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|AR SS|~A NEW LIFE~* Mothers Day Special!*Updated

Laddoo.Phaddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 6:01am | IP Logged


  I want to dedicate this SS to my one and only loving daughter my golu Neha muahh love ya babyEmbarrassed

Iam sorry Mr Mallik its been a long time and we have tried our best bt u already know the results..she cant conceive anymore after that accident...hpe u will try mke her understnd..

Yeah thank u doctor..

Its been 3 years since Armaan mallik and his wife Ridhima mallik  are married and frm the past two years they are yearning for a kid...

Armaan-lovelyy ji  ridhima kahan hai?

Lovely-o jii woh to kab se kamre mein baethi hui hai jee maine awaz bhi dii lekin unohne kaha ke naashta nahi karna hai to main

Armaan-thik hai main dekhta hun

Padma-armaan kya hua kya bola doctor ne?reports are positive na?

Armaan-mom woh...

She was standing there with tear strained face waiting for her husband to give her the good news..the news for which she had been waiting for almost a year..

Padma-armaan kuch bolta kyun nahi?main dadi zaroor banungi na...bol...bolnaaa...mere kaan taras gaye hai yeh sunne ke liye..armaaann tu..

Armaan-mom she cant...

This is it..the moment at which she lost everything...she was like a lifeless doll now...

Armaan-yeah rahul i knw...maine usay samjhane ki bohot koshish kii bt u knw mom na...mujhe dar hai kahi unki wajah se.. ok i wl talk to u later..byee

Ridhima was arranging her clothes when armaan came from back and hugged her

armaan-RG plz...

She closed her eyes and was not ready to bear the consequences now...

armaan-bohot ho gay ana talk to me...its been 1 week you ve bn doing this...i cant tke it anymore...u knw na...

He turned her face to his side and his heart ached seeing the sight in front of him...her face was not like used to have a glow earlier but now everything is gone she d nt bn eating properly and lookd pale...

armaan-RG main tumhe aise nahii dekh hua so ho gaya cant we forget everything?Lets move on..

ridhima-i cant...i just cant...armaan main main nahi bhul sakti jo hua...maine apni galti ki wajah se humara baby..

armaan-frgt sake stop blaming urself RG,main kitni baar keh chuka hun jo hua usmein tumhari koi galti nahi thi...he cupped her face in his hands

it was in our destiny jaan aur iske agay hum kuch nahi kar sakte...apne aap ko blame karne se kuch nahi plz stopp

ridhima-kaise bhul jau main armaan sab kuch..she broke down into tears...

nahi bhula sakti main un palon ko...mere andar ek nanhi si jaan thiii jiski life mujhpe dependant thi aur ..she was crying continuously...maine ussay apne se dur kar diya...meri wajah se yeh sab hua hai armaann meri wajahse

he cant see her like this...he took her hands and kissed them softly...

ridhima-armaaann iam sorrryyy...meri wajah se tum tumm dad nahi ban paaye aur ab ab tum kabhi papa nahi ban sakoge...iam sorry armaan iam sorryy...

he hugged her tightly..this hug was not only a hug but it portrayed their emotions,how strongly they needed each other at this moment...their pain was equal but one needs to be strong now to support the other..and armaan mde sure that he was always there for her..

Shashank-bachche so gaye?

Padma-pata nahiii meri aankhon mein to neend ani hi band ho gayi hai


Not able to control anymore she broke down...

Shashank Mallik the dean of sanjivani was helpless today seeing his wife in this condition...he got everything whatever he wantd in his life but how can he change god s decision...

Shashank-bas padmaa..sambhalo apne aap ko..agar tum aise toot parogi to bachchon ko kaun sambhaalega..armaan ko humari zaroorat hai ridhimma ko tumhari zaroorat hai u need to handle her

padma-kaise shashank ab mujhmein aur himmat nahi hai..ek hi to beta hai humara aur uski khushi ke liye humne ky akuch nahii kiya lekin...he cant be unfair to us shashank...mere bete ki khushiyaan kyun cheen gayii..aisi kya galti hui humse ke usay aisi saza mil rahi hai..

shashank-waqt aur halat ke agay kisika bas nahi chalta shayad sab kuch waqt pe hi chor na parega ab...humein humari bachchon ki taqat banni paregi padma...we need to strong for them..

She was resting her head on his chest and trying to catch some sleep but sleep was far away...she looked at armaan and slowly without making any noise made her way to that room where she visits every night...

