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BAVD Written Update-6th May 2011

fuzzyface IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
So Murli supposed 'real family' have made their presence. His 'father', brother and wife are bunch of scam artists.  They shed some crocodile tears while trying to convince Murli, who has forgiven the so called dad but refuse to  acknowledge their status. I admire Murli for being a man with principal, speaks his minds and sticks to it. He  doesn't go around pretending to be something he is not and most of the time honest , which are very admirable  characteristics ( perhaps this is why I watch this show coz the lead is neither her nor thereErmm). So anyways there is  a debate over Bharti's 'hood' (courtesy of RakhieLOL), which most people think should go off. I don't understand why Bharti is wearing a curtain like that, she looks so sweet in salwar ( Juhi is a pretty girl). Now coming back to  the show, Murli's so called real family have only one intention that is money, so they are here to stay for now until they get what they want but Gau is there to put up a tough fight, so let's see what happens today.

Episode starts with Karthik saying he know which button to push in order to get what they want from Murli. Basically playing the mom card. His dad Murari (Cvs shld have come up with a better name kind of confusing with Murli Wacko) is proud the son is better kaminey than him (wow a role model to all children). He goes to say if Murli takes the bait, their lives would be kings. Murari gives Karthik money and advise Ashtami to learn from her husband. Then Karthik tries to manofy his wife (Cringe). Dead

Gau is walking all angry telling Jhumka that she was right about Murli's real family. She mocks about the childhood toy  and tells soon they will win over Murli. Jhumka agrees and Gau said something needs to be done about the new evil gold diggers. She said Bharti and Sudha are devis always in the mandir but she is 'Ramji ki bhanji' so they have to handle the trio if not their work won't be done. She said how to make  the trio will become Kaurav while they would become Pandav ( I think it's a mythology reference about some war , anyone??).Confused

Suddenly Dhumroom arrives calling Jhumkaa so lovingly, LOL then asking about Mahabharata but Gau shrugs there is no such thing. Dhumroon adds that he knows they were talking about something as he heard a little of their conversation. He said mom is calling Gau to the kitchen to make food, so she leaves with Jhumka. Dhumroon sings about his lady love 'Jhumka'.Tongue

Everyone is at the dining table, Murari comes to sit but Murli tells him that his father's seat. Bansi said it's ok and Murari takes another sit.  Bharti tells Kamala to sit as she, Jhumka and Veena will handle everything. Kamala says ok and said she her feet are from the Shivji ka prayers. Bansi offers to bring Murari there next, who agrees. Murli just stares at Murari and doesn't feel like eating. Bharti consoles him and goes to Murari asking why isn't he eating. Murari then praises Bharti and Kamala says Bharti also clever coz she made the Khofta. Murari takes some money and spins it around Bharti but Murli looks displeased (actually like he is going explode Nuke).  Murari gives Bharti shagun, leaving Ashtami jealous. Murli walks off from the dining table.  ( akward moment for everyone at the table).

Murari starts his crocodile drama about Murli is still angry with him and yada yada (yawn). He said he will leave but Bansi stops him  ( I know !!!!). Bansi said Murli has a good heart and will eventually forgive him. Gau and Ashtami have a little food fight on the table ( funny scene LOL!) but Dhumroo thinks both Bhabis are playing a game. Mridang tells Gau to leave it as does Murari to Ashtami but both ladies refuse only to have the dhall pours on Gau. She then gets up and makes a fuss (she calls them jungleeLOL) but Kamala refutes saying she too is responsible. Gau calls Ashtami 'shaitan' ( the pot calling the kettle black LOL) . She further adds that this would happened when you allow these drama people into the house. She throws a fit but Kamala shuts her by saying she and Mridang's have the same Karthik and Ashtami. Kamala warns not to do it again and Murari butts in asking Ashtami to apologise as well. Dhumroon plays the wrestling referee ending the game.

Bharti being the good wife that she is brings food to Murli, who is still sulking like a kid. Bharti tells him why did he leave his food. However Murli goes off saying he doesn't understand because he doesn't want any relation with Murari. So why is Murari is forcing it and his ears are irritated hearing his voice. Murli adds that his  heart is telling him that it's all a lie ( wah kya bhat hai Murli, your intuition is spot onClap). He said Murari's gestures aren't real especially knowing well what kind of a person he is. Bharti full on her mahanata mode goes on about why Murli is making a big deal of the shagun and blessing. She said he is older, so we best give respect to them. Bharti tells him to eat just a little but Murli doesn't want to. Bharti is like ok fine something about not eating too something about Karva Chauth and Murli ask why. Bharti is like if you're not eating how am I to eat because I promised to adhere to the farz, so I will sit like this too. Murli smiles saying that Bharti is angry. She is like this is a wife's duty, so Murli asks her to give him food.  So feeding session begin. Bharti says she will be with him for better or worse, so whatever decision he takes, she will support him. She said they have been given a second chance, so she will be with him, pray and everything will be okay one at a time. (seriously this scene is a must watch coz  it's oddly funny and cute) Embarrassed

Ends. No precap.

