Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge #119 [6/5 - Epi. 139]

shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
We are here to discuss about the show
Kitani Mohabbat Hai

The new season tells the story of two diverse families and two diverse individuals. Arjun is quiet & an introvert; Arohi is vibrant & chirpy. Her world revolves around her family of sincere & honest police officers' he is the son of a white collared don! Yet when cupid strikes love has no rules and knows no laws. Kitani Mohabbat Hai traces Arjun & Arohi's love story budding under the most unfavorable circumstances.


So... what are we waiting for?LOL show 'kitani mohabbat hai' is show se, by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;

however, not to forget few rules to keep the discussion flow nice..(kindly follow the rules)
1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.

3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
5. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for Mohabbat lounge"

*Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team*

Before we start with the analysis & discussions, here are few important links to share..

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:07am | IP Logged
So this post is going to be for Songs suggested based on what happened in today's episode or we will post a romantic song for arjuhi

 yeh andha kanoon hai Stern Smile

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
after 3 days me reserving...:))..
Shibz...superlove ur aviBlushingHeartDay Dreaming
ad i hope we get 6000 signatires in the petition by the end of today...*fingers crossed*Embarrassed...they can't end KMH2 like this no way!!Disapprove

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Okay so going by the forum environment no need to specify that  legal system ki dhajiya udadi gayi aaj ke episode mein.  even  a  high school going kid nowadays knows that  a person has a right to defend himself  and  argue if pleading  Not Guilty .   When the show is aimed at youth and the viewers are considered to be intelligent viewers  how come this kind of  script is written where  mockery of basic legal system is being made.   Which judge will now allow the  accused to defend himself or give time to appoint another lawyer,   It would been  understandable if the judge  gave orders to adjourn the case until a lawyer is appointed for defence team.  But no ,  the judge is cranky keeps yelling and then stupidly  passes verdict Angry.   Arohi  before going to fetch  ram punjabi  (since he is dead wont call him bevda vakeel , just for this epi) ,  told the judge that  a chance should be given for arjun to put up his case,  even  she knows but the judge , the 99%cases winning lawyer,  the three ulluwalia monkeys,  and the CVs dont know ?????AngryAngryAngry.    oohhh I am controlling just because  I dont want to get pissed of  at this point, where it is delicate moment and KMH is in danger  or  else  it was a irritating part.   
Shefu Stern SmileStern Smile  doesnt  she  know that this is most important  hearing and it is life and death question for arjun,  why was she shown so dumb,  she has to go out of call arohi back or show some concern AngryAngry.   billu doesnt have a phone?  if shefu cld not get through , why din he go out and
try to call arohi. Confused . where are  arjun's dadi  and  raashi.  why arjun is not worried  about  RPS not being there or doing anything?  so many questions,  how are these going to be answered,  why this track was started if  its  progress was not planned properly? 
Arohi finding ram punjabi dead , but not calling police,  I can let go of it, she was only thinking abt, court, evidence and arjun so that part skipped her mind.   Her car not starting at the right moment, I can understand , it has happened to me so many times that when I have to go somewhere and it is very very important something gets screwed up and I have to pass those moments in tension until I reach the place.  so  It happening here is not out of place.  Arohi did not shout during judgement ,  I can let go of that also she could be breathless, afterall she ran all the way.   Now tomorrow if they show that she accepted it then that will be blunder. 
only thing I can appreciate today is Amrit's stand. finally she showed some guts.  I liked how she did not put tilak to liar babu   , was shocked to see the footage given to him aarti and all Confused,  and also says that  she wont  wish them because they are going to fight against their daughter.  How easy it was for sudhir to put the blame on amrit that arohi turned out like this because of her.   she should shout at him now 'kameenay mein tera khoon pee jaaungi' LOL.  
CVs , I can see that you have rushed  the  track , but  that does not mean you forget the basic  things like the fundamental law system.  Karan get well soon ,  kritika and others good job.  I really really  wish and hope that KMH2 gets more extension and the looseends are treated properly. 
song for today - yeh andha kanoon hai Stern Smile

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged
res I am sad mad n confused kitani mohabbat hai y am i so addicted to it

