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Originally posted by Bushy_92


There were so many things i didn't like about the episode and you summed all of them together...Embarrassed
And the one you pointed about the balcony...i was like W*...whats there to see in a BALCONY...and Navya was really not interested LOL

But the point is...did Rama and Sagun got to know that Anant and Navya are friends ConfusedLOL

@bold: Nope...they were CONPHUSED as Rama said...Anant is CLUELESS and these two are CONPHUSED...perfectLOLLOL

Thanks for the reply, BushyHug

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Originally posted by LadyMcbeth

thought that it was a bit silly when Nimisha was insinuating an early marriage for Anant. And I kept hoping and praying that Ritz or Appy shouldn't blurt out that Navya's parents share the sentiment - thus creating an awkward moment for AN. It was good that they let it pass. Arey but they were giving such POINTED looks to AN...that was as good as the same thing only...seriously marriage talk at this point is Shreya was is SO un-guylike to show Anant being so cool with the idea of getting married off so youngConfusedConfused...doesn't matter if he likes a can any guy be so ready to jump into marriage at 19?!ConfusedLOL

One other thing I found extremely weird was that WHY didn't Anant pre-warn Navya, Ritz and Appy that he was going to introduce them as Nimisha's friends? Wasn't he expecting anyone at the party to ask who the three ladies were and how did they know Nimisha? IMHO he acted completely like a duh-uh chess player who keeps hoping that his/her opponent will not guess their game plan.  WORDDD...THIS is the point that really boggles my mind...why on earth did he not TELL them?? What was the big deal that he hid this important info from them?? Did he not THINK that they would be introduced as Nimi's friends int he engagement?? Seriously dumb of's like his brain stopped working totally...this was all half-assed.

.. He's not moony-eyed as Navya is-but he genuinely likes her and thinks of her more than a friend... and it shows. Most DEFINITELY shows...but he's going overboard showing his liking without realizing the consequences. He's being quite reckless...he needs to act more mature about this situation now...the giddiness can't go on for long...but even if he gets a few reality checks with the family interrupting it's like he instantly forgets the next second...attention span issues...ADD typesLOL.

The feeling I kept getting as I watched the episode was - when will Anant realize why he's doing what he's doing. Is it denial or discovery or mute acceptance? i.e. he doesn't process the when and the why - but he's already deep into it before he realizes it is too late to step back. I keep wondering which direction the makers are going to lead us to. But if they show a simple love story being played out, it will fizzle out quickly. So that's when they'll throw the family bits in ... hope it's not anytime too soon though. Good point, LadyM...that is likely what they'll do...I just don't want to see a forced or hurried marriage track at this point eitherConfusedConfused

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Originally posted by JZephyr

Kinda late here, nonetheless, my two cents. 

So for me, the one thing that consistently keeps falling out of order are the choppy sequences of the friends as a group. When they'd first begun, some scenes shown were promising, and I'd hoped the trend would continue. But yesterday's episode is a prime example of how direly those scenes are only obligatory fillers, and far too casually treated and executed. While there was our common previous qualm of why exactly the girls had no idea of the lie involving their being friends of Nimi, 5th May episode topped all unexplained scenarios. 
* Why was Navya's sudden appearance not questioned?
* The exchange of looks when Anant offers her a plate, after she's bluntly put down the food offer from everyone else, was a start - but they never followed it up. Really. Yepp ditto...these were two very crucial moments that magically no one noticed?  I find it quite hard to believe...after all the hoopla about getting Navya to the party, her actual presence at the party ended up being somewhat anti-climactic I feel...the scenes could have been better written out there...more subtly. Anant literally spooning food onto her plate was on the excessive side I feel...he's literally running with the "ma'am" joke at this pointLOL...and I agree about the choppiness to the sequences with the friends...yesterday's scenes were deffo more filler types and could have been written much better.

