Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

Angini OS- Teri Bindiyaa Re----

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Sringaar is what makes a women look beautiful. And Bindiyaa adorns her..

Teri Bindiyaa Re.. -An Angini OS

I was hearing this song on the radio and my mind flew to Angini land.. Anmol and Ragini the magic they created with their spell bound performance in Bidaaii made me think of this one shot and no matter what it was I had to pen in down. I am not sure how much justice I am dong to this one shot , just thinking of Apurva and Parul playing the roles of Anmol and Ragini.

We have Anmol Sareen and Ragini Sharma and people from the respective families. The one short then takes you to know what is the relation between the song and AnginiSmile

Teri Bindiya Re

It was his brother's wedding and Anmol couldn't have been happier. As he looked up at his older brother, Ashwin, sitting high on top of a white horse adorned with all sorts of glitz and glamour, he didn't miss the smile that was concealed behind the floral strings of his sehra. His brother had always been his idol. For as long as he could remember, Anmol had wanted to be like Ashwin. As a younger boy, he mimicked Ashwin the best he could ' from his walk, to the way he talked, and even the way he slept. As he grew into a man himself, Anmol went to the same school as Ashwin and got the same degree. He followed the same career path, starting with the same job that had been Ashwin's when he had first joined Sareen Industries.


The baraath approached the gates of the Sharma Nivas. Lights adorning the compound from top to bottom, flowers cascading over the walls, and people all set to greet them. On a board outside the high walls of the home stood a sign'


Krithika Sharma


Ashwin Sareen


Anmol held out a hand for Ashwin as he came of the horse with ease. He felt his brother hand shake for just a moment and then it stopped. Anmol knew that his brother was nervous, but his brother was also happy. Sure it was an arranged marriage, but his brother truly believed that their parents had chosen the perfect girl for him, because after all, they were the parents and they knew best.


As they approached the entrance of the house, Anmol could see his brother's soon-to-be in-laws standing at the door surrounded by various guests. Oddly, behind them stood a crowd of more people separated by a sheet. Anmol couldn't figure out why Mr. & Mrs. Sharma stood in front of the sheet, while everyone else stood behind it.


The baraath came to a halt in front of the Sharmas and greetings were quickly exchanged, which was followed by Mrs. Sharma doing the aarti, tillak and all other necessary traditions. They were invited in but were stopped by a comment made by one of the girls behind the sheet.


"Aaise kaise aandar aa sakte hai aap Jijaji," one of the girls said with a smirk.  


"Matlab?" Ashwin asked.


Anmol already knew where this was heading ' his soon-to-be Bhabi's sisters and friends were going to ask for money to allow them to come in. Anmol and all the other groomsmen had come prepared to bargain, because there was no way they were going to pay to come inside for his own brothers wedding. There was just NO WAY.


"Aapko kya lagta hai, humari Didi ko hum aaise hi aapko deh denge?" a soft, musical voice asked.


Anmol and the other baraathi looked around but couldn't see the person who that voice belonged to.


"Kaun bola?" Anmol asked, as he looked around for the person that voice belonged to.


"Maine bola," the voice came again.


This time, Anmol looked in awe as he saw her for the first time that night. A girl looked at him from just over the top of the sheet that was blocking them. All he could see were her eyes. Instantly he thought that those had to be the most beautiful pair of eyes he'd ever seen in his life. He could notice her broad forehead her complexion was dusky , but that litle bit he could see she looked stunning, he always saw something in dusky skinned people as one of his cousins had married a dusky skin girl , but the family opposed but still he stayed put with the relationship. Coming back to what he noticed he saw her beautiful black,eyes which stood out on her complexion like lights. They were big and nearly almond shaped, outlined with the blackest eyeliner making her look like a vixen.  


The other thing he could see was a large bindi on her forehead. Anmol wasn't one who usually noticed such things about girl, but for some reason, the bindi this girl wore was unique, and unlike one he'd seen before. This bindi was larger than one he'd ever seen. It was set on a gold colored backdrop with glittering stones of all shapes and sizes. In the center was a big diamond shaped stone, which was surrounded by smaller round ones on both sides.

