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Chhoti Bahu - Sawar Ke Rang Rachi

Angie's thoughts - 6/5/11

Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
Ok, friends I am here substituting for Misti.  Since I can't imitate her humorous style, I will do it my way.  Misti will join later on.

Misti:  Your commentary is needed today.  So please don't skip it.

So, today I will start with the main themes.

1.  Obnoxious Fruitcake (Dev) and Desperate Phuljhari (Radhika)

Fruitcake is walking 10 feet away from Phuljhari because he is afraid that she is contagious and her faith can rub on him.  So,  he is walking with her to show her the spot where she can install Kanha (next week's episodes where fruitcake would be looking at Phuljhari covertly while she walks around looking beautiful).  Please give us those moments to make up for looking at grumpy fruitcake.

Point:  Why are chunnu munnu so bent on making Dev obnoxious.  Is it because they ended CB1 on 3+ TRPs and decided that people liked to see Dev being nasty and unapologetic and Radhika running after him and pleading with him to accept her.  So they decided that this is the way they can gain these short-term TRPs.  Never mind that people stuck with CB1 because they had fallen in love with those characters and wanted to see whether Dev would be shown apologizing for his behavior towards Radhika and Amma would get her punishment.  

Why are they making Radhika so desperate?  They are showing Dev mocking Radhika and her belief and then putting conditions that he would accept her if she cures Rohan completely, make sure his family is happy and he (Dev) starts believing in childhood marriage completely?  Ok, so Rohan gets cured and his family is happy when Dadaji is cured too.  In that case, the will is read and it is found that Dev is RP but needed to be married by 23 and hence a wife is needed.  Then he will start believing that Kanha made that marriage happen because otherwise the wealth would go to charity.  In that case, all his 3 conditions to Radhika are fulfilled and he will accept her as if he is doing her the favor.  What crap.  He will accept Radhika because again it suits his family.  

Chunnu munnu,  real Radha was very proud.  She let Kanha go when she realized that he has to go to Mathura to fulfil his destiny and eventually become a King.  She did not plead with him to take her with him and nor did she plead with him to marry her.  You have already destroyed Dev's character and now you are bringing down Radhika too with this pleading.

The tracks would still continue if Radhika does her work with dedication (take care of Rohan, Dadaji and do her puja) but does not approach Dev.  She has already stated her position and desire to Dev.  What is the use of these repetitive dialogues where Dev only across as extremely selfish and cruel?  They are in the same house now and so will be interacting.  Let Radhika live there with dignity and not be shown approaching Dev unnecessarily.  Show him starting to question himself and his cruel behavior.  Change him while keeping Radhika constant.  The scenes between them won't look forced and audience would be able to tolerate Dev.

Instead of showing repetitive dialogues between Dev and RAdhika,, can you not show quiet reflection on Dev's part where he blames himself and feels guilty for forcing Radhika to marry Rohan despite her vehement denial.  Can you not show him feeling guilty that it was Rohan who started the fire with his rage and could have killed Radhika?  Why this unconcern for Radhika's safety?  This is not spiritual love.  Yes, people in spiritual love can get angry with their partner and even behave badly towards them.  Dev is doing that.  Then why not give the same opportunity to Radhika.  She is also human.  Show her feeling hurt that Dev is behaving like that with her.  Show her feeling anger at his selfishness and show her answering him back.  She doesn't have to shout at him but can question his behavior.

2. Dadaji, Kabutarni (Maheswari) and their conversation

I like Dadaji as he has expressive eyes that show anger, taunts, amusement and tenderness.  But I am getting tired of Kabutarni's dialogues where she is repeating the same words.  Can't you show Dadaji's thoughts instead?  I know you are trying to create mystery whether Dev is RP or not.  But at least show Dadaji thinking about Radhika and wondering if she is the one that is sent by Kanha to make things right.  Afterall, he has seen her daring.  He knows that she loves Dev and vice versa and yet got married to Rohan against her will.  But she is entering the house without any emotion despite Padma's disapproval.  What is her motive for doing so?  Can't he be showing wondering about that?

But one thing.  They haven't shown too much interaction between Radhika and Dadaji.  But there seem to be some chemistry between them when she was shown asking for blessings.  So show their interaction and it would be a relief from Kabutarni and Dadaji's repetitious scenes.  Actually since Daima is useless these days, why not let her go to some yatra and Phuljhari can navigate Dadaji around.  I prefer to watch those scenes than between growling, obnoxious Dev and desperate Phuljari as well as between Kabutarni and Dadaji.

