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I can feel ur heartbeat-ArSh mini FF pt5 page 25 (Page 24)

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Originally posted by KaShBaarish..xx

LOLReserved Dancing Will be first to comment now
Sorry it took soo long for me to UNres the post .. But don't think I forgot LOL Aww im glad you're showing flashbacks .. because currently ArSh are not together but in flashbacks we'll get such romantic moments Tongue and im soo darn curious to know why they aren't together Ouch but all im sure about is that I hate Alisha ROFL ya ya ill imagine her as Mogambo ROFL 
Awweeh ArSh in college Blushing  Something besides doctors LOL Wow I can imagine Armaan blabbering to himself in a parking lot .. LOL 
Eww Alisha totally ruined the moment for me ..
'Just then someone came from behind and a pair of hands closed his eyes.' (im smiling cuz I think its Shilpa Big smile) 'A minute passed like that but he couldn't recognize the person.' Angry The description you used for her wasn't very pleasing LOL Nice way to shape your villain .. dark shaded lipstick too.. this isn't Mogambo anymore ROFL
What the heck? She's a model but she don't sound pretty Dead Awww I lovee what Shilpa was wearing .. I can totally imagine it in my head Tongue Oye only a side hug .. im sure if Alisha wasn't there, they would be lost in a long passionate hug Silly  Hmm you should add in the next chapter why Rahul hates Alisha .. though im sure its obvious Confused

'Shilpa knew what he was feeling at that moment but she assured him through her eyes to go on. This was the beauty of their relationship. No words needed. They understood each other that well.' thats why their hearts beat as one Blushing Aww I love Amit and Shilpa's bonding .. should show some of Sapna bonding with her too

Hayee their kiss is soo enchanting Day Dreaming was this their first kiss kya? and I lovee how you wrote that part aswel
Uggh now Alisha is making Shilpa jealous Angry Haww and now she's here to watch the movie with them .. she's totally ruining things .. and the way you ended this post was scary LOL  ..
Hmm ya know this happens alot where a boyfriend and girlfriend have problems because a friend is interfering in their relationship but Alisha is definetly doing this unintentionally Angry 
overall I loved this update jaan .. even though we had to tolerate Alisha LOLLOL 
omggg sara... i fainted reading this comment ya for such a big n sweet comment Embarrassed i portrayed the characters close to what i have seen arround Tongue... so yeah m happy the scenes were realistic LOL alisha is something even she herself can't help it... anyways lets see... hope u like next parts as ya shaitaan...muaah Hug

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Part 5

London airport was as usual crowded with passengers. Many flights landing, boarding, and taking off. Shilpa was looking at her wristwatch every five minutes to check the time. But the time was passing by snail speed. It was past 9 pm and there were still 2 hours for her flight timing. The wait seemed to be never ending. It seemed to be a forever journey. How she wished she could kill this "wait". She sadly laughed at her own sarcasm. When you are calm and quite your mind runs fast with all possible thoughts. And Shilpa's life always gave her numerous reasons to challenge her thinking process.

While she was lost in her thoughts, here, Armaan's mind was busy fighting with his brain. He was not able to decide what he was thinking was appropriate or not. Should he do what his mind is telling him to? But his logical thinking won't allow him. His heart wanted him to go ahead but his brain was stopping him. As if there was a tough fight going on between his heart and brain. God, this was really annoying for him.

When Shilpa checked her watch 100th time in last ten minutes, she finally gave up the hope that it will help to kill the time. Shilpa didn't have eaten anything since they landed at London. She realized her growling stomach and the journey plus taking care of the baby made her really tired. She was hell hungry. How she wished to go in the cafeteria there and get freshen up. But was not sure how will she handle Soniya there as the place must be more crowdy and it would make the baby restless. She was in dual mind when aroma of fresh coffee entered her system. Like that was all she needed the most at the moment.

But why the smell was coming like the coffee mug was just besides her? She looked sideways. And there stood Armaan holding a cup of coffee in front of her.