The combination of the beautiful bindi and her beautiful eyes was, well, beautiful.


"Aab aapki bolti kyun band hogayi?" the girl called.


It was that comment that brought Anmol from out of his daze and caused him to quickly draw his attention away from the girl's bindi.


He put on his stern face again before addressing her.


"Ji aap kaun?" he asked.


"Main? Main toh Jijaji ki honewali saali hoon," she said proudly.


Anmol was surprised at how expressive her eyes were, because if though he couldn't see her face, he knew she was smiling at the moment because her eyes were smiling back at him.


"Saali?" Anmol asked.


Suddenly he remembered. The Sharma's had three children. The oldest was Krithika Sharma, who would become Krithka Sareen in just a matter of a few hours. Then there was the middle child, a son, Amar Sharma, who was about Anmol's age and was helping Mr. Sharma run the Sharma business. Then there was the youngest Sharma girl ' Ragini Sharma. She was four years younger than Amar and had been abroad gone on a years deputation while all the talks for the wedding were on. She'd actually missed all other wedding functions because they had coincided with her project deadlines and launch of their product , or so they'd been told.


"Toh finally, aapko fursat milgayi aapni behen ki shaadi mein aane ki," Anmol commented.  


"Didi ki shaadi ho, aur main naa aaun?" she said firmly, "Aaisa khabi nahin hosakta."


"Aacha'" Anmol said, suddenly distracted watching her bindi. Anmol just kept getting lost in those beautiful eyes and was not in sound to hear what she was saying.


"Aab andar aana hai toh tax toh lagega hi," she said. "Chalo chalo, paisa nikalo."

 "Hello " , she called out to Anmol

"Ha..." he looked at her again ..

"Kyun? Hum kyun paise deh?" one of Ashwin's friends called.


"Kyun ke tax diye bina, aap log toh andar jaanese rahe," she said.


With that she suddenly disappeared behind the sheet.


"Hum koi paisa vaisa nahin denge," someone else called from behind Anmol , as he smiled at the support they were all giving him .


"Kyun? Kanjoos ho kya?" the girls asked, still out of sight.


Anmol whispered something to Ashwin.


"Saali sahiba, ek sawal poochna tha?" Ashwin called.


That did the trick, the girl with the intoxicating eyes came up, but again only her eyes and her bindi could be seen.


"Ji Jijaji?" she asked.


"Yeh'chadar'" Ashwin asked.


Anmol watched amused as the girl suddenly became shy and looked away.


"Woh'umm'haan," she said as if a light bulb finally clicked, "Woh kya hai naa ke jaldbazi mein ribbon nahin mila tho'"


"Ribbon nahin mila toh aapne chadar tang diya?" Anmol asked cutting her off.

 There was fire in her eyes as she looked back at him.

 "Kyun?" she asked, "Aapko koi problem hai humari chadar se? Aur ho bhi toh kya'yeh aapke liyeh nahin hai, yeh toh Jijaji ke liye hai."

 "Magar'" Anmol began only to be cut off.


"Kya aapko koi problem hai Jijaji?" she asked.


"Nahin toh'mujhe koi problem nahin hai," Ashwin answered smilingly.


The girl behind the sheet looked at him with triumph in her eyes before disappearing behind the sheet again.


"Toh aab, paise ke baath hojaye?" one of the other girls asked.


The bargaining continued for at least five minutes, at the end of which Ashwin ended up paying exactly what the girls had asked for. He handed over the money to the girls and soon the sheet was removed and Ashwin stepped inside.Anmol and the other groomsmen were ordered to wait until Ashwin was fully inside before they could come in. Anmol looked to see if he could find the girl with the beautiful eyes but he couldn't spot her.


"Andar aajayeh," he heard her call.


It was then, he looked up and saw a girl dressed in an olive green, gold and purple outfit, her back to him, escorting Ashwin. She hadn't bothered to turn her face, so Anmol still couldn't see her. He stepped inside, not looking at where he was going and before he knew it, it was on the floor.


