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New MN FF- Simple But Complicated(update)pg38 (Page 20)

..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 2:38am | IP Logged
hey guysHug
ok i am ready for the jootey chappals tamatar as i know i am very very very lateOuch
but as you all know that my exams were on..but see i have updated as my exams are finishedEmbarrassed
so sorry and dil se sorry for the delayLOL
hope you all havent forget the storyDead..and if you have then pls read the previous partsEmbarrassed

and thanks a ton for all the amazing commentsHug
loved reading them...i really appreciate themEmbarrassed

now pls scroll down for the next partSmile

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 09 September 2010
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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 2:40am | IP Logged

Samrat and mayank was about to leave for their office…samrat was trying to lock the door… "arey yaar!! Ye lock kyun nahi lagraha?"… he was irritated but finally he was done.. "ah! Hogaya!!!"..he turned around to see mayank yawning… "oh hello mr! Itni kyun neend arahi hai apko??"…he said angrily… "yaar mujh na sachem bohot neend arahi hai"… samrat was about to say something when a voice distracted them… "haan neend hi ayegi..jinke paas kuch karne ko na ho na unhe neend ane ke ilawa aur ho bhi kya sakta hai"… what a taunt! And ofcourse other than nupur who can say such an amazing thing!!..and here mayank was boiling up with anger..!!..he so much hated this girl..and why he shouldn't after all she is doing and saying all this without a valid reason

Its been a month since mayank came India and had been living with nupur's family..the fights were still the same ..but ofcourse the starting was always done by nupur!..though samrat and nupur were successful to make a good friendship but mayank and nupur was getting worse with every passing moment…nupur wasn't a girl who will fight with anyone like this..and that too with a boy whom she doesn't know! But then its not important that everything what happens has some reason!

"arey nupur!! Hows you?"… samrat asked her..he didn't want anymore fights…mayank also thought that it would be better to keep quiet!… "mai think hoon..aur tum breakfast kiye begair hi jare ho?"… she asked him! this time nupur knew that samrat was a sensible guy who had respect for others.. not like some other people who just know only word! "me"… samrat also replied with a smile… "nahi actually aaj hume office me  jaruri meeting hai"… mayank who was silently watching all this finally spoke… "sam tera hogaya ho to hum chalein?"… he just couldn't bear the sight of nupur!… "arey haan haan samrat jao na..waise bhi aaj pehli baar kuch log kaam par dheyan de rahe hain..tumhe time waste nahi karan chaiye… kya pata inka mood kab badal jaye aur phirse neend ane lage"… this was enough now!! "what the hell do you think of yourself ms nupur bhushan??..mai chup hoon iska ye matlab nahi ki tumhare jo mu aye tum boti jao…aur ek baat aur mujhe tumhari in ghatiya bato se koi farak nahi parta samjhi??…tum apna dimag aur apni batein apne paas hi rakho..aur mujhse door raho!!!"… mayank said and left with anger …where as nupur stood there with I don't care expression…"hey bhagwaan utha le..utha le in dono ko..mujhe nahi of course abhi chashmish se mujhe bohot kuch kehna baki hai"… he said in his mind and blushed like a teenage… "SAMRAT!!!"… mayank called him out and he hurriedlty went to the lift!.. "bye nupur!"


"mayank tune uo file le li na"… samrat asked not sure … "haan mayank looked at his hand he realized that while fighting he left the file there only… "oh shit!!"… he said with a sorry look on his face… "mayank!! Jao aur uo file le kar ao!!"… samrat ordered him and mayank was left with no option…

nupur was about to procced towards her flat when her leg got strucked on something and she was about to fall.. she closed her eyes due to fear but before she could fall two strong arms were there to hold her…mayank hold her by her wrist…for the first time mayank realized that other that being a jhagralu nupur is actually beautiful.. her eyes were closed ..he noticed every inch of her face…she was beautiful…mayank was too lost to say anything… he never saw nupur like this or may be he couldn't!…nupur was clutching mayank's shirt tightly… she slowly opened her eyes and saw mayank staring at her… this was quiet embarrassing for her… she looked here and there but she couldn't deny thr fact that mayank was no less than her SRK!

