Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

May 6th, 2011 Written Update

Wafah IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:01am | IP Logged
They've changed the montage to the promo scene where Guddu pulls Runjhun back. Will post pictures later.

16 Days in soap opera land by the way...

Guddu gets up in the morning and calls out for his dharampatni. He calls Runjhun but she isn't there. He sees the time and notices that it is two past afternoon. He gets up and notices that the breakfast is already layed out, and opens the plate to see what has been served. Parathas, and curd (yogurt) and pickles. He looks at the food and then remembers Runjhun's words from last night that she won't eat till they make a sale.

Guddu searches between the pillows for his phone and calls the shop. Runjhun is the first to pick up the phone. He hears her voice and smiles. Runjhun on the other end keeps on saying hello. Guddu finally speaks up and says he is Gajodhar and wants to speak to Kukkan. Runjhun hands the phone to Kukkan. Once Kukkan comes on the line, Guddu identifies himself, and tells Kukkan not to take his name or identify him as Bhaiyya on the phone. He tells Kukkan to answer in yes or no only.

Kukkan says he understood, and Guddu says what did he understand and tells him to answer in yes or no only. Kukkan looks at Runjhun and says yes. Runjhun takes a seat near the counter. Guddu comes down the stairs and watches the shop from the window. He asks Kukkan if they've made any sales today, and Kukkan says no. Guddu then asks Kukkan if his bhabhi has eaten anything. Kukkan looks at Runjhun and says no. Runjhun looks curious but doesn't say anything. Guddu tells Kukkan fine, and hangs up the phone. He looks over to the shop and says that Runjhun is very stubborn, even more so than he is.

Kukkan keeps the phone and tells Runjhun that it was his friend Damodar from his childhood. Runjhun questions that he identified himself as Gajodhar. Kukkan looks nervous then laughs, and says that when they were children they used to call him that for fun. Runjhun then asks Kukkan that Gajodhar Damodar's voice sounds a lot like Guddu's. Kukkan again is lost then laughs and says that Guddu is a much closer friend of his that's why his voice is similar mostly. He laughs and Runjhun smiles. She plays with the pen in her hand and smiles.

Guddu hands money to a kid and tells him that with the money he can buy a phone charger, and hands him another hundred and tells him to buys some accessories from the shop. He tells the boy not to tell anyone that he gave him the money. The boy responds that he's born in Kannauj, he's not that stupid. Guddu laughs and says that he's the stupid one for misjudging the boy. He tells him that he will go ahead in life. The boy says what will he get for doing Guddu's work, and Guddu offers him a chocolate from his pocket (I didn't know Guddu walked around with chocolates in his pocket...Rani new character trait or old?) The boy happily takes it then tells Guddu that for two purchases he should get two chocolates. Guddu shakes his head but smiles and forks over another bar of chocolate.

The boy tells him that he's doing his work for pretty cheap, and pats Guddu on the cheek and runs off. Guddu can't help but smile at the boy's smartness, and hopes that he does what he's supposed to properly.

The boy goes off to the shop and walks straight up to Runjhun and smiles. Runjhun looks at the boy and asks him what he wants. She tells him that what he wants he probably won't find here, and tells him the sweet shop is on the opposite side, and that this is a mobile center. The little boy irreverently responds that he knows that this is a mobile center, almost mimicking Runjhun's tone. Runjhun is amused and surprised. He says that he wants a charger for 100 Rs. Runjhun asks Kukkan to give him a charger. The boy tells him to give him a good one, otherwise he will get yelled at. Kukkan tells him that this is a good functioning charger.

Guddu walks in the shop and pretends to not know what is happening and asks Runjhun if they're making a sale. He says its a good thing they're making a sale. He comes and stands next to Runjhun. He asks the boy if he only wants to buy a charger. The boy nods. Guddu tells the boy he must want to buy something else, but the boy puts his hand in his pocket and shakes his head. Guddu says the boy must be forgetting something. Runjhun looks from Guddu to the boy and back. Guddu tells Kukkan he knows the boy and he must want to buy a refill too, and asks Kukkan to get the refill. The boy says he doesn't buy refills and only gives people missed calls. He takes the money out from his pocket and runs off. Runjhun amused says that the boy is such a sweet kid. Guddu smiles and agrees, but on the side calls the boy a two-timer.

Runjhun asks Guddu what he is doing at the shop, and she thought he didn't care. Guddu stumbles with his words as he tries to come up with an excuse. He says he didn't like the breakfast at home and thought he would have some hot samosas instead. He asks Kukkan to go grab some samosas for all of them. Runjhun says not to bring her any but Kukkan doesn't listen and goes off. Guddu takes a seat next to Runjhun, and says that now they've made a sale, she can eat samosas.

Runjhun says she's worried that they've only made one sale in a whole of two days and in her worried states she can't think of food or drinks. Guddu tells her that starving herself is not going to earn her customers. He says fine, he will help with the shop so she doesn't have to worry. He tells her that she has to eat when the samosas come, and then only he will help her. Then offhandedly adds that if something bad happens to her, he won't like it. Kukkan comes with the samosas and Guddu changes the topic to the samosas, and opens the bag and offers it to Runjhun. Runjhun asks him if he will eat, and he says he will eat later and she can eat first.

