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New MN FF- Simple But Complicated(update)pg38 (Page 31)

-Annu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 August 2011 at 2:40pm | IP Logged
Hey a very nice FF...Tongue
i just luvd reading all the parts... Big smile
goddd...they fight so Much...LOL
but...smthing just struck them...Wink...may be LUV...EmbarrassedLOL
bas realization baki hai...Embarrassed
i just luv ur writing style...n u r just gud...ClapStar
plz continue soon ...n ya Plz do PM me whenever u Update...Plzzz...Embarrassed
AnnuBig smile

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-Zeenat- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 June 2010
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Posted: 02 September 2011 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Amazing Update!!
I didn't really like Nupur's behavior..
Anyways, Update soon & thanks for the PM. (:

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 August 2008
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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Sorry dear i didn't comment last 2 updates
they were beautiful update totalyy amazing
loved sayank bond adorable
hope mayank and nupur sort of their problems soon
thanks for the pms

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 January 2009
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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 12:58am | IP Logged
Tasfi- all d best for ur exam
Do study hard
and try to update dis FF if possible...

MAY ALLAH BLESS u lil sis...

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 January 2009
Posts: 25680

Posted: 12 September 2011 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
missing this f so much
hope u'll able to manage  some time to update dis ff

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 7:58am | IP Logged
hey guysHug
ok i know i am very late and want to say that this is probably the lats update of this yearWinkROFL yes my borads are knocking at the door and surely have no time..after this no update for next 4 or 5 monthsTongue so guys do remember me in your prayers and lots of love from my side for all of youHug
thanks for the amazing comments for the previous partsHeart
and lastly dont forget meEmbarrassed

lots of love

Edited by vampire_girl - 22 September 2011 at 9:07am

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 09 September 2010
Posts: 35689

Posted: 22 September 2011 at 9:07am | IP Logged


Nupur got up with a heavy head! Her head was paining badly..! she got up and freshened up with difficulty.. gunjan bought the breakfast in her room only. "thanks".. nupur said relaxing her back on the pillow.. she had no mood to have breakfast but anyways she was hungry too!.. "mai khila doon tumhe?".. gunjan said with concern.. "hmm"..nupur juts replied with a hmm she was in another world now! The first and foremost work she had to do was to say sorry to mayank and never cross his path again!..she some how ate..she herself didn't know what she ate and how she ate!.. "gunjan jara mera mobile deti jana".. gunjan who was leaving for some work stopped and gave her the mobile!.. she dialed samrat's number'because of her personal war with mayank she never kept his number!... samrat who was waiting for the lift answered the call.. "haan nupur bolo..tum phone kyun karrahi ho..bhool gayi kya hum tumhare samne flat me hi rehte hain".. he said with a chuckle!.. "samrat mujhe mayank se baat karni hai".. she said directly!.. "what??!!".. samrat shouted!.. "chilla kyun  rahe ho?".. nupur asked with anger.. "nupur..mai tumhe seedhe seedhe ek baat bata dun..tumhe koi haq nahi hai nupur ki tum mere dost ko bar bar hurt karo..uo jaisa bhi hai mera dost hai..tumhe uo pasand nahi koi baat nahi par iska ye matlab nahi tum is tarah apni nafrat jahir karo!".. samrat finally said what he had to!.. nupur couldn't answer for a time being..he too thinks that I hurt him!.. she ignored all the talks of samrat.. "mai use hurt karne ke liye use sorry bolne ke liye usse baat karna chahti hoon..tumhe nahi dena number mat do!".. she cut the call and threw the phone on the side table!




samrat went to the office and saw mayank was already there! Well he was shocked that mayank got up without any effort and also he came to the office too!..he asked the peon to bring a coffee for him..he surely was in need of a coffee.. "mayank tu itni jaldi office kaise agaya".. he asked with a shocked expression.. mayank looked at him and cast an angry glare..he was still angry on him!.. samrat sighed and sat on the chair opposite to mayank!.. "kya hua yaar tu mujhse itna gussa kyun hai?".. mayank closed his eyes and rested his back on the chair!.. "mujhe ihan acha nahi lagraha..kya hum wapas nahi ja saktein".. he said in a helpless tone..he knew that his father will never let him go back! And if he even tries something like this then the result will lead more difficulties for him.. samrat gave him a taunting look.. "par mujhe to ihan bohot acha lagraha hai".. he went back to his chashmish ga ga land! .. "haan of course jo cheez mujhe achi nahi lagti uo apko jarur lagti hai".. he said with anger! While samrat smiled at his mind knowing that deep inside mayank also doesn't want to go!