Instantly laughter broke out in the room. Anmol looked around to see the guys he'd been standing next to ' the groomsmen ' were all on the floor just like he was. Some of them had their shoes off, some of them had one on and one off. It was then that Anmol realized that there had been glue put on the floor so when they stepped in, their shoes got stuck causing them to lose balance and fall.


"Aab samaj mein aaya ke hume ribbon kyun nahin mila?" the with her back to him asked before rushing off with Ashwin. Anmol nodded and smiled to himself. What a girl !!


Anmol sat on the floor dumbfounded while other in the baraath rushed over to help the fallen men up. It had all been part of her prank, that's why she'd used the sheet. That's why she kept disappearing ever few seconds. Anmol finally got to his feet, retrieved his shoes and promised himself that this was the only prank that was going to be played on the Sareens this night.




Anmol sat with Ashwin and other friends and family in an area just off to the side of the mandap. There was still time before the actually ceremony was to take place, so they were just enjoying themselves, teasing Ashwin, joking around and what not. Suddenly, amidst the laughter and talking, Anmol heard the sound of something jingling. Using his hands he instructed everyone to be quiet and as the hush fell over their group, the sound of jingling and whispering became more prominent. Turning around, Anmol saw a group of girls snooping around behind them.


"Hmm Hmm," he said as he pretended to clear his throat.


Instantly, all the girls stopped with they were doing and froze in the positions that they were in.


"Kya hum aapke maddat kar sakte hai?" Anmol asked, as he propped his right leg over his left and leaned on the back of the chair.


"Ji nahin, thank you," someone said.


"Aagar aap log joote doond rahe hai toh main aabhi batadoon ke woh nahin milenge," Anmol said sternly

"Aapse kisne kaha ke hum joote doond rahe hai?" someone asked.


This time, when he turned to his left, he saw them again ' the beautiful eyes and the beautiful bindi. This time, she was sitting in chair a few rows behind them, leaning forward so the rest of her face was hidden by the chair in front of her.


"Kissi ne toh nahin kaha, baas'main hi keh raha hoon," Anmol said in a mocking tone. "Bohot hogayi aapki manmani, bohot hogayi humari mazaak'aab toh iss shaadi mein Sareen's ki hi chalegi."


He heard her scoff as she rolled her eyes and then looked up at the ceiling. Anmol couldn't help it, and looked up as well.


"Hey Bhagvaan," the girl called. "Yeh samajte kya hai aapne aapko?"


With that, she turned around, stood up and began to leave.


"Kya Bhaia," Anmol said as he leaned a hand on Ashwin's shoulder, "Aapki saali toh bohot jaldi haar mangayi."


The girl stopped in her tracks and stood still for a few seconds. Then, she pulled her raven like hair to one side of her shoulder before she spoke.


"Jijaji, aapne bhai se keh dijiyeh ke hum itni asaani se haar nahin mante," she said.


"Sunliya Anmol?" Ashwin asked.


Anmol stood up before he spoke again.


"Hum bhi aapke Jijaji ke bhai hai," Anmol said as he addressed the girl. "Hum bhi dekthe hai, ke aap joote kaise churate hai."


The girl turned her face slightly, but again all Anmol could see were her eyes and the bindi, because her hair covered the rest.


"Hum bhi aapki Bhabi ki behen hai, joote toh hum churake hi dikhayenge," she promised.


With that she walked away, once again leaving Anmol to wonder what caugtht his attention more ' her spunky attitude, her bewitching eyes, or that beautifully adorned bindi. Anmol felt like he was falling for the second time that night, not on the floor, but for those beautiful eyes and the beautiful bindi.




Anmol and the boys of the baraath had made sure that no one saw them hiding the shoes and that no one heard them talking about the shoes. Not only had the girls managed to rob his brother of an entrance fee, but they'd also managed to embarrass Anmol and the other groomsmen in front everyone ' they weren't going to get the shoes'NO WAY.