* Appy's enthusiasm just reminds of Beth (I think was her name, sheesh i can't even remember anymore!) from the Nancy Drew series I read, like a lifetime ago! Except, the CVs just use her to make some lame dialog when 'awkward' moments are on. They are unfair to her character, cause she's not rally a dumb girl, and they are unfair to the anticipation they disrupt. OMG I haven't heard someone mention Nancy Drew in ages...ahh memories of my Beth was the  always hyper one...anyways getting back to Appy...I do feel she was used for comic relief in some exaggerated ways yesterday...the way her eyes popped out on seeing the buffett...seriously thoda zyada hogaya...I love food too but I don't act like THIS also at a partyLOL

* Banaraswaliyan were annoying. Specially the dumb-not-so-dumb-presumptuous-suitor Shagun. I can't get over my annoyance for her smile! She's giving tough competition to what Sonia was - with a dreadful promise of a track that shall run longer :|  I've become kinda apathetic to Sagun now...but yes too much footage is wasted on this spy duo

There must be something I missed saying, but I'm trying to ignore having watched today's epi and focus on the previous one without that knowledge. 
Anyways, not to say yesterday's epi was absolutely a disaster. 

So i kinda really liked the bedroom scene. Navya wasn't her slowest worst self, even the clash of stammers and overlaps were not unnatural. Clap And the slight smiles, and raised eyes and blushes - mostly bang on. Anant was Embarrassed So contradictory to my usual mean critique I love this 'OTT' enthusiastic side to the guy! In all the ways of being out of his mind and crazy, he makes a very real undergrad character for me. More so, cause he's the guy here.  I do agree that he makes for a very real undergrad character...he could be a guy we all know in real life...but I do feel that cinematic exaggeration is also going on in some slight ways in some scenes that can be avoided...I don't find it realistic that he can literally reach Navya's house like that without a thought and coolly so openly gesture to her in front of his family KNOWING what his family is like...

In particular disagreement with one of your points - I loved his 'wish to show her his balcony'. It was positively adorable and hilarious and gobsmackingly 'what the hell was I doing back then' moment!
Ahh but when did HE think of it as a "what the hell was I doing back there' moment?? Did I miss something?? I don't recall him ever once thinking that jumping so eagerly to show her his balcony would sound weirdLOL...Even Navya's tone was like...seriously?LOL

And even now, I find the fact that he remains unquestioning of his change - which he so spontaneously confessed and still refused to be perturbed by lol - endearing in a way!
I can is refreshing no doubt unlike the male leads of most shows...but after a point it is hard to buy Anant being so oblivious when he's happily introducing her to his sister as a real special person in his life...right now I do find myself wondering about Anant's attention span and if that is the reason why he doesn't process anything...these aren't light things when he forgets even in PUBLIC how he's behaving around Navya...

 I suppose tere could be a future to this track where Navya's plain anguish lies in realization and acceptance of her attraction for Anant,while he genuinely remains oblivious. Her dilemma would then run deep as to whether it is a one side affair - which its not - and if not, whether Anant is taking too casually something that is life changing for her. Knowing her, she'd probably never get this out to him, sraight and plain - so it might be quite a track, watching Anant finally come around and put 2 and 2 together...
Hmmm so a track where Navya realizes she's in love with him and he doesn't??? I dunno...given the way this guy is running at this point seems more like he'll be the one to realize first or MADE to realize by's not that he's treating it like a casual's more like he just doesn't know what to name it but is loving whatever it is...but if someone or something gives him the jolt to realize what it is, he will realize I think...I do hope though that they don't first turn Navya into a "jeena marna tere saath" melodramatic premika types who is sobbing after him...they are both confused right now...

To conclude, a song that played up on my IPod while taking a morning jog and reminded me of An-Ya oh-so-much...
(albeit in a more preceding the realization of love connotation)

And the moments where my good times start to end
You make me smile 
Even when you're gone 
some how you come along
Just like a flower poking through the sideway crack
and just like that
You steal away the rain
and just like that...
You make me smile like the sun
Fall out out of bed
Sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night ...ShockedLOLBig smileEmbarrassed

Oh that's a nice song, JzeeClapClap


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Oh sigh! I'd hate a rona dhona ballad inspired by this AnYa track where Anant remains oblivious, but Navya realizes - but I thin left on their own - she will come to the realization first. Acceptance is another matter - if Anant figures the doings of his heart, he might. 

