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Angie's thoughts - 6/5/11 (Page 2)

devina22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
agree whole heartedly with precap summation i have been saying this right from the start rads should leave pb asap when eveything gets backhow to normal in pb (maybe collage)and let dev  chase dare he hold an innocent girl like rads resposible for all that is happening to his stupid family.the poor girl is all alone even that mansram behaves as he is doing everything right cant he see that rads is always sad and brooding(pig face mansaram)sorry dont like his behavior
and this time hope the writers punish the evil guys not like giving amma a slap on the wrist.-and thats it.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ChinadollTwo

Ooh ooh WHY6 .. You did it and have now become why6 instead of why3. Why didn't you pick CMs lucky #12 instead? Big smile
just kidding   Wink
CD, couldn't pick up 12.  See these are for Kyon, Kanha, kyon kyon from CB1 and CB2.  Plus 6 is the magical number too in CB2 where they had six pheras.
I would love to hear from Musti... I know she will have a field day. I was ROFL at retard baby Rohan.
I am waiting for Misti too.  She would love baby bhasmasur.

Why6 I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. You do write great comments Clap Clap Clap

Padma is repeating the cycle of abuse.. Now, she will be taunting Radhika by calling her manhoos and making her life a living hell, alongwith bholo bhalla, viraat, Dev and finally kabutarni...and...big baby Rohan! 
Yes, Padma is putting the blame of her own behavior on Radhika and treating her worse than what Maheswari has ever done to her.  So she is a bully too.  Blame a helpless girl.  Never mind that girl could have died.  Afterall, her son was the one who was taken out first.  If the situation was reversed, would she be blaming her son.  No she would be asking him to move on and marry someone else.  I am sure once Rohan is cured and is after Radhika again, she would want Radhika to be with him.

Dev promised Radhika that life after marriage to Rohan would
be filled happiness. Yeah.. we shall see how happy the Purohit family will make her... She will be diaper changing baby ROFL with papa Dev's drill-sargeant attitude..his verbal abuse with digs from bolo-bhalla, viraat and insane Padma. That household will be a certifed Paagal Khaana.
They have brought down Dev completely and the audience are getting repelled by his character.  Not a good thing if you want to attract TRPs.  He has to be shown paying dearly for his mistakes and atoning if he is to be redeemed.  Right now,  he is destructive for Radhika and totally unworthy of her just as Rohan is.  Radhika needs to be away from these Purohit sons.

That will be the day when CM sever ties with amma   [:D/]   As for Radhika, she needs to back off from Dev.. This grovelling is turning me off. I'm also tired of Dev's dialogue and constant yelling and frowning. Nobody seems to notice them staring/glaring at each other. I guess that baby R will be the one to point that out to everybody...
Well, Amma's role is reduced drastically.  Lets see how they show her next week.  Yeah, Radhika needs to back off.  But crazy chunnu munnu think that she has to be this way because of their title as according to "sawre ki rang rachi" implies taking all sort of abuse from your lover.

Definately want to see Dev jealous of some HANDSOME and Influential guy paying attention to Radhika.
That is the only track that would make me happy at this time.  Since Rohan is a baby now,  if Dev sees a goodlooking rich educated guy coming in as Radhika's friend and supporting her emotionally, it would be great.  Maheswari would allow Radhika to meet with him as she is the favorite DIL and Dev can fume in anger and jealousy.

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Neerjaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
 Nice surprise , liked your take on today,s episode have given logical points ...Liked your comments about Radha Krishna...If you love some body it does not mean you loose your dignity or self respect ...By making Radhika desperate , bringing her down ...First was Dev , now Radhika ...Need some balance now . Its enough now for Radhika to go on repeating the same dialogues to Dev ...Dev knows she is not married to Rohan ...Radhika should keep her distance from Dev now , when i am writing this distance thing , just came to mind later part of the CB1 i wanted her to keep her distance and stop following him .She is living in the same house ...Give him space also to think what  he is doing to her ...Let him come out if his insecurities , and obligations and regretting about his behavior to Radhika  ...Gradualy build trust , then friendship ,and then let them feel divine connection between them , specially from Dev, side...He knows about Radhika,s unconditional love for him  .Agree with your second point about Dada ji ,,, Why he is not shown thinking about Radhika , whom she knew was Dev,s DG ...questioning in his mind how come she got married to Rohan ...Yes Dadaji eyes were expressive today , right about instead of Maheshwari,s repeated dialogues , it would have been Dada ji ,s thoughts ..Let Dada ji and Radhika bonding become strong ...Let Radhika take her stand when injustice is done to her , not always crying to Kanha , fight her battles herself as she is doing till now ...Yes when every thing rightly come to its place then , Rohan , Dada ji etc then should move out of the house telling the truth of her marriage ...The time she stayed in RP house will bring both of them near ...!0 year old boy  not kid now ,can be quite smart ...Is he 10 year oid is , because he will talk about the Radha Ashtami in Rawal  and all about that time they spent in Rawal ...May be some thing click  about Dadaji,s accident ...No doubt about missing Misti,s Funny comments ...But Angie You have done excellent job with your views on the current running scenario ...Hope Creatives should read the comment