Anmol had left, two of his friends, in charge of watching over the shoes while he made a quick run to attend a call from some clinet in NY whoes consignment was due tomrorow.. As he began walking back, he looked at where his friends should have been sitting, but was surprised when he found those seats empty. Looking around, Anmol whispered Daam as he found them deep in conversation with two girls. Anmol remembered the girls as being friends with the Sharma daughters,Disha and Raksha. Both his friends were busy with them forgetting their job Anmol left and went to be cautious.


"Kissi kaam ka nahin hai yeh dono," Anmol said to himself.


It was then he realized, no one was watching over the shoes. Holding his breath he turned to where the shoes were hidden. His eyes traveled past the mandap towards the corner of the room where a table had been set up to hold the various things that would be needed for the ceremony. The table was covered in a white table cloth that ran down to the floor. That is where the guys had slipped Ashwin's shoes soon after entering the venue. He was hoping that no one was wise to this fact.


Anmol's hopes shattered when he saw someone's head peeking out from the other side of the table. Someone knew that the shoes were hidden there. He immediately ran over, kneeled down and shot his hand under the table hoping to grab the shoes before anyone else did. Unfortunately, he can in contact with a pair of soft hands.


It was then, the person on the other side of the table looked at him. It was her again ' the one with the beautiful eyes and the beautiful bindi. At first there was shock and a hint of fear in her eyes, but as her eyes focused and she recognized him, the relief rushed in.


Anmol was completely in a daze as the girl with the beautiful eyes looked at him. He'd never seen a pair of more expressive eyes. He felt that if he stared at her long enough, he'd just drown in their depths. And for some odd reason, he also felt that if she stared at his eyes long enough, she figure out all of his emotions, Indeed she was a beautiful dusky lady he was admiring,


She blinked and her eyes glowed with a new sparkle.Anmol was rendered speechless. He just stayed there like a statue as she smiled and walked away. It was only when she was already at least twenty feet away from him that he noticed the shoes were in her hand.


"Daam," he cursed as he got to his feet.


He tried calling and signally to his firneds who were engrosed talking to the dusky Sharma's daughters friends... So Anmol took off after the girl himself. He tried his best to keep her insight but with all the turns and cuts she as making, he eventually lost her as she slipped into the darkened corridors of the home. However, he heard the sounds of her payals and followed them finally finding her again..


He saw her standing behind a pillar, hiding from him. She moved her left hand to fix her dupatta on her shoulder causing her bangles to chime as they ran into each other on her wrist. Sneaking up behind her as quietly as he could, he reached out and grabbed a hold of her right wrist, the hand that held the shoes.


He heard her gasp and then freeze.


"Itni asaani se toh tum jooth nahin chura sakte," Anmol said as he tightened his grip on the girl.


Suddenly, a booming voice interrupted their moment as Amar Sharma stepped between them.


"Kya chal raha hai yahaan par?" he asked in a serious tone.


Anmol instantly let go the girl's wrist and stepped back, giving distance between them.


"Kuch bhi toh nahin," Anmol said to Amar.


He watched as the girl behind Amar turned around and her eyes smile at him . She as shorter than Amar so his shoulder covered her face, except her eyes and her bindi. There was a sense of celebration in her eyes as she narrowed them, as if to tell him that she'd won this battle.


"Shaadi ke rasam abhi shuru hone vale hai, hume mandap pe jaana chahiyeh," Amar announced.


"Ji, chaliyeh," Anmol said.


"Main Didi ko lekar aati hoon," the girl said.


Anmol had just turned to leave with Amar behind him when the girl called out to him.


"Suniyeh," she called.


Anmol stopped and turned back to her ' her face still covered by Amar's shoulder.


"Maine kaha tha naa aapse'joote toh main churake hi dikhaungi," she said as a reminder to her earlier words.


With that, she briskly caught the flight of stairs, her hair swaying as she moved, her payals chiming and her bangles sounding.



He stood with Ashwin in the mandap by the sacred fire as they brought down the bride. Four girls surrounded Krithika, with one of them leaning in and whispering something into her ear. The girl talking had her hand covering her mouth, leaving her eyes visible. Instantly Anmol knew who those eyes belonged to.