WHAT? She must be hallucinating, she thought. How can it be Armaan? It must her mind playing games with her. She was imagining him surely.

Her trance was broken by his words.

"I got one for myself and thought u might need it too."

It was the first time after this journey they were talking. In fact after the journey of loneliness of two years, the silence was broken.

She looked at the cup and then at Armaan's smiling face. The same face she fell in love with, the same same smile which would always make her day bright, the same care in those eyes which was always there for her. God, nothing has changed. Or has it? She stopped her thoughts and took the cup giving a weak smile.


He returned a smile conveying he got her gratitude. After that there was an awkward silence that took over while both of their hearts wanted to speak volumes with each other. So many things were there to tell, so many nights they spent thinking about each other, so many prayers which were for each other's happiness. They were quite but their hearts were speaking through its own language, language of beats, heartbeats. And both the hearts decided to break this vocal silence at the same time and said at the same moment,

"Armaan" "Shilpa" saying each other's name at the same time, making them smile. No one spoke for next few seconds and again,

"Actually I .." both echoed the same word. They laughed at the co-incidence whole heartedly.

Finally Armaan spoke, "Now before we start playing this saying this "same thing same time game" again, I wanted to ask if u had your dinner?" he was asking as normally as he could. Only he knew how much courage he had gathered to say this. But his heart over powered his brain and made his way to her. Armaan knew how she was feeling. The moment they entered the airport his gaze constantly followed her. He knew she must be really hungry by now.

Shilpa didn't say anything. There was a mixture of thoughts in her mind. Firstly she was happy with the normalcy he was showing with her. But has he really forgotten the past? Or is this because he has moved on in his life and hence this normalcy?

Armaan noticed her silence and her face showing as if she was lost in deep thoughts. Armaan coughed to pull the attention and said again,

"Actually Shilpa, mom and dad already had dinner a while before and I was not hungry then. But now I really feel starving." He knew he was lying. He didn't eat because he knew she have not had anything till now. And when finally it was really late and he was worried, he decided to take this step forgetting all the thoughts that tried to stop his steps towards her.

Shilpa was happy the way he spoke. As if nothing changed. These two years never came in between them, as if they were still close to each other and everything was alright. She didn't want to disappoint him. In fact, her heart was rejoiced at the idea to spend some time with him.

"Yeah of course Armaan. I am a bit hungry too so just a coffee isn't going to help me. Let's go."

Armaan smiled and led to the cafeteria around there.

The few steps they walked together towards that place were like the steps towards heaven for them because they were walking together. This was what they dreamt of, to walk by each other, to stand by each other come what may. But sometimes the dreams are so vulnerable that they break even before u realize it. Sometimes things are just too adamant to end up the way you want them to, and change the world around you.

When she realized they have entered already, Shilpa looked around to check the place. It was less crowdy and seemed a calm one. Armaan located a table and signaled her to come there.

Settling herself on the chair, she looked at Soniya. She was worried if the baby would cry now. Being shifted in different atmosphere suddenly was a risk anyway. But the baby Soniya seemed to be enjoying being out of the suffocated atmosphere of waiting room. She was watching here n there with her big eyes which were inherited from her mom, Sapna. Shilpa quickly opened her handbag and took out a small toy. Soniya immediately snatched it and happily got busy with it. Meanwhile Armaan was checking the menu. He asked Shilpa if soup and noodles was ok. She smiled and nodded. When the waiter came to take their order, Shilpa interrupted "Make it less spicy pls."

Armaan looked confused for a second when he saw her eyes showing naughtiness. And then it flashed him. How could he forget that memory?


Armaan and Shilpa were in a Chinese hotel and ordered the same, noodles. Armaan usually could not stand spicy food items. And being a Mumbai girl, Shilpa was used to all chilly, spicy chaupaty (a beach of Mumbai) chat-food. So she would always add extra chilly with sprinklers in the food. That day too when they got their food served, Shilpa moved to get the sprinkler. But before she could catch  it, Armaan picked it.