"mayank mujhe choro!"… nupur said looking on the other side!.. she wasn't confortable..who would be under such a strong and passionate gaze!.. "haan"… mayank was out of the world and hardly could hear what nupur was saying… "I am fine..tum mujhe chor sakte ho"… nupur said slow… loud nupur was for the first time slow… "haan!"… mayank finally left her and helped her to stand up!…nupur set her dupatta… she was very embarrassed though she didn't like mayank but today something different happened… "thanks!"… she said not meeting his eyes and left hurriedly from there…

mayank was shocked to death! She said thanks to me??… well that's a news… he was smiling inside ah no no not because he also felt something ..but becaue nupur bhushan said sorry to him..! ah! What a peace..he saw the file near the door took it and went!


nupur was in her room… looking at the ceiling… she closed her eyes and traveled back to the past.. not that she had some big issue in her past there was nothing like that… it was a trival matter.. well it wasn't even a matter may be but still whenever she things about that she feels the rejection.. the poor look on his parents face!..and now her parents want her to get married.. …may be she can never get out of  that one moment..that hardly matters to anyone!

She could have thought some more but when gujan came there… "diii"… nupur got up with a jerk with the sudden shuoting session that was coming from her sister…. "kya hua??"… nupur aksed her shock… "dii tumhe pata hai diya didi ayin hai!!!"… she said with excitement clearly visible in her voice… "kya?!!"… the same excitement was showing on nupur's voice… "haan!!..ab chalo na unse milne jate hain"… gunjan and nupur both ran towards dia's house which was just a floor upper than their


"dia!!!"……nupur ran and hugged her tight..and gunajn hugged both of them…the trio were the jaan of each other though dia was nupur's friend but gunjan was there always with them and this way the duo become the trio… "oh god!! Nupur gunji..guys I missed you so so so much!!"… she said excitedly… "humne bhi apko bohot miss kiya di" gunjan said twrilling her around..!.. "oh god! Di mujhe college jana hai aplog enjoy karo mai badme milti hoon ok bye"… she said and left hurriedly!

After nupur left dia and nupur sat for their long time chit chat..its been long since they talked with each other like this..dia had gone to her mama's house..though she had to stay for a week there but then their plane changed and the week turned into two month

"nupur tumjhe pata hai…mai na bohot khush hoon"… dia said with lots of happiness and a bit shyness in her voice!… "ahan! Shrama rahi hai madam!!… awww…matlab finally teri shadi ki date fixed ho hi gayi hai na?".. nupur said with her as usual loud voice… "sshhh!! Dhire..haan hogayi"… she was going red like tomato.. "acha acha chal ab sharmana bata finally jiju ko apne kaam se fursat milhi gayi tujhe apni dulhan banane ke liye..!!"… "haan finally"…dia and nupur both shared a high five!… "waise nupur ab na tu bhi shadi kar le… taki mujhe bhi to koi jiju mile"… dia said out of the blue… "haan kyun nahi jarur karungi…aaj nahi to kal kar hi lungi"… nupur said with a proud look on her face… there was thousands of good boys who are ready to marry her …and still waiting for her yes but nupur is nupur!


mayank who was finally done with his boaring meeting came to his cabin.. "oh god! Kitna boaring the us budde khustat uncle logo ke saath baithna"… he sat on his chair…closing his eyes he rested his back on the chair… but with closing eyes only he could see was nupur!…he opened his eyes instantly… "not again!!"… he pouted like a child.. "yaar ye jab bhi ankh band karta jhagralu nupur ka hi chehra samne ata hai..uff..!! pehle to mere din ka chen china karti thi aur ab to rato ki neend bhi ura di hai"… he was furious at himself!.. he was surely not liking this… nupur was always rude with him still her rude angry face haunts him like anything…and he hated the fact!