Anmol was making sure Ashwin looked absolutely flawless just as they brought Krithika and she sat next to him. He looked over Ashwin's sehra to see if he could get a glimpse of the girl but once again, something obstructed his view. He leaned further over and almost saw her but she turned and suddenly rushed off at someone's request.


Making and excuse, he followed her.


Once again he found himself n the darkened corridor of the home. He searched for her but couldn't see her. After a few moments, he heard the sounds of her payals approach the hall. He stood silently in the shadow, and then, when she had just passed him, he grabbed her arm and pulled her aside to a hidden corner where no one could see them.


She gasped in her shock and was about to scream when Anmol placed his hand over her mouth.


"Chup'bilkul chup," he said softly.


Again, with his hand covering her mouth, all he could see were her beautiful eyes and the beautiful bindi.


"Mere Bhaia ki saali-ji," Anmol began, "Aap kafi smart hai aur hoshiyaar bhi..?"


He finally removed his hand so she could respond, and instantly, he felt his breath knocked out by her beauty. He studied her face and was left speechless.A beautiful dusky skined lady she looked , Her features stood out as the moon shone on her face and made her lok absolutly stunning with her eyes and the bindi to complemented it. Her nose stud shone in the moon light giving the extra glow on her face.she was gorgeous, she was timeless ' she was beautiful.

 "Samajti nahin," she said softly, "Jaanti hoon."


With that, she put her hands on his chest and pushed him away sending him crashing against the wall ' but Anmol wasn't going to give up that easily.


She turned away from him but before she could take a step further, Anmol held her again by her aram and she stopped as he came a litle closer and whispered in her ear.

 "Meri baath abhi tak khatam nahin hua hai," Anmol said.


"Chodiyeh, shaadi ki mahurat nikli jaa rahi hai'" she said as she turned her face half way to him, "Hum naye rishte mein baandhne jaa rahe hai."


He couldn't miss the smile on her face looking at this handsome guy.


"Naya rishta chodo, purane rishte ka kya?" he asked.


She simply nodded her head and he understood.


"Purane mein kya rakha hai?" she asked. "Aab toh main aapke bhai ki saali baunuggi."


"Bhaia ki saali tum baad mein," he said.


Then, he leaned in his head so that his lips were nearly touching her ears as he spoke.


"Saabse pehle toh tum'meri Ragini ho," he finished.


He leaned in the rest of the way as she tilted her head and he placed a kiss on her slender neck.


"Anmol'" she whispered hoarsely. "Koi aajayega."


Anmol paid no attention, he simply held her closer.


"Aane doh'" he dared, "Saabko bhi pata chale humare purane rishte ke bare mein."

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The Sharma's and Sareens's have a history that goes back to the patriarchs of the family being boyhood friends from the same town in Agra. They had gone to school together, they had moved to Delhi together, they had started and raised families together. So all their lives, Anmol and Ragini had known each other. They didn't know when or how, but at one point their relationship went from being that of family friends to something more. As far as they could remember, they never pictured their lives with anyone else but each other ' Anmol was always Ragini's and Ragini was always Anmol's. Of course, they kept their relationship hidden from their families until they both felt they were ready to have them all know the truth about their relationship. He always loved her beautiful complexion since he knew that she was one beautifully crafted maiden made just for him.


When the talks had first started of having a Sharma daughter become the daughter-in-law of the Sareen's, it had been a little of a shock to everyone. While Ashwin and Krithika too were good friends, they'd never seen each other in such a light. However, both parties had agreed knowing that they were going to marry their friends who already accepted as they were. Little did they know, the relationship between the Sharma's and the Sareen's had changed over five years ago when Anmol had taken Ragini out on their first date.


From that first date to this very moment, their love for each other had only grown. Only they knew how they had survived the past two years with Ragini abroad for her project work while Anmol was busy establishing the new look of Sareen industries with brother Ashwin.. They'd never been away from each other for so long since they'd known each other.

"Anmol'chodiyeh naa," she pleaded as she tried to pry her hands free.