The moral of this story is that I realise Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo has and will always be about the Var. I think we made the mistake of thinking it's about a dwarf girl but really it has always been about the Var aka Murli, the title says it all.Tongue  In this serial we have seen son in law fighting with father in law, who ended up saving the var. Usually it's the fight between mom in law and daughter in law, so I guess BAVD is something different because instead of seeing the ever suffering bahu, we get to see the ever suffering Var and his chotasa wife. So cute na.Big smile

Have a great weekend everyone. ( I sound like my boss now, he says this every Friday but he never means it coz we end up doing a lot more work) Confused

Ciao peeps Big smile  BTW I love shhshhshh Shah Rukh khan ROFL

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Rakhie_08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Fuzzy, loved your update.
Murli telling Murari that it's Bhansi's chair was expected.  Bhansi telling Murari it's ok to sit in the chair was expected.  Murari declining the offer was expected.  Murli walking out of the room was expected and WELCOMED! Thumbs Up
Murli go with your instincts, and don't listen to your mahan wife.  You wanna stomp that sucker flat, you go ahead and do it!!Hug
Incidentally, everything Murli said was exactly everything we've been harping on about in the forum for the past week.  I swear the CV's have read our posts. 
Fuzzy, I thought it was a strangely cute scene too.  I hope Bharti keeps to her promise to always support and stand by Murli in all matters.  When it comes to the crunch Bharti, you had better your money where your mouth is.

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Continuing on the discussion about Jhumka's role, I was surprised - when Bharti asked Kamala to sit down for breakfast, she pointed out that she, Veena and Jhumka were on hand to serve everyone.  No mention of Gau.  Even Ashtami, as a bahu, would be more worthy of attending to them than Jhumka.  They showed Gau and Ashtami sitting w/ the rest, including Dhara.

Oh, and Bharti again stepped on Murli's toes today - he's already decided to recognize Murari as chacha, but Bharti calls him Babuji.  Who the Censored does she think she is? Angry Anyway, fortunately, the conversation b/w Murari & Kamala focused on Bharti, not Murli.

I liked Murli embarrassing Murari by pointing out that the seat @ the head of the table was bhauji's - an embarrassed Murari took the next seat, right opposite Murli.  I doubt this toy will make Murli any nicer to him.

When Murari offered Bharti a shagun for feeding him the first time, she was shy and reluctant to accept, but the look on both her jethanis was just priceless LOL Murli of course seemed to hate every bit of it.  He finally got up and left, and all the cretins in that room (except his 'sawge' relatives) seemed to wonder why.

The highlight of the episode was the Gau vs Ashtami tug of war over the dish @ the dining table, in front of everybody.  Normally, w/ 2 normal women, it would be an 'after-you' livelock, but here, it was just funny to see them tugging over the same dish from opposite ends.  Everybody else looked like RCB spectators LOL Somebody should pre-arrange the seating arrangements in future so that Murli is nowhere near Murari, Gau is not opposite Ashtami, and so on.  And I'm glad that Gau was the one who got messed up as a result of Ashtami letting go ROFL - I count that as an Ashtami victory!!!  In fact, when these 2 were having their fight, I was cheering on Ashtami, like RCB fans tonight cheered Chris Gayle.  I liked Dumroo egging them on, in contrast to Murari and Mridang trying to contain them. LOL   I particularly loved how Ashtami had absolutely no reaction to Gau's insults - that was tooo good!!! Clap Too bad Murli wasn't there to watch this contest.

But while I'm not happy about these 3 being welcomed, I did like Kamala telling Gau that Ashtik have the same status in this house as Mridala, and warning her against future offenses.  I just hope that Ashtik provoke her into future offenses, so that Gau gets more earfuls not only from Kamala, but also from Mridang.  I wish Gau too was forced to apologize - it's not like Ashtami was the sole offender here.  Hope to see more of Ashtami vs Gau contests, and hope the fake matarani manages to spear Ramji ki bhanji everytime.

