gift you something so heres somethng from my sideBig smile


He finally gulped down the last shot, his eyes red, matching the colour of blood! He tried to control his senses but failed, he felt dizzy now, but his pain still did not lose itself somewhere in the high amount of alcohol he had consumed up till now.

Sid stood in the corner, angry yet helpless, armaan was very dear to him, he could never think of him suffering like this, already being the reason of his pain he didn't wanted to see him suffer like this anymore. Though Sid had initially thought Armaan would never come out of his shell, he would never love someone again, but when shilpa stepped into his life he had changed. It was not long when sanjeevani once again had witnessed the blossoming love in it. Yes! Though never did they agree both of them had fallen head over heels in love with each other. Everyone could easily see the irrevocable love in armaan's eyes for shilpa. He had changed once again, he was back to his old avatar; the loving prankster full of life armaan malik, and everyone knew it was all due to her, her. Sid frowned thinking why all of a sudden they turned so rude towards each other, he had started believing that armaan loved shilpa, the way he behaved with her, not just him but everyone started to believe that but then what conspired between them that made them so rigid towards each other. He had seen the drastic change in armaan, he was back to his stern, ruthless and rude form. There was something that hurt him really bad again but what had pierced him again remained an unrevealed mystery for Sid, he just couldn't decipher. He could clearly see the pain and hurt in his eyes, and it hurted him even, he just wanted armaan to be happy, he had a very important place in his life. He sighed with frustration as he had tried numerously for the past few hours to stop him from drinking but armaan had been continuously gulping shots and not listening to him.




"Armaan stop acting!." Riddhima held armaan's hadn and dragged him to the locker room.

"What are you talking about Riddhima?" he asked questioningly.

"Ahh plz armaan stop this drama of yours. Who are you fooling? Me! Huh! I know you too well armaan, I know all that you're doing is a drama! You don't love Shilpa nor are you interested in her! You re just pretending that you love her or you're interested in her to show me, or to prove me that you've moved on, you don't love her." She finished


Armaan stared at her shocked and flabbergasted, chosing his words carefully he asked, "What made you think that?" 


"Maybe, your personal diary armaan! I knew you never loved her damnit! This was all a play, to show me, you had never loved shilpa, armaan!" she spoke confidently.


"Look riddhima its not what." He was cut off by her


"Come on armaan tumhe meri kasam, abhi maine jo kuch kaha woh such tha ya nahin."

"Riddhima listen to me!" he tried to explain.

"Yes or no?" her voice grew stern and louder


"Haan its all true, each word you said right now is a big truth but" he never could complete his sentence, as he heard the voice of something breaking, and there at the corner of the door stood a shocked shilpa who mistakenly knocked down a vase.


He looked into her moist, hurt eyes and felt his life draining, no he thought! He could clearly see the shock the pain in her eyes! He felt his world shattering. He was numb, too numb to react, fear took over him and yes his fears came true, when she ran away crying. Ignoring Riddhima's mere presence he ran after her at his full speed calling her. He wanted to stop her tell her that it was not what she had been thinking, to tell her that he loved her, only and only her! That he cant live without her but she did not even give him the chance to!


Flashback ends


He snapped out of that bitter memory as he gulped down one more glass. His heart pained every second, only he knew how much it had hurt him to see her like that, to see those tears running down her cheeks. He had tried, tried so hard to convince her to talk to her, to tell her that what she thought was not true but she never even gave him a chance. But what had hurt him the most was that she was so unlike others, she never shouted on him, told him off, heck she even never accused him! He wanted her to shout over himto hit him, to take her anger off instead she held her ownself responsible for thinking that something like love could ever happen between them. His heart always pierced when he ignored him, did not look into his eyes, he snatched that beautiful smile from her face, he broke her down. Every minute he died to hold her in his arms, but she just never ever listened to him again.


His breathe stopped as his eyes snapped open when he heard her beautiful honey sweet voice, echoing in his ears. He turned to see her entering the part in a very beautiful knee length halter neck royal blue dress. It hugged all her curves perfectly. She was looking extremely beautiful with her jet black thick hair loose, falling down till her knees. Her green deep emerald almond shaped eyes outlined with kohl, light blush applied over her cheeks and a shining gloss over her lips. She looked breathtakingly beautiful, his eyes bored down into her beauty descriptively complementing her they moved from her toe to her head and he couldn't help but feel his heartbeat rising. He loved her god!


She looked around to see him staring at her, her body shook slightly feeling him looking at her so intently; his eyes were deep and intense. She looked away before those thousands of emotions again took over her. God she loved him! No matter how much she hated her fate for whatever happened with her she couldn't help but love him!


She looked at him worried as he kept on drinking, she couldn't see him like this! Should she have given him the chance of explaining himself for once atleast,?" she started to think over her decisions. She approached Sid but he had even lost.  Armaan wasn't listening to anyone, not even riddhima, infact he had just been very rude with her since that day and that what had made shilpa rethink but she new the fatal truth, she had listened it from his own mouth. Not able to stop herself anymore she stepped towards him with a thumping heart.

"Armaan" she stood next to him.

He stopped feeling her so close. He closed his eyes taking in her odour. He slowly turned towards her as his helpless hurt eyes stared into her deep green ones. And she gasped as the moment they came in contact with hers they captured her. Pulling her closer, she could clearly see the love the intensity the depth in them. Her heart twitched, did he really love him? But her brain once again took control over her senses and she looked away, composing herself she spoke, "Armaan please stop drinking"

"Why? Do you care?" he spat still looking in her eyes, seeing her lowering her eyes.

She looked up to only find his intense strong sharp gaze burning her.