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rajsri Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Nice thoughts Angie ... enjoyed reading them 

First of all, baby bhimsur was funny LOL  liked his badi ma comment ... but agree with you that he was behaving more like a 5 year old  ...  they took him back to when he was 10 possibly bcos he is going to remind dev of that time in his life before dadaji fell and everything changed for him

As far as Dev is concerned, i think he has come full circle today ... it appears as if he hates rads and does not even want rads to stay married to rohan ... thinks she is a liar and caused rohan to almost die ... dont know why he blames her for rohan's accident Confused-  does he think she caused the fire ... but it appears as if she is waiting for rohan to come back and tell him how the fire started 

Rads is quite desperate bcos she has been clinging to this belief for 12 years.  She has basically thrown caution to the winds and convinced herself that what she is doing is the right thing ... she thinks that convincing him will be easy if a few things fall in place ... but does not know what she is up against

Clearly shows that they barely know each other or where the other person is coming from  ... they were both briefly in love with the image of  what the other person meant.   They have a long way to go

Creatives ... this track can be good with good lessons for both rads and dev if dealt with properly ... make it humorous and having precaps with a madcap padma yelling at rads is not going to make people want to come back 

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ChinadollTwo Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Why6 - I think dadaji is smirking at Kaburtani's taunts because he knows that Radhika is the chosen Choti Bahu by Kahna. CM needs to let us read Dadaji's thoughts...his all-knowing eyes recognized Radhika as Dev's DG .. I'm sure and he knows that something is not right about her being Rohan's wife. Radhika herself might confide in him when they become close, cos the guilt and Dev's behaviour towards her will leave her with no choice. Instead of Kahna, her new friend will be Dadaji... or the twist will be that she will tell baby R about KK & her childhood wedding, their incomplete pheres and baby R will babble/goo goo gaga to the family or boloo bhalla, who will understand baby talk    ROFL ROFL ROFL

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh at today's episode and the emergence of baby R. He forgot his soul-mate brother, poetic punishment for Dev... Whatever happened to Radhika's bruises?Kahna cured her instantly? I meant to point out that Dev the Hero came out of the fire without any burns, soot on face, hands and clothes...Lucky Dev!
misti73 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 5:07pm | IP Logged

Thanks Angie.

Today was Baby Bhasmasur birthday! Happy Birthday to Baby Bhasmasur and look naughty naughty baby what did he do...he did not recognise Papa fruitcake...awww...Baby Bhasmasur what did you do? Pappa Fruitcake's spiritual connection with you...what happened to that...Anyway Angie you were right that he does look like a 3-4 year old and not a 11 year can I have my dream of baby bhasmasur in diapers with a soother in his mouth...wonder will he ask his new foster mom Mommy Phuljhari to change his diapers...Kabutarni should say this "Phuljhari as your duty you have to look after your child husband and that involves giving him baths" front of Papa fruitcake. Wonder what he will do after he hears this...I mean Mommy Phuljhari and Baby Bhasmaurs unique relationship.

Comment-I actually liked Rohan forgetting Dev...poetic justice. Dev was very arrogant in his thought that Rohan is the most important person in his life and that person has now forgotten him. He took away the most important person from Radhikas life and the same thing has now happened to him...They are also turning the clock back here to maybe give the adult Dev chance to view things differently... But could not understand that after everyone realised that Rohan did not recognise Dev and the doctor told them that he has gone back to his childhood (don't know how doctor came to know the exact age), why were the others shocked that he did not recognise Radhika? Was the adult Radhika there in his childhood? The precap was the funniest scene of the episode...the scene is in a hospital room with a serious patient on the bed...and a banshee screeching at the top of her lung capacity and the doctor was just standing there patting the patients head...Never seen a hospital like this that everyone can come and start screeching whenever they want to...and the doctor standing there. 

