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New MN FF- Simple But Complicated(update)pg38 (Page 23)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
awesome update.
lolz ... mayur r hilarious.
love sam a lottt
OMG!!! chand or khidkiyan badal le...rofl
awesome update.
hayyy...awesome mayur fall.
it was so nice.
kuch to hua hai...sab kuch alag hai...sab kuch naya hai..
awesome update 
continue soon
thanks for the pm.

_ArTi4ever_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
amazing...loved it a lot...continue soon...
prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 1:03am | IP Logged
nice one yaar

thanx for pm

conmtinue soon
kheya-mayur IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 August 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
want next updateas soon as possible
..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Hey guysHug
Hows you all..i am back with an update..i would have updated more early but I feel lazy in RamadanLOL..well ignore my bakwaas!

And again thanks a bunch for all the appreciation for the previous partHug
I feel really angry on myself that I couldn't reply them but enjoyed reading them
Thank you so much for the encouragement Hug

So now enough of this..i am ready for all jootey chappals that I am gonna get after this part! pls scroll down for the next partSmile

Love you allHeart

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged

"mayank uth ja yaar"… samrat was tired of this…every Sunday he has to do this!… "yaar Sunday hai na let me sleep!"..mayank said turning to the other side… "haan Sunday hai..par tere baap ka nahi smajha…sunday hai duniya nahi ruki ..chal kaminey ab uth warna garam panee dal dunga tere uppar"… samrat was getting angry now!… "oh shut up and get lost!"… mayank was in no mood to get up… "acha get lost…abhi dekhata hoon tujhe"… he went out of the room opened the freeger and got the cold water bottle… "mayank yaar tu mera dost hai to garam panee mai nahi dal skata par haan…thanda panee mai jarur dalunga tere uppar! Tere saath aisa hi karna jaruri hai warna tu line me nahi ayega"… he said with a devilish smile and went to the room again… he thought of giving it a second try… may be he wont need to use the cold water… "uth raha hai ya panee phekun?"… he aksed mayank but mayank was in so much sleep that he hardly could hear anything… "thik hai mr Sharma..ab ye le"… he poured the whole bottle on mayank's face and mayank got up with a jerk and shouted … "aaahhh!!"… he got up and shook his head to remove the water… "kya karraha hai ..tere kamine pan ki koi hadd hi nahi hai"… he threw the pillow at him… "haan nahi hai..ur ab tu uth gaya hai na to pura uth ja warna freeger me abhi bhi bottles hain"… he said with a proud look on his face as if he had done something really great!!

"uth raha hoon"… mayank shouted… "good! Aur chillane ki jarurat nahi samjha"… samrat got out of the room… after freshen up mayank also came out…he searched for samrat but he wasn't there… "ye kahan mar gaya ab"… he was about to move on the other side when he got a big shock! Nupur was standing there with a mouth open… becaue mayank was in his trousers shirt! Shocked… "what!!?"… he covered his body with the towel which was hanging around his neck… "tum yahan kya karrahi ho??"… he was shocked to death and embarrassed too…. "mai to ye dane ayi thi..tumhara mobile..kal humrae ghar chut gaya tha…ye lo"… she gave him the phone covering her eyes… mayank took the phone … "ab jao na khari kyun ho?"… mayank just wanted her to go some how… (tashu wonder mayank ko kaisi sharam?Ermm ) ..nupu was still covering her eyes… "ja rahi hoon…mujhe koi shok nahi hai yahan rehne ka huh!"… she was about to go when her foot banged on the shoes which were lying on the floor…which cause her to fall.. (ah don't worry when tashu I mean mayank is here you need not to fall).. but mayank caught her hand and pulled her which caused both of them fell on the sofa.. nupur over mayank… his hand was on her slim wrist.. her hand were beautifully on his bare chest Embarrassed

and of course eye lock!…they were lost in their own dream land… this would have surely continued as mayak and nupur both didn't have the mood to come out of this moment but samrat hai na aise kamo ke liye… "hey bhagwan! Ye kya ho rahai hai?"… he said covering his eyes with his hand… mayank and nupur both came back to the earth and got up.. "sabke smane larai aur chupke chupke ye sab!!"… samrat was in no mood to leave such an amazing chance… "shaut up yaar asia kuch nahi hai..apni bakwaas band kar samajha"… mayank was not liking this at all… "dost huyen paraye dushman hua zamana!"… samrat was no less than a typical heroine… nupur was fully embarrassed so she decided to quietly leave the place… "nupur listen!"… mayank tried to stop her but she was already gone… "wah wah!! Nupur ko roka jaraha hai"… samrat was with full preparation… "shut up sam..yaar uske samne hi tu shuru hogaya…use kitna bura laga hoga"… mayank said out of the blue… samrat got up with a jerk… "kya??!! Kya kaha tune?? Use bura laga hoga??…aur is baat se tujhe fark parraha hai??"… he was shocked! This kind of thing wasn't epected from mayank and that too for nupur!