"Armaan please stop?" she said in a weak whisper

"Why Shilpa, DO YOU CARE?" he was intent and stern, with a bitterness in his voice.

She sighed and turned around, with tears now forming in her eyes. She walked away. This was it! He just could not hold himself, his frustration his anger back. What does she thinks of herself, he very well knew she loved him, and he loved him. It was it! Why always he had to suffer. She has to answer him now. Did she never see the undying love in his eyes?


She walked towards the other end when he angrily stood, coming towards her he roughly turned her around banging her soft body over his one, he pulled her very close. She gasped seeing his red blood eyes, full of anger and murder. She whispered scared, :Armaan!"  Every one turned towards them seeing armaan really angry.

He held her another arm also, and pushed her body completely into his. his nails dug in her soft skin and his eyes pierced her soul.

"Enough shilpa not today!" he almost shouted this scaring her to her wits. She knew his anger, it was deadly!

"Armaan chhoro you're drunk!" she tried to explain when he moved his hand over her waist and pulled her closer taking her breathes away.

"Look into my eyes, and say you don't love me!" he said sternly making his breathes create a havoc inside her body.

She looked up and could see the immense love, but she was still unsure.

"I don't love you." She stuttered but spoke in a mere whisper. Everyone was just watching. Sid smiled he very well knew that they loved each other, not the real then atleast the drunken armaan would make her confess.


"Hell shilpa, stop lying, you very well knew that you only and only love me! And I love you." Tears floated down his eyes, he just couldn't tolerate being away from her anymore. She looked up in his eyes shocked, did he really love him? For the first time he had confessed! These three words sounded like music to her ears, her heart flooded with over whelming emotions, she just couldn't believe her ears.


Sensing the quietness in her he fused his mouth onto hers very softy. His hand snaked around her waist sensually pulling her closer, jamming her body with his, he kissed her badly, cravingly, madly pouring out his each and every emotion, his love and his longing. She was too numb to react. Her senses stiffened as she felt him kissing her with a killing intensity and his utmost desire. She just couldn't stop herself anymore. He intruded her mouth; kissing her descriptively in detail he explored her soft mouth kissing her hard. He finally broke the kiss to see his effect over her. The mask she had been wearing finally fell down, he could see the love in her eyes, yes she loved him!


"I know I had always acted like a jerk but I never meant to. Yes I had started all of that as a game. I wanted to show riddhima that I have moved on. I had always thought that I will never fall in love again, I had just planned to use you, but how when I don't know but yes I madly fell in love with you! I love you so much shilpa I just cant live without you, you mean the world to me, you're my everything, I love you so much. I had been a fool to not tell you that before, my every breathe takes your name only. Your name is imprinted over my heart. Damit I cant live without you, you are my madness, my life" he spoke with tears trickling down his eyes now.


She wanted to believe him, to trust him, but she was afraid to do so. His confession made her heart flutter with happiness, more love but she was scared, scared of her fate.


"Enough Armaan, enough, who gave you the right to play with my feelings who? I hate you armaan malik, I never loved you I will never love you, you get that. Im not your toy. Do you realize that everyday when you smiled at me and your eyes just shined seeing me how much happy I had felt. Do you realize when you touched, just the touch of your fingers against my skin got me breathless, did you ever realized everyday I waited so eagerly just to just to see you once, did you ever realize that it wasn't a bloody game for me? You are a heartless jerk and I hate you." She cried trying to wriggle out of his hold only to find it getting tighter. He left her waist and cupped her face in his big palms firmly bringing her face closer. She looked into his eyes and found the guilt, the pain there but one feeling that overpowered all was his immense love for her. He tilted his head and sucked her each tear softly kissing her sweet cheeks. she started to loose herself in him, his touch his essence. He moved back and pulling her closer, he joined their foreheads and whispered, "Goddamit shilpa I love you, I don't care about the past which held only pain for me, I want to look forward towards the future and love you, have you by my side. I need you shilpa, youre my life, yes I had been a jerk. A total jerk, I never knew that I would fall so deeply so madly in love with you but I did. Your every smile your every little act just made me live again, smile again, love again, I love you and only you, my love isn't fake, or a drama, and this time if you left me then il kill myself." He wept with her. She looked into his eyes, and yes he was not lying his each and every word was true, his love was true. She smiled and joined their lips together and kissed him whole heartedly and lovingly. He was taken aback at first, but then he he held her face more tightly tilting it he deepened the kiss and kissed her with all the love he had for her. Breaking the kiss she slowly whispered smiling through her tears, "I love you loser, never leave me" "I love you so much shilpa, I cant think of leaving you" he pulled her into a rib crushing hug, hugging her ever so lovingly and possessively, he kissed her hair smiling. She was his, only his!

The whole hall echoed with the huge applauds; it was none other than a sweet fairytale.

He smiled and breaking the hug he asked her cheekily, "So what's the date today?"

"6th May! Why?" she asked

"This day is really special, im never going to forget it!" he smiled and hugged her back

 Embarrassedahhh lol doneee hehe

love Rida

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awesome os..
loved it so much...
thnx 4 d pm.

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Ohhh mannn this is the first time I'm reading anythiong written by u yrrr seriously this OS was breathtaking..The way SA confessed their love was immense and gave me a feeling of aplomb..i loved it tp the coreee yrr..I luvddd this OS like heeelll !Day Dreaming

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Rida!!! girl an os from you, should i expect the part of BTLOO?? :P
and i msged you :s you didnt replied, lol i know you are like me no problem about that :P

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awesome OS dear
luved it
thnx for pm

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just amazing girl
loved it sooo much
thanks 4 da pm

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wowww loved it the OS was just superb

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jus three words...I LOVED IT..

thnx fr d pm...
do write more..


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