The editing at the start of the episode was horrible...there was no continuity between the end of yesterday's episode and the beginning of todays. Radhikas grovelling is within her character...her 12 year old marriage is the only truth in her life and she is clinging in to it...her only goal in her life is attaining this KK and she is not thinking of anything else...The dharm she keeps on talking about is patnidharma (or he version of patnidharma)and not dharma, but the creative have again messed up their message due to poor dialogues...Wonder what else is she ready to do to get KK as her husband...As for Dev he is projecting whatever treatment he has got from this family onto Radhika...what is he feeling so guilty about? He is taking it out on one way the abused as become the abuser in times of stress. That's what also happens in real life...if a person has been abused in the past in stressful circumstances he or she will take it out on the person whom they actually consider their own...its a very vicious and destructive circle the people usually fall in. As for the depiction of Dev in this way...all for TRPs...majority of the top shows have weak male leads...majority of the male leads do treat their wives, the female leads very fact Angie CB2 is similar to their 9.00pm show in many ways. It has worked in the other shows but I do not know how much is it going to work here...Dev's main competitor is not another  lead in any other show but Dev in CB1...So I do not know how much the TRP generating audience will take to Devs almost abusive behaviour towards Radhika. As for dadajis and badi bahus talk...I am bored of the same dialogues from badi bahu...By the way the story has changed again...until few days back they showed her wanting to transfer everything to her name and today it was her son's name. As for dadajis his smirking has no effect on me because I don't know what he is thinking...but since they will not show it so I don't care whether he smirks or does not smirk...Angie you be right that the doors of the temple will soon be opened and that scene in Parinita was the most stupidest scene I have ever seen.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 7:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sia_lovely

Nice Commentary Angie!  Clap

Thanks, Sia.

Hehe...the names are ROFL fruitcake...Dev?? that too obnoxious fruitcake?? ROFL Holika and Baby Bhasmasur!! Hehe!!
Well credit also goes to Misti for this.  She was quoting Gita's famous sholak to show discrepancy between Gita's teaching and Radhika's behavior.  Since the sholak talks about not getting obsessed about the phal, hence the translation fruit and it became fruitcake.  Holika (sister of Hirayanakasyap) was inspired because Hiranyakashap banned Vishnu puja in his kingdom and Holika was his sister.  Since Padma and Maheswari are SILs, hence that one.  Baby is Misti's imagination of bhasmasur Rohan.  

God!! Dev was unbearable today!!! Felt like smacking and punching him right away on seeing his conversation with Rads!! He literally smirked at her faith...screamed at her!! Somehow till now his actions were justified because of his anger, his guilt...but this was completely weird!! For a moment i wondered did someone else's spirit enter his body?? 

Yes, they are really making him unnecessarily intolerable and I can not understand why.  Misti's abuse theory is the only one that makes sense.  But then there is no learning for such characters.  Suddenly, he will be improved in one episode, may or may not apologize to Radhika for all the unjust behavior,  and Radhika will just call him "mahaan" for doing his duty.  The question is that doing one's obligation doesn't make one behave like this.  At this point, Viraath is more tolerable than him.

Why did he smirk at her? What makes him do so? You are right...why does he suddenly only care about Rohan and not Rads? After the fire incident in hospital, he was the only one who noticed Rads' wounds, which showed that he cared for a lot. (This is keeping aside the fact that he hesitated to bring Rads out and instead preferred to bring his "SoulMate" Rohan out first!) But now it seems like all that Care and Love has vanished! How can it be? Getting angry is not abnormal...and we get furious at our loved ones...but Is his anger so blind that he forgot everything in that? Why didnt he think once that Rads could be in Rohan's position at this moment! The fire was an accident...and Radhika didnt lit the temple on Fire...then why is he blaming Rads for everything?? Gosh...Angry Angry 

That is what is bugging me.  Ok Padma blaming Radhika can still be understandable as she is a weak character who can not see her faults and is blind towards her son's faults too.  She is a bad mother who allowed somebody else to spoil her son's life.  But Dev not even thinking that Rohan's actions could have killed Radhika.  Did Radhika set fire?  What is Radhika's fault if she told the truth.  Who is he to ask her to lie.  Today they showed him being righteous about not telling the truth.  Well, didn't he lie outrightly when he was asked if there was something between him and Radhika or if Radhika wrote that letter.  Isn't he angry at Radhika because he told her to hide the truth and she didn't?  So pot calling kettle black.  I just want them to give dialogues to Radhika where she can question him calmly about his own hypocracy.