Mayank realized that what he said… "I mean she's a girl after all"… he said trying to avoid samrat's any further analysis… "and you care?"… this time samrat asked was not a joke now!… "sam what are you trying to say?"…mayank asked him directly… "nothing! I am just trying to understand"… samrat said and decided to stop it right there… "mai bahar ja raha hoon..kuch kaam hai mujhe"… mayank said and hurriedly went to get ready… "ye sab ho kya raha hai?…mayank and nupur…nupur and mayank… ah! Nahi samrat asia soch bhi mat! 2 din me kisi ek ki lash milegi!..better I should stop doing so much brain work!

Nupur was running towards her flat when she bumped with dia.. "arey miss nupur expresss kahan bhagi ja rahi hai"…dia asked her… "haan ..nahi ..kahin nahi…uo bas aise hi"… nupur said looking down… "kya baat hai..sab thik?"…dia asked her not sure… "haan sab thik hai..tu bata tujhe koi baat karni thi"… nupur tried to change the topic… "arey haan yaar!! Bato hi bato me to bhul hi gayi…tujhe pata hai..aaj na benji araha hai uo bhi apni family ke saath"… she said with a big smile on her face… "kya??!..arey waah yaar!.. is bar to sachem jiju ko kuch jyada hi jaldi hai"… nupur said with a chuckle… "chup ho ja!"… she hit her playfully… "waise tu is mayank  aur samrat ke flat me kya karrahi thi"… she said being confused… from the time she had returned she is listen only one thing from nupur's mouth "mayank ek number ka alsi hai…uo kisi kaam ka nahi…use kisi ki parwa nahi..uo waisa hai..uo aisa hai"… and lots more actually all the bad things… though she didn't feel mayank that much bad but still she wasn't sure that why nupur stays so angry on him.

"uo uska mobile chut gaya tha humare ghar…to mai lautane ayi thi"… she said looking down… "kis ka samrat ka?"… dia asked… "nahi yaar mayank ka"… nupur replied with anger… "kya hua?"… dia sesnsed something… "sorry yaar..kuch nahi..chor na..chal beach chalet hain..i am not feeling well"… nupur surely wanted to go to the beach as she wasn't feeling good… "haan thik hai..tu neeche chal mai abhi ayi"… saying this dia went and after telling her parents nupur was getting into lift and fortunately or unfortunately mayank was there too (isn't it quiet obvious?)  nupur was about to step out when mayank interpputed.. "mai koi bhoot to hoon nahi jo tum bhag rahi ho..ajao pls"… he didn't like the fact that nupur didn't trust him this much that she wasn't ready to go with him in a lift.. "nahi uo mai"…she would have surely said something more but before that mayank pulled her inside…as the door was about to get closed!… "how dare you to touch me!"… nupur looked at him with red eyes…mayank instantly left her hand… "lift band hone wali thi"…mayank tried to justify his act… "so?? what??..siriyan hai na?..aur lift humesha ke liye to nahi ja rahi thi na?!!"… she was getting fully irritated and hyper… "just shut up nupur!!..whats your problem?"… mayank was about to shout more when the lift got stucked..nupur shouted loud well typical nupur type..mayank was confused at why this sudden lift mood change and shocked as nupur wa shouting like anything..!!

"ssshhh!!"… he just put his hand on her mouth to shut her up and pinned her against the lift… "chilla kyun rahi ho?..we are not dead ok"… he was getting more rude but when he saw that nupur was actually crying he stopped and reoved his hand… "I am sorry nupur!..look don't cry..abhi sab thik ho jayega"… he didn't know why but he felt really sad seeing her like this…nupur looked at him with "you are just impossible expression"… soon the light came and the lift started…as soon the door opened..nupur jerked away mayank who was still leaning on her and ran outside while mayank stood there dumbstucked


"mayank yaar you know…benji India araha hai..and guess what uo bhi shadi karne ke liye"… samrat said with a laugh..but not getting any response he looked at mayank who seemed lost in his own world… "kya hua yaar…kahan khoaya uya hai"…he asked him as he saw some tension in his face… "nahi kuch nahi..tu bata kya bol raha tha"… he said trying to avoid samrat's questions… "arey uo na benji India araha hai uo bhi shadi karne"..he said with a shock expression.. "kya?!!"… the same shock was equally visble in mayank's face… "bara bolta tha na shadi nahi karni..aur ab dekh shadi karraha hai uo Indian larki se…ajeeb hai"…samrat said placing the files on the table… "haan bohot ajeeb hai".. he was talking to smarat but not exactly what smarat was talking..he was thinking about nupur's attitude..moreover he was thinking about his own behavior…if nupur doesn't care he shouldn't care too but here he was thinking and trying to find the reason of nupur's unusual behavior!"sam yaar mujhe neend arahi hai…mai ja raha hoon sone"… he said and left .. "ab ise kya hua yaar"… samrat looked confused at his behavior