3.  The closed doors of the temple

Why am I getting the feeling that in a month or so,  Radhika will be bringing a hammer and breaking that lock (reminds me of that ridiculous scene from Parineeta where Saif was shown breaking the wall between Shekar's house and Lolita's house).  She will be doing it with Kabutarni acting as Saif's father with Padma shouting at the back (CB, do it .  Do it CB).  See Rohan would be cured by that time and maybe Dadaji may be moving his hands and feets etc.  Still would be mute as otherwise he would expose Maheswari.  In any case,  Rohan would be again wanting Radhika.  So Padma would be now in her corner and would also get cured of her tantrums (so filling two of Dev's conditons).  That's why this scene from Parineeta can be copied exactly.  I don't want Phuljhari to wait for Dev's 3rd condtion to be fulfilled.  Leave Phuljhari before that happens.  He needs to pay for his actions.

4.  Hospital Scene

Why do they make hospital scenes so comic?  First of all everyone is looking at sleeping Rohan.  Then when doctor annouces that Rohan is about to be awake,  everyone leans forward in sync.  The doctor announces as soon as Rohan starts behaving like a kid that he has gone back 12 years (what is it with this magic number).  How does he know that Rohan has gone back exactly 12 years ago.  Why not 10?  Why not 14?  Just by his dialogues, the doctor knows this.  Ok...whatever...

5.  Baby bhasmasur (11-year Rohan) is born

Have to say baby bhasmasur is amusing and would be probably avenging Phuljhari's insults by passing funny but truthful comments.  He would be making Holika (Padma here.  Misti you change the name later on) jealous when he would insist that his foster Mama Phuljhari feed him instead of Holika.  Holika is now in full tantrum form and would be abusing Mama Phuljhari with silent spectator fruitcake frowing at Phuljhari.  So want baby bhasmasur to put his hand on Holika to make her silent.

But a question on this too.  Did find Saurav amusing but which 11 year old behave this this?  My five year old nephew acts more mature than this.  11 years are almost like teenagers where they mouth ultra smart dialogues and are not scared of needles.

He seems more like a 4 year old to me with his facial expressions and dialogues.  Chunnu munnu, why make him a 10 year old?  Couldn't you make him a 2 year old or something like that.  
By the way,  Misti you were right.  Fruitcake did act like Papa fruitcake today.  Phuljhari is not yet Mama Phuljari but she would be become one next week.  I have a feeling that you were right about your hunch that baby bhasmasur may be on right path once Phuljhari takes him under her care.  But regardless of his mental age,  baby bhasmasur sounds promising in otherwise dull show.

Papa Fruitcake was good too when he was trying to assure baby bhasmasur by saying that please get the injection and Papa would make it right for you.  Mama Phuljhari was looking horrified though at the thought of taking care of this baby.  Well in Misti's words, bhugto...who asked you to promise this to fruitcake...

Finally,  the precap

Holika is now in full form and the word "Manhoos" has been replaced by "Kali parchayi (black shadow) for Radhika.  Anyway,  Phuljhari will be able to handle that.  But once this is over and that implies curing of Baby Bhasmasur and Dadaji,  I want Phuljhari to reject fruitcake publicly and leave this house.  Let fruitcake learn to regret his actions, become desperate in love and chase Phuljhari by falling at her feet and asking for forgiveness.  Then I want an handsome mature guy (not Rohan) to come and beat up fruitcake.  Phuljari should flirt with the handsome guy.  They can easily show it as this time Phuljhari went to Gurukul and college.  They can show that a handsome guy who used to be childhood friend of Phuljhari and was her classmate at Gurukul is back and is interested in her.

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Tilashini IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
ok thanks alot...LOL

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shivamala IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
 I like your analysis of the story. I would like see if childhood friend of Rad is interested in her and want to go out with her and Dev's reaction. This will make a very good episode.

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ChinadollTwo Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Ooh ooh WHY6 .. You did it and have now become why6 instead of why3. Why didn't you pick CMs lucky #12 instead? Big smile
just kidding   Wink

I would love to hear from Musti... I know she will have a field day. I was ROFL at retard baby Rohan.

Why6 I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. You do write great comments Clap Clap Clap

Padma is repeating the cycle of abuse.. Now, she will be taunting Radhika by calling her manhoos and making her life a living hell, alongwith bholo bhalla, viraat, Dev and finally kabutarni...and...big baby Rohan!

Dev promised Radhika that life after marriage to Rohan would
be filled happiness. Yeah.. we shall see how happy the Purohit family will make her... She will be diaper changing baby ROFL with papa Dev's drill-sargeant attitude..his verbal abuse with digs from bolo-bhalla, viraat and insane Padma. That household will be a certifed Paagal Khaana.

