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New MN FF- Simple But Complicated(update)pg38 (Page 27)

.PINK. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 August 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

hey sis plez continue !

looking 4ward reading next part na

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-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
nyc update tasfia!
but evn i'm confusd abt MN's behavior 2wards each other?Confused
cant wait 4 next update!
cont soon!
thnx 4 d pm!Hug

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_ArTi4ever_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
whats nupur's problem??there must b something behind her mysterious behaviour 4 sure..really sad seeing mayank hurt..hope the distance between the 2 reduce soon...Smilecontinue soon

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
nice update yaar

thanx for pm

continue soon

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PrincessBushi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged
lovely part tashu .. enjoyed reading it .. <3


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mona-bg Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 9:38am | IP Logged
really nice part .
thanks for the pm dear Big smile

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged
hey guysHug
back with an updateEmbarrassed
thanks a ton for all you comments for the previous part
really appreciate them
thanks againHeart

now pls scroll down for the next partSmile

Edited by vampire_girl - 24 August 2011 at 5:33am

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 5:30am | IP Logged

Mayank got up with a jerk as the alarm rang… "shit mai phir se late hogaya!".. he looked at the time and remembered that he actually had a important meeting today!..he got up hurriedly and looked for samrat.. he was tired of the habit of mayank's getting up late so he himself went to the meeting without caring whether mayank is gonna wake up or not!.. "sam..tujhe mai chorunga nahi..tu dekhna".. he cursed samrat and after getting ready and he locked the flat and was about to turn when he bumped with nupur.. nupur was looking at him with a taunting look on her face.. "nupur pls aaj nahi..i am already very late..hum baki ki larai akar karenge ok..abhi mujhe jane do".. he was about to go but how can we expect that nupur will let him go so easily.. "kya?..kya matlab hai tumhara..mai larai karti hoon".. she said angrily.. mayank hit his head with his hand.. he shouldn't have said anything.. "nahi..maine kab kaha..uo to mai larta hoon na..ab mai jaun ya aur bhi kuch bolun mai tumhari tareef mai".. he said sarcastically.. "dekho tum!".. nupur was about to continue this but thankfully the lift opened and mayank got in.. "phew! Bach gaya".. he thanked god in his mind while nupur was fuming with anger how could he go without listening to her.. as if she had her copy right on him!


samrat and mayank had a cat and dog fight after the meeting that how can samrat come without waking him up.. but it was only samrat who had set the alarm for mayank so that he can come for the meeting on time.. but still mayank was fuming with anger.. but finally they thought to stop the fight

they came home really tired and fell on the couch.. "yaar kitna tiring day tha na".. mayank complained.. "yaar tere liye to har din hi tiring hota hai..par aaj wala mere liye bhi tha".. mayank cast a get lost look at samrat at which samrat totally behaved as if he is blind and cant see anything!.. the door bell rang and mayank looked at samrat as if pleading him to open the door.. "meri taraf ghur mat!..mai nahi jaraha.. ja darwaza khol".. samrat closed his eyes resting his back on the couch.. mayank was fuming with anger.. if he could he would have preferred to kill samrat today!

With a heavy heat and tired mind he went to open the door and saw gunjan standing there with food!.. he smiled thinking samrat had a big lose today and he felt happy that samrat didn't came to open the door and now he is gonna tell him that what a big mistake he did by being lazy to open the door!..yes nupur was stubborn not to see mayank's face at her house so they preferred to serve the food at their flat only.. gunjan also smiled at him.. "mai andar ajaun".. she said and mayank gave her the way to come in.. she placed the foods on the kitchen.. "ap log kha lijiyega..kisi cheez ki jarurat hui to mujhe bata dena".. she sweetly said and was about to leave when something hit on mayank's mind.. wasn't nupur supposed to come to give the food?.. generally she used to come and they had a quiet taunting and fighting session too!.. "umm..gunjan.. nupur?".. he himself didn't know why he asked about her!