"aaj main bhi teekha khaunga." He said fully excited.  Shilpa looked at him as if he just cracked a joke. But she decided to hide her laughter.

"Really Armaan? Lekin tum nahin kha paoge, tumhe aadat nahin hain Armaan."

"Don't challenge me shona, u know there is nothing which Armaan Mallik can't do."

Finally Shilpa gave up and decided to wait and watch what happens. And it was not more than two spoons Armaan ate, when he choked it. He started coughing badly, tears coming from his eyes.

The scene he made, Shilpa just could not stop her laughter. She picked a glass of water and handed it to him still trying to suppress the laughter.

" kya shona, yahan meri jaan jaa rahi hain, aur tum hass rahi ho?"

"aur nahin to kya Armaan? Maine kaha tha, tum nahin kha sakte." She was still laughing hard.

"thik hain, thik hain. Waisebhi mujhe yeh hotel pasand nahin hain. Ye koi khana hain? Woh toh tumhari wajah se hum yahan aaye." Armaan tried to cover up.

Shilpa finally felt some mercy on her cute boyfriend. She opened her bag and took out a large chocolate which was one of the essentials of her bag.

"it's ok Armaan. Ye lo tum better feel karoge."

Armaan took a bite and finally felt better, while she was busy admiring her childish, idiotic yet sweet boyfriend.


They both had a sweet smile on their faces remembering that incident. How in the matter of few years everything changed. They were same, their feelings for each other were same, situation was same, and still everything was differed. They ate the dinner silently, lost in these thoughts and memories, how their destiny was playing with them. The trance was broken when Soniya threw the toy down. It fell near Armaan's feet.

He quickly bent and picked it up. It was the first time he was observing the baby so closely.

"What's her name?" he asked while giving the toy to the baby and touching her cheeks lovingly.

"Soniya." Shilpa said while looking at the baby, her eyes full of affection. Armaan felt it strange that the baby's touch was so different, her eyes, her hair, in fact none of her features seemed to be like Shilpa.

"She doesn't seem to have got her mother's features." Armaan spoke unconsciously.

Shilpa didn't get that he was hinting towards her. So she casually replied.

"Yeah actually she is like her father."

Heck, how he forgot that? She must be like her father. Armaan felt a deep pain in his heart. His eyes were showing a hurt feeling. Though Shilpa could not understand why he suddenly got sad, she sensed something was wrong. So she decided to change the subject.

"So Armaan aajkal kya kar rahe ho? Have u joined office?"

" haan dad ne zabardasti ki toh karna pada."

They both smiled at that. Armaan was always too lazy to join the business. But Shilpa and Billy were hell bent to make his mind for it.

Old memories again started making their way when Shilpa looked at the watch. It was just half an hour left for the flight. She wanted to get freshen up before that. But she was confused how to ask Armaan to take care of the baby till then. Finally she decided to speak as she desperately needed cold water to touch her face and take away the tiredness this long journey was giving her.

"umm actually Armaan " She stammered for a second " I wanted to go in the washroom. Can u look after Soniya till then?"

Armaan was doubtful for a second as he had never carried such a small baby till then. But he agreed. She handed the baby to him. The baby surprisingly didn't cry being handed over to a stranger. Maybe she knew that she was already away from her parents and so she had to get used to the strangers! Armaan could not resist but admire the baby. She was still playing with toy. How he wished the world of grownups was as tension free as the baby's, no worries, no hatred, just love and innocence they have. He sighed thinking that.

It was not more than two minutes Shilpa left, when her phone started ringing. Armaan saw, it was her phone. Should he pick it up? No, he thought. He can't interfere in her personal life. He decided to ignore it. But just few seconds passed and it started ringing again. It was third time, when Armaan finally thought it might be an important call. He looked at the direction of washroom but there was no sign of her. So he decided he should pick it up and take the message.