Runjhun takes the samosa and breaks of a piece and puts it in her mouth as Guddu watches. As soon as she takes a bite he sighs with relief, and smiles. Runjhun offers her samosa to ask if Guddu is going to eat. He says he forgot that he still has to take a shower and he needs to freshen up first. He says he will go do that first then come back and eat. He leaves. Runjhun watches him leave.

Mahadevi lowers the box with the phone to Jabbo. He says if this phone wasn't a unique model then he wouldn't have had any trouble. He says he will return the phone to the shop and become his Bhabhi's favorite brother-in-law. He ties a love letter to the rope and Mahadevi pulls back the rope.

Guddu has changed and is back in the shop, and looks at Runjhun and she looks back. He says that he got stuck in this mobile business. He says atleast with the CD center he had a chance of seeing faces of customers, here there is no one here. He says that when people are in a bad mind frame they make bad decisions. Runjhun tells him why he's saying that. She says that people came to the club because they knew about it. She says the mobile center is new and not a lot of people know about it. Guddu rises and tells Kukkan that his bhabi gave him such a good idea. He says they should put signs of the mobile center and he will go find painters to commission the posters throughout town. He looks at Runjhun and asks her that it's a good idea, and she nods. He's happy now that he has something to do than just sit around, and he's walking away when Jabbo enters.

Guddu asks Jabbo where he has been. Jabbo says he had some important work. Guddu says he knows about his important work, and Jabbo wonders if Guddu knows the truth. Guddu says that last week it was Bindiya, before that Barkha, and much before that Roopa. Kukkan and Guddu laugh amused and Jabbo tells them not to tease him. Guddu says he's going to go see some painters and leaves. Kukkan tells Jabbo where he was and tells Runjhun that Jabbo was the one he gave the phone too. (Our Kukkan is in the clear) Runjhun thinks that means that Jabbo was the one who gave the phone to Mahadevi. Jabbo says he was late yesterday and in his hurry he took the phone with him and he hands it to Runjhun.

Runjhun wonders if she had misunderstood the situation, and if it was someone else entirely. Jabbo asks her if she has some questions, and Runjhun shakes her head. She opens the phone box, and wonders who gave Mahadevi the phone. She opens the phone and see Mahadevi's bindi and realizes that it is Jabbo afterall who gave the phone to Mahadevi and is trying to trick her.

Guddu is telling the painter to put his shop name on the wall, and the guy questions him how he can put the name when all the other shop names are already there. He says to put white paint and not to worry about the other shopkeepers he will take care of them. Guddu turns around and sees the kid and grabs him. He says that how come he didn't buy the other thing that he asked. The boy says he's not foolish. It was his commission for doing the job. Guddu says that he gave him chocolates, the boy says the chocolates don't cost much. Guddu tells him that he's going to become the prime minister for sure. The boy tells Guddu to let him go, as he is busy unlike Guddu who sits around, and does nothing. The boy runs off, and Guddu smiles.

He turns around to see an angry Runjhun and loses his smile. He walks up to her feeling guilty, and she tells him that he was behind their first sale. Guddu tries to explain but Runjhun walks away. He calls out to her, but she walks away. Guddu sighs frustrated and wonders why everytime he tries to do something it becomes wrong.

Next Week: They don't show the clips for next week but the promo. Runjhun is getting ready in her pink sari, and Guddu is watching her. He comes and tells her that her 30 Days is over, and she lost. Runjhun says no there are five more days left. Guddu grabs her by her hair and pulls her closer. He says five days is too less, she won't even be able to change him in five generations.
Runjhun says she will change him, pulls his hand away, and says she will change him in five days, and she will be the one to change him. They both stare at each other, the challenge apparent in both their eyes.

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thanks for the awesome update. Loved Gunjhun interactions today.

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
Thanks Wafah ... loved the update ... off to watch the epi now !!! 

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Prabhkallu Goldie

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Thanks Wafah.. for the great update.. Tongue

How Cute.. Guddu wants to be sure that his wife has eaten..
Loved his interaction with a boy.. He act likes a kid.. LOL

And, aww.. Jabbu.. is so sweet... wants to be Runjhun's favourite bro-in-law.. Smile

And, oh my heart.. have mercy on me.. the promo is too awesome!!! Love it too much! Day Dreaming

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:13am | IP Logged
awesome lovely lovely post. Thanks Wafah to your attention to detail. Hugs!
AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update, Wafah!

LOL I had a big smile on my face reading all the portions with Guddu's machinations to get her to eat...sounds like a cute epi...looking forward to watching it :-) 

The back and forth b/w these two is really something *shakes head* lol

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OMG! An even better epi today!

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Thank you so much Wafah!!!

Lmao, I think I like the character trait of chocolates in the pocket. LOL

Btw, that argument of 30 days are up and no there are 5 days left sounds a lot like our confusion over the days count. ROFL  I guess Guddu is going off the time Runjhun challenged him and Runjhun is going off the time he accepted.  LOL! LOL

I can't wait to watch and comment laterLOL

I'm glad she knows now it was Jabbo... I like that the CVs don't leave the misunderstandings hanging around.  AND, Jabbo wanted to be the favoriate brother-in-law??? THAT'S FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I like that attitude.

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