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New MN FF- Simple But Complicated(update)pg38 (Page 11)

..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged

At India airport

"mayank..mai tujhe maaf nahi karunga..samjha…baddua lagegi tujhe meri..kamina!".. samrat showed his anger… he was furious at mayank.. not that samrat don't like India.. but the thing is that ..he didn't want to come…  "shut up sam! Chilla mat.. mai khud phasa uya hoon aur tu hai ki"… he said trying to find someone holding his name's bord…  but alas! No one was there…

samrat cast anb agry glare to mayank… "ek to mujhe tune kidnap kiya ur ihan le aya..aur uppar se hum peechle teen ghante se intezar me baithe hain koi hume lane ayega..wah! kya baat hai!".. samrat taunted mayank.. "dekh sam..tu kyun apni bakwas se mere dimag ka lssi bana raha hai"… he said pleadingly… "mayank…tu kya chata hai hum aaj ihan airport per hi rahen?"… samrat asked getting up… "nahi..chal chaltein hain"… mayank said also getting up and taking the luggage… "aur hum kahan jayenge?"… samrat said crossing his arms… "pap ke dost ke ghar… mere paas address hai..chal"… and they heeded to get a taxy


"nupur tu abhi bhi yahan hai?"… nupur's mother shouted due to shock..nupur who was busy in applying nail pain got up with a jerk… "haan maa..mai ihan hoon..kya hua…chilla kyun rahi ho?"… she aksed confuse… "pagal ladki…tere papa ne tujhe unke dost ke bete ko airport se lane ko kahan tha na..uo bhi teen ghante pehle…nupur closed her eyes… "hey bhagwaan..mai to bhul hi gayi".. she said making a puppy face… "sorry maa..uo mai..dimag se nikal gaya"… she said looking down… "nikal gaya?! She said shocked… uo pehle kabhi India aya bhi nahi..pata nahi kahan bhatakta hoga… hey bhagwaan! Kya hoga is ladki ka"… after a long session of lectures..her mom left the room… "bhatakta hoga to bhatke..mujhe kya..ullu ka patha…bekar me itni srai data parwa di"… she said and left the room angrily


the taxy stopped infront of the huge building…samrat and mayank both took a deep breath… in India its not easy to find an address easily..specially when the taxy driver tries to incress the bill and the childrens wants to have fun!.. "finally..yahi hai na".. samrat said putting his face out of the window… "haan baba yahi hai..chal ab".. mayank said and got down..while he was paying the driver samrat was taking the luggage out… after paying a well amount of money to the driver they heeded inside… mayank felt an restlessness as soon he stepped in… he was feeling as if he had done some wrong deeds and his punishment was waiting for him… from the time he had come India..he was being trapped in different things… but now ..he was not feeling well.. he was feeling low… reason..was nothing… he was trying to figure out what was actually happening to him when he bumped with someone… the girl was carrying a flower vass.. which fell down due to the sudden bumping… "by god!"… "I am really sorry miss"… mayank tried to bend down… "oh hello hero..kaach ka hai..theek nahi hoga"… nupur said with a high tone… "can you pls speak slow?"… mayank said shutting his ear with his hands.. "kya?..kya matlab hai tumhara..mai chillrahi hoon?… nupur said in more loud voice..

listening their fights samrat came runningly who was busy in observing the lavish building.. "kya hua…toofay aya hai koi tsunami aya?"… he said looking here and there… "ab yea kaun hai?".. nupur said as if she didn't wasn't anymore monkeys in the zoo… "mai samrat hoon!".. samrat said with a prod face as if he was prime minister of India… "acha! To aap hi hain uo mahan samrat".. samrat was nowhere to stop… "yaar India me mai itna popular hoon..mujhe to pata hi nahi tha"… he said pulling his collar… mayank gave him a disgusted look and again concentrated on the fight… "dekho miss..tum jo bhi ho…yea jo tuta hai na..iske paise mil jayenge tumhe.. itna hyper hone ki jarurat nahi…. Ab mera raasta chodo mujhe jana hai"… he said rudely and tried to get out of the mess… "paise de dunga kya matlab?…kitna unique piece tha yea pata hai tumhe..bare baap ki bigri awlad huh!" .. nupur said in a angry tone..she was acting as if..mayank was her biggest enimy and she just wanted to show him down in any way possible… "dekho tum..mayank was surely wanted to teach this tacky Indian girl a lesson but smarat stopped him… "cool down down… miss I am really sorry.. hum naye hain isiliye..pls hume maaf kar dijiye"… he said politely… "galti tumne ki nahi na..isne ki hai..isse kaho mafi mange"… this was enough for mayank to loose his temper completely… "oh hello!!! Kya samajh rakha hai…koi mafi nahi manuga mai..aur ab to paise bhi nahi dunga..kya karlogi tum??… jao jo karna hai karo!" ..he said and left with samrat following him behind,,nupur stood there dumb stuck… "arghh!!"