The peon came with coffee.. "waise mayank yaar uo hum dia ki shadi to attend karenge na?".. samrat said trying to change the mood.. mayank gave him a confused look.. nahi mera matlab uhan nupur hogi to tu shayed na jaye isliye pucha".. he was trying to control his laughter!.. mayank got up with anger.. "dekh uo kahin bhi ho usse mujhe kya?..mai kyun na jaun aur waise bhi uhan sirf dia ki nahi benji ki bhi shadi hai samjha tu".. samrat blinked his eyes.. "haan samjh gaya itna gussa kyun horaha hai?"..  mayank calmed down a bit!.,.but samrat wasn't in a mood to stop.. "nupur ka phone aya tha//wanted to talk to you"..he said sipping his coffee


Mayank's anger boiled up listening this..she wanted to talk to me..ah well I am not a fool to again talk with her and get insulted! "mujhe kisi se baat nahi karni samjha tu".. he said pointing his finger at him.. "I know isiliye maine usse keh diya ki uo apne kaam se kaam rakhe".. he said with a big smile on his face' mayank felt a bit sad ! he was becoming a confused soul first he didn't like to talk to her and when samrat told her now he was feeling sad! ( consult a a doctor mayank Sharma you need it!)




samrat and mayank came back and stood near the door while samrat was trying to open the door mayank was glancing at the closed door infront of him! This girl was surely affecting him like no one did before..she could turn his care free nature into a careful one..she could make him angry out of no reason and yes she could make him feel sad by ignoring him! Samrat noticed him staring at the door but preferred to keep quiet well he surely was enjoying all this so he decided to enjoy some more! "chal na darwaza khulgaya..ab ihain khare rehna hai kya?".. he said bringing him back to the earth!.. "hmm chal".. he went inside and directly went to his room!.. "kya samrat sahi kehrata tha I mean pyar?? Nah how can I?? Nahi nai its just impossible!! Samrat pagal hogaya hai and I am sure agar mai uski baton pe dheyan dunga to mai bhi pagal ho jaunga".. he ignored all the things, cleared his mind took a long shower '


samrat went out as he had some work and mayank stood near the window! ..the slow wind seems so so peaceful.. the stress seems to be vanished! He smiled looking at the beautiful scene! The moon and slow! nature can be so beautiful sometime! Well it was always beautiful but probably he noticed it now!


He heard the intercom ringing and recived it. "hello".. no talk from the other side.. "whos this".. again no answer.!! But this time he understood who is that.. "nupur?"..he said as if he badly wanted it to be if he wanted her to peak so that he could listen her voice... nupur took a deep breath and mayank closed his eyes trying to control the speed of his heart which was getting fast just by hearing her breath!.. "mayank..mai".. nupur said confirming him that it was she only!.. "tum thik to ho na?".. he was supposed to be angry on her but now he was asking about her health as if all the anger just vanished!.. nupur was shocked..she was expecting him to shout or be angry and she was ready for all that!.. "hmm..mayank I am sorry".. she said in a low tone..mayank looked confused at her sorry.. "for what?".. he asked with concern.. "har bar ke liye..har us bar ke liye jab mai bina waje tum par chillai..har us bar ke liye jab bina waje tumhe tana mara..har us shabd ke liye jisse tumhe takleef hui..har us bar ke liye jab.. (her voice started chocking in her throat) ..jab mai tumhare raste me ayi..i am sorry!".. she finished her sorry as a lone tear fell from fer eyes!