She opned the door and lookd at the room...eevrything was damn perfect starting from colour of the walls of the room,the big teddy bears which armaan at first brght for her and later after a lot of arguments they decided to keep here for the little one...The room was filled with toys for both baby boy and baby girl...alas the thing which brght tears to her eyes..the crib..where she thot wld be her little angel sleeping and it was all empty now...she touched it and tears mde their way through her eyes...she closed her eyes and her mind drifted to those old memories...


It was all a happy day..although armaan being the senior doc in sanjeevani was the hardest thing as he always used to be busy  today something was different...why not after all it was his birthdaytomorrow..and he was eagerly waiting for wht surprise his wife would be planning..

muskaan-oye hoye gaal to dekho iske aise sharmaa raha hai jaise ke nayi nayi shaadi hui ho

armaan-oye tu chup nahi reh sakti kya..acha sun raool kahan hai

muski-woh to general ward mein hai kisi phattoo patient ke saath phasa hua hai..

armaan-muskaan yaar ek help kar dena...raool ko bolna mere do cases sambhaal le bas aj ke liye actualy already 10 baj gaye hai and i nd to rush nw

muski-oye tu tension mat le main ussay bol dungi waise bhi tujhe to aaj jaldi jana chahiye after all special day hai na..haahahahah

armaan-ahh i love u mann..bye

It was 4 am in morining and still   they were soo much engrossed in their lovemaking process that they didnt cared much...

They were lying in each others arm after an exausting love making session...her head was on his chest and he was lightly kissing her head...

armaan-mmm thnk u RG

ridhima-thank u for wht mr saruu i always gve u surprise na in ur every birthday..she pecked her lips

armaan-yaah bt is baar its smthng different na...whch mde my brthday mre special..

She gt up and lookt at him

ridhima-armaan kya chupa raheho mujhse...bolo naa

armaan-smiling naughtily mmm bataunga bt abhi nahi mood nahi hai bohot neend a rahi hai...he took the blanket and actd as if he ws sleeping

ridhima-aisi kya baat hai..oye theek hai agar nahi batana chahte to its ok...main rahul aur baki sabko bol dungi humne aaj raat kya kya kiya u knw...

aghh he hated ths lke he used to be a reserved and phamous kharoos personality in sanjeevani so evrytime ridhima blackmailed him considering the fact he was romantic and passionate with her..

armaan-RG no way...u r nt gng to do tht

ridhima-arey tum to so rahe thay na so jao..koi baat nahi zyada se zyada kya hoga kuch bhi to nahii she gt close to him and whispered in his ears..

bas main rahul ko bol dungi ke tumhare body pe kuch marks hai u knw lovebites...

He tried to catch her bt bfre tht she strtd running arnd the room clutchng the bed sheet..

ridhima-ab bataoo rakhoo mujhse yeh so calld secrets huhh kharooschand

armaan-lemme gt u girl dekho aaj main ky akarta hun...

she was making faces at him and they were lke running all arnd the room whn ridhima's feet slippd and she ws gng to fall down...


armaan-Rg sambhalke...

luckily she gt hold of armaan was damn scared lke anything...he came running to her

armaan-u r ok...damn wht do u thnk u wre doing..aise koi karta hai kya agar lag jaati to

she fnd his behaviour a bt strange..

ridhima-armaan chill..main theek hun aur mera paer pjisal gaya tha and agr lag bhi jaati to...

armaan-to it wld ve bn harmful 4 bth of u

ridhima-armaan mai...she stpd suddnly kya kaha tumne?both?armaan tum kya chupa rahe ho mujhse

he carefully mde her sit on bed and kneeld down

armaan-shona actualy i gt to knw ths today and iam soo hapyyy

he gave her a hug and a soft kiss on forehead..

her face was stl blank..

armaan-ok frst of all promise me ke aaj se tum apna khyal rakhogiii an dno mre work and all

ridhima-armaan baat ky ahai pehle batao o na

armaan-ok he carried her on his arms and wnt to bed

he kissd her passionately from her neckline till her chest and alas kissed her on her ekiss passionate yet touching it conveyed how happy he was..

after sharing the kiss he hugged her and whispered on her ear..

armaan-RG u r pregnant...he again strtd kissing on her shoulder and every inch of her body..

ridhima was feeling his love with clsd eyes and suddenly she flt smthng wrng...smthng whch struck her...armaan s words...wht did he say??is he alright?or he said smthng else?

she opened her eys and tried to compse herslf


armaan-mmm dnt stp me today RG i want to love u more...he was stl kissing her and was abt to remove th esheet frm her whn ridhima gt up and stpd him

ridhima=armaan plz i want to hear it in a stern voice..wht did u say?

he was a bt taken back still he thot she needs sme time to gulp ths bigggy news down

armaan-hmmm i said th tmy chota sa Rg is gng to be mommy now of chotuu babiess...iam soo happy RG u knw our love will be gettng a new name nw...and i warn u its gonna be a girl my angel our angel with that he hugged her...