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:06am | IP Logged
Angryres.. aaj REAL wala take likhungi.. not like yest..ROFL

so kavya.. i was half right.. i DID right a take.. just forgot to post it ROFL.. since our dear MOD graced us by closing the prev topic.. am posting it here.. 

kya start tha.. for a moment there i thought he was dead.. poisoned by soberity!! Tongue n shefu rightly gave the solution.. more daaru!!Clap

but arohi singhania had a better idea.. india ka paani bhi daaru se zyada strong hai.. ROFL

but seriously, loved the scene. Kritz was power-packed today!! love it when she goes on front foot!! Arohi vaat lagafying lawyer.. "aap ye case ladke mujhpe koi favor nahi kar rahe!!" she forced him to have a sane perspective.. provoked his self respect n he responded!! Star

so bevda takes 4 sar dard ki goli for hangover.. but isko hangover kaise ho sakta tha? he was always drunk na? Confused

shef n romit pitched in wid their demands.. no daaru here on.. aur bevda maan gaya?Shocked alcohol hai, lime juice nahi.. even if he promises.. i am not convinced he can live without a dose now n then!! but khair.. since he died a few hrs later.. dint have to worry too much abt it.. hehe..

he saved the last bottle for arjuhi victory.. i hope arohi rem's it when she n arjun r finally get together.. 

they watch the tape.. ends at arjuhi entering scene.. but how did bevda conclude that arjun came from same direction?? its clear he dint na!!?Confused

lawyer going to court sober wud be the first miracle!! it was very suspicious why he went to see them off n then i wasnt even surprised when someone came to steal it.. but i was surprised that the guy who was passed out few mins ago was running a marathon mins later!!Angry by the appearance, chor is deffo micky!! n its obvious why he came for the tapes.. to keep arjun in jail.. but how did he know where the tapes where? how did he know that there were tapes at all? was he there when ksa got shot?Stern Smile

tattoo won't matter if lawyer dies without revealing that bit to anyone no?Wink

so tape gets dropped n lawyer successfully concludes that tape deffo has some unnoticed clue.. n voila.. tape has xtra info this time arnd.. maybe micky ke haath lagate hi, tape me jaan aagayi n it started rem'ing what happened on its own!! ROFL

shadow was deffo billu's.. so did he shoot or not? if he did.. why? r his loyalties still wid arjun? i think so.. he probably got brainwashed by someone.. n by someone i mean RPS Wink

the arohi memory lane scene was awesome.. the equivalent of when arjun described what arohi wud be doing n she did exactly that!! it beautifully emphasized the growth in the love n relationship!! shefu n romit luked cute sitting down listening to arohi's sweet memories.. the 'i miss u' in tandem was sooo CryDay Dreaming at the same time!!!

plzzz kritz.. change that nail color.. am going blind here!!Tongue

finally bevda does another gud logical thing.. picks up that album n goes thru it.. n he concludes it was billu i suppose.. hence that melodramatic O.M.G!!LOL voicemail me agar ye bol sakte ho ke shooter ko pehchaan liya toh naam batane ke liye kya paisa loge!!Angry

finally sanchit, romit n simi rem'ed that their parents will object.. seeing billu here.. still wondering why he did what he did n whyz he quite??AngryConfused

arohi puja kar rahi hai... bhagwan ji darr jao!! ab arjun ko riha nahi kiya toh aapke heaven me toofan aa jayega..!!Evil Smile but ye kya.. why does she turn her fone off during such a critical time??Angry

continuity - check, arohi - check, arjun - check, no ullus - check, singus - cross, court-related - check ... not bad eh? LOL totally kritz show ..loving arohi's rising phase.. she has risen beautifully!Star

k now to today's epi!! LOL
arohi runs to share the gud news instead of calling lawyer first!! Shocked
does billu seem nervous or is it me reading too much into it? he did convince her to wait until court to meet bevda.. ConfusedEvil Smile