As soon as he picked it, he heard a loud almost shouting male voice.

"Shilpa KYA KARR RAHI THI TUM? DO U REALISE HOW WORRIED I WAS? U didn't pick the phone for so long. Jaan are u ok? And how is our princess doing? Have u ate anything?"

The person was asking questions nonstop while Armaan was finding it hard to keep listening. He pressed "end the call" button.

Just then Shilpa came there. She was so happy today. Finally she took the decision to talk with him and to end the distances between them. She had decided to talk with him today and solve all the issues, throw out all the barriers between them. Thinking that she came to their table, but what she saw was Armaan's hurt face and his eyes welled up. She was about to ask when again her phone started ringing. She saw the name flashing "Siddhant"

"ha bolo sid"

"what bolo? Why did u end the call?"

"me? When?"

"abhi abhi. I was so worried u know. Anyways leave it. Tell me are u ok? And how is Soniya? I was hell panicked when u didn't pick the phone for 3 times and then ended it without saying anything." then it stroked her, what must have happened here. She assured him that they were fine and will reach Mumbai next morning. Sid was going to come and pick her up.

When she ended the call, Armaan was already done paying the bill. He quickly got up said while handling the baby to her, "it's already late. Come on we should leave now." and before Shilpa could say anything he already started walking away.

Shilpa stood their rooted to the spot. What she did wrong now. Why was he behaving this way again? Sadness started enveloping her. But when she looked up, she saw him turning back and coming towards her again. She smiled in spite of tears. He came near her and stood just next to her. She looked in his eyes, and that made her heart thudding fast. She could not read his eyes, the exact feelings there, or moreover the meaning of the feelings there. Just then his voice entered her ears.

"Shilpa, main bass yeh kehna chahta hoon ki, ….I just want to tell u that I have always loved u and will always keep loving u. My heart will always beat for u and it will always pray for your happiness. And trust me to see u settled down in life makes me really happy. I am sure Siddhant is a nice husband and loves u a lot. And u have …really cute daughter. Take care of her and …and yourself. And please always be happy." His voice was shaking, and he was trying hard to control his tears. And even before she could comprehend what he said, she could say something; he again turned back and left quickly.

It was all clear now. How she could not get that? He was thinking Soniya was her daughter and sid …sid was her husband?? Whereas the reality was it was her best friend's baby she was taking to her house after their fateful death, and sid…sid was her friend, guide, mentor, more like her brother she lost few days back. And he misunderstood everything. But what was his fault? It was so obvious. Wasn't it? But then he could have confronted her, asked her, at least should have given her a chance to explain everything. But no. He chose to assume the things and go away. Just like he did two years back.

These all thoughts were running through her mind, when she mechanically went towards the plane, tears continuously flowing through her eyes. Once again, she didn't get chance to make everything right, her destiny overpowered her. But was this really an end?


heyya guys...wanted to update this part today... can't forget 29th may...3 years back i was nt on IF that time... i was watching dmg as usual ... after the episode, news of shona leaving dmg came as a shock, tsunami, volcano to me...the whole night i was crying... anyways.. this part dedicated to the grief which is still there... in next 2 parts this ff will be over and wil try to post it on 8th june...another special, happily special day Embarrassed
ignore the grammar/spelling mistakes...and silent readers cld u please hit the "like" tab Embarrassed

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awesome update!
im glad tht ARSH tlkd lovd the spicy food flashbakLOL 
poor armaan he must be realli hurtin only if he let shilpa tell him :(
continue soon x

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awesome part yaar!
luved the part!
am glad that armaan decided to listen to his heart and at least talk to her...
hope their misunderstandings get solved soon!
continue soon!

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nice part 
update soon

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awsome part manju keep it upHug

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great part.

thanks for the pm.

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Aww, glad he talked to her. I hope the misunderstandings between them clear up soon. And the flashback was cute! Especially when Shilpa gave him the chocolate. I can just see him enjoying it. LOL

Continue soon! Smile

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