She was nt findng exact words...hw to react in this situtaion?she was pregnant mean she wld be becomng a mommy soon?bt hw can it be so soon?she did nt wntd tht to happen...

armaan-RG say smthng na...hmm wait a min i knw it u r gonna gt surprised so i savd ths fr tonigh the righ t time u knw..kya huaa

ridhima-arr...armaaann r rr u sure dt iam pregnant i mean...

armaan-ofcourse baby...u remember last week u fainted and dn dt vommiting i gt ur reports chkd and its positive...probably ur frst month..

ridhima-bt how can it be armaan...i mean we we wre using protection na...

armaan-RG relax..and yah it happens kabhi kabhi...whts th ebig deal...u knw i dnt regret coz u r gng to gve me such a precious gift...

ridhima-bt i do armaan..

Ridhima-mera matlab hai ke humne to pehle hi decide kiy ath ana we wont plan the baby soo soon..phir yeh

Armaan-RG i knw but we dnt ve any prob na...sab kuch to settled hai u and our perfect life...i thnk this is th ebest time for us to be mommy and daddy..

Ridhima-tum nahi samajh raheho armaan..

Armaan lost his temper now...

Armaan-to phir kya me na RG i thot tum yeh news sunkar khush hogi we r havng a baby bt nw wl u plz tl me whts bugging u?

Its been a rollercoaster ride for armaan after whatever discussion tk eplace few minutes ago..he was confused now what to do?

Ridhima-armaaan..main iam really sorry bt whtvr i feel i ve tld u ab agay kya karn ahai yeh..

Armaan-bohot der ho chuki hai RG its bettr if u catch sm esleep we wl see i ton morning..

Ridhima-hmm  she gave a light peck on his lips and tried to catch some sleep hugging him...

But sleep was far away from armaan's eyes...tomorw he has to take a decision but how will he face everyone?his parents and specially his mom?

Padma-armaan pagal ho gaye ho gaye ho kya>yeh kya bol rahe ho tum?

Shashank-armaan r u sure ke ths wil be the right decision i mean..

Padma-shashank aapp...samjhayie issay hw cn he just..nahi main aisa kuch nahi hone dungi...

Armaan-mom plzzz its not easy for me i need to thnk of Rg also na...

Padma-to kya?aur woh aisa kyun karna chahti hai aray apne bachche ko is duniya mein laane se kya prob hai usay..

Shashank-padma i thnk armaan sahi keh raha hai...agar ridhim aiske liye tayiyar nahi hai ab to they shld nt go for ths...its a big responsibility..

Padma-theek hai aap dono ko jo karn ahai keeje bt let me tel u smthng...main iss faisle se bilkul khush nahi hun bas..


Shashank-gve her some time armaan...

Armaan came back from hospital having  a hectic time and saw ridhima a bit disturbed..

Armaan-RG kya hua...y r u so tensed...

Ridhima-armaan woh mom...

Armaan-i knw she ws upset yestrday abt all ths...

Ridhima-unohne subah se kuch nahi khaya armaan..she is distrbd..and she s nt evn talkng to me...armaan is she angry wth me..

Armaan-arey baba nahii see u knw mom luvs us alot..isiliye woh gussa hai nw cme lets go and mke her eat smthng..

Mr mallik u shld take care of her..bp bohot high hai it cn be dangerous also..i ve gvn her sm emedicines mke sure she tks them..

Shashank-dnt worry she will be fine...

At night time armaan was trying to sleep when he heard something

Armaan-RG whts wrng..

Ridhima was awake and she was crying..

Her face bcme red due to crying

Armaan-ridhima kya hua..he took her in a hug

Ridhima-armaan main main bohot buri hun na...

Armaan-nahiii pehle stp cryng ab batao kya hua...

Ridhima-armaan maine bohot socha aaj mom ki halat meri wajah se hui hai na...iam very bad..she was sayng ths like a baby

Armaan-Rg ais nahi hai..i tld u na ystrday..she wl be fine

Ridhima-nahi armaan yeh sab meri wajah se hua hai...main kisi kaam ki nahi hun...iam selfish...uneh bas tumhara baby hii chahiye n aaur maine apni silly thoughts ki wajah se itni bari galti karne chali thi..