mayank and samrat stood infront of the flat waiting to someone open the door.. samrat was hell angery on mayank… while he was busy in controlling hi anger mayank was busy to figuring out what was actually he feeling.. he was surely not liking the feeling as if some kind of guilt was working in him.. but what guilt he didn't do anything… he would have surely thought foe some more time but before that a beautiful angel opened the door… samrat almost forgot to breath seeing her.. "beautiful!" he said in his mind but enough loud for gunjan and mayank… "jee?"… gunjan said setting her glasses.. samrat would answer but he was too lost to react… mayank looked at him… "oye kya hua tujhe?"… he said tapping on his was enough to bring him back to the earth… "umm..nahi..kuch bhi to nahi"…  he said trying to get his eyes shifted somewhere else..but it was getting back on gunjan again and again… mayank shook his head… "kya hum andar asakte hain?"…he said with a sweet smile… "jee aap log?"… gunajn said trying to figure out who was the persons… "mayank …mayank Sharma"… he said with a proud look… "oh pls ayi na"… she led the way for him to come in… samrat still stood there unknow what was happening around him… "app ayenge ya mai darwaja band kar dun?"… gunjan said scarsaticly… "nahi..nahi I mean mai agaya"…   he stepped inside

"app dono baithiye…mai abhi ayi"… gunjan said left the both alone… samrat threw himself on the sofa so as mayank… "yaar kya ladki thi na"… samrat said dreamily (he was talking about gunjan)… "haan kya ladki thi"… mayank said with anger (he was talking about nupur)… they were busy in thinking about both the girls… when they heared a click on the door ..mayank got up to see nupur entering… "tum?"… mayank said shockingly ..samrat almost got aheart attack to see her again… "tum..tumhari himmat kaise hui mere ghar me ane ki..nikal jao..abhi ke abhi nikal jao ihan se"… she said dragging mayank (I can imagine the situation ROFL )

"nupur??"… nupur's mom hurriedly came and freed mayank from her greep… "kya karrahi hai tu..yea mayank hai"… she said slowly… nupur looked at him with anger… "acha..par is naam ka koi super star to nahi hai na… aur yea mayank ha ya chang mai kya karoon"… he said keeping her eyes fixed on him… her eyes were red due to anger… mayank was confuse… why was so much anger in her eyes… "Nupur!!" her mother shouted… nupur looked down… "beta maaf karna…yea nupur hai..humari bari beti… use thoda gussa jyada ata hai"… she said embrassed…. Nupur last time casted an agry glare to mayank and left to her room but before leaving she didn't leave the chance to insult him… "maa jab ye kacha saaf hojaye to..mujhe bula lena"…. Mayank could slap her that time but something inside stopped him

"hey bhagwaan"… nupur's mom said with dissapointment… "beta mai uski taraf se mafi mangti hoon"… she said looking down..mayank looked around… he was hell angry ofcorse anyone would… nupur insulted him for no reason… samrat came forward… "its ok aunty we can understand"… nupur's father came and lookeda t mayank… he smilled looking at him… as if he had some soft corner for him… "beta kaise ho"… he aksed him… mayank gave him a faint smile… "I am fine uncle thanks"… "chalo mai tumhe tumhara flat dikhata hoon..humara samne wala hi hai"… and they took them to the flat… samrat and mayank both thanked god that they wont have to stay with nupur


at night

mayank was working in his laptop… chatting with some his girl friend whie samrat was checking some files…suddenly something stucked in his mind… "yaar mayank?"… he said in a serious tone… "hmm"..he said still looking in his laptop… "yaar yea jo nupur hai na…I mean uska behaviour kuch ajeeb sa nahi hai"…he said suspiciously… "chodna yaar kya farak parta hai…mujhe to nafrat hai usse…ladki nahi toofan hai uo toofan"… he said in a loud tone… "nahi yaar..i mean ajeeb baat hai..hume janti tak nahi aur itna gussa"… he said still not sure… "yaar pls apna yea nupur jap band kar…mujhe isme koi interest nahi hai"… he said in a disgusted tone… samrat stopped the topic but he was still not sure!

