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maaneet FF...forever with you... THREAD 2 (Page 99)

MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 6:23am | IP Logged
great update...
lets see how geet reacts

nammmu Senior Member

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 6:29am | IP Logged
i like your ff .send me pms pls
anushaarja IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
ohh now plzz update soon... zoha... can't wait anymore...
Gudiyalovesguru IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 1:13am | IP Logged
nw 1ly i crossed ur ff its awesome yaar.i lovd it.add me to ur pm list.

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zoha25 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged


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zoha25 Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged



I need to show you something. She move away to look at him. He takes the paper from the desk and gives to her. She takes it and read it. After reading it, she looks at him with shocking expression. Resignation letter. He nods his head.Maan, you want me to resign. He sighed again nodding. Can I know the reason? She looks at him for answer but he didn't answer, only shrugged his shoulder. She looks at him for some time studying his face. There is something Maan, right. He looks at her, well yes. He hesitated for some time and finally spoke up.Actually, I have hired detective behind brij, they were almost caught but escaped at the time. Now the detective told me, you should not step out of house as they are here. And they can harm you. She looks at him shockingly. When did you do that?

The day you told me about them, that day I start suspecting about them. She was shocked to hell. He hired detective to arrest them, for so long, and didn't even told her. For so long he have been hiding it from her. Didn't he trust her to tell her all things before?




Maan knew the look, she was insecure. Holding her cheek he kisses her forehead. Please don't take me wrong mishti. I wanted to tell you when the case would have been solved. She was still quite looking at his eyes, as for searching something.Geet. He called out seeing her not saying anything. She blinks few times and then looks down, playing with his tie. You know, you can work again after the case will be over. She didn't reply nor look at him. Suddenly both heard knock at the door. Geet move up and went to open the door. Adi came in with the file. Sir, the file is ready. Staff is also leaving. Maan nod his head taking the file. Adi turn to geet. And gave her a slight smile. She smiles warmly. When Adi went, she took the file from Maan, he look up to her. Let's go home Maan. He looks at her for moment and then thought she must want to talk to him in home. Without any words he stood up, grab his file and every important things, while she made her way out'




When they reached mansion, Maan move to walk to his room when he felt her holding his hand. Get fresh, I will warm the food. She smile letting him go, he went to his room, confused by her sudden changed in behavior. She was not angry then sad, and now just being normal. What is going on? After changing he went down and finds her setting the table. She saw him coming and smile yet again making him more confuse. Settling him she fed him with her hand lovingly while he looks at her, not able to get her behavior. Vicky came seeing both of them and sat beside Maan.Wow bhabhi, bhai is so lucky. Now a day's who feeds her husband so lovingly. Both smile,of course. Because no one is my Maan. Maan smiled at her eating another bite from her hand. Hmm, but you are also one piece bhabhi. Look Na, your husband is spending so less time with you now a days, it's not so long that you both are married. But still you never scold him. He said taking a spoon full of salad. Because I know Maan better than him. Maan smiled proudly. Vicky, when are you joining business? Vicky stopped eating and looked at geet. She smiled at him. Yes Vicky? He gave her a pleading look which got noticed by Maan. Now don't give this look to her. She already escaped you from this issue for long time. But now no more. You have to. Giving a forceful smile he says. Of course bhai, why not. But. He again looks at geet for help. Vicky, it's late. I think you should go and sleep. Maan rolled his eyes, she always help him. Vicky ran giving a flying kiss to geet behind Maan and ran. She chuckled and again fed him. Geet, why do you help him? He really has to settle down.

I know Maan. I will talk to him.
I was also talking to him.

No. you were torturing him.

What? Rolling his eyes he says, I really can't understand you. When they finished, both made their way to room. She went to change while he settles down in bed, thinking of the reason of her change behaviors. She came out and sat beside him, but he was in some thoughts. Suddenly he felt her settling on his lap as always keeping her head on his chest hearing his heart rhythm. Are you sure about the resignation. He start to cares her back and hair. She loves it when he makes her feel so relax caressing her body. Yes geet. Moving back she kisses his cheek caressing his stubble. I will think about it. He smiles.



His thought went to the checkup which will be tomorrow. Bringing her more close he holds her arm moving his hand to her neck tracing his finger there. Geet. I have an employee; his wife is suffering from strange attacks. He need some help from you. She looks at him curiously. What attack? Moving his fingers to her buttons he starts playing with them, or says opening them slowly. He says, she feels ache on her body sometime. It's getting worse day by day. And she doesn't want to do a checkup. She thinks for some time and then say. I really can't say anything. But she has to do full chekup.without that I can't help. He nods moving to another button. She feels very strong pain on her head also. She looks at him and says. Then their should be a complete check up.