lawyer babu getting such a farewell??Dead is he fighting the case? why rnt arvind n rajvir getting such treatment too then? n i am not at all happy wid the ullus way of treating their women.. boss arnd them, decide for them, blame them for things they r half responsible for..  n ye sudhir singh ahluwalia.. he speaks in that 'kaminey!!' wala tone even wid his wife!! can't stand this trio.. arvind,sudhir n rajvir!! Censored

again billu gives explanation for lawyer.. mera shak badhta jaa raha hai!!Wink

arjun arrives, arohi runs to him n updates him.. no words from arjun..none needed.. his trust in arohi is infinite!!Clap thnx CVs for giving arjun change of clothes LOL

hated the smug smiles on the Ullu Trio when they see arohi worried coz lawyer dint show up... besharmon, kuch toh feeling dikhao ki tumhari ladki itni mushkil me hai!! even if u r fighting against her.. u cud show some troubled looks.. but no.. u r as happy as though shez ur dushman ki ladki rather than urs..shame on u Censored

saxena in his element.. hated him ofcourse.. but the actor is doing a decent job.. very cunning indeed!!LOL

court session starts.. no defense lawyer.. too cliched.. but khair.. we know hez dead thnx to the article.. saxena makes full use of this n pitches his case!! gud prosecution.. jab attack karo, toh puri taakat ke saat..Clap arohi intervenes.. judge is supposed to ask who she is n why she is interrupting.. but o well..LOL what he did afterwards was so largely illogical that i forgive all the prev ones.. Cry

arjun is listening silently to all this... he can't and won't interrupt.. this is not the time to question arohi.. it is the time to show his patience, resilience n faith!! luved that!! Star

all my hopes of arohi fighting this case got lost when arohi said she had no legal knowledge.. chalo koi baat nahi.. maybe we will get some other gud lawyer.. but all this show-ending news makes me wonder if there will be a case at all!! Confused

arohi goes to bevda's house to find him dead.. she first thinks he might still be alive.. gud idea.. see if might still have some life left in him to give a nick of the moment revelation.. but as the CVs wud have it.. hez dead!! btw i expected a more shocked, revolted rxn to be in the presence of a dead body from arohi..Ouch

billu worried that arohi still dint come!! is he worried that bevda is not dead or somehow left msg for arohi?Evil Smile arjun here looked worried at the same time self-reassuring.. Thumbs Up

from here on.. everything went downhill.. Angry
if shefali can't hear arohi, she shud go out where there is less noise n more signal..Thumbs Down
if arohi can't get thru to shef, she shud have called billu next Thumbs Down
when its established that lawyer is dead n arohi is not able to find any evidence in the house (i assume thats why she dint call police? so that they don't seal the place thereby making it impossible to find the evidence that lawyer mentioned in voicemail!!) why dint she report the murder then?Shocked wud have had proof to support her theory that lawyer had been murdered to stop case.. she had fone in hand.. she cud have called the cops or the commissioner.. she is DIG's grandchild na.. utna info toh hoga uske paas!!
liked how arjun intervened himself n asked for more time..n the judge obliged despite saxena's pitches!!Clap
arohi ki akal kahan gayi? shez luking for evidence.. but where? why wud lawyer have evidence that she dint find.. i mean.. evidence hoga toh uss album me hoga ya uss tape me hoga na.. why is she luking thru paperwork??Thumbs Down
she tried to get to court but car is not working Sleepy (again!!!?? CVs.. can't u find any other reason for her not to be able to reach? infact u cud have had her reach on time but still the judge sentences!!)
n while saxena was vaat-lagafying arohi along wid lawyer, Ullu Trio laughing at his joke?? Deadwhy?? nikkammon!! u r fighting ur own daughter.. who btw is right!! chullu bhar paani me doob maro!!Censored
n ye kya? sentencing without defense? i first was shocked at life sentence.. but i was told for attempted murder, thats a possibility..Confused but how can judgement be passed without defense presenting its case!! thik hai, adalat saboot maangti hai, par sirf saboot thode hi maangti hai??Shocked otherwise why wud they have cases? they wud just luk at evidence n distribute the criminals to their respective punishments na!! court is supposed to appoint a lawyer if defendant doesn't have one!! but nahi.. judge ko pata nahi kis baat ki jaldi hai.. maybe RPS bribed him to get it done wid quickly so he can swoop in n save arjun to become the gud guy for him again!! n so typical, arohi runs all the way to court only to hear that her hubby dearest has been sentenced to life in jail.. Cry