Nupur was standing on the door..she listened all their talks…some where it hurted…ofcourse it will …if someone talks ill about will surely hurt… she had come here to call them for dinner… but then she was nupur bhushan..nothing can affect her… "ahem ahem!"… she gathered their attention… samrat welcomed her with a sweet smile… while mayank didn't even looked at her though he can feel her presence… "mom ne aplogo ko dinner ke liye bulaya hai"… she said in a no emotion voice… she didn't want anymore drama… "mujhe bhook nahi hai"… mayank said still busy in his laptop… "to mat ao..waise bhi ek admi ka khana bach jayega"… nupur said tauntingly… "mayank stood up .. " dekho…tum na apna moo band hi rakho aur jao ihan se"… he said angily…he couldn't control his anger… "mera moo hai…meri marzi..tumhe usse kya"… she said in a equal tone… samrat closed his eyes and hit his head with his hand… "arghh!! Tum..oh mujhe bat hi nahi karni tumse"… mayank said and left in his room… "haan mujhe kaunsa shok hai tumse baat karne ka"… nupur said and looked at smarat.. "ab tumhe bhi bhook nahi hai kya?"… she said loudly… "nahi..i mean chaliye mai abhi ata hoon"… samrat said sweetly… "better!"… she said and left


mayank didn't have dinner because of anger but he was hungry… at midnight he felt terribbley hungry..he went to kitchen and searched for something but nothing was there… "kya yaar mayank! Us waqt chala jata to kya hota"… he dissapointedly sat on the chair of the dining table… "thoda bahar se taza hawa khake ata hoon..ab aur kuch to khane ko hai nahi"… he opened the falt door and found a tiffin box lying first he was shocked but then he took it and saw there was also a latter with it… he opened it

gussa mujhse tha khane se nahi!
bhook lage to kha lena..warna uhainh rehne dena

mayank's mouth hang open…is this the same girl who was fighting with him for no reason at all… he put his thoughts aside and decided to eat first after eating a tatsy food he went to sleep peacefully!


lolz finally updatedLOL
pls press the like tab if you liked itSmile
and pls do comment suggetions are more than welcomeEmbarrassed

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valliyah Goldie

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Super hilarious updateLOL...throughout the update i was likeROFL...samrat n his baddua thing lol...Mayank almost kidnapped driver n his meter not to forget the chaloo kids...were so much fun to read...Mayur's first encounter is soo filmy yet dreamy Day Dreaming...Mayur's fight never cease to increaseROFLROFL...the craziest yet cutest couple everEmbarrassed...she literally dragged him to throw out of her home LMAOOO...but then secretly puts the tiffin box for cute n innocent she is...brilliant cont soon...thnx for pm...!!!

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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what an updte.LOL
too much hillarious.LOL
poor samrat...mayank almost kidnapped him...poor soulLOLLOL
bechara mayank ki kismat hi kharab hai...first lootera taxi driverWink...then Jhansi ki RAni Nupur Kumari...bechara to mar hi gayaLOL
m rofling in that scene when nupur dragged mayak out of her was so funny.LOL
bt nupur is sosweet,Big smile
mayank k liye khana bhi rakh kar gayi.Embarrassed
awesome update.Smile
so nice.Smile
continue soon.Smile
thanks for the pm.Smile

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rock8 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:14am | IP Logged
awesum update TASU
keep it up
do rite more
thanx 4 PM
luv shirin

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 May 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
wow great update...
loved it totally...
the ending was the sweetest...aww nupur was so sweet!!!...
again thanks for the PM

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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lols!!! even i can imagine the scene of nupur dragging mayank out!
and its really alarming. why is nupur so angry all the time?

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MMBG IF-Rockerz

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Great update. Mein baad men pad rahi hoonLOL Abhi time nahi hain. Okay Thanx for the update, Love you.

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bas iss baar update thodi jaldi dena plzzz :)

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