Is it harmful?
Hmm, well, somehow. We have to give her a very little amount of shock. Maan eyes shot up. Shock treatment.  She giggles kissing his cheek. Yea, but it's not so strong, just a very little amount of volt. To see the effect of her brain. The reaction of her body, brain and blood circulation. It helps to know how her brain works. It can be painful for her, she might feel dizzy. But it's important. He look down to her, finished opening her all buttons, gently kissing her collar bone. Caressing her skin.  It's important Na. she looks at him curiously. He moves his hand to her cheek. Then it's important for you too. Haina.  She takes little time understanding him. Cupping her face he kisses her forehead.I took an appointment for you, its tomorrow. You will have a full check up. She was stunned. Mishti, I really want to. I can't live like this.
But I already told you Maan, there's not any... he put his finger on her lips not letting her complete. You said the checkup is important.
I also said, it's painful.  Sliding the shirt from her shoulder he gently kisses her shoulder. You know I'm always there for you. She looks down moving her hand to his chest. How many more things are you hiding from me? He looks at her but she was looking down. Pulling her chin he saw her eyes burning with tears. There's nothing i can hide from you. But I was quiet busy these days and I was not sure how to tell you. He said caressing her jaw with his thumb, trying to make her calm. Her tears flowed down and lips pout. I hate you, she said with her trembling lips.You did everything, without even telling me. I'm sure your destroyed my honeymoon only because of this stupid check up. You very well know I can't deny you. He smiles, finally she agreed. Holding her face he says.We will go to honeymoon again. She hit her chest saying, I don't want to go with you.
Fine. You can go alone. She hit him hard crying. I hate you.  He chuckled. Ok fine. She starts to hit him while he laughs softly.You supposed to deny. I hate you, hate you, and hate you. pulling her to him he hold her tight keeping her in his embrace, she cried for some time, he let her to cry. When she calmed down he moved her little away, moving close to her lips gently kissing her lips first. She kisses him back brushing his hair. Soon the gentleness went and both were kissing eacothers passionately, nibbling eacothers lips, he suck her lower lips biting it. Moving inside capturing her tongue, feeling every corner of her mouth with his tongue. She closed her eyes tight with the pressure. Making fist on his hair holding them tight, this made him more aggressive.  Slowly moving his hand to her body feeling her soft skin. Removing her shirt from her body. Her hand removed the waist of his. She moved away gasping for some air, he made her lie down, him top of her. Kissing her neck moving his hand on her back opening the hook and removing it. Feeling her skin in his mouth sucking every part of her. Removing both of their cloths.



She holds him tight brining him closer when he sucks her b****. She groaned when he bite her n***** and suck her hard. Her breath become hard, it was all going out of control. He was sucking every part of her skin, moving to her stomach sucking her belly making her more out of control. Moving on her neck he nibble the skin while hands busy cupping her b**** hard. She gave nail marks on his back biting his neck hard.  He needed her in that moment, and without wasting anytime he entered her in one go. She nearly screamed with the pain, he was aggressive. Closing her mouth with his, holding her scream and moving in the teeth. She holds his hair and shoulder tight due to the pressure. Maan... she screamed in his mouth. He didn't let her go, pulling her back to him, pulling her more close. She closed her eyes tight with the immense pressure, struggling to move away from his mouth to scream hard. But nothing worked. He was out of control. Wanting more of her, thrashing hard her giving many o*****, cupping her b****. All of this making her weak. It was something hard, something can't define, and she loved it. The pain was sweet, he let go of her mouth feeling her going week, and she gasped for air with her close eyes. The movements were out of world.



After a long time, Maan was lying on her, hearing her rapid heartbeat. Tracing his finger on her belly. We have to go tomorrow morning.  She brushes his hair. I'm scared Maan. He moved up and looks at her, kissing her lips gently, he moves to her neck, smelling her sweet scene.  I'm with you. Everything going to be ok.  He looks at her for some time and then spoke. I love you. She smiles holding his neck bringing him close.  I love you too.  She whispered and brought him to her neck, holding her waist he close his eyes. Both slept holding eacothers.




Precap: the checkup...

PRE  PART 39  &  NEXT :  PART 41

Hey friend..

Long one for you all..

How do you find it?

Please press like and comment..


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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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that was sweet caring and hot too how did you manage all in one

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome yaar 
loved it !!! 
hope geet is fine !! 

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