Anmol completely ignored her.


"Mujhe bataya kyun nahin ke tum vapas aagayi thi?" he questioned.


"Woh main'bhul gayi thi," she retorted back.


Anmol was annoyed and the anger was visible in his face as he turned her around to face him.


"Jhoot maat bolo'aaisa ho nahin sakta," Anmol said. "Aur tum mujhe bhool jao'"


A film of tear engulfed her eyes, and was about to drop when Anmol held it with his index finger..

"Arrey yeah kya tumharey akhon maio asoo ", he blew it away and kissed her forehead

 "'yeh main hone nahin dunga," he finished.


He watched as a slight blush crept onto her face she smiled her face glow again and she laid her head on his chest.


"Iss naye rishte se pehle toh aap mere Anmol ho'" she said.


She then stood up straight to face him. With one hand she caressed his face and looked at him lovingly with her beautiful eyes.


"Ragini aapni Anmol ko kaise bhool sakti hai?" she asked.


When she tilted her head slightly, the light caught her bindi causing it to sparkle like the stars in the sky. Anmol was so enchanted, that he didn't notice her turn to leave until he felt a tug at his hand. Once again, he pulled her back so that she crashed into his chest with her back to him.


"Baas ek aur baath kena hai'" he said into hear ear.


"Kya?" Ragini asked, her breathing once again labored.


Anmol smiled as he rested his head on her shoulder from behind.


"Teri bindiya re'" he said, somewhat musically.


She slightly as she slumped, letting him take on the full weight of her body against his.


"Aaye haaye'" she whispered in return.


This time it was Anmol's turn to chuckle as he let her go when someone called for her.


She had taken only a few steps away when she stopped and turned to face him again, this time a gust of wind blew a sheer blue colored curtain covering her face from the eyes down. He stared with his head tilted to the side, his back still resting against the wall, as her eyes smiled back at him.


"Sajan bindiya'leh legi'teri nindiya," she said with smile.


Anmol chuckled again and placed a hand over his heart and he said, "O Aaye haaye."



3Years Later


"Anmol'" he heard her call. "Anmol'"


He peeked out from the large walk-n closet in the room, where he was trying to find something he'd hidden in there. He watched as Ragini ' his wife ' entered what was now their room.


She was dressed in a deep green saree with gold work. Her was pulled to one side, while her eyes were lined with dark liner, and her beautifully defined lips. In her hands she had a tray that held a tea pot, two cups and a container of sugar. She called out to him again, but Anmol didn't move. Instead he watched her.


She bent down slightly to place the tray on the table that was in the sitting area of the room. When she did so, the matching green one stone pendent necklace, which he'd placed around her neck just yesterday, hung away from her body. It was then that he noticed her hair was adorned with the sacred color of sindoor.

 After years of meeting in secret, and hiding their relationship from their families, just six months ago they'd told everyone the truth. Anmol had already been settled with his family business and Ragini had just finished her project launching and Anmol asked her to join their development division as the head with her talent she would help their business flourish as Sharma's had their family business which Ragini wished to be away from as it was out of her field interest. Initially, everyone had been shocked into silence because they had no idea that a romance had been going on between Anmol and Ragini for so long. Both Ashwin and Krithika had refused to talk to them because they'd hidden their romance from their older brother and sister. However, that soon passed and preparations for the wedding went on in full swing. It hadn't even been many years since they officially been man and wife ' Mr. & Mrs. Anmol Sareen.


Anmol was brought back to reality as he heard the sweet voice of his wife as she hummed a familiar tune. She suddenly stopped as she walked past the disheveled bed, it was their third wedding anniversary last night and it seemed just as if they had got married twenty four hours ago Anmol watched, amused, as she smiled slightly and blushed ' not doubt she was thinking about what had taken place on that very bed just a few hours before. He watched as she pushed her hair behind her ear as she walked over and took something off the table that was next to Anmol's side of the bed ' her payals. She blushed ever deeper as she did so. A grin appeared on Anmol's face as he remembered removing them the night before.