As for Rads, i dont understand why she is being so quiet? I mean now she can easily say that she didnt tell him... that she didnt tell Rohan the entire truth...before she could do so Rohan lit the temple! Dead But no...she is waiting for Rohan to be normal. Hmm. Does she have an option, Dev wont listen to her! 
Well, what is use for Radhika to try to talk to Dev?  He never lets her finish her sentences and accuse her endlessly.  He will only believe if Rohan tells something.  That's why he deserves to lose her and really feel desperate about it.  He needs to see that she moved on with her life and is indifferent to him.  Her indifference to him would be the just punishment for him.  Now it should not be easy for him to get her.  

BB...why does she keep repeating that she would inherit the property? Either it is a monologue or with Dadajee...thats almost like monologue only! 
I am so bored of these dialogues.  We have heard it now for two months.  Can they show something different here?

What is bothering me is Dadajee. He has seen the girl whom Dev said to be his GF...and he must have recognized her when she came to touch his feet as Rohan's bride...didnt he feel anything fishy? They should show his confusion regarding why Dev lied about his GF being Rohan's fiance? He should wonder as to why did Dev give such sacrifices!! Rather he is smiling...? Why? Fine. he is mocking BB because of her foolishness in thinking herself to be smart!! LOL
They are again keeping unneccessary mystery.  There are no good characters in this show except for Radhika who is all alone.  A show needs a mixture of good and bad.  That's why people haven't fallen for CB2.  If there were Amma and Devki in CB1,  there was Dadi and Shastriji too.  Here there is no balance.  So if they show some thoughts of Dadaji, at least audience would feel some connection.  Right now there is no connection of audience with anybody other than Dev and Radhiak.
And now Rohan! Hehehehe...he was cho cute!! LOL Loved Saurabh's acting...he did look like a kid!! Clap But as u said, he didnt look like 11 year old kid...rather looked 3 year old!! If he is transported back to 12 yrs, then it must resemble the time prior the leap. prior the leap, Kid Rohan didnt behave like this...then why he is behaving so? And then...the magic number appears...12 years ROFL Sab 12 number ka moh maaya hai...everything is trapped in the number 12 here!! Okay so the doc knows automatically that Rohan's mental memory is 12 yrs... LOL doc+ psychologist (that too so precise in telling the time, year!!)LOL 
I know.  Now wondering if Rohan would be cured in 12 days.  Suddenly he would see fire and come back to his senses.  What is this obsession with the number 12.  I would like him and Radhika to play together and Dev can watch jealously from the distance.  
Padma...sigh. Cant say anything. She is under the shock and behaving so...but its still unjustified!! Angry

Padma is unbearable and needs to pay for her mistakes.  The punishment would be for her son to ignore her and go to Phuljhari as a 11 year old kid.
Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zam123

Why6  very well said. I like your style of thoughts as well as Misti.

Zam, thanks.

I am so unhappy with Dev's behaviour in todays episode. I also hope they do not show Radhika so desperate all the time.
I think audience is not liking this at all.  If this is what the loyal audience feel, what about the new audience or those tentative audience who liked CB1 but don't find CB2 equally charming.  IF they keep on making Dev so unlikeable, their track may stretch for another month but they will lose their existing audience.  They can show him stubborn like Radhika of CB1, but make him human at least.

There is another serial on SP which is not interesting.  There the male character has ambiguous feelings towards the female character but he also loves her.  Yet hates her too for thinking she has done something unforgiveable.  But they have portrayed the relationship very well where the tenderness comes at the right moments.  Also he is nasty to her and hurts her deeply in front of others but then goes back to his room or space and feels guilty/hurt about treating her like this.  If they had only shown this with Dev.  IF he really loved Radhika, he has to feel bad about his behavior at some point.  He can be shown regretting it in his room and yet justifying it by saying that he feels that she let him down or something.  Show at least something to justify the spiritual love.  Are we supposed to feel that this relationship has become spirtual when Dev comes back to his senses.  No, the audience would remember all the hateful words he said to Radhika without any remorse.
I feel chunnu munnu going back 12 year is to make Dev remember the happy time spent with Radhika and with his Dadaji. Also it will make Dev jealous of Rohen spending happy times playing with Rahika.
I do want to see Rohan monopolizing Radhika's time and she leaves him to spend time with Rohan.  Dev should be very jealous to see this man-kid and woman relationship.  Probably, that is the goal of chunnu munnu to make Dev remember about the past.  But does Rohan need to be 11 for him to do so.  Can't he remember it on his own.  

I also want Dev badly punished for is rude and bad behave towards Radhika. I know that Radhika will forgive him in an instant but I want chunnu munnu to punish him.
Yes, I don't want Radhika to forgive him.  Right now she wants to prove herself.  But once she proves herself, she leaves the house.  Dev should go crazy  for her and has to be shown bitterly regretting his behavior that drove her to leave the house.

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