"hey dia"… the handsome hunk said hugging was none other that dia's fianc benji who was returning from canda just to get married with lady love of his life..dia and he had a simple arrange marriage meeting..but slowly they started to interact and it became more like a love marriage

"kaise ho tum?"… dia said with happiness totally visable in her eyes… "jaisa tumhare bina hona chaiye tha"… he said holding her hand at which dia blushed a bit… "ahem..ahem"..nupur broke the beautiful moment.. "hum bhi hai ihan jiju"… nupur said standing beside dia.. "arey waah! Ye to bari achi baat hai..lage haath apbhi apna hal chal bata dijiye"… benji said with a smile… "bilkul thik..aur ab khush bhi akhir mei best friend ki shadi hone jarahi hai".. nupur said side hugging dia… "acha..ajeeb baat meri bhi shadi one wali hai"… they all started launghing..the moment was perfect for nupur as there was no sight of mayank but she was again and again looking at their flat… she was there but her mind was somewhere else.. suddenly the door opened and her heart took a speed but no it was samrat… he came out and was shocked to see benji… "ahan! To tu ahigaya..aur ihan kya karraha hai"…he said without ay hi hello… "arey samrat..tu ihan??"… he was shocked…  "tum dono ek dusre ko jante ho?"… dia and nupur both said in union… "arey haan dia..benji mai aur mayank..hum saath me college me then"… samrat said with a big smile and hugging benji… "haan aur phir college ke baad contract hi nahi raha"… benji said with a bit dissapointment…. "haan waise mujhe pata chala tha ki tu India araha hai…par ihan kaise"… samrat asked him… "shadi karne"…benji said with a chuckle

mayank who was standing behind them and listening their talks..ok well he was staring at nupur… but "shadi" thing got him back to the earth and he came forward… "shadi?"…nupur stepped a few steps back seeing if her foots were automatically going backwards.. "hey mayank!" which mayank replied coldly.. he was now more interested in knowing with whom benji was getting married… "kaisa hai tu…aur tu kya kehraha tha..shadi?"…mayank again took the discuassion back to the track.. "oh well meet my would be wife dia".. mayank took a deep breath at which samrat was shocked… from a past few days he is sensing some changes in mayank… "congrats dude!".. samrat and mayank both congratulate them… "nupur kahan gayi"… dial looked around and found that nupur wasn't there… "uo chali gayi".. mayank said with a dissapointment… he felt reaaly sad and hurt that nupur went away because he came… he wasn't that bad after all…but what can we do..everyone has their own point of view to judge a person and nupur has her!

"oh okay!.. waise guys we need to leave..mujhe apne in laws se bhi milna hai".. benji said and left with dia… "yakeen nahi kamina shadi karrraha hai"… samrat said with a laugh but again mayank was lost in his own world… "kya hua yaar! Tu thik hai na.. physcologist ko dikayen kya?"..samrat was rofling at his own ghatiya joke… "san do you think I am so much bad!"… mayank asked him avoiding his talks..samrat looked at him with confussion.. "kya??..kya matlab?"… samrat aksed him… "I said do you think I am so bad that one cant even bear my sight??..!!..i am so bad that one have run away seeing me??..!!"… he was fully on rage… "calm down mayank..tu achank se aisa kyun bolraha hai"…samrat was getting tensed about mayank now… "just forget it!".. mayank said and banged the door andwent inside leaving a shocked samrat behind… "no ho kya raha hai..ise nupur se….no ways! Par ye aisai harkate kyun karrraha hai..aur ise kabse fark parne laga??"..with a lots of confussion in his mind smarat quietly went inside the flat trying to avoind any more conversation with mayank as first he anted to clear his confussions!

Nupur who was listening all the talks from her flat gate came out..and looked at the closed door of mayank and samrat's flat… tears were gathering in the corner of her eyes … "tum bohot bure ho mayank..bohot bure ho"…tears which were shetrying to control finally came out… but she hide them and went inside!..she shouldn't shade tears for someone who doesn't care for anyone!


pls press the like tab if you liked it
and don't forget to leave your commentsEmbarrassed
suggestions are more than welcome

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stardust- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged
tashu baby Hug
finally!! i am still in part 3 gal..
<slap for me>
but you make me cross my limits of besharmi already!!ROFL
ek din when i finish you will get a bada lamda sauda sa rep..
i can promise you its nowhere in the future..
but thanx for the PM!!
and mayur to go!!

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 August 2011 at 4:08am | IP Logged
i guess Nupur is over reacting, bt nice part

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