gunjan pressed the bell of samrat and mayank's flat… samrat opened the door and was smiling like a fool… "jee aapp??"… "haan uo dinner ka time hogaya hai jaiyega"… she said and left like a wind!.. but samrat was still standing there and smiling… "mere saamne wale khirki mai ek chand ka tukrata rehta hai…par afsos hai ki uo humse kuch ukhra ukhra rehta hai"…samrat sat on the sofa and pouted like a child… "to khirki aur chand hi badal le na mere yaar!..aas paas uar bhi khir ki hogi uhan koi naya chand dekhle"…mayank was rofling like anything… "oh hello! Mr Sharma.. mai na apke jaisa bilkul nahi hoon..for the first time to mai kisi par fida hua hoon aur uo bhi mujhe bhao hi nahi deti"… he was really sad… gunjan never talks with him except..khana ready hai ajaiyega

"sam yaar pls ab tu phirse shuru mat ho ja..ab mujhe hi dekh…aaj tak kitne khirki aur kitne chand badal chukka hoon… at leats mai khush to hoon"… he said as if he had actually done something great!… "haan sirf tu hi khush hai..un becahriyon ka kya jinka tune dil toda"… samrat knew that from inside mayank was a good guy but the flirting nature of him was a big irritation for him.. he hated that fact..mayank was his frind but his habits were more than bad! Such a careless nature!… "tu jab unhone mujhse pyar karne se pehle apna nahi socha to mai kyun sochun unka"… he said in a normal tone… "haan aur ek din na teri yahi baat mai tujhe yaad dilaunga…jab koi tera nahi sochega"… samrat said and got up.. "ha ha ha!! Bad joke!"… mayank said sarcarasticly.. "ab chal khana nahi khana kya?"…thinking about going to nupur's place again ..lord! it was difficult again he have to face her..and again her face will only flash infront of her eyes… "hmm chal!"..after taking a deep breath he got up!


nupur banged the plates on the table… "bauji..aur kitne din hum in bhukkaro ko khana khilate rahenge?"… she was fully irritated with this food thing.. "arey nupur beta aisa nahi botein..uo humare mehman hain"… her bauji replied calmly.. "haan bauji uahi to.. mehmna gharme do char din hi acha lagta hai…par ye log to jaise family banne pe tule uye hain"… nupur said and sit beside gunjan… "nupur tu bhi na ab chup ho ja..uo log ate hi honge"… her mother said and the bell rang… "lo agayen free ka thoosne"… she said getting up to open the door!… "nupur!..her mother again shouted… nupur opened the door and saw mayank and samrat… it had to be anger and rage but as soon as she saw mayank the morning incident flashed before her eyes and she stood there as mayank…awkwardness took place of the fights and anger… mayank looked away so as nupur… samrat was about to fain.. "no taunting?… am I dreaming..mayank jara pinch karna mujhe"… mayank cast a angry glare to him… "acha acha..thik hai..nupur jee kya hum andar ajyen..bhuk ke mare dimag kharab horah hai"… he said and nupur gave side so that the can get in..samrat went ahead and mayank after looking at her from the corner of his eyes also when in… the eyes which used to show anger and harted was calm today..the ambiance was different today..may be a sudden change! 


pls press the like tab if you liked it
and also pls do comment...suggetions are more than welcome

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Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged
nice update...
very very nice update
paridhi22 Goldie

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Zhakas update!!Thumbs Up

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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 4:06am | IP Logged
nice part
very cute Smile
drmaha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
 finally tasfia u back after ages...Hug Hug
where were u by the way...?Angry

update was really gr8...bith mayank and nupur sudden change behaviour after tht incident uff...Day Dreaming
loved it...

bechara samrat... koi chance hi nai milta gumjan se baat kernai ka...

where is ahsas...??? Angry Angry
i was happy to see ur updates but ahsah were missing i got upset...

update sson dear...

love ya...

--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:13am | IP Logged
very nice part...
yes things are changing...
very good...
please continue sooon...
-SupriyaluvsMN- IF-Sizzlerz

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awesum update tasfia!
so d equation betwn MN has changed!
i'm luving it!
cont soon!
thnx 4 d pm!Hug

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