With the pair of payals in her hand, she walked over to the vanity and sat down to get ready for the day.

 She pulled her hair securely over her shoulder as she reached behind her. He became distracted for a moment as her hands reached over to tie the dori of her blouse. He suddenly felt ' excited ' as he watched the muscles of her back flex, the backlessness of her blouse providing him with the perfect view. He watched her struggle and frown as she failed to tie the dori.


It was then that Anmol stepped out and walked over to her. He bent down slightly and kissed her bare back causing her to gasp, startled.


"Anmol'" she said as her eyes met his in the mirror.


"Good morning," he said, kissing her neck.


"Hmm'Good morning," she replied, tilting her head slightly allowing her more access.


He stayed and nuzzled her until she shrugged him off.


"Bohot gaya aapki badmashi," she said. "Mujhe neeche jaake nashta banani hai."

 Even after 3 years of their marriage they were just like the newly wedded couple, and drawing back to the day after their marriage .

Anmol was relentless and didn't let go. Instead he wrapped his arms around her midsection and drew her close.


"Bhabi hai naa'woh sambhal lengi," Anmol insisted.


"Iss halat mein toh main Didi ko koi kaam nahin karne dungi," Ragini said, reminding Anmol that Krithka was seven months pregnant she couldn't conceive for a while finally she was blessed..

"Sareen bahu hone se pehle tum meri Ragini ho," Anmol wined.


He heard her chuckle as she put a hand on his cheek.


"Aur aap mere Anmol ho'chaliyeh, chodiyeh'mujhe tayar hona hai," she said.


This time Anmol had no option but to let her go. When she reached back to tie the doris again, Anmol stopped her and did it himself. Then he simply sat and watched her as she got read.


First, she pulled out a pair of gold jhumkas that was given to her by his mother. She took them out gingerly and then proceeded to put them on but Anmol held her hand.


"Kya hua?" she asked confused.


Anmol didn't say anything; instead, he simply took the jhumka and put them on. First the right, then the left, kissing her ear as he worked.


"Tera jhumka re," Anmol sang slightly.


He was rewarded by a slight chuckle from his wife.


"Aaye haaye," she said as she patted his cheeks.


Then, Anmol reached over and took the set of kangans, also a gift from his mother, and gently slipped them onto her wrists kissing the base of her wrist as he placed them.


"Tera kangana re," he said with a smile.


Ragini smiled back at him and tilted her head.


"Aaye haaye," she said as she caressed his face with her hands.


They were lost in each others eyes, only to be brought back to reality when there was a loud knock at the door and a tiny voice "mama papa ", Immediately Ragini moved to get up but Anmol stopped her.

"Abhi bhi kuch baki hai," Anmol said.


Ragini looked at herself in the mirror but found nothing wrong.


"Kya?" she asked.


Anmol pulled out a small wrapped box and saw Ragini's eyes widen with surprise and interest.


"Mere liyeh gift hai?" she asked, reaching for it.


Anmol quickly pulled her hand away before she got to it.


"Nahin toh'mere liyeh gift hai," he said.


He smiled as she frowned at him and crossed her arms over her chest.


"Hey Bhagvaan," she called as she looked at the ceiling, "Kuch sikhayeh inko. Shaadi ke itney saal aur kuhd ke liyeh gift laya hai'aapni biwi ke liyeh kuch bhi nahin."


Anmol loved when she pouted like that.


Ignoring her, he unwrapped the box, opened it and held it out for her to see. He knew she was beyond shocked when her eyes fell on the small adornments that lay in the box. Taking the sheet out, he took one of the small jewels and raised his hand to her forehead.


"Teri bindiya re'" he said as he pulled his hand back, and kissed her forehead.


Ragini turned to face the mirror again and inspected the bindi that Anmol had just placed on her forehead.


"Aaye haye," she said as she admired it.


She turned back to Anmol with tears swimming in her eyes. He instantly wiped them before they had a chance to fall.


"Meri bindiya re'" she said.


This time, it was Ragini that surprised Anmol as she leaned in and placed a kiss on his forehead. Pulling back, he saw her eyes were lowered and the beautiful blush was back on her cheeks.