Armaan-RG no one wl force u ok?see yeh bachcha humara hai and hum dono ko haq hai to tke any decision regardng ths matter..agar tum ab nahi chahti iss responsibility ko lena to its cmpltly ok mom ko main samjha u dnt need to do anythng against ur wish

Ridhima-nahii armaan i want to keep this baby now..u knw earlier i was scared ke main yeh responsibility sambhaal paungi ya nahii coz i dnt wnt u or mom dad to feel ke main irresponsible hun...our baby needs us armaan and main uske saath aisa nahi kar its decided main ussay iss duniya mein laungi..u wl b ewth me na?

Armaan was mre happy thn anythng...he hugged her tightly and showered her face with passionate kisses

Armaan-i love u RG and i promise u dt i wl always be wth u...thnk u soo mch...

Ridhima knw  it dt armaan also wantd this child after all it was the symbol of their how can she make him unhappy...she was determined nw to make her mind set for this new member in their life..

It had been 5 months since ridhima d tkn the decision to keep the child for the sake of everyone s happiness..malliks were happy lke anythng...padma used to pamper her all the time and mke her eat lots of healthy stuff...and she was also restricted to go to hospital as she needed rest and her health may get hampered due to it was decided she wl complte her internship aftr her delivery

Ridhima was in her 6th month nw...she used to have mood swings and at times she fl soo irritated dt she used to cry at nights...

Ridhima-armaaann...utho naaa

Armaan-RG plzzz it d been sch a tiring day lemme sleep na...

Ridhima-tumhe meri koi fikr hi nahi hai...theke hai raho mani ja rahi hun

Armaan-godd nt again mood swings..RG wait whre r u gng

Ridhima-i nd sme fresh air...i fl suffocated...

Armaan-ok lemme get my shrt

He wnt to gt his shirt and whn he cme he saw tht

Armaan-nw wht r u dng..chalo na

Ridhima-no i dnt feel lke gng out nw

She cme closer to him and strtd unbuttoning his shirt and was gvng him hot kisses strating frm his nech till chest

Armaan was gettng turned on nw but he knw tht ths ws nt the right time specialy at th stage he needs to be careful

Armaan-RG wht r u dng..stp na plzz

Ridhima-kyun pehle to u used to lke all ds na ab kyun?u dnt lke me na nw..

this is it..he ws losng it againn..evryday ths d bcme a routine..she wl strt dng all ds unexpctdly and he ndds to mke her understnd again and again..

ridhima-i became so fat and ugly dt u hate me nw i knw and u lke the girls in hospital na shayad isiliye der se atay ho ghar..

armaan-RG stp it plz...damn thak gaya hun main tumhe samjhate samjhate...evryday same thng..RG dnt u get it u r pregnant damn and ths s nt gud fr ur and our baby s health...u nd to undrstand it

ridhima-i cnt...aur kitne compromises karun..i fl suffocated nw..i wsh i wld ve gt it abrtd...


O k i know all the readers are ready with chappals for meShockedbt plz pehle sun lijiyeEmbarrassedthis story is very close to my heart coz i ve written it long time ago specially for mothers day hope u all will like it and yeah no need to get tensed coz i ve completed this storyLOL and full version is on my PC this other half was on my Lappy so iam posting it now...gonna pst the other part tonight thank youSmile
-apki laddoo anuEmbarrassed

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29priya Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged
awesome yar..
waiting 4 d next half...
nacima Goldie

Joined: 30 September 2010
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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
yeah , plz continue

mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:41am | IP Logged
every emotional's love for each other is eaternal.pleas update soon & add me your pm list.
nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
kamini...aisi concept paar mein apna debut ff likh rahin hoon aur tu mijhe competiton dene aa gayi????pehli epi mein hi mujhe hara di tune churrreeelll...itni achi likhegi toh mere ff kaun parega????hmpf...
it was out of the world was beyond imagination...incredible...fantabulous...perfect...aaab kindly jaldi update kar dena...vaarna...chappla to mein cpurier karke bhejoongi...woh bhi ssaabse saaste wali...dekh lena...

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m4manju IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 August 2010
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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged
amazing part anu... loved it specailly in flashback...but their present made my heart sank...wish they have their happiness back... Embarrassed continue soon...
Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
nice start
continue soon
araja1234 Goldie

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
awesome part.Waiting to read more.Update soon

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