So this is my understanding. He's enjoying this out of character change in his life. He likes Navya - she's his kind of girl, in almost every way - the kind with whom he can be in a position where Sonia was opposed to him, where he gets the upper hand in taking first steps, making the moves, and not being over whelmed by the boldness of the other... I suppose he's lacked control all his life. Not in the subservient way - no he's not the bow his head and listen guy. But he's just been the good son, who genuinely believes and respects all that is told and taught - and this is the first time really, that he's just being impulsive... The high feeling of it is sort of meddling with his reason and logic - so much that even when he thinks and confesses he's different with Navya than he usually is, he doesn't question it... 

Then again - we should give more weight-age to how many times he's repeated his query of whether he's making her mad, or annoying her, or being too pushy... and the likes. Its almost proof of his deep and distant understanding of the changed person he's become - but till she keeps being agreeable and letting him push her around his way, he'll never really come to question it seriously - I think... 

So for now, he's just enjoying this first of doing his own thing feeling in his life - and everyone who he's conversing with is all encouraging about it - Nimi, his friends, even Navya... so even if there was that tiny conscience trying to ebb its way up, it wont really succeed this way. As for Bhabhi and Shagun's repeated insinuations and mean remarks, he'll probably just brush them off as unwanted interference. The kind of hurdles one has to be aware and careful of, while having his side fun - just like when he told Navya they weren't committing a crime coming to his place together, then within seconds, he told her to come by herself... so he's just going to sidetrack them - they aren't important enough to him. He needs a real eye opener - his parents, or Navya... one of the two - to jerk him out of this new found high! 

My take on Anant there. It sort of explains his paradox existence. Where he gets all tongue tied and gets all chatty within seconds of difference. He's escaping the inevitable and impending, and he might be just just just aware of it - but he's pushed the cognizance too far away from himself at the moment to bother himself. But he does bother about her. The fact that he knows there is trouble in all this, and can be more, is evident from how he keeps checking on her end... not just in concern for her - but in unknowing awareness of what will eventually happen! 

Its funny that way - but personally I think many adolescent love stories are like that. You know them all the time, when you look back in retrospect, but in the middle of their making, the obvious just continues to evade you for the longest time...! And the reason i think Navya will come to realization sooner, is because she's not completely shutting herself off from the consequences of the change in her life, and her person. She lapses into temporary dazed phases when he's around and being his charming endearing self - but her reality checks are far more vivid at the moment... And Navya, in being Navya, is going to figure this out. Cause she just can't help but wreck her poor brain with persistent over time, thinking, thinking, and thinking some more LOL

phew!!! I do run on :| But these are interesting characters with potential. Like you, I have my apprehensions of their story in future being executed half baked, and that would be so unfortunate! But for now, I'll just be optimistic! LOL Its never too bad to be hopeful, yeh?! 

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Gosh you guys continue! Anu and JZeeWink your posts provide some good reading.Approve

Anant is certainly being quite perplexing at the moment with his impulsiveness when it comes to everything or anything relating to Navya. It seems that he finds her fascinating. She doesn't seem to be like one of those other girls such as Sonia or even Appy or Ritz for that matter.he's been after her (literally) these past days after that "computer tutorial" session and after knowing from ranbeer that she might like him. Earlier he seemed to care less and was being his normal self around her.

Regarding him realizing about love-- well it depends who will realize first because even if Navya realizes, she would continue denying it or try to brush the thought aside. As far as Anant goes, he might need a reality check from Ranbeer or a peaceful introspection session to put all things together and come to the conclusion that he is in love. But when he does put things together, he would certainly be the first one to confess it.

JZee- you're right about characters having potential. But yeah just as anu and yourself, I too see the "other" side that the story might be forced to take on to if they makers are put under the notorious "TRPs" pressure by the channelStern Smile. In that case, it would be much much better to give a logical ending rather than stretching the show to no bounds.

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