"uo actually aaj market se ate waqt di ka chota sa accident hogaya..use kafi chot bhi lagi to uo rest karrahi hai".. she said and left after that.. while mayank stood there dumb stuck.. he talked with her actually ignored her talk this morning only and suddenly this accident.. he just wanted to run away and check if she is alright or not.. on the other hand someone was saying.. "tujhe kya fark parta hai?".. and other was "use chot lagi hogi".. he was feeling so bad!… "acha hai na..ab uo tujhe kuch dino ke liye pareshan nahi karegi".. he thought for a moment.. was he actually getting used to with her anger, with her blabbering and her constant taunting.. "uo jiye ya mare".. but before his devilish mind could complete his sentence he shouted.. "just shut up!"… he felt bad to even think about loosing her..(Tashu wonder.. loosing?.. ermm.. you supposed to get her first to loose her right?)

hearing his loud shout samrat came running to him.. "kya hua..bhuchal aya ya toofan..kya hua..hum marne wale hain..building girni wali hai kya".. samrat was looking here and there trying to see if he was going to die or not!.. "chup ek dum chup!".. mayank shouted at which samrat stood there like child who has just been punished!.. "sam yaar..uo na nupur ka accident hogaya..use chot ayi hogi..chal use dekhne chalet hain".. samrat was standing still in that pose only but his eyes were getting wide and wide!..he blinked his eyes sometime to make sure that he wasn't dreaming!.. "tera matlab hai..TU..aur uo bhi NUPUR ko dekhne jayega?".. he was trying to make sure that what he heard was right.. "sam pls..!! bakwaas mat kar..mai hindi me bol raha hoon na..tujhe smajh nahi araha kya".. maynk was getting impatient now!.. he was feeling that he should be with nupur now! And here samrat was wasting time.. "tu cjalraha hai?".. mayank asked samrat at which samrat nooded without saying any word..he was not sure what was happening around him.. he saw mayank going like wind.. "iski tiredness kahan gayi".. he thought in his mind and followed him!


 they rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door..mayank was tapping his foot on the floor..samrat knew that when maynk does this that means he is hell tensed.. samrat wanted to go to the doctor for a check up.. he was getting high fever seeing all this un usual things happening around him!.. "itna time lagta hai kya darwaza kholne me!".. he said with irritation.. "chill yaar! Busy honge".. mayank was about to say something but finally gunjan came and opened the door!.. she was surprised to see them!.. "app log?".. she asked with a bit surprise look on her face… mayank withot answering her question got in.. "hum nupur se milne aye hain…kahan hai uo".. he started looking here and there!.. "hey bhagwaan! Mere saath hi kya ajooba dekha rahe ho mujhe".. samrat said in his mind!.. "uo aram karrahi hai!".. gunajn said trying to avoid any kind of meeting between mayank and nupur! One more fight! No ways!

"hum bas use dekhne ayen hain..use chot lagi thi na".. this time mayank said with a calm and composed voice.. samrat could easily see thae he was being so caring towards nupur! But he preferred to keep quiet.. what he is thinking if that is right then it s better to keep quiet and let the wind blow like its own way!

Gunajn couldn't refuse at his concern.. "jee thik hai..ajaiye".. gunajn took them to nupur's room.. "sorry uo darwaza kholne me der papa  gharpe nahi hai na isliye".. she couldn't complete her sentence samrat intereppted.. "its ok chashmish!".. he said with a smile.. by now gunajn was used to with this chashmish thing and she didn't mind anymore.. she also smiled in return!

Mayank and samrat went inside nupur's room only to see a little bandage on her head and on her elbow!.. she was slepping.. samrat and gunjan went inside but mayank stood near the door..she doesn't look good like this.. she looks good only with her non stop blabbering and tauntings.. probably mayank was getting so much used to with this that without his realizing nupur was becoming a spice of his life!.. she worked as salt of his life.. yes salt..because the importance of her presence may not be felt but her absence is surely making life tasteless.. he missed the the fight that they used to have when she came to give them the food..he missed her those eyes which were full of taunts but only looking at him with those big and angry eyes!