Mayank was not sure what to reply.. true he felt bad at her behavior but never expected her to say sorry..he never wanted her to be down! He could clearly understand that how much difficult it was for her!.. "nupur pls!..tum ye sab kehne ki koi jarurat nahi hai..pls".. she now felt more bad! He was being so nice but what can she do..she is like this only.. "nahi mayank I am really sorry! I promise aaj ke baad I wont cross your path again". She said and cut the call!.. it was so strange that mayank was feeling so bad!he so much wanted to run and remove those tears from her eyes! But why? He should be happy and proud that nupur finally realized her mistake!.. he was mayank shrama and yup he does what he want.. he ran to her flat and impatiently and press the bell! Nupur opened the door with a shocked expression.. "tum ihan?".. mayank looked around and held her wrist and pulled her out' nupur was about to protest but too late.. mayank had already put his one hand in her mouth and other to blochk her hands!.. "ssshhh".. he just pinned her against the wall..nupur's eyes widened up! She wondered what will he..she was getting scared.. "don't worry..mai tumhe chorrha hoon par chillana mat..bohot raat ho chuki hai ok".. he said like a matured person.. (mayank and maturedROFL ) nupur nooded and he left her!..


nupur looked at him from the corner of her eyes.. "kya baat hai?".. she said not meeting with his gaze.. "nupur tum thik ho?".. he said with so much concern in his voice that nupur couldntstop herself and looked directly in his eyes.. his eyes?..were they saying something.. but what.. was it her misunderstanding or really they hold concern and care or may be love for her..but how can it be? He supposed to hate her and she was trying to find something else.. mayank was lost in her big eyes! He had to agree that her eyes were the most beautiful eyes in the world..they were as pure as rain water (though aaj kal acid rain bhi haiROFL ) ot that he had never seen more beautiful girl than her of course he had! He used to be surrounded with girls only but nupur..yes she was different and some how he was changing him but he liked the fact!


After a long time of staring nupur finally looked down so as mayank.. "mayank maine khaa na ab mai tumhe pareshan nahi karungi..ab jao ihan se".. she was about to leave but mayank held her pulled her back!.. "its not like you want it to be ms nupur bhushan!".. his grip was so tight that nupur was getting hurt!.. "jab man chae meri zindagi me akar kuch bhi suna do aur jab man chae chali jao..the world doesn't revolves around you understand?..jaisa tum chati ho waisa humesha nahi hoskata..kya lagta hai tumhe haan?..lagta kya hai tum kahogi and I will let you go? you are just cant go smajhi?..mai khelona nazar ata hoon tumhe?..gussa nikala akar nikali aur bas hogaya?..what the hell do you think of yourself haan?"..he tighten his grip more.. "mayank choro mujhe!..its hurting".. she said in a pleading tone.. "no nupur bhushan its hurting me you got it?".. he was getting furious.. (tashu wonders but why?Ermm ).. "ah!".. hshe moaned in pain..hid words and his grip was equally hurting her


Finally mayank realized that it was him who was hurting her badly..he instantly left her feeling sorry about what he did!.. he looked at her hand which were totally red because of him.. "nupur I am ..i am really sorry".. he was feeling bad that he hurt he wasn't repenting on what he said..he thought whatever he said was the most right thing in the world but yes surely he was feeling guilty that he hurt her physically


Tears fell from nupur's eyes..she looked at mayank with her teary eyes.. she couldn't sya anything.. mayank held her hand but this time delicately .. "nupur I am really sorry".. he saw the marks in her hands and some tears gathered in his eyes too.. he lovingly cressed that marks. Now it was hurting more to nupur! She looked at him with amazed.. how can someone be so strange!.. "mayank..its ok..mera haath choro".. she just wanted to leave from there.. but mayank was in no mood to leave her.. "no nupur you cant go".. he said with determination..this time nupur got angry.. "kyun??!!!!..why cant I go.. do I always have to live the way you want me to?.. tell me..khari rahun mai ihan tumhare sath..what do you want..again hurt me? Bolo??".. the way she said "again hurt me".. it didn't look like that she was talking about her hand.. mayank took some steps back..her words were right.. what will she do by staying.. he may again hurt her.. seeing mayank backing out she instantly took out her hands from him with a jerk and proceed to go to her falt.. "nupur!".. she stopped at his call.. "I didn't mean to hurt you".. he said like a child is feeling guilty for his deed.. nupur looked at him with no emotion in her eyes.. "you always did always did!".. she left from there without saying anything else..she may just break down if she stays there anymore!..while mayank stood there not knowing what to do or what to say.. he was confused with hemslef..he was angry on himself can I behave with her like this! But that's the human take compleax things very lightly but it took ages for them to understand a simple thing!..sometimg simple is more complicated!


pls press the like tab if you liked it

and dont foget to leave your comments/suggestionsEmbarrassed



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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
amazing update dear ...your updated made me smie

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