what will she do now? will she question the judgement based on recent fact of lawyer murder? will she appeal to supreme court? who will fight the case? will ksa survive to tell the tale? did billu really shoot ksa? was he alone or was there an accomplice?? will arjun's faith in arohi withstand in light of recent developements?? can't wait for monday!! on the whole, it was a gud epi, if u ignore the 'logic gaya tel lene' wale parts n respect the part that CVs r trying to cram what they had planned in their now limited time!! Stern Smile

CVs: I get it that show is ending so u r speeding up.. but is there nothing u can do abt this? we want a better send off to this season.. pichle season bhi yahi kiya tha.. agar yahi karna hai toh season laaya kyuu?? plz make sure u do justice to the trak... n plz.. take a chill pill n slow down a little.. cut the unncessary parts n show the major ones.. the court, the evidence n arjuhi.. we want to see court case end wid arjun sucessfully acquitted n having some semblance of a normal life wid his wifey...but deffo hume dikh raha hai ke arjuhi ke beech kitani mohabbat hai.. so *claps*

coming to the evidence - seriouslY?Angry aap logon ko hum kya UKG ke students lagte hai? but o wait.. Raj bhi UKG ka hai na? am sure even he knows to give better evidence..Evil Smile stop fooling us n show some reall stuff.. if u use forensics n prove that the angle at which KSA was shot proves that it was someone much shorter than arjun, n that he was too close in distance to KSA to have been able to run away n then double back when the family came, it wud give the story, the much needed dose of logic, sanity, creativity, uniqueness, n lastly ur favortite.. TRPs!! think abt it CVs.. deeply!!Evil Smile

n plzz dont forget.. u have a RAAZ to unfold too!! bhool mat jayio!! Angry

So my song of the day is a version of "Duniya banane wale from Teesri kasam" that has been cut n tailored specifically for my most favorite ppl in the world Angry

"KMH2 bananewale,
 kya tere dil me samaayi? 
kaahe ko KMH2 banaayi?

Kahe Banaye Tune Ullus Ke putle
Story Yeh Pyari Pyari
Mukhde Yeh thakele
Kahe Banaya Toone lawyer Ko Bevda
Usme Lagaya tune judge ka tabela
Gup-Chup Tamasha Dekhe, Wah Re Teri Khudaai
Kahe Ko KMH banaayi?

KMH1 banake tune jeena sikhaya
hasna sikhaaya, rona sikhaya
jeevan ke path par Arjuhi milaye
KMH2 dilake tune sapne sajaaye
sapne sajaake tune, kaahe ko de di judaai?
Kaahe ko KMH2 banaayi?"

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
I'm FED UP!!
Are the CVs thinking of dragging this court track till the end?! Tired of the their carelessness!! I dont know if its being rushed or dragged but i'm fed up of the loop holes!! I need a break!!Angry

Arohi should've called the police as soon as she saw the dead body!!
Stern Smile w-t-h!! there was two hours' break!! & she only managed to reach Mr.Punjabi's house by then?!! huh?!!

Arjun should've said something in his defense for the sake of himself, for Arohi & their love!! I sure expected that much from him! It would have made a difference to the judge or no, he not acting up wasnt acceptable to me!

The judge declares a life sentence without appointing a  lawyer?!!ShockedAngryThumbs DownWacko

Amrit after a long break behaved like a sane woman!!LOL I liked her today!! She was actually a mother!!

I am loving the BG used these days!! getting to hear new tunes & they are nice!!Star
Kritz looks pretty in her new i like the different designsEmbarrassed

Karan hope you are feeling well or better now!! Want to see you in action..Cant afford to miss Arjun in these days!!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
@shibz  - agree with you points.   Kritika is defo luking beautiful in thos salwars and m liking the colors, I like those bright colors.  and bg tunes are good . 
updated my post above.  where is everyone ?

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