Anmol lifted her chin up with his finger and she looked into his eyes.


"Aaye haaye," he said before enveloping her with his arms and holding her close.

The knock on the door was again at its peak when Anmol left the embrace and went to open the door..

There she came running and hugged her  mama and said "mama teyle bindiyaa re .."

She was diya Anmol and Ragini's 2 year old darling daughter who had heard her papa sing "teri bindiyaa re " for his Ragini


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anizor IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 October 2009
Posts: 2681

Posted: 06 May 2011 at 6:50am | IP Logged
wow shanti, really nice, very well written , thanks

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sami01 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
Posts: 15184

Posted: 06 May 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged

shanti  awww tera jhumka naughty and so cute and so much in love both of them, so sweet yaar...loved the build up from one single song which itself is mesmerizing to begin with ,,,,

Sd had finaly convinced lata and rafi to sing together after many years of bycotting each other... and what magic they created
and ur magic ..aww singing such a sweet song to his lady love and sweet little gir l overhearing
amazingly romantic and beautiful one shot loved it to read

Edited by sami01 - 07 May 2011 at 10:30pm

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saveeta24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
@shanti..amazing and beautifully written..Clap
amazing as you have penned down such a capturing love story on a few lines of the song..teri bindiya..Thumbs Up
you made it the focus and you unfolded to us such a  lovely pair anmol-ragini and their story..
first part love how you disclose the suspense hamara purana they were in love from beginning..Smile
love the cute nok-jhok..Embarrassed
part two..their maried life and how after 3 yrs they are much much more in love..
captivating moment of anmol-ragini..the jhumka..bindiya scene.Day Dreaming
could visualise every single scene of this OS as you have really taken us to anmol-ragini world ...Clap
last their little daughter too on same line as her papa singing teri bindiya...Smile
hats off to you for such briliant ..awesome OS.ClapClapClap
love it very much and i was having that smile on my face while reading it.Smile
aprul would have been mesmerising in these scenes...Day Dreaming

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anizor

wow shanti, really nice, very well written , thanks
Thanks Rozy !! Missing Angini so much and loved this song so penned down some thoughts..I donno if I did justice , but missing Angini so much and felt like  writing a OS on this song Embarrassed

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 7:29pm | IP Logged
@shanti, i also luv this song, you did an excellent job,i was so glued to it, i forgot the time, was late for work, whole day the song & your os kept running through my head. was nice i had a smile plastered on my face all day long.thank you for making my day.

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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 May 2011 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by savee_k

@shanti..amazing and beautifully written..Clap
amazing as you have penned down such a capturing love story on a few lines of the song..teri bindiya..Thumbs Up
you made it the focus and you unfolded to us such a  lovely pair anmol-ragini and their story..
first part love how you disclose the suspense hamara purana they were in love from beginning..Smile
love the cute nok-jhok..Embarrassed
part two..their maried life and how after 3 yrs they are much much more in love..
captivating moment of anmol-ragini..the jhumka..bindiya scene.Day Dreaming
could visualise every single scene of this OS as you have really taken us to anmol-ragini world ...Clap
last their little daughter too on same line as her papa singing teri bindiya...Smile
hats off to you for such briliant ..awesome OS.ClapClapClap
love it very much and i was having that smile on my face while reading it.Smile
aprul would have been mesmerising in these scenes...Day Dreaming
Thnaks saveeta.. Just this song was rining in my head and The elegance Anmol and ragini show .. I wanted to just picturize this in an altogether different sense..

Anmol has always floored her with her elegance and beauty ... Dusky looking lady that Ragini is indeed Anmol started to fall in love with her more than time could tell...

Actually I wanted to add this to my FF I was making with Anmol and Ragini the pilot and the pediatrician one but when I looked at these pictures from the necklace scene and hearing that song i thought of a scene where in we have two love birds who kept it from the family for teh longest time  knowing each other but waited as long as they could to finally come close

Thnaks for liking it I hope I did justice to the story

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