That will be the day when CM sever ties with amma   [:D/]   As for Radhika, she needs to back off from Dev.. This grovelling is turning me off. I'm also tired of Dev's dialogue and constant yelling and frowning. Nobody seems to notice them staring/glaring at each other. I guess that baby R will be the one to point that out to everybody...

Definately want to see Dev jealous of some HANDSOME and Influential guy paying attention to Radhika.

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sia_lovely IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:45pm | IP Logged

Nice Commentary Angie!  Clap

Hehe...the names are ROFL fruitcake...Dev?? that too obnoxious fruitcake?? ROFL Holika and Baby Bhasmasur!! Hehe!!

God!! Dev was unbearable today!!! Felt like smacking and punching him right away on seeing his conversation with Rads!! He literally smirked at her faith...screamed at her!! Somehow till now his actions were justified because of his anger, his guilt...but this was completely weird!! For a moment i wondered did someone else's spirit enter his body?? 

Why did he smirk at her? What makes him do so? You are right...why does he suddenly only care about Rohan and not Rads? After the fire incident in hospital, he was the only one who noticed Rads' wounds, which showed that he cared for a lot. (This is keeping aside the fact that he hesitated to bring Rads out and instead preferred to bring his "SoulMate" Rohan out first!) But now it seems like all that Care and Love has vanished! How can it be? Getting angry is not abnormal...and we get furious at our loved ones...but Is his anger so blind that he forgot everything in that? Why didnt he think once that Rads could be in Rohan's position at this moment! The fire was an accident...and Radhika didnt lit the temple on Fire...then why is he blaming Rads for everything?? Gosh...Angry Angry 

As for Rads, i dont understand why she is being so quiet? I mean now she can easily say that she didnt tell him... that she didnt tell Rohan the entire truth...before she could do so Rohan lit the temple! Dead But no...she is waiting for Rohan to be normal. Hmm. Does she have an option, Dev wont listen to her! 

BB...why does she keep repeating that she would inherit the property? Either it is a monologue or with Dadajee...thats almost like monologue only! 

What is bothering me is Dadajee. He has seen the girl whom Dev said to be his GF...and he must have recognized her when she came to touch his feet as Rohan's bride...didnt he feel anything fishy? They should show his confusion regarding why Dev lied about his GF being Rohan's fiance? He should wonder as to why did Dev give such sacrifices!! Rather he is smiling...? Why? Fine. he is mocking BB because of her foolishness in thinking herself to be smart!! LOL

And now Rohan! Hehehehe...he was cho cute!! LOL Loved Saurabh's acting...he did look like a kid!! Clap But as u said, he didnt look like 11 year old kid...rather looked 3 year old!! If he is transported back to 12 yrs, then it must resemble the time prior the leap. prior the leap, Kid Rohan didnt behave like this...then why he is behaving so? And then...the magic number appears...12 years ROFL Sab 12 number ka moh maaya hai...everything is trapped in the number 12 here!! Okay so the doc knows automatically that Rohan's mental memory is 12 yrs... LOL doc+ psychologist (that too so precise in telling the time, year!!)LOL 

Padma...sigh. Cant say anything. She is under the shock and behaving so...but its still unjustified!! Angry

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zam123 Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged

Why6  very well said. I like your style of thoughts as well as Misti.

I am so unhappy with Dev's behaviour in todays episode. I also hope they do not show Radhika so desperate all the time.
I feel chunnu munnu going back 12 year is to make Dev remember the happy time spent with Radhika and with his Dadaji. Also it will make Dev jealous of Rohen spending happy times playing with Rahika.
I also want Dev badly punished for is rude and bad behave towards Radhika. I know that Radhika will forgive him in an instant but I want chunnu munnu to punish him.

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Tilashini

ok thanks alot...LOL

Tila, you are welcome.  Your OMG scenes may be coming next week but it would be between obnoxious Dev and normal Radhika.  

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Angie12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shivamala

 I like your analysis of the story. I would like see if childhood friend of Rad is interested in her and want to go out with her and Dev's reaction. This will make a very good episode.

Thanks, Shivamala.  We need that to make Dev jealous.  He is taking Radhika for granted and abusing her a lot.  Today was the height of his obnoxiousness where he is smirking and tauting Radhika.  Is that the way to behave towards a girl with whom one was desperately in love (lust or whatever) 12 days ago?  Just because she is opening herself to him, he is treating her like a punching bag for his frustrations.  Totally unacceptable.  Obligations don't make one forget their humanity.  Here he is acting inhumane.  So he doesn't deserve her at all.  He needs to lose her to somebody mature who is worthy of her.  Only then he would come back to his senses.

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