Why does Murli simply sit @ the end of his bed, staring @ nothing?  He should now get himslf an I-Phone or I-Pod Touch, and play games or chat online when he's in a sullen mood - at least, he can pretend to be busy.  It's unhealthy for him to brood over rishtas - that just ain't a guy thing.

Bharti pissed me off again - when Murli referred to his father willing to drown him, she has the gall to describe it as a 'choti-se-baat'.  Bharti, the only choti one in this room is you, and I'm not referring to your height!!!  If she wanted to forgive someone for a wrong done to herself, fine, but how dare she  use those words to describe the contemplated murder of someone else, and then ask that person to ignore it?  To all the Bharti fans in this forum - I say, 'Bharti SUCKS!!!' AngryAngryAngry  Had I been in Murli's place, I'd have slapped her right there, knocked that tray on the floor and kicked her out of the room, and then gone to Dhara and given her a earful for not teaching her daugher how to respect her hubby's recognized relationships, and demanded to know how dare Bharti call Murari Babaji.

With all that in mind, sorry, but the last scene did nothing for me.  When Murli laughed @ her statement that she wouldn't eat if he wouldn't, that was my reaction as well - Bharti, you're such a LOSER!!!

I agree w/ Fuzzy - the serial is more about the varr, and less about Bharti.  As Vik once noted during the Mupesh saga, this is more a sasur-damaat than a saas bahu show, and since the sasur is dead, it's now a baap-beta show.  Having fought Bharti's baba in the past, it's now Murli's turn to fight his own LOL

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bavdfan Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
I'm so glad about what happened in this episode, it's like the writers heard my previous complains !

Thanks for the update fuzzy face.
Every scenes was funny, especially the one between Murli and Bharti.

The fact that Gaushala, Mirdang, (Jumka) but also Murli and his wife are thinking in a bad way of the new characters is the right thing to do.
Kamla and Bansi are just so naive, it makes me angry.

About the daal scene, I was shocked how Kamla was bashing Gau.  Ashatami attitude was so impolite! one can't act like that in someone else house!

no much more to say, every scene was perfect and worth watching to me.

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samirah23 Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
Really not concerned about anything but the end ... first Bharti agreeing to do as Murli wishes to make him happy and then they feed each other ...
I think Bharti is just doing what most Bahus do which is try to keep the peace between everyone and make her husband forget his anger.  As Murli gets angry very easy, I can see why Bharti isn't taking his intuition seriously.  But, I think she needs to be on his side now and just do what he wants ...

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Rakhie_08 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by samirah23

I think Bharti is just doing what most Bahus do which is try to keep the peace between everyone and make her husband forget his anger.  As Murli gets angry very easy, I can see why Bharti isn't taking his intuition seriously.  But, I think she needs to be on his side now and just do what he wants ...
Keeping the peace is one thing, telling your husband to forget that his biological father had tried to kill him as a baby is quite another!Angry
That's not about keeping the peace.  That's being an absolute and utter moron.  She wants to keep the peace?  OK, go and tell Bansi he was rash in asking Murari to stay and to withdraw his offer of playing happy families.  Tell Karthik to keep his supposed childhood memories of growing up an only child to himselfAngry.  Make sure everyone keeps away from Murli and gives him his space, including herself.  Tell Murli that if he wants to set the world alight because of his pain and anger, she'll gladly provide the matches and lighter fuel for him!
Not having a go at you Samirah, just annoyed at this track and in particular Bharti. 
Vrish, I noticed the whole babuji thing too, and like you I wanted to smack Bharti across the mouth.  If Murli has refused to call him anything other than just chacha, then why the hell she felt the need to call him babuji is beyond me.  She is only related to Murari by virtue of the fact that she is Murli's wife, thus she ought to be calling him whatever Murli calls him.
Unlike yourself, I did however like the end.  Not because of it was anything great in itself, but because of Murli's reaction to Bharti.  When I saw her trying to pull the whole 'naraz biwi' on him, I did think to myself 'are you having a laugh?', and then started laughing myself.  Murli's reaction to it was even funnier, because he seemed to be thinking the same thing as me LOLLOLLOL

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cheznazi Groupbie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 4:38pm | IP Logged

That Reshmi is GORGEOUS!

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hashbrown Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 6:41pm | IP Logged

the scene at the table was a wild one... specially when someone has only been a guest of few hours...

i liked the last scene. there were good facial expressions by murli and bharti and they both looked good when they smiled.

i really hope bharti stops calling that evil guy her babuji, since she is resolute to follow murli in every single matter.

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