"di..dekho tumse koi milne aya hai".. nupur slowly opened her eyes to see samrat atnading near the bed and mayank near the door.. she tried to get up but her head was paining badly.. "its ok nupur tum leti raho..aur ye sab kaise?".. samrat asked her.. "kuch nahi bas market se ate waqt ek car se accident hogaya bas!".. she said but still looking at mayank..she thought may be he had come to fulfill the formality.. she felt that probably mayank didn't want to come and samrat dreagged him here..little did she know that mayank was the only one who came runningly listening about her accident!.. she looked at samrat..she didn't even want to look at him.. "samrat agar koi ihan jabardasti aya hai to keh do mujhe jarurat nahi in jhootey fomramlities ki".. she said a bit hurt.. her thinking wasn't wrong too..he disturbs him so much..why will he come to see her!.. mayank who was leaning on the door straight up himself..!.he was getting angry can she think that I wont come to see her,,she met with an accident and she thinks I don't care!..fine I don't care then!.. he clutched his fist tightly in anger.. samrat looked at him.. "nahi ..nupur..aisa nahi hai!".. he tried to explain her.. "sam..chalein?.. mere paas aur bhi bohot jaruri kaam hain..rather than visiting unimportant people!".. nupur was shocked with that "unimportant people".. "mayank tu".. samrat was about to say something but mayank's anger was just boiling up.. "I am going!".. he said and left from there!.. nupur's eyes were beaming with tears and the only sound was going in her mind.. "unimportant people".. "nupur I am sorry..mai.mai chalta take care".. samrat said to nupur and left to catch mayank!

Gunjan looked at her sister and clearly could see that she was hurt.. "di mayank..ihan jabardasti nahi aya tha..usine jaldi jaldi ki tumse milne ki".. gunajn too was feeling bad for mayank.. nupur looked at her but gunjan left with a dissapointment look on her face.. she was feeling that probably her sister was getting a bit over!.. but only she knew that why was she getting over!..She closed her eyes and some tears came outside..whom she was probably trying to hide!


mayank took out his tie and there it on the floor!.. "I hate her..i just hate her!..she is mad!..argh..koi itna ghamandi kaise hosakta hai..ek to use dekhne jao uppar se batein bhi suno!,..great! naukar hain na hum uske!!!".. he was furious! Samrat quietly listened all his talk.. when mayank calmed down a bit after venting out all his rage..samrat came and sat beside him.. "khana khayen?".. he said normally as if nothing happened.. mayank looked at him with an awe.. but he realized he was hungry too.. "hmm..mai fresh hokar ata hoon".. he went and got greshen up..they both sat on the dining tabe and quietly had their meal! Samrat just wanted to shout that moment because he just wanted to know what the hell was going on! But the best way he found was that he should keep quiet!

The night was sleepless for mayank and nupur too.. nupur felt guilty.. she was actually over reacting and anyways if mayank doent or does come to see her she souldnt care right?.. how does it matter that whether he comes with his own or forcefully..the thing that matters is she is over reacting!.. she made her mind that next morining the first thing she will do is to say sorry to mayank! And also promised herself that she wont cross mayank's path again..she will stop interfering in his life what he does what he does no..she will not care!..promising herself she dozed off to sleep

Mayank was pacing around the room..samrat could hear all this but he silently keep working on his laptop..he didn't want to talk about all this now!.. but mayank was irritated..samrat should have asked him..talked with him.. he furiously went to samrat's room to see him peacefully sipping his coffe and totally lost in his laptop.. "tu mera dost nahi dushman hai".. samrat looked up but again at the laptop..he was now used to with this..since chilhood whenever mayank is angry he prefer to vent all his anger on him only and basically he never minded too..mayank was hi friend brother and only family so saath khoon maaf for mayank!

"ab tu kuch bolega?".. mayank again asked samrat angrily… samrat finally got up.. "jo mai bolunga na uo teri smajh nahi ayega nahi shayed samjh ayega par tu samjhega nahi to behta hai mai apne kitmti waqt aur sabd dono sambhal ke rakhun"..he said coolly.. mayank gave him a confuse look!.. "you want me to talk?".. samrat said coldly.. mayank nooded.. "to sun aur beech me bolna mat!.he said with anger… "use chot lagi uska accident hua uski problem..tu kyun kyun gaya uhan??..what the hell you needed to go there??..aur o bhi khana peena sab chor ke..janab ki tiredness to aise door hui jaise gadhe ke sar se sing!..aur usne kya kaha nahi kha tujhe kyun farak pora..tu to mayank Sharma hai na tujhe to apne baap ki bato ka bhi aaaj tak fark nahi para to ab?? What happened??..will you please tell me??".. samrat almost shouted! No he knew all the answers.. but he had make mayank realize too and for that he  had to ask him all this!

Mayank looked at him with blank eyes!..he hadn't any answer for his question…he looked down and quietly went to his room and tried to sleep though he couldn't but still he tried..the only thing was roaming around his head was that why nupur??.. why this nupur suddenly came in his life and probably she is changing everything.. why??


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